WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Who will be Mitt Romney’s running mate?

With the Republican presidential hopeful closing in on the GOP nomination, attention is beginning to turn to who he will pick to be by his side as he takes on President Obama and Vice President Biden for the White House.

Could it be Sen. Marco Rubio, a Hispanic conservative from the swing state of Florida? Maybe it will be Chris Christie, the bombastic governor from New Jersey unafraid to speak his mind? Or could it be a total dark horse candidate, say Gov. Susana Martinez from New Mexico, another conservative Hispanic from a swing state?

According to Larry Sabato, the director for the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, Romney has two ways to go with his decision.

“He can pick someone who is safe and follows the Hippocratic oath’s mandate, ‘First, do no harm,’” Sabato told CBSDC. “This person would be seen as competent but wouldn’t necessarily have any impact on the Electoral College or appealing to specific demographic groups where Romney is weak, or Romney can pick someone designed to deliver a state, region, or demographic group.”

With that certain demographic group primarily focusing on Hispanics, Seton Motley, president of Less Government — a political thinktank, sees that spot going to Rubio.

“This is all a game of checking off something you don’t have,” Motley told CBSDC. “Rubio is Hispanic and is from the swing state of Florida. The list almost begins and ends with Rubio.”

Rubio – who has thrown his support behind Romney – has been a favorite among conservatives in his short time in the Senate, but that lack of experience could hurt his chances of getting put on the ticket.

“If this individual is relatively inexperienced or has not been fully vetted, there can always be unexpected problems that turn into a major distraction for the presidential nominee,” Sabato said.

Even if Rubio is picked, there are no guarantees he could deliver the state to Romney.

“Rubio might be able to deliver Florida, but only if Romney were already running just a few points behind Obama,” Sabato told CBSDC, adding that rivals Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul have virtually no shot of joining the ticket with Romney.

Rubio has previously stated he is not looking to the vice presidential nomination.

Conservatives have fallen over party favorite Chris Christie, who was called on many times to jump into the presidential fray. Christie decided not to, instead throwing his support behind Romney, too. Christie might not be the best bet to be by Romney’s side, though.

“I don’t think Christie gets serious consideration,” Motley told CBSDC. “A Republican won’t win New Jersey and Christie’s not the right fit.”

There has been much talk about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal getting the nod, which would make him the first Indian-American to be vice presidential candidate. But others to keep an eye on are Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.

Romney also needs to make sure that the VP candidate he chooses doesn’t become a distraction, the same way Sarah Palin was to Sen. John McCain in 2008.

“Very rarely does the VP choice have a major impact,” Motley said. “One of the few times it did make a difference was the choice of Sarah Palin. I think she definitively changed the race last time.”

But in the end, Romney’s campaign won’t hinge on who he picks as his running mate.

“The state of the economy will make or break Romney’s campaign,” Sabato said.

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  1. AJ says:

    Why is there no discussion of Santorum in this article? While Im not personally in favour of him, he has already said he would consider it, and it wouldnt be the first time the main opponent became the VP nomination

    1. TrixieTrue says:

      Because, accurate or not, he has presented himself as a cranky, woman-hating, out-out-touch, ultra-right conservative. And because he has stayed in the race too long. His attacks on Romney are way too recent. Backing Romney now would be completely hypocritical, at best.

      1. Dangerous Dave says:

        Not true, TrixieUntrue. The leftist media painted him as a woman-hater. Santorum’s words have been more tortured than Moochelle’s hair.

      2. SarahsSecretIsOut says:

        Since the truth leaked out about Sarah Palin I highly doubt Mitt will pick her. I bet he picks someone representing minorities from a swing state. If you haven’t read the real story on why the news surrounding Palin is so heavily controlled, search Palins Dirty Little Secret and learn what the media can no longer report on, the truth.

      3. Apachecav says:

        as opposed to a smiling stab you in the back crony capitalist establishment cult follower?

      4. TrixieTrue says:

        You’ll note that I started my comment with “…, accurate or not…” Of course the media framed him this way…but the frame is still there.

      5. Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425 says:

      6. sdjerry says:

        Santorum is not an ultra-right conservative. Barry Goldwater was an utra-right conservative. Santorum is merely a religious fanatic who seeks to incorporate his religious beliefs into government. As such, he is unfit to serve in any elective office.

      7. Steverino says:

        Santorum has been framed by the Media? He is a religious zealot who brought home his dead baby to meet the family, has seven kids in a world overpopulated, doesn’t want anyone else to use birth control, thinks the separation of church and state is a bad thing, etc., etc
        Come on people. He has done more to ruin the image of our party than Palin, who is merely an amiable dunce. Where is Reagan when we need him?

      8. Sam E Moore Jr says:

        Hates Women ? What are you smoking Sandra Flunk !

      9. Chris says:

        Accurate or not? Do you live in Zimbabwe? His words, his lecture, his rhetoric are all over the internet. You don’t have to read the media version but listen to the man himself. He is a f’ing lunatic. No one is talking about times where the event was held and only the media were able to let the world know what he talked. We live in a 24/7 live world so be real and stop acting like you live in Zimbabwe you MORONS.

      10. YeahRight says:

        Really Trixie? If you pay attention, it is his opponents that portray him that way, not him. He stated at a church that he was personally opposed to using contracption, but he continued on to say that he was strongly opposed to any legislation that tries to control it. He also stated examples of bills he supported as Senator to fund contraception for poor women. His opponents took this completely out of context and claimed that he was in favor of government controls on contraception – which of course is a lie. Dumb people go around repeating it without finding out both sides.

      11. Noggy says:

        If he’s smart he’ll pick a candidate endorsed by the Council of Conservative Citizens


      12. Deez says:

        I completely agree… and I’m basing my opinion on hearing Santorum speak, not from the media. It would be laughable if Santorum backed Romney, much less if he had him run with him.

      13. Lying Sack of Mitt says:

        Santorum was named number 6 in a list of 10 ten corrupt politicians in the USA a few years back.

      14. Lying Sack of Mitt says:

        Santorum likes women as long as they stay in the klitchen and shut up.

    2. J Scott says:

      Romney won’t have enough time to change Santorium’s diapers or put him in timeout when he has his tantrums

      1. Klaus says:

        Santorum’s off the diapers. He goes in Joseph Smith’s stovepipe hat now.

      2. Chase says:

        @Klaus thanks for reiterating the fact that Santorum’s entire legitimacy as a GOP candidate is built upon the anti-mormon sentiment in certain regions of the country.

    3. sailordude says:

      No way Santorum, it will be Rubio, he’s a grand slam home run. It’s FLORIDA a VITAL swing state, he’s HISPANIC, the GOP desperately needs Hispanics! It’s a no brainer.

      1. RobbieK says:

        Desperately needs Hispanics? LOL! One thing the media never reports in this country is that a large majority of Hispanics (approximately 55%) in the U.S.A. are Evangelical Christians and vote Republican anyway. Barak Obama isn’t getting the American of Latin blood vote this time. How do you think Texas always goes Republican election after election? It’s because we have a large population of evangelical Americans with Latino blood.

