This morning on the show, the Junks were bitter to find out that their former producer, Bret Oliverio, blew them off while in town for Fourth of July week. The Junkies and received no heads up from Bret while he was in town.

Matt Valdez knew Bret was coming in because they talked on Friday, but Bret told him he was too busy to hang out. However, he ended up going to a pool party with BDK and Ram.

EB was disturbed by an awkward photo posted by Bret’s wife of Bret, BDK and Ram in the pool. Drab woke Bret up at 6am so the Junks could demand an explanation.

Check out the audio of Bret’s rude awakening phone call with the Junks as he tries to make up for big timing the Junks last week. Doesn’t seem like the Junkies are too sold on Bret’s apology.


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