Free agent guard Mo Evans, who played for the Randy Wittman-lead Wizards the last two seasons joined Holden and Danny Thursday on 106.7 The Fan. Evans stated his opinions on the NBA Lottery system, whether or not he thinks Anthony Davis will live up to the hype, and of course, what Washington needs to do to get to the next level in 2012-13.

Evans lead off the conversation by saying he would like to resign with the Wiz because they matured a lot during their 20-46 shortened season and feels it will be a contender for the playoffs.

When asked about the lottery, amidst swirling allegations that the processing of doling out top picks is fixed, Evans said it would be easier if the NBA adopted a system more like the NFL’s where a team’s overall record dictated their draft slotting.

That being said, Evans did say he that he thinks an eyebrow can be raised for every team that draws the top pick, adding that people might have questioned how the Wizards landed in position to draft John Wall two years back.

Surprisingly, assuming Evans is being genuine when he says he wants to return to the team, he is happy Washington’s name wasn’t called when that first ping pong ball was pulled.

“I don’t think he’s going to be a franchise player and it puts the GM in a tough position to pick Anthony Davis at number one. I don’t think he’s going to get you 25 points a night.”

Well the question becomes, who does Mo Evans think the team could benefit from in selecting 3rd in the draft?

“I think that it would be a great pick if they picked Thomas Robinson given that he’s from the area, the kid is very mature for his age and it seems like he’s ready to contribute right away.”

As usual when Holden gets an notion set in his mind, the interview took a weird turn when he inquired about Mo Evans being a Kansas University basketball fan, to which Evans responded, “I went to Wichita State man.” Holden not willing to let it go, insisted that growing up in Kansas, surely Evans at least rooted for KU as a child; an accusation Evans vehemently denied. “I went to Wichita State. Did you hear me?”

When asked how Randy Wittman handled the takeover for fired Flip Saunders, Evans showed vocalized a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for the interim coach, noting how difficult a situation it was to come into and how well he adapted after JaVale McGee and Nick Young were traded. Evans mentioned how tough it is to take over for a coach as respected around the league as Saunders, adding that when he took over he gained the team’s respect “instantaneously”.

“It’s hard to come back day in and day out when you’re losing games you’re not supposed to, when you have a team that’s immature and still needs a lot of room to grow. He weathered that storm and got guys to believe it to where it actually became really fun again to play for the Washington Wizards.”

Evans refused to lay all the blame on McGee, Blatche and Young for the immaturity that seemed to plague the franchise this season, but did say he was happy to see young guys like Jordan Crawford and John Wall mature before his eyes.

“That’s what you need. You need guys he are able to hold each other accountable.”