      2. Dan Popa says:

        RUBIO??? This is very simple. RUbio ius not eligible under art 2 sec 1 of the constitution. He is not a natural born citizen although he was born in Hawaii. His parents were both CUBAN CITIZENS at the time of his birth. This is something Rubio is not forthcoming about. He is a fake conservative in my opinion because obviously the truth does not matter to him. His staff is under the impression he is a legit VP candiddate however, like Obama, he is not elgible for the office. Obama should be tried for tTReason.He is a fruad and Liar. Rubio should explain his situation and parents to shed light on Obama. He won;t. He is a traitor as well. A disgrce!

      3. Jim says:

        These comments on Rubio’s eligibility are amazingly uninformed and ignorant

      4. Nate says:

        Rubio isn’t Hispanic. There’s no such thing as a Hispanic person, some confirmed, by the way, by a recent poll. Rubio is Cuban-American, which is as relevant to a Mexican-American as his favorite kind of ice cream.

      5. Americanius says:

        I guess for Rubio to be VP the Republicans will have to ignore the constitution requiring Rubio to be a natural born citizen meaning both parents were citizens.
        Ignore that fact like they did when they certified Barry with a Kenyan father.
        No one seems to care any more about rule of law. If Rubio and Obama are illegally eligible then so is Arnold S.
        But if some states enact ballot certification then both Obama and Rubio would not appear on the ballot in those states.

      6. carney3 says:

        RobbieK, wake up and smell the coffee. I’m a conservative Republican and Hispanics vote against us by two to one on a good day. The very best we can do is being crushed 40-60 Goldwater style which W. “achieved” in TX after massive pandering to the multi cultural Left on every issue including Spanish language being primary in schools and in official business in local governments. The fact that they are a little more Republican than the African American community has caused wild over-hyping and over-optimism. It’s not like an African American leaves the country for every Latin American who enters. It’s just that one monolithically leftist anti-Republican minority group is being supplemented (NOT REPLACED) by a second, very leftist anti-Republican minority group. Republicans win elections in Texas DESPITE the intense anti-Republican votes of Hispanics, and if Republicans think that’s sustainable given current immigration policies the GOP is suicidally stupid. There’s a REASON the Dems want basically open borders. WAKE UP.

    4. RN says:

      Because Santorum is a creep. A booger that will not go away no matter how many times you shake it off.

      1. Klaus says:

        I thought those were Romney supporters — McCain, Dole, George H.W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter.

    5. BLC says:

      Santorum is a distraction from reality. With him on the ticket , the media would be focused on contraceptives , gay marriage and other personal issues that have nothing to do with my relative wealth. Santorum souldn’t win a statewide general election in any state. He is a crazed theocratic windbag.

      1. carney3 says:

        I get it, you’re a social liberal. Santorum is a social conservative, as well as an economic and foreign policy conservative. Santorum won two of three statewide elections he ran in in PA, a Dem leaning swing state. I’ll concede he’s not as strong a general election candidate as Romney, but acting like he’s a “crazed theocrat” for having views that were basically universal until the 60s and are still held by roughly half the nation today is wildly overstating the case.

    6. Patriot says:

      Chris Christi for sure

    7. ChiefB says:

      Not gonna happen! Santorum is a nut case!

    8. Dave says:

      Not a chance for Santorum, he is too on edge at times and is too focused on Social Issues that most pople (in this election) just do not care about.
      Not a chance for Christie because he would not run until the future, why woul he take the VP slot?
      Not a chance for Newt because he is a slimeball.
      Not a chance for Palin because she is a celbrity now, not a politician.
      Not a chance for Jindal because he delivers no minority group and no state that is needed.
      Not a chance for West because, while he helps in florida, he does not deliver minorities. Blacks will not leave Obama for him.

      Plus many other candidates bring to light to many other issues. Rubio does not. his whole message has abeen a life in contrast: Large government Cuba run economy vs liberty and free enterprise in America.

      RUBIO is the choice. He delivers Florida and delivers a large chunk of the hispanic vote.
      Plus between Romney’s wife and Rubio’s wife, they deliver a big chunk of the woman’s vote together.

      As far as only being in the Senate a couple years – – – – SAME AS OBAMA, did not hear the left whining about his experieince much.

      ROMENY/ RUBIO 2012……………………… just like I have been saying since October!

      1. elcgm says:


      2. Obamanos says:

        I’ve been calling for Romney/Rubio since October….2010!

      3. BlogMagog says:

        Yes, that’s the ticket. Marco, you know we like you here in FL, but the greater calling for you is now at our Darkest hour.

      4. Romney Rubio 2012 says:

        You should join us on Facebook then! http://www.facebook.com/RomneyRubio2012

      5. Elizabeth Fisher says:

        I absolutely agree… now we can wait for the uninformed liberals to mistakenly post that Rubio is not qualified to be VP.

        Just wait… the posts should appear in a couple of minutes.

    9. Taint Boil says:

      Santorum? The warmongering person who thinks killing scientist is a good thing – you have got to be kidding

      Santorum says killing Americans good, but killing Iranians is wonderful

    10. Sam E Moore Jr says:

      Sir in all due respect Santorum said …… There is little difference between Obama and Romney ….. That is when he lost me … That would be Prime time Obama ad’s
      running the last to months before the Election .

    11. BlogMagog says:

      Marco Rubio, we need you. I’m a Floridian and while you are appreciated here, we need you more than ever on the ticket. “Every” state needs you on the ticket. This is about the future, not just here in FL. This is greater than any one state or any one generation. This is about what kind of country we hand down to our children. You can do this — you already have my vote! Mitt are you listening… ?

    12. Gryphonwhip says:

      Gosh, I dont know, because Santorum is running around with an etch-a-sketch in his hand saying a vote for Romney would be no better than a vote for Obama? Why would Romney want a turd like that stinking up the campaign trail? Santorum would be the worst choice for VP, he isnt even able to win a Senatoral election in his own state, how would he help deliver it for Romney. Santorum is THE LAST PERSON Romney should even consider. Too bad the rest of the idiots in my party didnt know that when he became the default protest vote. Santorum is a loser, plain and simple.

    13. clickron says:

      Goldman Sachs owned Romney vs. Goldman Sachs owned Obama, either way, Goldman Sachs wins, pick your favorite skin tone and let’s get it over. Either way you go, BOTH are committed to taking away the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 10th Amendments.

      Whoever promises the American Monkey Voter the best bananas wins, and NEVER question the statements made above.

    14. PF says:

      I think if I were Mitt I would have an issue choosing someone who said voting for Obama would be better than me.

    15. jrcowboy49 says:

      Santorum has poisoned the water with his caustic rhetoric and whiney demeanor. His standing with the Party is damaged!

    16. truth says:

      if he choses anybody other than Ron Paul he wont have a Snowballs chance. What am I saying? He doesnt have a Snowballs chance no matter who he picks. This is a set up, it is like when Hulk Hogan is wrestling Jon Smith or some other scrub. Ron Paul is the only guy who will challenge Obama and if you Republicans think otherwise say hello to the dinosaurs for me.

