WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is hitting back at Republican criticism of his energy policies and his role in controlling gasoline prices.

Obama used his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday to underscore his administration’s work to develop alternative energy sources and increase fuel efficiency.

“I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” Obama said. “I hope politicians from both sides of the aisle join me.”

He accused Republicans of a “bumper sticker” approach to solving the nation’s energy problems.

It’s a familiar theme —Obama stuck many of the same chords during two out-of-town trips this week and during a White House news conference on Wednesday.

“We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices — not when we consume 20 percent of the world’s oil,” Obama said in the address, recorded during a visit Friday to a Virginia jet engine component plant.

In the Republican weekly address, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple accused the Obama administration of blocking projects and technology that would allow greater energy production. He singled out the Keystone XL pipeline project, which Obama deferred.

“We cannot effectively market our crude oil domestically without a large north-south pipeline,” Dalrymple said. “North Dakota oil producers were scheduled to feed the Keystone pipeline with 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day.”

Obama said there wasn’t enough time to properly study the project ahead of the deadline forced upon him by Republican congressional lawmakers. On Thursday, the Democratic-controlled Senate blocked another Republican bid to speed approval of the pipeline, which would stretch from Canada to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Also Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Obama is partly to blame for higher prices at the pump.

Gasoline prices paused this week in their march toward $4 per gallon.

After 39 straight days of increases, prices fell nearly a penny from Tuesday to Thursday and held steady on Friday at $3.758 per gallon for the national average. The lull won’t last long, and gas is still nearly 50 cents higher than it was at the beginning of the year.

Despite Romney’s assertions, economists say there’s not much a president of either party could do about gasoline prices. The current increases at the pump have been driven by fears of a war with oil-rich Iran and by higher demand in the U.S. as well as in China, India and other growing nations.

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  1. Jack says:

    Obama is about the biggest hypocrite and outright liar we’ve had in the Oval Office in decades. Not since Nixon have we seen so unethical a president.

    1. TFK1155 says:

      Amen Brother.

      1. QuackAttack says:

        Just another daily example, of the fact that everytime O opens his crooked mouth, the exact opposite of what he says, is the actual truth.

      2. SayItAgain says:

        Obama makes no decisions after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

    2. Dorkyman says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      Whenever Messiah opens his mouth, I can usually add up the number of lies, strawmen, and half-truths as he goes. Comes to about one item every three sentences.

      What a creep. I have to wonder if he really believes the bull he is spewing, or just chalking it up to the politics of getting re-elected.

      1. Moses says:

        Barack Obama is a bald faced LIAR. Tens of millions of Americans are needlessly suffering simply because he doesn’t want to upset his left win loon base. He disgusts me to the core.

        It costs us $100 to fill up our gas tanks and he tells us to inflate our tires, get a tune up, or slop some algae in our tank. Then hims and Michelle Antoinette jump on a 747 to burn 40,000 gallons of jet fuel for “date night”. And we foot the gas bill!

        We import 4,000,000 barrels a day from OPEC.

        1) ANWR could be flowing 1,000,000 barrels a day blocked by Obama and democrats. If Bill Clinton hadn’t vetoed it in 1995 it would be up and running today!
        2) Keystone pipeline could be flowing 800,000 barrels a day blocked by Obama and democrats.
        3) Trillion barrels of shale oil locked up on federal land blocked by Obama and democrats.
        4) Tens of billions of barrels off our coasts blocked by an Obama executive order and democrats.

        ANWR and Keystone get us nearly half way there to making OPEC irrelevant. We import a million barrels a day from Saudi Arabia so ANWR alone would allow us to cut them off and tell them to pss up a rope. But we can’t because of… Obama and democrats.

        Obama says we only have 2% of the worlds oil supply he’s a liar. We have a 800 billion barrels of retrievable shale oil that’s six four times Saudi reserves if we added this oil to ANWR and Keystone we could get rid of our dependence on OPEC entirely. So when Obama says we can’t drill our way our of this he’s a liar.

        Problem is 80% of our shale oil is on federal land and it’s use is blocked by Obama and democrats. When oil was $140 a barrel republicans forced a vote on shale oil and it was rejected along straight party line votes. All democrats against all republicans for if this doesn’t make Reagan democrats mad I don’t know what will.

        We could easily replace all of the oil we import from OPEC and it could be done in a matter of years. So Obama is lying to the American people killing jobs and causing all of this needless suffering due to high energy prices because he’s beholden to his whack job left wing loon base that’s hysterical over an imaginary temperature rise 100 years from now. He’s making tens of millions of Americans suffer for his own political gain.

        And he has the gall and audacity to blame others when he’s the sole source of strangling our domestic energy production. He says oil production is up since he became president. That’s in spite of him and his policies. The oil is coming from leases granted by Bush and from shale oil production on private land. Since he’s become president drilling permits are down 70%. He’s twisting the truth and lying again.

