WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — A teenage conservative radio talk show host believes President Obama is making kids gay.

During his radio show last month, Caiden Cowger, 14, from West Virginia, spoke about how he believes the president is encouraging kids to be gay.

“Why they are becoming gay is because they are being encouraged by it. President Obama saying, ‘It’s alright, it’s ok, you were born that way.’”

Cowger, who believes that homosexuality is a belief and that people are not born that way, later said that kids are being “indoctrinated” gay.

“President Obama, Vice President Biden is making kids gay,” Cowger exclaimed on his radio show. “You are making kids gay. You are saying that it is alright to follow this belief.”

Cowger also said that he is not for bullying homosexuals but they should be taught that being gay is a sin.

Cowger, who hosts his show twice a week, says on his website somebody hacked and closed his YouTube account after the video went viral.

Cowger previously interviewed former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.


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