      1. MsMag says:

        You are 1000% correct. The biggest problem Romney would have is NOT being ABLE to get Ron Paul on the ticket. Romney is just like Obama and Bush on views. Ron Paul would never go on his ticket. The GOP must face it; they are going to lose to Obama. There is ZERO chance the GOP will win. Ron Paul supporters – including more than 50% of independents and more than 15% of Obama’s Democrats are for Ron Paul. Romney will never get them. Romney will not get Ron Paul supporters. The only way they win is they have Deibold rig the voting machines – AGAIN. They should never have dissed Ron Paul and lied about him and rigged the votes against him over and over. They lose.

      2. Elizabeth Fisher says:

        Do you mean Ron Paul… who has never received more than 8% of the vote in the primary? You think that nut job is going to beat Obama…. sheeeesh


      3. Ron Paul is the only candidate other than Romney that has consistently been tied or higher than Obama in the polls. This was just posted on the drudge a few weeks ago and if you have really paid attention you would know that, try getting your facts straight Elizabeth. And ask yourself this since I’m sure you are such a scholarly college educated individual with an immense amount of knowledge – since when was following the constitution considered to be a nut job? In that case, you just called Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, etc.. and the rest of the founding fathers nut jobs. How’s it feel to call all of our founding fathers nut jobs? Apparently you and along with all the rest of the pathetic politicians know more than our founding fathers put together. Ron Paul knows more about the constitution and history then any other candidate and politician. I would bet money on that in a second and I’m not a bettering person. I don’t think you could be anymore disrespectful to our founders. Go back to watching CNN for 3 minutes and thinking that you know the answers to every political problem that arises or just continue to stick your foot in your mouth. You seem to have acquired a Ph.D.in that already.Congratulations.

    17. Ed Lynn says:

      I would find Rick Santorum very acceptable as a Vice-Presidential choicew.

    18. Steve K. says:

      I’ve voted straight Republican since 1972 and I’d have a hard time voting for Santorum. I liken him to McCain, whom I couldn’t bring myself to vote for and had my son complete the arrow on that one. I’m tired of having Republican choices that require me to hold my nose when voting. Therefor, I suggest Romney pick his wife as a running mate. Who better?

    19. Lying Sack of Mitt says:

      A liberal, a moderate and a conservative walk into a bar…


      The bartender says, “HI Mitt”!

  2. Doug says:

    Drudge isn’t it a little too early. I’m voting for Santorum.. i’m in for the PA, NJ sweep!

    1. John says:

      Santorum pi$$ed Drudge off with his whining and in doing so revealed a lot about his own temperament.
      It showed what many people suspected about what lies beneath that forced grimacing smile of his.
      The man simply isn’t Presidential material.

      1. Gary says:

        Spot on!

      2. Klaus says:

        Anyone But Obamney

      3. Dave says:

        I like Santorum but have been saying since day one : he is not a president.

        Romney is.

        No matter where the media tries to take the dialogue, Romeny needs to stay on the economy. the numbers and facts are all there: it is not good.

        Romeny / Rubio 2012!!!

    2. Hank says:

      If you’re voting for Santorum, you are an unedcuated voter or you are wanting to live in a Christian dictatorship with huge government control.

      1. Chad says:

        Wrong. I voted for Santorum because our country continues to spiral in a steep moral decline that is making our nation’s soul sick, almost to the point of no return. A message that focuses solely on solving our economic woes is like treating the symptoms rather than the disease. Our society is becoming more and more fragmented and divided. At the heart of this is a rejection of the values that made this country great, and yes that includes a strong faith in God. If we don’t fix the soul first, the country is doomed no matter who leads us. Santorum understands this and is not afraid to talk about it. I know he won’t win, but I at least can go to bed with a clear consciance knowing I voted for a guy who gets it.

    3. Richard F says:

      You may look at PA for Santorum, because of his home state. But NJ, Chris Christi was one of the first supporters of Romney. Besides, Romney like Reagan, will bring alot of Moderate and Conservative Democrats and Independents to the polls in November. If Santorum was really for the Republican nominee in November, he would stop the madness and start supporting Romney. Maybe there might be a cabinet position for him, but I doubt VP. He wants said he supported Romney for the Party, he should repeat history and do it with a professional confession that the Party will do whatever to defeat Obama in November. Afterall, it is his words that Freedom is at stake.

  3. Wanted: A young conservative says:

    Ryan or Jindal please Mitt!! Bobby JImdal or Paull Ryan would be formidable.

  4. Nam Marine says:

    Chris Christie or Ron Paul.

    1. Bill E Bob says:

      Aw yeah, those are what we need, more regressives and nutbags.

      1. Klaus says:

        Fernando. (Mitt said Ryan’s budget looked “mahvelous”, darling.)

  5. Vinny Parthasarathy says:

    I think Mitt Romney will pick Tim Pawlenty as his running mate- he is safe, a successful governor, and someone that will worry the Obama ticket. An alternative would be Jon Hunstman, but he maybe too moderate for talk radio.

    1. Glenn Robinson says:

      Definitley no to Huntsman….for whatever reason it will be hard enough to swallow down one Mormon…IF the VP was Mormon too people would call it full on conspiracy.

    2. carney3 says:

      Romney, Huntsman, and Pawlenty were the only electable candidates, and the only ones who could be competent and credible in the Oval Office. But Huntsman was too liberal and Pawlenty had his oxygen sucked away by the short-lived Bachmann candidacy.

      You’re right that Pawlenty would be a good choice.

    3. Dave says:

      Not a chance. neither help in any voting block what so ever.

    4. jrcowboy49 says:

      Two mormans on the same ticket?????????????????? NOT

  6. NeverSurrender says:

    Doug, Are you kidding. This repub race is done. Santorum is stupid if he doesn’t get out now. He’s young enough to run again for the next 12 years. All he can do now is hurt himself. He he loses PA he will never be close to the presidency again.

    1. BLC says:

      Doesn’t matter if Santorum were 21 yrs old. He will never again hold public office. He is toast.

  7. Bill E Bob says:

    Who will be Mitt’s podnuh? Another regressive, I’m sure.

  8. Johnno says:

    Mitch Daniels

    1. jrcowboy49 says:

      Mitch Daniels and his financial/budget expertice would be an excellent choice!

  9. TrixieTrue says:

    Paul Ryan or Allan West.

    1. Elizabeth Fisher says:

      Love Allen West !

  10. David H says:

    Never too early to talk, and in the end, it is the candidate, not us who decides. Rubio will be drafted whether or not he wants the slot. 1) Hispanic, 2) American success story which complements Romney’s personal story. 3) Did I mention Florida as a swing state? No Florida, no election. Ask W, ask Obama, ask Bill. Alan West – great guy, no charisma, and no one ever heard of him. Sarah? Lord, I love the woman, but she is a lightning rod, and that is the LAST thing the GOP needs in this critical election. We need a team that represents the people of the United States, the values of the US, and can defeat the aberration currently in the White House. The filth and distraction and the excuses and deflection of responsibility that will be the hallmark of this election need to be countered by 2 very decent human beings, and 2 very capable individuals. My 2 cents, and I think George Romney already knows that.

    1. Elizabeth Fisher says:

      I think Allen West is way more well-known than you give him credit for.

      1. Klaus says:

        Cornel West, I know. Cornel would add balance to a Romney ticket — from the right.

      2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        @ Klaus

    2. Dave says:

      Alan West is known but does not pull blacks away from Obama and it would be portrayed as a stunt to do just that.