        The truth is we have enough fossil fuel to last us centuries in this country and the only reason we’re not getting it is because of Barack Obama and his willing accomplices democrats. We have enough oil to last us 250 years, coal to last us 400 years, and natural gas for 200 years and liberal politicians are the only stopping us from getting it.

        Wake up people enough is enough!

        You’ve got eight more months you lying dirt bag in the White House… until we the people flush you and all the rest of your Marxist anti-American anti-energy production let wing liberal ideologues out of power. It can’t come soon enough.

    3. Hmm says:

      Mr. Obama makes Mr. Nixon look like an political amateur – we have a new biggest loser…folks! (;-})

      1. alina says:

        so true

      2. Alice Gibson says:


    4. Eddy James says:

      I would pick Nixon over Obama any day of the year.Nixon was only guilty of covering up his parties spying on Democrats. How was that a bad idea? They need to be under intense surveillance at all times or they will steal what ever isn’t tied down.Don’t you wish now that someone had been spying on the Democrats while they were busy plotting against all of us in their Obama Care closed negotiations?

      1. Red 5 says:

        The Dems should be under intense surveilance at all times with Joe McCarthy style investigations and hearings.

      2. Osamas Pajamas says:

        Spying on the Democrats is no different than spying on the Mafia or the Nazi party or the Moo-Slum Brotherhood.

    5. joanne says:

      I absolutely agree. Thjis wanna be king is dangerous!
      November can’t come soon enough!!

    6. artyparty says:

      hypocrite how? outright liar in what way? please, enough foxnews talking points say something that is factual for a CHANGE.

      1. Mike says:

        Perhaps he will cease with the “Fox News talking points” when you cease the George Soros talking points. As for Obama being a liar, it’s pretty obvious when he claims to be “doing everything” he can to lower gas p[rices when just this past week he personally phoned Dem senators to oppose fast-tracking the Keystone pipeline proposal. It would have been left up to Nebraska officials to determine a final route.

      2. robert b says:

        I’ll tell you how Obama is an outright liar. Search Youtube and you will see him respond to a question about $4.00 a gallon gas by saying that he just wishes it hadn’t gotten so high so soon. He’s not opposed to higher gas prices, he just laments that they went up too fast, and he wasn’t able to offer tax credits or whatever to lessen the blow. Second, on youtube search “Obama on cap and trade” and he will say to your face that under his plan energy prices will skyrocket and consrumers will have to bear the brunt of those costs. And by that he’s talking about coal, natural gas and oil. Third, if he wants to lessen the pain at the pump all he has to do is ask congress to suspend federal gasolone taxes for 6 months. Obama’s view is that if gas prices are high enough, fewer people will drive, and therefore the environment will be better off. Do not be fooled by this guy; he has shown over and over again that he cannot be trusted. So when he answers a reporter with “Do you really believe that in an election year a president would campaign to raise gas prices?’ he is lying because anyone who bothers to listen to the things he says knows one of his goals is to make energy more expensive so consumers will use less. You know, if he had allowed drilling to occur when he bacame president, we mihgt just have quite a bit more oil than we do now, mightn’t we?

      3. rangerrebew says:

        I don’t note you provided anything in the way of facts refuting the comments. Probably because you have no facts. Commiecrats think with their emotions, not their heads. Ali Bama wa supposed to be the great uniter but has turned out to be the great divider (divide being the root word of diversity). But then commiecrats have been the great dividing party since the Civil War when Cooperheads favored slavery; that paragon of liberalism, Woodrow Wilson, ex-klan member and the person who caused segregation in the military; the dixiecrats who fought for segregation and caused Johnson to thank republicans for passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964; senate majority leader and klansman “sheets Byrd”; J$ss$ J$cks$n and Al Sharptongue who continue to try and divide the races. That is YOUR party.

      4. DetterDan says:

        Gosh where do we start. I know, when he stated that oil prices must necessarily go up…but he didn’t think they would go up that fast.

        He ran off the gulf oil well drilling, he stopped all offshore drilling, he stopped the pipeline from Canada..

        You need more, read the bloody news and watch CSPAN. CSPAN the most liberal state paid for TV is now vetting Obama.

        You can’t face the facts, you are the one with the talking points.

      5. Steven H Ahle says:

        Fact: The areas of energy production he controls, offshore and government lands have seen a 40% decrease in production. The areas he can’t control, private land, there is a huge increase.

        Fact, after three years of investigation, the Keystone Pipeline was cleared for construction by his own administration. Obama stopped it.

        Fact: Obama’s own advisor said he was dead wrong on stopping Keystone.His name is Broderick Johnson. So why did Obama ignore his own advisor’s advice? Because it would not get him campaign cash from the Sierra Club.

        And he is not the only advisor he ignored.


        If I’ve said anything that offended you, I’d just like you to know, I am so glad I did. The truth always hurts lie berals

      6. Beverly Utter says:

        oBAMA promised to lower the deficit his first term in office. If you call adding 5 Trillion to the debt then he told the truth. When he shut down lots of the oil rigs and then gets on TV touting how he increased production of oil when he lowered federal lands production and only because of PRIVATE drilling did we get more oil. He is deceitful in many ways,. He wants to lower taxes before an election but will raise them if he is re-elected. God help us.

