The Washington Redskins have decided to relocate Training Camp from Redskins Park to the state capital of Richmond, Virginia, and who better to explain the stunning move than the governor of the state himself?

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell joined LaVar and Dukes Friday to explain directly to fans themselves the decision to move the Redskins and what the benefits will be to the state.

“Coach Shanahan wanted to move and we’re delighted with that,” opened Gov. McDonnell.

But first, it was important to quell a rumor circulating that the team is making plans to build a franchise-unique Hall of Fame to support the new end-of-summer workout facility; this an idea that would give added benefit for folks from Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland to make the drive down to watch the early practices.

“We’ve heard some talk Var, perhaps about the Hall of Fame or something else, but I’m going to leave those questions up to the Redskins,” said McDonnell. “That would be just one more tourist inspection for people all over the D.C. metro area and beyond to come see all the great players for many, many years that have worn the burgundy and gold.”

Ok, so he didn’t come out and admit to the Hall of Fame, but he didn’t flat out deny it either.

“It’s my understanding that Coach Shanahan wanted to move the 3-week training camp to move outside of the home base,” he said. “He was going to move somewhere. Now that training camp could have moved to D.C. or Maryland or maybe back to Pennsylvania. We wanted to keep it in Virginia.”

When pried about possible discussion of filling some of all the open space in Loudoun County with a new football stadium, and uprooting the game day experience to the state of Virginia as well, the governor said he didn’t know of any long-term agreements keeping currently keeping the team in Landover. Again, that’s not a yes. But it’s not a no.

Now that the politicking is out of the way, what does the governor think of the Redskins’ new signal caller?

“This a young man with great character. I think you’ve got to start with that Lavar. I know you’ve played with a lot of folks, and you know at the end of the day, speed and jumping ability and bench press numbers, obviously all that’s impressive, but you’ve got to have a lot of heart to play the game. You have to be smart to play the game. He’s just a class act.”

And from the leader of the state, to the new leader of the Redskins offense, his final statement on him couldn’t have meant any more.

“I think he’s a brilliant pick. I think he’s going to be a terrific leader.”

Also important to note, Governor McDonnell exercised his political ability by seamlessly breezing past a Chad Dukes invitation to the gun range to add that Robert Griffin III’s grandmother lives in Richmond.


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