      Rubio is safe and delivers many hispanic votes and Florida.

      His experience is every bit as long as Obama’s.

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Far MORE so. Rubio was Speaker of the Florida House before becoming a US Senator in a competitive state. The Community Agitator’s resume includes inciting riots and….uh….oh yeah, voting “present” as a backbencher in the Felonois Senate from a 100% Depressioncrat South Side District.

  11. jdjsmit says:

    Are you kidding not Palin, we will be in for 4 more years of the Marxist in Chief!
    Palin is not going to appeal to the independents especially the independent women.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Ok, I got a nice laugh from the Cornell West remark but now you’re just being ridiculous…

      1. Klaus says:

        I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, too. I love how these “most electable” nominees make us vomit 4 years later.

  12. MM says:

    Voting in this day and age is akin to hitting yourself over the head with a 2X4. Nothing comes from it except a headache. Both parties are owned by the big banks. It is all a sham. Stay home on selection day. It is a pointless endeavor.

    1. Gary says:

      Wow! It’s so easy to give up isn’t it? To hell with George Washington and Abe Lincoln! To hell with all those who have given their blood for this great land. Give yourself an excuse so you can sit back on your couch and do nothing. Easy street! Ahhhh… Life is good.

      1. Apachecav says:

        He might be on to something, both sides are corrupt , let Obama back in to finish the job, when the system collapses we can rebuild from the ashes what our country used to be, very painful but either a Romney win , slow death, or an Obama win, quick death, still leads us to death…

      2. Lying Sack of Mitt says:

        Lincoln was gay you know.

    2. Klaus says:

      Vote. Write in who you want if you have to. Let them cheat. Let them not count your vote. It’s on them then. You took action, they took action, the Lord judges.

  13. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    Personally, I would love Allen West. The thought of the liberal racists trying to spin that gives me great joy.

  14. mike jones says:

    how about Condoleezza Rice?

    1. Elizabeth Fisher says:

      The only thing Condi wants to be in charge of is the NFL

    2. carney3 says:

      Too liberal, and was weak as national security advisor and secretary of state.

      1. Dave says:

        Too liberal?? Weak???? You are out of your mind.

        BUT you represent alot of the far right…. trying to get massively conservative people who will not budge on any issue.

        How do you think Reagan was succesful as President with Democrats controlling congress? He was a leader and made deals.

        This notion that one side has to be in control is ridiculous.

        The greates times in our history the last several decades have all been when the president and congress were on opposite sides.

        According to many on the faaaarr right today, Reagan would not be conservative enough. He is further left than Romeny ever was when you compare their governorships.

        Both have moved further right as they aged.

        The best thing to happen now is for Santirum to get the helll out of the way. he is nothing but a waaay too far right social conservative who has been all for big government in his entire career: the record shows it.

        If it wasn’t for his social conscience, he’d be a Kennedy

    3. moronpolitics says:

      I WISH. What a contrast. A Black person who is COMPETENT and LOVES AMERICA.

  15. Meac Templeton says:

    Anyone but Christie. We don’t need 2 RINOs on the ticket.

  16. Chris says:

    I woud love to see a Mitt Romney / Ron Paul ticket but I seriously doubt that will happen… I’ll settle for a Romney / Rubio or a Romney / Pawlenty ticket… Either one of those would do well I think. And its really all about getting Obama out of there at this point anyways. Another 4 years of him will ruin this Great Nation.

  17. Klaus says:

    Mitt believes in multiple running mates.

    1. Gary says:

      Haha…. No. He doesn’t.

    2. Dangerous Dave says:

      Klaus, you’re just another religious bigot. Where’s the religious tolerance? You sound like a Nazi, Klaus. Don’t eat the schnizel, it’s laced with schnauzer!

      1. Apachecav says:

        Dave sorry but cults do not qualify as religion… Take your ignorance elsewhere

      2. Klaus says:

        It was Congress in 1890 who were the bigots, who hated the First Amendment, who hated religious freedom, who told the cult (this forum censors the M-word) no statehood for Utah unless they changed the foundation of their faith. So, the M-word President, Wilford Woodruff, lied and claimed Christ came to him and told him polygamy was as out of fashion as the Old Testament, so he changed the religion to appease the bigots in Congress and won statehood for Utah.

    3. jasonn13 says:

      Now THAT’S funny!

    4. Apachecav says:

      I agree that is hilarious!

  18. Jim says:

    Condoleezza Rice !!

  19. Angus Thermopyle says:

    Santorum is done. He has did a fine job of helping point out the crazed fundies to the rest of us, so there’s that.

    1. Klaus says:

      Mitt’s dad was born in a polygamy colony in Mexico. Who you callin’ crazed fundies?

      1. Dillon says:

        What’s Romney’s dad have to do anything about the race? No one gets worked up about Barack Obama being a bigamist who later worked in the oil industry before drinking himself silly and dying behind the wheel of his car.

      2. Klaus says:

        Dillon, I admire the fact that Mitt’s great grandfather took the family out of America to Mexico so he could practice his First Amendment right in a polygamy colony down there. He had to leave America to do it because of the bigotry in Congress. What I don’t like are religious leaders who flip-flop on matters of faith to serve mammon, which is what the cult in America did. Why is polygamy illegal while adultery is legal in America? One confines sex to a committed relationship. The other is a sin. In the Great Satan, the sin is legal, but plural marriage is not.

  20. Angus Thermopyle says:

    Great, Klaus. Now I have “Mostly Me” from The Book of Mormon stuck in my head.

    1. Klaus says:

      Newt only proposes to colonize the moon, but Mitt gets to colonize an entire planet after he dies.

  21. Michael Baram says:

    The problem with Rubio is that his parents weren’t citizens when he was born, so he doesn’t meet the “natural born” standard, and you can be sure that, despite all the questions about Obama’s citizenship status, the Democrats will use that fact to challenge and destroy Rubio.
    I’d love to see Allen West as the VP candidate.With his military background and the disproportional representation of Blacks in the armed forces, he’d pose a serious threat to the Democratic ownership of the black vote. Plus, since he was elected for a 2-year term, it’s not like he’d be accused of “quitting in mid-term”.
    Of course, I wouldn’t put it past Democrats to try to assassinate him….after all, they have 150 years of experience, starting with Lincoln’s murder.

    1. sailordude says:

      What are you talking about? This has never been address and the liberal media would have talked about his eligibility a long time ago. I’ve even heard about Romney’s citizenship but never Rubio’s, you are out of line.

    2. Klaus says:

      Was Rubio’s birth certificate made with the same version of Photoshop Obama’s was?

    3. Terry K says:

      You do not understand the “natural born” standard. It has nothing to do with one’s parents’ lack of citizenship unless they happened to be foreign diplomats which they were not. Marco Rubio was born in the United States. Case closed. No, there was no case in the first place.

      1. Karl says:

        Natural Born does not mean born on US soil (that is the requirement just be a regular old Citizen, hence all the anchor babies). NBC means born of Citizen Parents, which was not the case with Rubio, he knows it, he believes in the Constitution, and thus will not accept the VP’ship if offered.

      2. Jim says:

        Actually, there are two ways to be a US citizen
        1) Citizen by right, or
        2) through “naturalization”
        “natural born citizen” is a person who is a US citizen not through naturalization or citizen by right – which, BTW, you are if you were born in the US.

