WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — The Anti-Defamation League took aim at clothing purveyor Urban Outfitters, claiming that one of its t-shirt designs is reminiscent of the emblems Jewish persons were forced to wear in Nazi-controlled Europe during World War II.

A release posted on the website of the ADL said that the Wood Wood Kellogg shirt marks “a new low” for Urban Outfitters.

“We find this use of symbolism to be extremely distasteful and offensive, and are outraged that your company would make this product available to your customers,” Barry Morrison, ADL regional director, is quoted as saying in the release.

Those protesting believe that the symbols on the shirts closely resemble Holocaust badges, or the badges Jews were forced by the Nazis to wear after Kristallnacht.

Jewish people who wore the badges as identification of their faith were then forced to live separately from others in ghettos.

Those who refused to wear the yellow badges, consisting of the Star of David and the word “Jew” written in different languages in the center, faced severe penalties, including execution.

The shirt is being sold for $100, according to its web page.

Attempts made to contact the public relations department at Urban Outfitters were not immediately returned.