      7. Mac2.o says:

        Read up on his pal Warren Buffet – who is a major Obama contributor. Warren is heavily invested in a railway to haul oil from Canada to Texas refineries. He stands to lose money if the pipeline goes through, so his boy Obama is making sure that doesn’t happen. Look up “Burlington Northern Among Pipeline Winners” on Bloomberg.com. Follow the money… It’s the Chicago way, Obama doesn’t do anything without a payoff.

      8. tat2d1 says:

        This is all factual you sheep.

      9. Jan says:

        Isn’t the Obama energy secretary that guy who said he would like to see gas prices in America be at the same level as they are in Europe?
        also, this is the President who had no problem blaming George Bush for high gas prices. So suddenly, he wants us all to know that Presidents can’t do much to affect gas prices??? He was singing a different tune in 2008 and 2006.

      10. lincoln says:

        “hypocrite how?” – can you read? There is a ton of substantive arguments on this page. Why don’t you read them and pick out a point you disagree with and argue it rather than crying about Foxnews. How weak!!!

      11. Admiral Kirk says:

        Wow!! You must be blind and living under a MSNBC-vermin infested rock if you actually have to ask that question!!

        There is simply no help for morons like you…do us all a favor and avoid procreating…your genes are tainted!

        Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmmm mmm) will lose in November to whoever we nominate…because anyone is better than Odumbo!!!

    7. daryl says:

      Mr Oblabla…you can help us save on gas by pushing for the keystone and then resigning

    8. bob jones says:

      He’s just doing what he promised years ago, when he said under his regime, “energy costs would necessarily skyrocket.”

    9. Charlie says:

      Hypocrite and liar. Amen. He has done absolutely NOTHING to lower gas prices. He touts a 2025 50-mpg car as the answer. He wants more people dependent on government to ensure his re-electioin. Approve Keystone and approve Gulf drilling premits and gas will go down as will unemployment. And, it will cost the government nothing and even make the govt money. They aren’t the total answer but they are a start.

    10. Moses says:

      Barack Obama is a bald faced LIAR. Tens of millions of Americans are needlessly suffering simply because he doesn’t want to upset his left win loon base. He disgusts me to the core.

      It costs us $100 to fill up our gas tanks and he tells us to inflate our tires, get a tune up, or slop some algae in our tank. Then hims and Michelle Antoinette jump on a 747 to burn 40,000 gallons of jet fuel for “date night”. And we foot the gas bill!

      We import 4,000,000 barrels a day from OPEC.

      1) ANWR could be flowing 1,000,000 barrels a day blocked by Obama and democrats. If Bill Clinton hadn’t vetoed it in 1995 it would be up and running today!
      2) Keystone pipeline could be flowing 800,000 barrels a day blocked by Obama and democrats.
      3) Trillion barrels of shale oil locked up on federal land blocked by Obama and democrats.
      4) Tens of billions of barrels off our coasts blocked by an Obama executive order and democrats.

      We could easily replace all of the oil we import from OPEC and it could be done within the next five to ten years. ANWR and Keystone alone would get us half way there and add shale oil and offshore drilling and it’s a done deal. Keystone would be flowing in three years.

      And we’re forced to listen to the LIar in Chief saying there’s no way we can drill our way out of this and he has the gall and audacity to blame others for high energy prices when he’s the sole source of strangling our domestic energy production.

      The truth is we have enough fossil fuel to last us centuries in this country and the only reason we’re not getting it is because of Barack Obama and democrats.

      We have enough oil to last us 250 years, coal to last us 400 years, and natural gas for 200 years and liberal politicians are the only stopping us from getting it.

      Wake up people enough is enough! Especially the hard working Reagan democrats we have to flush this Marxist anti-American anti-energy production let wing liberal megalomaniac out of power. November can’t come soon enough.

    11. time bomb says:

      You are correct. obama is a liar! , and so are the dems and tree huggers,. if we would have drilled 20-30 years ago, we would nor be here. I see obama drowning in a puddle of oil.

  2. porcorosso says:

    Everything except opening ANWR,, Gulf drilling, and OKing the pipeline from Canada.Obama’s actions are the absolute negation of his words.

    1. wodun says:

      Hey, at least he was willing to give a billion to Brazil to help them drill for oil. Help Americans drill for oil? Wouldn’t be prudent…

      Heh, he treats Iran better than he treats Republicans and that says a lot about his ethos and world view.

      1. who Cares says:

        The billions to brazil went to Soros’s Oil company. Like Solyndra & others Obama had to payback his campaign donors with tax payer money. Chicago rules you understand.

      2. Tab Numlock says:

        Obama has a fixation on Brazil, a county of mulattoes like himself. He has a race obsession, which his life’s history proves. He laughs at whites, whom he manipulates with a smile and hollow words, especailly air-headed white women.