      3. Terry K says:

        Karl… read the Constitution. It does not define it. But the couts have. You are simply wrong.

  22. deuce1984 says:

    Rand Paul possibly. The party is moving in that direction with the young republicans. All of Ron’s support would be clinched and the future of the party would be more clear.

    1. Klaus says:

      No. Freedom is so 19th century. The future of the GOP is with La Raza.

    2. Philip says:

      Not exactly. We are writing in Ron Paul. No if, and’s, or but’s.

      1. Klaus says:

        Nobody But Paul. 6200 in the crowd at Chico State yesterday, while the presumptive nominee could only draw 1250 at the Detroit Lions stadium. Presumptive nominee, indeed.

    3. fntsmk says:

      BS. RAND Paul won’t work for the likes of Romney. Even IF RAND Paul wanted to be POTUS on day, why would he wait 8 years to run as VP under Romney, when he could run in 4 years after Obama has finished destroying the country?

      You people who think “Ron Paul supporters will come around,” are delusional. There’s only one thing a Paul supporter will NOT do for Dr. Paul, even if he asks us to, and that is vote for ANY GOP candidate other than Ron Paul, even if RAND were VP which is useless. What would be the point. Paul voters have signed the pledge: We write in Dr. Paul on our ballots, vote 3rd party, stay at home, or vote Obama to take the Media Picked candidate down.

  23. FC Dobbs says:

    The country is not likely to see two middle-aged white guys on any major ticket again

    1. carney3 says:

      Wrong. Whites are the majority population of America, and disproportionately represented in the presidential level talent pool. Men are disproportionately more likely to be career high achievers since they don’t need to take time out for child-bearing and have more ambition- and competition-promoting testosterone. Middle age is when people reach their career peaks and have enough gravitas to become president. Younger is too young, older is too old.

    2. Klaus says:

      Santorum-Gingrich 2012 in Tampa this August!

  24. Amish Miner's Coalition says:


    1. sailordude says:

      Ugh, he’s busy pawning reverse mortgages.

  25. josie wales says:

    I’m sure it’ll be a minority . So predictable , it’s disgusting . Political correctness is destroying America .

    1. sailordude says:

      The GOP is too white we need some minority voters you numbskull.

    2. Ed says:

      Not true… Rubio is an up and coming Superstar and future President. He’s my Senator and we love him in Fl..
      He is the REAL DEAL… not a fake messiah

  26. Jim Dea says:

    Anyone else sick and tired of this dog and pony show they call campaigning for the office of POTUS? Obama is not going to be re-elected, he already IS ELECTED. He is not done reading to us from his teleprompter how his bosses are tearing down this republic (although it never actually was a republic). The principalities have not yet found someone better to not salute the flag, slander Christianity, lie with a straight face, prop up Islam and desecrate the constitution.

  27. carney3 says:

    It should be former Governor Tim Pawlenty of MN. Pawlenty has been elected and re-elected statewide in a key swing state. He is an evangelical Protestant who has always been a reliable social conservative, but does not come off as extreme or alarming to swing voters. He has a blue collar background without an accent and without coming off as a bigoted bumpkin. In his own presidential run, he did not levy toxic charges against Romney that can be used for later Dem attack ads, and has been a loyal and effective Romney surrogate since then. Pawlenty may be charismatically challenged, but follows the most important running mate rule: do no harm. He also can rally the base while not impeding outreach to the middle.

  28. Terry K says:

    Rand Paul or Marco Rubio. Both well spoken conservatives. Paul delivers the south. Rubio delivers latinos and Florida. Tough choice. Klaus gets post of the day. David H… George Romney died in 1995.

    1. carney3 says:

      The Pauls have a creepy cult following but will alienate swing voters. Even Republican base voters aren’t into a leftist anti-American pro-enemy agenda on national security.

      1. Terry K says:

        Rand isn’t nearly as kooky as Ron, AND he’d get all his dad’s supporters to come out to vote. VP candidates don’t typically chase away any votes. Their function is to draw in voters who might otherwise pass on the head of the ticket. I prefer Rubio myself, but am also intrigued by the possibility of Nicki Haley.

      2. Philip says:

        Ha, this is why the Rand Paul for VP strategy will not work. We will not vote for any Neo-Con, Big Government, Pro-Death “conservative” no matter who the VP is. We will vote for Ron Paul, even if that means we write his name on the ballot. Nice try, though.

      3. Terry K says:

        Read up on how the electoral college works before you throw away your vote and hand Obama 2 or 3 more Supreme Court appointments from which there will surely be no recovery. Make your points with Tshirts and bumperstickers. Votes are too precious (that is while we’re still allowed to vote).

  29. jasonn13 says:

    How about Senator John Kyle, Arizona?

    1. carney3 says:

      Too old. Not a swing state. A Senator (thus tainted by DC), and even worse, a member of the leadership (thus can’t avoid being called an insider).

  30. Yaspar says:

    The problem with Marco Rubio is that he is Cuban, and Mexicans HATE Cubans. (Cubans love America, and don’t whine all the time about how unjust America is.) The vast majority of Hispanic Americans are Mexican. The best bet would be to forget pandering to Hispanics, give up on the Mexican vote, since they are going to all vote Democrat anyway, and work on solidifying the Republican base. Then, after the election, get control of the southern border. That would attract Hispanic Republicans like nothing else.

    1. carney3 says:

      Sound advice. The only hope to Americanize and assimilate this group is to stop immigration (legal and illegal) for a generation or more.

      Also, Rubio being a Catholic (of sorts) is a bit too much for the evangelicals to have to swallow. We can’t have a Protestant-free ticket in a majority Protestant country.

      1. Philip says:

        Rubio is such a con artist. Everyone believes he is some super Pro-Life Catholic, when in fact he has been going to a protestant church and giving them money for years! Absolutely disgusting trying to play both sides of Christianity for votes

  31. Frank says:

    Whomever it ends up being, they’ll certainly be better than binge drinker Biden.

  32. Larry DeVries says:

    Whomever is chosen let it be a Republican governor (former or current). That would make the GOP ticket stronger having the background & experience of Governor against the Dem’s ticket experience as Senators. The contrast would be there for all to see – actual experience in governing vs. policy-by-ideology.

    The debates would show contrast much more to the independents with two governors going up against the Dem ticket. It would be competence vs. ideology.

  33. Nena says:

    If experience as a President does not matter eg Obama then why should it matter now?

  34. LIBERTY NOW says:

    Who cares, just another puppet.

    1. Klaus says:

      The old puppet has a hole in it. The people can see through. The new puppet will give us the carbon tax and national ID card. And who better to “fix” ObamaCare than its inventor?

  35. xynnek says:

    Hey, folks. It ain’t over yet. Miracles do happen; Santo is till in the runnung.

    1. Klaus says:

      Ohio State Romneys 34, Kansas Santorums 25 at the half.

  36. BIll says:

    Good to see headlines of Gov Romney being the presumptive candidate. Sen Santorum played a strategy, and I commend him for trying. This rollercoaster of candidates cannot happen again. Every week with a new flavor, it’s good tv and money in their pocket, but talking country here.

