WHEELING, W.Va. (CBSDC) — Two recent lawsuits filed against reality television star Kim Kardashian assert that the pop culture personality has terrorist sympathies, and that she recently made a sex tape in the presence of multiple animals – including a unicorn.

The two lawsuits were filed in the United States District Court in West Virginia on June 21 by Gino Romano of Brooklyn and “all others similarly situated,” and on June 25 by Jonathan Kimberly of Philadelphia, CBS affiliate WTRF-TV reports.

Romano’s suit also implicates Kardashian’s current boyfriend and rap artist Kanye West, her parents, Kris and Bruce Jenner, and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

The official court documents state that Romano “faces imminent danger and bodily harm, and the American citizens are in danger from the defendants … [as] all of the defendants are terrorists.”

Romano claims he discovered them with two senior members of al-Qaeda.

“On this day, [they] all plead their allegiance to Al-Qaeda, burned the U.S. flag, [and] stomped their feet on Barack’s picture,” the complaint states. “Then Kanye West performed a concert for all the Al-Qaeda members.”

When discovered, Romano said that Kim Kardashian fired a rocket at him, while Jenner threw a grenade at his head and Khloe Kardashian attempted to behead him.

Meanwhile, Kimberly’s suit lists her ex-husband, Kris Humphries, and Myla Sinanaj as the defendants.

The filed complaint states that, while staying at the Days Inn near Bridgeport, Kimberly heard a great deal of noise – including “sounds of sheep” – coming from their room.

“I went out and looked through the peep-hole to [their room] and saw Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries, and Myla Sinanaj making a sex tape together,” the document states. “And it was weird because on the floor was [sic] barnyard animals staring at them – sheep, two goats, [a] unicorn – and I thought they were there as witnesses to the sex tape.”

The sordid details cited in the complaint also involve a needle of steroids, a voodoo doll, cocaine, and actor Charlie Sheen.

Humphries allegedly forced Kimberly to participate, before beating him to the point of losing consciousness, robbing him of his possessions and abandoning him at a truck stop.

As such, Kimberly is now seeking a restraining order.


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