  3. RallyG says:

    The dishonest creep Odumbo and his cabal of leftists are doing everything they can to stifle tapping of our own plentiful resources.
    He’s a liar and a phony. Nothing else.

  4. But Seriously Folks says:

    Everything dear leader says is garbage, garbage, garbage. Everytime there is a “gas crisis” people say there is no “quick solution.” How about this: start a slow solution NOW and make it one that does not involve “green” technology. We know what works, let’s not “reinvent the wheel,” or the internal combustion engine to satisfy the irrational science-fiction based fear that global warming is.

    1. Jimmy Carter says:

      You need to put a sweater on, turn your thermostat down, get on your bike and shut-up.

  5. Fran says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” Obama said. “I hope politicians from both sides of the aisle join me.”

    Like promoting drilling, clean coal, fracking, taking away writeoffs from Big Oil? Things like that?

    1. TFK1155 says:

      No. Just make it so expensive that you can’t buy it. You will save a fortune. So ob figures that should you lose your job, you will have that fortune to fall back on.
      Fuel crisis and employment crisis solved.

      Besides it’s all Bush’s fault. LMAO

    2. Condor says:

      How would increasing the tax burden on oil companies decrease cost at the pump when corporate taxes are paid by the consumer? Oil companies have a smaller profit margin than most companies already, but the ignorant electorate doesn’t understand complicated concepts like that.

  6. carl6352 says:

    you have to laugh when he says stuff like this. i mean come on people this is better than stand up.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      To a point, but it’s hard to muster much laughter until the cancer is excised.

    2. Steve Bensen says:

      He thinks we believe the tripe

  7. James Smith says:

    “Despite Romney’s assertions, economists say there’s not much a president of either party could do about gasoline prices. The current increases at the pump have been driven by fears of a war with oil-rich Iran and by higher demand in the U.S. as well as in China, India and other growing nations”

    Really? Reagan removed price controls of oil and the price of gas dropped about 35% in six months.. Can anyone in the media tell the truth? .

    1. bob jones says:

      Ron Paul just said he could get gas down to 10 cents a gallon.

  8. Aaron says:

    Is obama gonna help me tune up my car and make sure I have enough air in my tires? Or is he going to give me some Algae for my gas tank? If the dems let us explore and drill in the mid 1990’s we would be seeing the rewards from that by now. Drilling now is not an overnight solution. It’s a LONG TERM solution and we should be doing it NOW!

    1. porcorosso says:

      Cheaper energy means greater prosperity which leads to less dependence on government, so The Tin-pot Totalitarian will do everything he can to increase our energy costs across the board.

  9. Hetz says:

    He says this two days after he and his party killed the Keystone Pipeline for the third time! His energy secretary has stated twice that their policy goal was to raise gasoline prices. Does anyone believe Obama anymore?

    The only bright spot in the economy are the increases in oil and gas production due to “fracking”. His EPA is drawing up regulations to kill this too – after the election of course. Only a nation of fools would re-elect this guy.

    1. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

      One nation of fools, coming right up!

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Speaking of fracking, did anyone else notice the desperate flailing from the State Media on the subject? Caught part of the nightly Obamadinejad infomercial last night, i.e., the Can’t Be Serious Evening Editorial with Scott Pelley, just for some laughs, and they’re trying desperately to get people to buy the idea that a few minor earthquakes in NE Ohio (i.e., a swing state) were caused by FRACKING! You can’t make this stuff up, although it’s encouraging if they’ve reached this level of panic.

      1. TFK1155 says:

        Only ob could come up with that. Fracking oil and gas wells Has at least been around since I worked for an exploration company 40 years ago. Its just got more efficient with changes in technology.

      2. JON Lussier says:

        I saw that article. What a joke! Only his minions would believe that.
        I live 9 miles from a store in Wash. state. I have two German Shepards.
        I need a van to get around and take my dogs to the vet ,etc.

        There is no way that I can ride a bike or take a bus, plus it rains here
        half of the time. Can you imagine a senior person on a bike
        with bags of wet groceries.

        This man has no clue as to how some ordinary people live.

  10. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

    Barry has already said that there are no quick fixes to gasoline prices. If that is so, then it makes no differences what he does. SO long as he is anti-oil, he will not come up with any policy for energy except pie-in-the-sky stuff, which will offer no quick fixes either. I expect him to start taking credit for the existence of NatGas in the US. Maybe he can float that boat for his election campaign. That lie is as good as any other.

  11. phil says:

    WeWE don’t need you to do anything, imbicile. Just stop doing anything; especially running for a second term and prices would start to drop immediately.

  12. Exnjcop says:

    Every current article on gas prices now contains the caveat that there is nothing a President can do to lower prices. This apologia was not contained in any article written in 2008 reporting on Candidate Obama’s attack on President Bush for $1.84 a gallon gas.. Obama;s stimulus and bail-outs along with his drilling restrictions and have created a devalued dollar and no international fear of us even trying to become self-sufficient. He’s done everything he can to hurt the consumer and NOW he outright lies about it…and the press simply repeats the lie without a question.

