WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — John Keim, Redskins beat reporter for the Washington Examiner, joined Holden and Danny Friday to discuss the Redskins’ recent OTAs and the new location of the Redskins training camp.
The Redskins concluded their OTAs on Thursday, but not before Robert Griffin III demonstrated an improvement in his leg-work.

“I think one thing that can help RGIII is the ability to make plays with his legs,” Keim said. “It’s a nice skill to have. Some guys have to rely on their arms totally, but he can find other ways to hurt teams, and that’s what we saw yesterday was that progression.”

RGIII’s movement was not the only progress Keim noticed, as he said RGIII threw the ball more accurately with fewer mistakes during the OTA on Thursday than during OTAs last week.

After Danny expressed his immense concern with quarterback Rex Grossman currently practicing well and the Shanahans defaulting back to Grossman, Keim assured Danny that the Shanahan’s know Griffin III is the key to the Redskins success this season.

“The whole key is how much is RGIII is developing,” Keim said.

Keim also predicted recently signed free agents Madieu Williams and Tanard Jackson as free safety, and Brandon Banks at strong safety for the upcoming season. Holden and Danny ended asking Keim about the overall Redskins’ feelings concerning the Redskins moving the training camp to Richmond, Va. next year.

Keim said, though the camp may move players farther from their families, the location will allow the players to focus exclusively on their playing, and strengthen their relationships.

“[The players] are there to work,” Keim said. “Nobody wants to be away from their families – or they shouldn’t want to be away from their families for that long – but there is so much going on it’s probably not a bad thing.”

(Note: he noticed London Fletcher’s competitiveness. And said with DeAngelo Hall and Raheem Morris it’ll be interesting to have them at camp because they will liven up practice during training camp this summer.)


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