Front doors tend to get a little extra attention around major holidays, like Halloween and Christmas. What about the other 360 or so days out of the year? Learn how to liven up your home’s main point of entry with these decorating, painting or swapping out tips. Besides, your “welcome” mat looks a bit lonely out there.

1. Give it some color.
Drive around your neighborhood and chances are, you’ll see a lot of front doors that blend in with the scenery. Change yours up by painting them a color that makes everyone go “wow.” Got a brick-style home? Choose a rich red such as burgundy, claret or maroon. Take pride in your garden? Paint your door a vibrant color like purple, yellow or green. Have a front door frame or panels? Mix or match paint colors to really make your front door stand out.

2. Liven up your door’s accessories. Add a little bit of personality to your front door by replacing your standard-issue door knob and/or knocker with one that showcases your passion and creativity. From door knockers that resemble lions, pineapples or crabs to vintage crystal door knobs, the options are nearly limitless. Other front door accessories to consider include a unique-looking peep hole, funky wind chime, plants potted in a decorative container or a doormat with a bit of pizzazz.

3. Add on a storm door. Storm doors not only extend the lifespan of your front door, they also make a great decorative accent for your home. Storm doors come in many different shapes and colors and with accents like brass hardware, glass designs and intricate metal details. Storm doors also provide added front-door security.

4. Buy a new door. This is especially important if your front door is more than 15 years old. Not only will a new door boost the appearance of your home, it may also help reduce your energy bill. For a door that takes a beating, whether from constant use or seasonal changes, choose one that consists of either fiberglass or steel. Although beautiful, front doors made out of wood are susceptible to the outdoor elements as well as bugs and rotting. If you choose to go with a wooden door, be sure to keep up with regular weatherproofing.

5. Get professional help. Most new doors come pre-hung. A professional will ensure your new front door is installed easily and correctly. If your budget doesn’t allow room for professional installation, then remove the existing door and frame. According to Lowe’s, make sure the area where the new door will rest is level. If it’s not level, use beveled boards or shims. Place the door bottom-side down first then tilt the door into place. Use nails and screws to secure the door jambs into place.

The following local businesses may be able to help you get started.

Eastern Market

225 7th St SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 698-5253

Whether you’re looking for hand-crafted door accents, decorative wind chimes or ethno-specific handicrafts, check out the Eastern Market. It has just about everything you need.

Glover Park Hardware
2251 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 333-6378

Glover Park Hardware provides beautiful screen doors as well as all the accessories and tools you need for any DIY home project. Shop for a screen door online and have it delivered to the store for free.

The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques, Inc.

2311 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 332-3370

Find antique door knobs and knockers as well as other vintage hardware, stained glass, garden ornaments, columns, tiles and more. Store owner Donetta George has collected these unique one-of-a-kind items since 1981.

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