    1. Steve Bensen says:

      the democrat media complex has no shame

    2. american says:

      Main stream media is dead! When russian media is now exposing the mess in America you know its true msm is dead. The sooner that people realize this the better off we will be. That should be our concerted effort to make people realize that they are being lied to and treated like idiots. Time to connect the dots. http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/07-03-2012/120708-arizona_sheriff_obama-0/

  13. Melvin Painter says:

    Now if we can just get everyone to buy a $40,000 electric car that will go a range of 40 miles, we’ll be just fine.

    1. JustAGuy says:

      Well, Obama spent a huge sum of stimulous money on a $100,000 electric car called the Karma.

      That one will go 200 miles before it permanentlyshuts down.

      1. Auzzievick says:

        Read what Consumer Reports has to say on it; doesn’t even look like it will go THAT far.

      2. TFK1155 says:

        Yea, but look at the savings on gas and electricity combined.. You can get a horse or an oxen to pull it.

      3. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Only if it doesn’t “brick” like a Tesla, LOL!

      4. Red 5 says:

        Yea but that car runs on coal. We all know what plans Obama has for the coal industry.

  14. JustAGuy says:

    There’s a defininition of the sort of lying Barack Obama is telling. I believe it’s called a pathology.

    I wonder if Obama thinks he can say any outrageous thing, and the media and Democrats will just believe him.

  15. JAG says:

    The foreign born communist spawn of islam is getting exactly what he wanted. America on the verge of collapse.

  16. Kathy says:

    He’s a liar. That’s all he knows how to do. Get in your Volt Obama and ride out into the sunset. We cannot afford these high gas prices any longer. November can’t come fast enough.

    1. Larry says:

      Give him an SUV a volt would only get him to the city limits of DC

      1. Jerry says:

        No, confine him to the limits of Gitmo. We don’t want him near D.C.

  17. Joe Doakes says:


    I love gasoline! President Obama hates gasoline!

    February 24, 2012

    Dear President Obama,

    Some day soon if I’m running across the national mall shouting “Wolverines!” while carrying an empty gas can, looking for some of that “Obama Algae,” at least you cannot say you were not warned. This nations 15 Trillion dollar economy is entirely dependent on the creation, refining, distribution, and consumption of natural resources like coal, oil, and natural gas. Each one of these components intermingle in a dance of price, supply, quantity, and demand. Their existence and availability is constantly perturbed by people of your ideological ilk that threaten these companies with onerous taxation and nationalization; up to and including, through direct threats and/or intrusive regulation. A gallon of gasoline should be considered a national hero. It provides us freedom of movement, and the ability to move about a great nation with a level of convenience only known to modern humanity.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that when a nation as vital as ours is to a stable and advancing world; lazily relies on a portion of the world wracked with insanity, like the middle east is and will always be, we are committing an act of insanity ourselves. We even set up a federal department to fix this situation, which of course, they have made far worse. We have all of the resources we need here to become self sufficient. We have the oil, we have the natural gas, we have the coal, we have nuclear power; but more then that, we have the can do American ingenuity, and positive spirit, that has been and will always be our greatest weapon in defeating any adversary or national challenge.

    Your administration has squandered billions on chasing the unicorn of the liberal free lunch, often referred to as “renewable energy.” One only needs to watch “Mr. Wizards World” to realize the foolishness in this pursuit on a national scale. I could build you a solar powered car, with a rechargeable battery, and then if I could find a human the size of a Luke Skywalker action figure it would work just fine. Just so long as it never left the driveway. In reality, electric cars can’t work because of size and weight. If we abandoned the safety features of these cars they would work, and people buy motorcycles so why would they not buy those electric cars? I’ll tell you why. Because you look like a dork in one. On a motorcycle you look cool. But If you want an electric car it can be done, and somebody will buy it. But it can’t be done with crony capitalism, lawsuit city, and federal regulation, plus Ralph Nader in the passenger seat!

    So you keep droning on about it’s not my fault. It’s not my fault we invaded Libya. It’s not my fault that we have destabilized Egypt who is in possession of M1 Abrams tanks and F-16’s. It’s not my fault that tax receipts are falling. It’s not my fault that good Americans can’t find work. It’s not my fault that I’ve not done what had to be done to get this economy moving. It’s not my fault that I’ve so mismanaged NASA that we can’t even launch a capsule with an American in it without paying a gangster like Putin the vig. It’s not my fault that guns have been given to the worst of the worst because my attorney general ok’d the dumbest idea since the Edsel. Its not my fault that this war for one side of the same muslim/arab coin is lining up for a mushroom cloud. Would you like me to continue? Because I’m ready willing and able to do so.