  37. Dutra says:

    Mitt and his consultants will get all cute and clever with their selection. In doing so, they will blow it.

    1. Klaus says:

      Obamney follows his consultants, Obama follows his teleprompter, we follow our “leaders”.

  38. Ed says:

    Marco Rubio!!
    I want to see Marco chew Biden a new rear end in the VP debates… Show just what an idiot Biden really is….

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      It would be the most embarrassing massacre ever to be sure, but VP debates carry no weight at all unless the media can spin it as a GOP loss. Gore got utterly DESTROYED in the debate by DAN QUAYLE of all people in 1992 and then Kemp 4 years later and it didn’t hurt the ticket unfortunately. You could also make the argument that Bentsen beat up on Quayle in ’88 too with the Kennedy line.

  39. xynnek says:

    best vp choices: Rob Portman, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Tim Pawlenty

    1. Jerzey Boy says:

      Pleezze! I totally respect Powell for his service to the US but he is driven by color of skin.

    2. carney3 says:

      Powell endorsed Obama.

      1. Elizabeth Fisher says:

        That is true Carney… I lost all respect for Powell when he did that

  40. george says:

    Mitts mate will be some ZOGapproved traitor, as usual.

    1. carney3 says:

      Anyone who says zog is a Nazi nut.

  41. The Black Piper says:

    Let’s hope it is a “heavy-weight” since the candidate is a mitt-weight.

  42. Ed says:

    Or Col West….. another great man for the job

  43. Sandra says:

    I hope Romney listens to this: Excellent candidates for VP would be Marco Rubio or Condoleezza Rice. Period!

    1. Jim says:

      Amen re Rice or Rubio – Romney needs to shore up minorities and continue to appeal to independents and centrist voters. What is the so called tea party and ultra conservative republican base going to do – Vote for Obama??

      As for getting conservatives motivated, Romney doesn’t need to focus on that.

      If there is one thing about which I have faith in Obama – it is that he will do plenty of things between now and November to keep conservatives and tea party supporters motivated and get them out to the polls.

      1. carney3 says:

        If the base is mad enough, they can vote third party such as the Constitution Party, or stay home. Most tickets balance, with a moderate able to reach swing voters, and a base-friendly candidate. Reagan-Bush was a good example. Romney is not the base-friendly candidate.

      2. Jim says:

        Unlike 1994, there is no 3rd party candidate with broad enough appeal to make a measurable impact on the results even if a few “mad” people vote for them.

        Most people are pragmatic and realize that if they vote for a 3rd part candidate they are really voting to keep Obama in office.

    2. Patriot says:

      Marco Rubio is a crime family in Florida, and Condi Rice should be in jail for witholding pre 9/11 evidence. She admitted she had it in her sworn testimony Post 9/11. Go look for the video.

  44. Southerner says:

    That Obama done tried to socialize our health care!!!! He’s a socialist! That thur Romney done socialized health care in his state, he’s my hero! I gotta vote for that Romney cause he gonna get rid of this socialist health care. DRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP……..

  45. webbery1 says:

    Seeing as how the job for president of the United States demands he be a natural born citizen Rubio does not qualify. He is not a natural born citizen. He is a great citizen but not natural born. If anything happened to Romney during his term in office Rubio could not take his place. Go somewhere else Romney. We have to obey the rules even though the dems think they can do whatever they want.

    1. BlogMagog says:

      You could have Howdy Doody be VP for all I care (i.e. Joe Biden). Getting rid of the imposter is all I care about.

      1. Philip says:

        So you are willing to shred the Constitution a littttle bit more, just to get rid of someone who is shredding the Constitution…..fascinating

      2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        No Phillip, he’s willing to live with a bad headache and nausea to get rid of a CANCER.

  46. JON Lussier says:

    Nikki Halley is on the radio right now. She is not interested in a VP a
    position. She wants to finish her term as governor.
    Rubio….We need to keep him in the senate.
    Bob McDonell to polarizing… The ultra sound issue
    Rick … Can you imagine the ads. OMG
    Palin…To Polarizing
    Suzana Martinez.. Needs to be vetted (good possibility )

    1. Wes G says:

      Agree Jon. Gov. Martinez needs to be vetted but on the surface she brings so much to the table: popular governor of a swing state, years experience as a district attorney prior to governor, was a democrat until she became enlightened so she’s obviously intelligent, compelling story and conservative. Oh… Gov. Martinez also happens to be hispanic and female.

      1. Philip says:

        Was a democrat….DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER FOR ROMNEY’s TICKET! We have Flip for President and Flop for Vice President. How cute

  47. A says:

    I’m an independent, and I’m considering voting for Romney. However if he picks Chris Christie, I will definitely vote 3rd party. I can’t stand Christie!

    1. JON Lussier says:

      Christie will not be picked. He likes his job as governor. I don’t hate
      him though. I don’t think he is all that popular anyway.
      He would not be my choice.

  48. tonyl says:

    Palin wants Romney to be bold in picking the VP. Picking anyone will be a disaster. Because the the GOP is a disaster. The bold pick will be Donald Trump.

  49. Bob says:

    When Sarah Palin was pressed by Hannity for VP names she liked during her interview last night, she mentioned just one…and I went YES! because I love this guy, ex-colonel Allen West of Florida. Anyone who recalls what he said a few weeks or so ago, telling Obama, Pelosi and Reid to “go to Hell” and get out of our country has to feel the same way. From a military family, he’s obviously very bright, is a captivating speaker, and for me, most importantly, totally no-nonsense, and a true patriot. Something to think about.

    1. Klaus says:

      I thought she would name Glenn Rice.

  50. JKeyes says:

    I like Alan West or Michele Bachman.

  51. kentkd34 says:

    “Gov. Susana Martinez from New Mexico, another conservative Hispanic from a swing state?”

    Yeah right, bring in an unknown just because they are apparently safe?

    Rubio, for sure! Not even a close call!

    1. Klaus says:

      Too soon for a Mexican Sarah Palin? Susana would be perfect for McCain 2.0.

  52. carney3 says:

    I like Allen West especially because he has co-sponsored the Open Fuel Standards Act (H.R. 1687) which would open the fuel market to competition and let new cars from now on use fuels made from resources we actually have lots of like natural gas, coal, and biomass, no longer being a helpless captive market of OPEC regimes.

    But West has a history of extreme comments and personal attacks and feuds that do not come off as presidential. Romney is too cautious to bring an unpredictable loose cannon on board.

  53. David says:

    Is Jay Carney reading from a teleprompter? Look at the reflection of text on the right-hand side of the video. Notice how he stumbles around until the text changes?


  54. tonyl says:

    As an independent, I simply cannot vote for any GOP candidate with the choices they have to offer. This party has become a joke. They keep shifting further to right in uncompromising direction. I always liked some of the issues of GOP but now GOP is not as viable as they use to be with the important issues of the nation. They have become a racist and christian fanatic party. America is changing and they need to change to reflect America.

    1. David says:

      You are obviously quite ignorant as to the present state of the Republican Party. The opposite of what you say is actually the truth. The Party has been consistently moving to the Left ever since Reagan left office and it is now almost unrecognizable to any true conservative. But of course, as a liberal in the diguise of an independent who only knows what a Leftist media tells him I would not expect you to know any of this.

