Robert Griffin III hasn’t signed his rookie contract with the Washington Redskins, but that isn’t stopping some fans from criticizing the youngster.

Not lost in the hype surrounding the Heisman Trophy winner’s arrival in D.C. is the fact he has lived a clean life, largely courtesy of a military upbringing.

No, Griffin hasn’t butted heads with Mike Shanahan or been arrested for an ugly incident at the W Hotel in Washington. Yet, some fans are already lumping him in with the high profile players of the recent past.

Their gripe isn’t that he can’t move the ball. Their grip isn’t that he’s a locker room cancer. Their gripe isn’t that he throws too many picks.

It’s that he’s too phony.

His smile, his socks and beat-boxing performance on The Tonight Show have left a sour taste in the mouths of people who aren’t even Dallas Cowboys fans.

But, as NFL analyst Sean Salisbury pointed out on his Friday appearance with LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan, some people are just going to hate.

“If you’re Robert Griffin III, if people are that petty and caddy, he’s got bigger fish to fry than worrying about people complaining and bitching about his socks,” Salisbury candidly said.

Indeed, in a time when Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain has been sentenced to 180 days in jail after threatening a man with a gun and Donovan McNabb has essentially been excommunicated from the NFL following two failed relationships with teams, RGIII is living the clean life.

“We’re not talking about a guy who’s beating his girlfriend. We’re not talking about a guy who’s breaking the law. We’re not talking about a guy who’s doing drugs. Because you don’t like his hairdo… get over it,” Salisbury exclaimed.

“I could care less if he grows his dreads down to his ankles. . . I’m a huge fan. I’d love to coach the kid. I think he’s got every quality that a superstar has on the field and off the field.”

Shanahan and the Redskins feel the same way.



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