ROCKVILLE, Md. (CBSDC/AP) – Police in Maryland pulled over a motorist dressed as Batman, but the caped crusader escaped without a ticket.

Authorities pulled over the driver of a black Lamborghini with Batman logo tags last week in Silver Spring outside Washington. The driver was dressed as the Dark Knight – cape, mask and all. Police, however, weren’t impressed and wanted to talk to him about his superhero logo license plate, which isn’t an approved plate in the state.

The driver, who goes by Lenny B. Robinson when not dressed as a superhero to visit sick children at hospitals, was able to show them a proper license plate for the car. A video of the stop shows police officers shaking his hand and taking pictures of him with his ride.

“He’s got no tags, but he’s got Batman on it and he’s dressed like Batman,” the cop is heard saying over the radio. “No tags, just got the Batman seal on the vehicle, a black Lamborghini and a driver dressed as Batman.”

“You can send me Robin if you wish,” he jokes.

After approaching the vehicle, the officer asks the driver how long it takes him to put the outfit on.

“A while,” he responds. “Can I get out?” At that point, the driver can be seen in full Batman gear as he walks over to the other side of his car to get his registration. It’s then that he explains to the officers that his son gave him the idea of becoming Batman and visiting sick children at the hospital.

The impressed officers send him on his way, ticket-free.

Montgomery County Police released the video of the pursuit and stop of Batman, and we are all lucky enough to be able to witness it below…

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