Before you book reservations, consider a very different kind of vacation planning this year. is a website that connects a global network of accommodations offered not only by bed and breakfasts around the world, but also private houses and guest rooms at residences.

The website offers potential patrons the opportunity to view pictures of the accommodations before they make a final decision.

Popular vacation spots such as New York, Miami and nearby Ocean City are offered on the website, but it’s also a great opportunity to find a place to stay when you’re visiting relatives in Raleigh or Cleveland and you need a break!

The most appealing feature of the website for most patrons is the price. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars per night on a hotel, offers entire apartments for $75.

If your spare change goes for college and you have a sleeping bag, how about $12 a night for a piece of floor in Dewey Beach?

The site also offers international locations such as Costa Rica where people can stay at a casita with a hot spring for $55 each night.