      1. Lordrobot says:

        Absolutely correct. Reagan’s only mistake was Bush I as vp. Terrible consequences which included Bush II a rino disguised as a “compassionate conservative” which is code for big gov liberal republican.

  55. driveby_poster says:

    Well, we know Mitt’s mate won’t be Bahney Fwank, unless he is into threesomes……

  56. ragu4u says:

    If Mitt is the pick, the VP choice is moot. He can’t beat OBAMA no matter if Jesus Chri…..oops…I mean John Smith runs with him.

    1. carney3 says:

      Romney has led Obama often over the last year in the polls, and even when he is behind Obama he does by far the best of all Republicans. He’s our best shot.

  57. ChiefB says:

    Fact: If it’s not Rubio then Romney loses to Obama! Romney needs not only a good percentage of the Hispanic Vote but also some swing states and Florida is the ultimate swing state!

    1. David says:

      Yep. Only problem is Rubio has really put himself out there with his very emphatic comments. He stated plainly, not that he is not “looking” for the VP nomination as incorrectly stated in the article, but rather that he WILL NOT be the VP nominee.

  58. jbspry says:

    ““If this individual is relatively inexperienced or has not been fully vetted, there can always be unexpected problems that turn into a major distraction for the presidential nominee,” Sabato said.”
    But if a willing and adoring press establishment will run interference for that candidate and refuse to vet him the result could be an election day victory all the same. Just ask Barack Obama…

  59. Sam E Moore Jr says:

    The Odd’s are Bob McDonald .
    Who has turned out to be Va.s best Governor in 34 years since our really Great 1974 Conservative Gov.

    1. carney3 says:

      3 problems.

      McDonnell is a Catholic. Romney can’t afford to have the first Protestant-free ticket in a majority Protestant country. If Romney had been a reliable conservative, or a squishy Protestant, maybe – but a squishy Mormon can’t eye-thumb the evangelicals like that.

      McDonnell is only partway through his first term as governor. That creates a Palin style “quitter” problem. Not enough experience.

      McDonnell has some lingering culture-war controversies, such as slavery and Confederate Heritage Month, and the ultrasound issue, that are going to be distorted beyond belief by the Dems and MSM.

      Romney is too risk averse to take on all that baggage. He’ll turn to a safer choice – Tim Pawlenty. All the upsides (swing state governor, reliable social conservative who doesn’t come off as a crackpot, etc.), none of the downsides.

  60. Karl Magnus says:

    Rots o’ruck, Willard.
    Mittens Romney hasn’t a CHRISTIAN prayer of beating King Barack the Growth Slayer – no matter the Veep choice. There are many MILLIONS of we REAL conservatives and Christians who refuse to vote for him.
    Romney will “bring a gun to a knife fight” –
    A quote ChicagObama ripped off the The Untouchables. I guess HE would know.
    Sadly, the “gun” in this fight is the racist Attorney General.
    THIS “Conservatarian” will vote 3rd Party – Libertarian.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Ummm…unless you’re an unbelievably horrible shot, bringing a gun to knife fight means you WIN…

      Unless Romney throws the election away by picking Huntsman, why would YOU throw the country away by not voting against Fearless Leader (while you still can)? Romney wouldn’t be great of course but look at what punting the election did for us 4 years ago.

  61. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Since Romney seems to be dedicating his life to losing my vote every time I decide that I’ll hold my nose and vote for him no matter what, he’ll probably succeed by picking Huntsman and manage to lose a few more deep-red states in addition to the ones that Juan McQuisling somehow managed to give away.

  62. nonya says:

    What about Rob Portman of Ohio or Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania?

    1. carney3 says:

      Good men, but Toomey is a Catholic, and you can’t have a Protestant free ticket in a majority Protestant country. Portman was Bush’s budget director and the race would be just what Obama wants, a chance to run against Bush again (recall Bush left with a popularity rating under 25%) and blame our economy on Bush.

      1. Amish Miner's Coalition says:

        Why not – which of Obama-Biden is Protestant?

      2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        We have a Protestant-free Supreme Court…

  63. Amish Miner's Coalition says:

    Can Paul Ryan fake being a White-Hispanic?

  64. Christopher says:

    I think he should choose Pat Buchanan. That ought to shake things up! I would consider voting for Romney if he chose Mr. Buchanan. Otherwise, I’m probably staying home.

  65. JON Lussier says:

    Why do you people keep putting up names of people that do not want to
    run, have said they do not want to run or never should run!


  66. Amish Miner's Coalition says:

    ROMNEY – JINDAL 2012

    let’s do it!

  67. BrendaB says:

    Romney-Santorum. You have all the mushy middle of the road people and Tea Party Conservatives. WIN-WIN.

    1. Gryphonwhip says:

      Santorum is a loser, and he burned any chance of ever serving in office as a Republican he would have ever had. He can go home to his lobbyist paid for $2 million dollar home and retire.

  68. Gryphonwhip says:

    I would go with Susana Martinez, Mitch Daniels or Bob McDonnel. Martinez would have the most game changing impact. The Obama campaign would be reeling from that one. They are expecting an hispanic male like Rubio, they arent expecting a conservative hispanic Female Governor with cred. Martinez has massive Tea Party and conservative wing backing. Its realy a no brainer here. Rubio is a controversy, Christie wont serve a purpose, Santorum, well hes a fool,West is kinda like a conservative Joe Biden with the big mouth thing, Rice is pretty lefty on social issues, Petraeus isnt playing, who cares about Palin. Huckabee lost his spot in line. Jindall is boring as is Pawlenty. The only other potential choice could be Wisconsin Governor whose name escapes me right now.

    1. Terry K says:

      LOL What about Nikki Haley? ZZ Top “Legs” could be her theme song.

  69. Kenny says:

    It doesn’t matter who he picks. If he actually gets the go ahead to run against Obama, Obama will beat him down like the ugly stepchild that he is. What can Romney do for this country that Obama isn’t already doing? They both support the wars, NDAA, bailouts, big banks and the rich people. Might as well let Obama finish us off anyway, it would be the same thing. I don’t understand how any human with a brain, would support politicians who are funded by big banks and promoted by media that are also funded by big banks and corps. It’s amazing our race has survived this long. lol

    1. fntsmk says:

      Exactly Kenny. At least the taxpayers could save the money that a new first lady would spend re-decorating the WH.

      Romney’s going down. GOP had an honest, principled candidate and they spit on him and his supporters. Stand by for two big middle fingers to the GOP. Romney’s going down and 80% of the GOP voted for it.

  70. “A Republican won’t win New Jersey and Christie’s not the right fit.”

    – Is that a fat joke?

  71. Conservative_Hippie says:

    He doesn’t have 1144 del;egates yet.

  72. papijump online says:

    It’s in reality a great and helpful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  73. Sam Adams says:

    Mitt is no more a natural born citizen than Obama. So yes, let the vetting begin! And why are we so sure that Mitt will be the nominee? The convention hasn’t happened yet.


  74. Trajan Long says:

    Romney is a thousand times more competent than Obama, and has the resume that no candidate in the last 50 years can come close to. He will crush Obama like the arrogant, bungling,delusional narcissist he is.

