The kid is killin it. He and Mike Trout are the best young players in the game right now and the “ALL STAR” talk is hot. Here are my thoughts.

Last year there were 41 players on each roster in the 2011 MLB ALL STAR GAME. There were 11 outfielders, which included the final roster spot which voted in Shane Victorino from Philly. The final roster spot is simply a popularity contest which is voted on by the fans via the internet and texting. Philly fans represented.

11 outfielders are a ton in this event and the only reason it reached that number is because MLB expanded the rosters and added the final vote spot. I checked back 10 years and I found no more than 8 in years past so let’s assume 11 is the cap for the debate.

So is Bryce Harper one of the best 11 NL outfielders? Good question. He is certainly one of the 11 most talked about. Check that, he is the most talked about. Matt Kemp, Ryan Braun and Carlos Beltran are the leading 3 votegetters as of today. All 3 would be deserving of a spot based on the numbers, although Matt Kemp is on his 2nd DL trip with the hammy. Here are the locks…

Kemp, if healthy.

Braun and Beltran…let’s assume they win the votes.


1.Andrew McCutchen is having an MVP year, he’s IN.
2. Carlos Gonzalez is mashing and nobody talks about him…IN.
3. Melky Cabrera leads the planet in hits and the NL in batting. IN.
4. Michael Bourn…#2 in hits in all of baseball. IN.
5. Mike Stanton…had 11 bombs in May and sits at 14, 42 and 290 average.
6. Andre Eithier…leads the NL in RBI’s and just signed a superstar deal.
He’s keeping the Dodgers afloat with Kemp out. IN.

Now we get to others like Angel Pagan, Hunter Pence, Corey Hart, Jay Bruce and Matt Holiday. Pagan is having a great year, but the others you could only really make a slight case for. So that’s 10 if you include Pagan.

Remember that every team is represented so a guy like Pence could get in and take up a spot if one of their pitchers or Carlos Ruiz wasn’t selected, but if you consider that Harper has played only 41 of the 60 his numbers would be much better. If you prorate them he may have 11 and 30 instead of  7 and 19, who knows. Mike Trout should be on the AL roster without a doubt. His numbers are that good.

Here is another point. The final spot is voted in by fans over the internet and text messages. If Nats fans step up maybe he gets close. Is Harper a big enough draw nationally now that he’s made a big splash against LA, BOS, Philly, TOR and ATL? If so, maybe he gets some votes from those cities. We will see. The best case scenario would be if Harper and Trout both get in as final vote players. I think MLB would get chub for that. Thoughts?


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