    “We the People” have taken enough blame from the likes of you. In short order, we are going to drive to those polls and register our firm displeasure. Even if we can’t afford the gasoline to get there.


    Joe Doakes

    1. TFK1155 says:

      Joe. Great thinking and writing. But to be fair to ob you have to understand it;s either George Bush’s fault or the founding fathers. LOL

      all jokes aside ,keep it coming

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      By the time he’s done, NASA won’t be able to retrieve a little girl’s cat from a young tree.

    3. judithod says:

      You said it, Joe!

    4. dan says:

      Oh Joe you better be ready for the IRS audit after this article,

  18. Frank says:

    Odumbo: “We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices..”

    The h-e-double-hockey sticks we can’t buddy…

    Toss this a-hole out in November…

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Yet another jaw-slackening statement from Fearless Leader. It’s better to shut one’s piehole and appear economically illiterate than to open it and remove all doubt.

  19. Robert says:

    The real reason that gasoline prices are going up is not because of the tensions in Iran, etc. – the real reason is that the Federal Reserve is printing dollars as fast as they can. That is why you see prices increasing- not just for fuel but food, etc. The ruling class is stealing from us “common people” by inflating the currency and instead of doing the politically brave and honest thing and raising our taxes to pay for all the “free” entitlements that so many say they want they do the sneaky and underhanded thing by inflating the currency. This will not end well.

    1. wodun says:

      Gas and food are not counted in the inflation equation.

      There is also a hidden inflation with food prices. Often, serving size is getting smaller while the price stays the same. Meaning you get less food for the same money.

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Gold, silver & lead. Get ’em while you can.

  20. Blaine says:

    I suppose Obama would simply have us all drive Priuses, that way the more gas prices go up the more money we’ll save! Brilliant!!!

  21. Brian Astby says:

    Barry needs to get fracked.

  22. Aaron says:

    0bama doesn’t like Coal but he wants us all to drive the Coal powered Chevy Volt. What happens when we strain the electrical grid? 49% of our electric power comes from COAL. You would need well over 240 Windmills to generate the same amount of electricity as 1 small Coal power plant.

    1. wodun says:

      Windmills are also a blight to the beauty of the environment, cause noise pollution, and kill lots of birds. Where is PETA when you need them?

      1. bullrider says:

        I’ve seen fools say that they think the wind turbines are ‘beautiful’. Personally, I think generators on utility poles are extremely handsome.

    2. bullrider says:

      240? Is that all? I would think at least 2400 of them, and one hell of a windy location 24x7x365.

      Since you can’t count on the wind to blow that way you have to keep full power generating capacity from coal or nuclear etc. on line and running at all times. Big savings, eh? But don’t tell that to a Dem or a liberal because they don’t want to look past the end of their nose at anything that they want to believe in, whether it’s wind, or the windbag-in-chief.

      1. Aaron says:

        I guess it depends on how big the coal plant is. We have a small one near my home that’s about 600 megawatts. I think the average windmill makes about 2.5 megawatts at peak. I didn’t factor in that it would have to be windy 24/7/365… Same with solar panels, they generate even less megawatts than wind and it’s not sunny out when it’s night or when it rains or when it has a foot of snow on top of them… In fact, windmills make coal and gas plants less efficient. They have to power up and power down a lot more than needed to compensate for the inconsistent power from the windmill. When it’s windy, the coal plant powers down because the windmill is generating some power. When it’s not windy, the coal plant powers up to compensate for the loss of the windmill power and that wastes fuel. It’s like driving in stop and go traffic; it wastes more fuel than being at a consistent speed all the time like on a highway. Unfortunately Liberalism is a mental disorder and they cannot understand simple little facts. Common sense is not very common anymore.

    3. wake_up says:

      Unfortunately, progressive liberals are not smart enough to even think about the impact of what they want. They just want us to follow them like lemmings wherever they lead. Thanks for sharing this common sense! “Forget change, bring back common sense…”

  23. Phillep Harding says:

    (What’s this “posting comments too quickly”? I have not posted here for months.)

    Toss up if Obama is a lying hypocrit or delusional. Or both.

  24. Mark says:

    I’ve seen president lies before, but I’ve never seen one that was incapable of telling the truth.
    Of course Barry knows if he told the truth about his and the Democrat party’s plans for America, they would all lose in a landslide.

  25. Mike says:

    Let’s strike back at Obama and vote him out of office!