  75. stuball says:

    Santorum lacks the economic intelligence to run our current situation.

    I’d like to see Condi Rice change her mind.

  76. GWIII says:

    I like West, but he does not have the experience.I’m not sure if he would be ready to step in as the President though, then again Obama has proven that you need neither experience or intelligence. I would love to watch a Biden, West debate, Biden would get killed.

  77. EggbertSouzay says:

    How about Shagga of the Stone Crows?

  78. Bob says:

    Who cares who his running mate will be?

    We don’t have a GOP nominee yet. Long way to go.

  79. msbasssinger says:

    It won’t much matter. Big government, liberal Republicans like Romney cannot win. Voters, when faced with the choice of Obama or Obama-lite (Romney) will generally stay with the real Obama.

    Romney will do poorly in debates with Obama, and he comes across as just another out-of-touch, flip-flopping, elitist, Rockefeller Republican’t. Didn’t work for Bush 41 the 2nd time (when we knew he was a lib), didn’t work for Dole, didn’t work for McCain, and it won’t work for Romney.

    The RNC has engineered Romney’s wins by how they helped states setup the primary elections. Wonder who they will blame when Romney loses?

    Obama is destroying this country. Romney will only destroy it more slowly.

  80. bob litfin says:

    Obama isn’t qualified today to be VP but the MSM cares less

  81. Rudey says:

    What experience does Rubio seem to lack? I see this all the time when talking about candidates’ qualifications. I just did a quick check of his bio and see that he spent 10 years in the Florida State House and his last two were as Speaker of that body. It also said that while studying law, he interned for U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and was City Commissioner for West Miami before being elected to the Florida legislature.

    According to the Constitution, the requirements for Vice-president are basically the same as President–native-born citizen over 35. There is also the added requirement that he/she cannot be from the same state as the President whose administration they would serve under.

    So again I would ask, what experience is he lacking? What disqualifies him?

    1. carney3 says:

      Meeting the legal requirement is a rock bottom bare minimum. In real life you need more both to be politically credible and to do a good job in office. In that he does, barely, clear the threshold for veep, but he lacks serious executive experience. There are better candidates out there, namely Pawlenty. And talking about having been an intern is laughable.

  82. fntsmk says:

    Makes no difference. Mitt can’t beat Obama.

  83. Zin Zan says:

    How about Romney proves he is for the Constitution and picks a vp that will protect it. Say…….. Rand Paul?

  84. Lordrobot says:

    Rubio has to serve as VP. If he doesn’t Conservatives will not support him in a lone bid four or eight years from now. A Romney Rubio ticket would be a slam dunk. Obama can’t win without Florida. Rubio on the ticket takes FL and all Conservative voters.

  85. David says:

    Is Jay Carney reading from a teleprompter during a live Q&A? Look to the Right of Carney at the reflection of text. Notice how he stumbles around until the text changes.


    Please help get this to go viral. It’s important for people to know about this.

  86. Mary says:

    It won’t happen, but I’d love to see Tom McClintock, senator from California, as Mitt’s running mate. McClintock is the only HONEST politician I know of. Even though my vote didn’t count in 2008, I voted for him for President, since the only 2 candidates running were equally as bad. Guess he doesn’t have the “star power”, but he’s honest…

  87. Paul says:

    Romney and Guiliani, thats the winning ticket!

    Romney on the economy, Guiliani on foreign affairs and reshaping government.

    No time for econimic lightweights, we already have Obama/Biden. We do not need Palin, West, Rubio, Jindal and others.

    Paul, Pawlenty with cabinet positions.

  88. BlogMagog says:

    MARCO — Step up son, the country needs you. Your children’s future needs you. Time to answer your calling.

  89. Kelvin says:

    “If this individual is relatively inexperienced or has not been fully vetted, there can always be unexpected problems that turn into a major distraction for the presidential nominee,” Sabato said.

    All of the sudden, these people want to fully vetted candidates?
    Duh…OBAMA biggest mistake ever, bar none.

  90. YeahRight says:

    Steverino Do you fall for all the propaganda, or do you ever check anything out?

  91. tingleleg says:

    How about Maverick John McCain or Mr. scotttish law Arlen Specter….
    Yeah, Dats da ticket!

  92. moronpolitics says:

    What is the fascination with that CREEP from New Jersey. He isn’t “conservative”. just fighting with the teacher’s union and cursing a lot does not a candidate make.

  93. I like how everyone’s only concerned about the race of the potential running mate — really? This is your biggest concern — that they have to ‘appeal’ to a bigger demographic just because of race. How about we pick someone based on principles, morals, and values? Man that would be nice for a change. You know, picking someone based off of common sense, not how they look. It would be great if we could focus on the issues and supporting the constitution instead of ‘oh pick this person from because their last name is Martinez’ or ‘pick Rubio because he he’s part hispanic’. Who the —- cares if they’re hispanic? They could be Hitler for all we know and yet people want to select the VP who could possibly run this country some day because of how the individual looks. And we wonder why this country is going down the tubes. You people are a bunch of morons. Wake the —- up!

  94. D Brown says:

    Go to Vegas and place a bet that Rick Perry will be VP candidate for Romney.

  95. jay says:

    Sorry hope Romney picks a male NO female VP. We need to have and see two male strong figures up there. When McCain chose palin I said he made a mistake a week later I said to myself she will make him loose the race. Everyone says they want things back the way they were here and the representation of a female VP in not one of them. This is coming from a female perspective.

  96. , but that lack of experience could hurt his chances of getting put on the ticket…….WAIT A MINUTE, BIDEN HAS EXPERIENCE AND HE IS AN I DIO T

  97. lungshot says:

    Mitt Santorgrich’s only hope would be Rand Paul as VP. NO OTHER choice would bring in the much needed libertarian leaning voters. GOODBYE GOP, nice knowing ya. Otherwise, a Ron Paul/Gary Johnson Libertarian ticket is the only chance of beating BHO.

  98. fntsmk says:

    As often as Romney changes his positions on the issues, he should pick himself as his running mate.

  99. david says:

    romney should consider former secretary of state rice. she is very qualified with extensive foreign policy experience. jsut like hillary clinton, some like rice while others do not. none of them are perfect regardless of political party. just like anyone’s life, one has to select the best option available which might not be the best but it’s all one has to choose from at any given time.

  100. MikeS says:

    Romney/Rubio not only is the best choice, for various reasons, it also SOUNDS the best. May sound superficial, but just as much as LOOKING presidential makes a difference, R&R just rolls off the tongue. It sounds good.

    Besides, with Romney having ZERO scandals, no mistresses, and Rubio himself being clean, the Left will predictably attack Romney’s religion (Mormonism), along with vile attacks on Rubio being a “sellout” etc., and both will backfire BIG among independents and hispanics.

  101. Get Real says:

    Rubio? Jindal? Seriously? Neither are eligible, constitutionally, to be in any postition that is in a direct line to POTUS. Read your constitution.

  102. Lying Sack of Mitt says:

    A conservative, a liberal, and a moderate walk into a bar…

    The bartender says “HI Mitt”!

  103. Lying Sack of Mitt says:

    A liberal, a moderate and a conservative walk into a bar…

    The bartender says, “HI Mitt”!

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