By Jason Bishop 'Lurch'

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it: JAMIE MOYER MAKES ROCKIES AS NO.2 STARTER.

It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in sports, let alone baseball. Moyer made the Colorado Rockies at age 49 and he’s not a set up man or a middle reliever or a lefty specialist that will throw to one batter. He’s the second-best starter on the team! At least that’s what manager Jim Tracy thinks.

Moyer beat out 22-year-old Tyler Chatwood for the spot. The veteran was already in his fourth year in the bigs when Chatwood was born.

He has now played with eight different teams and has thrown over 4,000 innings. 2012 marks his 25th year in Major League Baseball … 25!!!!

Moyer has had one of the most amazing careers considering he throws about 75 mph on a humid day and he’s been incredibly durable. He has thrown 200 innings or more 10 times, made at least 30 starts 13 times and is the active leader in wins, starts and innings.

If this was 1923 this wouldn’t be a story, but in 2012 it’s miraculous, especially since there are young arms in every organization that can throw 96 mph. But Moyer is crafty — something you can’t teach.

The question is how long will he last. He missed all of last season after Tommy John surgery, but his spring ERA was 2.27.

The smart money says he won’t last the season since he will be 50 in November and he plays his home games on the moon.

But as you are sitting at home, drinking Miller Lite in your recliner and Moyer is throwing changeups to Matt Kemp, take a moment to soak it all in. Unreal.


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