  26. Eric says:

    Do you think anything will change if Romney is president? Just the puppet will change. Obama is the current puppet of the Wall Street political Establishment. Look how many banking insiders are in his cabinet. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the main group that is seeking to destroy our nation’s sovereignty and enslave the American citizen with more taxes and perpetual debt. The puppet will change, the same puppet masters will be setting the agenda, many of these people will stay in place if Romney wins.
    Peter R. Orszag, Vice Chairman of Global Banking at Citigroup. CFR member, Director of the Office of Management and Budget.
    Jacob “Jack” J. Lew, CFR member, chief operating officer of Citigroup’s Alternative
    Investments unit, Director of the Office of Management and Budget until 2010.
    Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, CFR member, president of the Federal
    Reserve Bank of New York.
    Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, CFR member.
    Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, CFR member (see the video of Hillary congratulating Walter Cronkite at the World Federalist Association for a lifetime dedicated to world government)
    Eric Holder, Attorney General, CFR member.
    William M. Daley, Chief of Staff, CFR member, Executive Committee of JPMorgan Chase &
    John Bryson, Secretary of Commerce, CFR member.
    Eric Shinseki, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, CFR member.
    Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, CFR member.
    Susan Rice, Ambassador to the United Nations, CFR member.

    1. Kelvin says:

      No they won’t.
      Every one of them will be thrown out on their clueless, incompetent Marxist behinds as soon as Romney is inaugurated.

      Quick, look up… it’s the black helicopters..

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Are you freakin kidding? Lew? Geithner? Panetta? Stalin-in-a-Pantsuit? HOLDER!?! DALEY!?! NAPOLITANO!?! Rice? I don’t care how low your opinion of Romney might be, not even Juan Freaking McQuisling would’ve keep those cancers around.

  27. ACG says:

    Save money on gas?

    Does Obama think he is fooling anyone with the comment? I, for one, have never saved money on gas, however, I have been spending money on gas since the early 1970’s when I got my first job. And since Obama has been in office, I have been spending a greater percentage of my income on gas than ever before. How am I saving any money?

    1. TFK1155 says:

      Again. ob’s idea is that if gas is $10 a gallon and you use, say; 20 gallons a week to get to work. You will not have to go to work at all; the $200 savings will allow you to live in a hut (w/o electricity, etc. of course) and just enough food to get to the weight that Muchella wants you to be.

      As you can see this is a great use of deductive reasoning which, coincidently, is also used to support global warming..

  28. obozosux says:

    Everything he can do??? Like forcing us to buy a car we don’t want, with money we don’t have, in order to please people we don’t like? Do as I say, peasants. Eat your peas.? I’d like to buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth.

  29. eRtwngr says:

    He keeps talking but his actions are louder. They’re actuall paying wind farms NOT to produce electricity out west. He stopped the Keystone pipeline and has denied oil leases on federal lands and offshore in the Gulf. Oing all he can to lower prices? Actually the opposite.

    1. wodun says:

      You know that, we know that, Obama knows that, and the media knows that but the media will never say that because they are the propaganda wing of the Democrat party.

  30. Ronald Stephany says:


    1. wodun says:

      Caps lock is not cruise control to awesome. No one read your post.

  31. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    You’ve ALREADY saved millions of Americans money on gas by taking their jobs away, driving their would-be destinations out of business, and forcing them to sell their cars in order to eat. The adults can’t come back into power soon enough.

  32. Buck O'Fama says:

    Everything? How about resigning from office, renouncing your citizenship and send your entire administration to prison. That would be a good starting point

    1. TFK1155 says:

      He can’t renounce something he doesn’t have.

  33. Miyegombo Bayartsogt says:

    Obama bin Biden promised “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket” if he was elected. Obama hasn’t kept all his promises. He hasn’t gotten his friends at Gitmos tickets home like he promised but he has kept the one promise that hurts every working American. People not on welfare have to work and for most of us that means driving. Obama’s pump policy has caused people pain. Americans might not be bright enough to vote for the best candidate but they can still feel pain and hopefully they will vote in a manner that makes Obama feel their pain in November.

    1. wodun says:

      You are not allowed to use Obama’s words and actions against him.

  34. 2BlueStars says:

    What is he gonna do, mandate us to buy Volts?

  35. Kelvin says:

    Obama’s energy czar, Steven Chu said, “Somehow, we need to figure out how to boost gasoline prices to the levels in Europe.”

    And that is the Obama energy policy in a nutshell.

    Obama and his comrade czars are as great a danger to this nation as any terrorist threat.

    1. Jerry says:

      Not to mention that all those excess petroleum dollars are going to the regimes that hate us and want to wipe us from the face of the earth.

  36. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: What….

    ….a lying sack of human excrement.


    [If it’s bad for America, Obama will do it.]

    1. Joe Doakes says:

      TO: Chuck
      RE: What . . .

      20 GOTO 10
      30 RUN



      1. paleoguy says:

        Been a while since I’ve seen any basic.

        I wish we could get the majority of Americans to understand the danger coming. I know I sound naive but I still can’t believe that the main stream media is letting him get away with WHOPPER after WHOPPER. I truly fear the man may be re-elected. If so this country may not survive as we know it.

  37. dockw says:

    Figuring 12,000 miles a year at 20mpg and at $4 a gallon now versus $2 a gallon 3 years ago, it is costing me $1200 a year more!!!

    Keep doing more of what you’re doing Mr. Obama –nothing. You’ll force us to us to use trains, bicycles and give us the ungreen auto, symbol of American independence and get us into the Euro mentality. Thanks a lot bud! You won’t get my vote.

