GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney faced a tough question about his Mormon faith while campaigning for Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary.

A Ron Paul supporter asked Romney whether he agreed with a passage from the Book of Mormon that describes a cursing of people with a “skin of blackness.” Romney’s staff took the microphone away from the 28-year-old Green Bay man before he could read the passage.

Romney said didn’t want to discuss religion.

But he returned to the subject later in the event. Romney talked about serving as a Mormon pastor for more than a decade in Boston. He said the experience taught him that most people have personal problems. He says he’s running for president because he wants to lighten those burdens.

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  1. dave says:

    Mr Hatch did not read the verse from the Book of Mormon and misquoted it as being from the Book of Mormon.

    Not that I agree with where it did come from but I hate it when people are either disingenuous about source material or make an honest mistake. One never knows which is the case, and the press is too lazy to check it out. I think in this case it is quite obvious that Mr Hatch needs to be questioned about his subterfuge.

    1. Lillith70 says:

      A bit confusing. Mr Hatch knows perfectly well that it was a “skin of darkness” not blackness. Darkness is relative. The darkness was to prevent intermarriage which used to be a “no-no”

      But why dies anyone care anyway since they do not care tor read the book.

      The better story might be why the supporter did it and does Ron Paul approve? What game being played? Romney hardly missed a beat in what someone must have thought would be a big moment. ARomney stopper but he is too disciplined.

  2. Paul Felix Schott says:

    Office of the Director of National Intelligence of all.

    TRUST IN OUR LORD GOD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. The best counsel on all of Earth is the Bible. Tell all to read it daily.
    The next time you vote do not vote for a promise vote a man that will tell the
    world his LORD and Savior is JESUS CHRIST, and that he will serve him, family then Country.
    And will tell all this on a Bible the truth of what was and is to come from are Lord GOD.
    Read the Bible and tell the lost to do so to. The Bible the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    So help you GOD He will send his Son to Judge all.
    May our Lord Jesus Christ and GOD the Father that is in Heaven,
    Guide and Watch over us.

    In this time of TRIBULATION, Strengthen your Faith, and encourage
    all to Pray for their souls. The strong in the word of our Lord will Now
    Help the World and be the disciples of our Lord’s Word. It is time to
    gather the lost sheep while you can and there still is so little time.

    The Governments of all Nations need to read.
    John 14:6 Jesus said ……….

    United We Will Always Stand That
    In GOD We Trust
    True Patriots

    The Lord’s Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott

    1. Lillith70 says:

      Good thoughts but the Kingdom of God needs to exist in the hearts of the people not up running wars. Putin just is not going to read and believe the Bible. But you keep on. The more believers, the stronger His Kingdom who He never planned to be of the world.

  3. Phillip C. Smith says:

    There is much misinformation about the relationship historically and today of African-Americans and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Those who desire to truly understand the history of the black – priesthood issue in the Church should read chapters 20 to 24 in a book entitled “Lengthen Your Stride: The Presidency of Spencer W. Kimball”, by his son, emeritus law professor Edward L. Kimball (Deseret Book, 2005). Several factors, though not that clear from our present perspective, appear to have led to the original phasing in of the exclusion policy in about the 1850s. The leaders of the Church and most members rejoiced at the change in the policy that took place by revelation in 1978. Recent Church statements against racism are unequivocal.
    There are references in ancient scriptures to racial conditions that existed thousands of years ago. References in the Book of Mormon to skin color are not related at all to African Americans. None of these observations on race by ancient prophets of God have any relevance today to the beliefs and operation of the Church.
    Isn’t it wonderful for all of us to know through this revelation that God loves all of his children equally, regardless of color or ethnic origin! Our black members are a wonderful part of our faith. The non-blacks in the Church are expected, as are our black members, to develop love for these and for all other peoples, to treat all as equal to themselves. Anything said or done by anyone in the Church prior to June 1978 that is not consistent with this equality and love ethic should be put aside and forgotten. It does not reflect the mind and will of the Lord Jesus Christ today, and that is what is really important.

    Phillip C. Smith, Ph.D.

    1. Deskboy says:

      So good to know that a basic tenet of faith can be amended by revelation. Now that makes a big difference. Very convenient too.

      1. Lillith70 says:

        Very convenient if you are a scoffer but hard to do if you have to wait for a revelation to change, but they got it in a way sufficient to make the Most prolific writer of theories of why the ban was in the first place exclaim :Forget everything I have ever read on the subject” IOW, he repented.

        As to basic tenet, no one actually knows how it became a ban or why? That is why the speculation.

        But whether God told Joseph Snith to stop ordaining blacks in racist America to save their own hides or whether Joseph Smith decided it was risky and prayed to the Lord asking if it was best to stop it, the ban did prevent what would have been out and out war in slave holding Missouri. As it was the Mormons were forced to exit the USA for freedom of worship and to save their lives over polygamy.6-8,000 of the mostly old and young died crossing the 1,300 miles between Nauvoo, Illinois and Utah.

        It is a religion based on communication with God through the Holy Ghost as in the apostolic church pre-Nicean Council of traditional Christianity and the Trinity. Communing through prayer.

        The church was set up to change as the world and civilization evolved and could understand more. Living prophets trump old ones.

        But bottom line is why should you care? It is our religion to amend anyway we want. That we seek or wait for God is our business not yours.

  4. Lillith70 says:

    Good Lord, he said the word “lighten”, Get out the pitchforks and torches.

  5. Lillith70 says:

    Ron Paul and his campaign has been behind much of the dirt in this campaign but the point of this is lost to me. A bit aberrant .but then he is a Paul supporter which can range from a supporter of decriminalizing of marijuana and other drugs to thinking Iran is benign The old coot is a hoot but this disruptive, ill mannered supporter isn’t.

    The sssssstory behind it might ot might not be worth looking in to.

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