By William McGuinness

Perhaps it’s safe to note that Barack Obama has been less popular than “Mad Men” since 2008, the year each took powerful positions in the American psyche. Regardless, the two — previously unconnected — are mashed together in a video produced by the Chris Matthews Show in anticipation of the drama’s season five premiere.

Titled “Chief Exec,” the video is a recreation of Mad Men’s opening credits and features the president standing in a disintegrating Oval Office before falling through the air of Rockefeller Plaza while advertisements visualizing his GOP rivals and most threatening domestic issues race past.

Will Rabbe, a producer with The Chris Matthews Show, said both Matthews and the crew are big fans of Mad Men and wanted to commemorate the premiere in an original way. He credits colleague Rodney Turner with the video’s closeness to the show’s original opening.

Though the Oval Office disintegrates around Obama and his situation worsens with each second spent in free fall, Rabbe said the video doesn’t promote an opinion but invites viewers to form their own.

Executive Producer Matthew Wiener’s critically acclaimed series is often regarded as the best drama on television, winning Emmys for most outstanding television drama in consecutive years from 2008 to 2011. The show’s success landed Weiner on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2011 and pulled in 14 Emmys and three Golden Globes.

Mad Men is often lauded for presenting the conflicts and pitfalls of a rapidly modernizing American society. Undoubtedly, conservative candidates seek to do the same as they position themselves as more fitting “chief execs.”