    1. wodun says:

      Ya, imagine how people would spend that $1200 a year if it wasn’t going to gas. Think of all the companies that rely on shipping (can you think of any that don’t?) and what they would do with all the extra money. They might even hire more workers.

  38. Nancy says:

    Ethanol (vodka minus H2O) and biodiesel (cooking oil) are made from food or inedible crops which displace normal agricultural activity. Biofuel crops include corn, soybeans, rapeseed (canola oil), sugarcane, and palm trees (palm oil). The majority of the world’s corn is grown in the United States, and an ever increasing percentage of that crop is ending up in gas tanks instead of stomachs. Increasing amounts of soybean and rapeseed are being diverted to biodiesel production, and world supplies of cooking oil are now low. Corn and soybeans are the foundation of America’s food supply, because they feed our farm animals which give us dairy products, eggs, and meat. When the cost of animal feed is pushed up by biofuel production, the price American families pay for essential high protein foods also rises.
    courtesy of Christoper Calder

  39. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    The Fisker will save you a TON on gas, all it will cost you is a tow truck on 24/7/365 hourly retainer.

  40. Lord Hampton says:

    Lying SOB, he’s already made it clear in about 15 different ways that he has no interest in lowering gas prices. He won’t even acknowledge that he CAN do anything about it, unless it’s in a campaign context. And to top that, his 50+ MPG standards will make motoring even more expensive–just more $$ up front for exotic technology. This is an artificially-created squeeze; there is no real supply problem.

    1. TFK1155 says:

      As bad as what you say is, it’s worse than that. In order to meet his 50mpg, the cars will have to become much lighter than now. Start, counting the increased dead on the highway

      ob probably believes that this will help solve the population problem and, hence, social securty problem by assisting his ob care with thinning out the herd.

  41. notalib says:

    How can any American that pays even a little attention to what is going on believe anything that comes out of BHO’s mouth? This guy is a wind up lying machine.

  42. Fedup says:

    So says the LIAR in chief. You can’t believe anything Obama says. Here is a quote from Fridays job report that shows why Obama will not be reelected:

    “But one fact is disturbing. Despite the added jobs, the percentage of adults who are working remains at a strikingly low level — and it shows little sign of growing. It’s a full two percentage points below what it was when the recession began, and that’s a big drop. As the graph below shows, it’s also lower than it’s been since the early 1980s”

    Obama is toast

  43. randy says:


    1. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      Actions don’t lie.

  44. twoforzoo says:

    Drill Baby Drill.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Impeach and deport, baby, impeach and deport.

  45. Sheriff Jayne says:

    Ob*ma is by far the biggest liar in the entire known universe! He kills the entire future oil exploration and delivery infrastructure and then says he’s pro-oil.

    That’s like Hitler saying he was doing everything he could to save Jews.

    1. TFK1155 says:

      It’s sad, but early on Hitler courted the Jews as an advancement towards power.

  46. Red 5 says:

    Stop protecting Obama and his crooks and do some real reporting on these criminals. Treat them like you would Nixon or Bush. It’s the MSM that got Obama elected and now it’s time they are honest with the common people that they pretend to protect. They love to talk about ‘Fairness’ but will not vet Barry equally. YOu can start by asking why Baryy will not release his college or other school records.

    1. wodun says:

      You mean CBS “Fake but Accurate”?

    2. The Clintidote says:


  47. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

    As expected, just more lies.

  48. Hmm says:

    Mr. Obama spent over three years pushing through his agenda, which has raised health care premiums, raised food and staple costs, raised energy costs, slowed economic recovery until it coincided with his reelection campaign. Maybe Mr. Obama thought it would be politically clever to save any actual focus on the economy and what American citizens need until his reelection year. How many people have lost jobs, homes, families, during the more than 3 years of Mr. Obama’s term, just so Mr. Obama could appear to be politically clever? Now look at all the programs offered to students, small businesses, etc. – Mr. Obama’s bait to reel in reelection votes. Don’t get caught.

  49. Rick says:


  50. MrObstat says:

    Obama = bulls*it on this topic.

    He knows it and he knows that we know it. He has no shame.

    Vote him out in November to end America’s national nightmare.

  51. Kaehu says:

    Gas is already hitting $5 a gallon here. Not a peep out of the Democrat controlled media. Instead we get incessant stories trying to convince us things are getting better. I feel like I live in a Communist state most of the time–it’s just like North Korea, people can be starving to death but Obama and the mainstream media will tell us how great things are under the Dear Leader. It’s really becoming disgusting.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      The “official unemployment rate” on November 1will be exactly 5%.

      There will be 19 Americans left with a job and one incredibly persistent person still looking.

  52. MustangLee says:

    So many lies, so little time… so many lies, so little time….

  53. The Clintidote says:

    Wow, this idiot is completely full of cr@p.

  54. bullrider says:

    “A bumper sticker approach to solving problems”, says Obama. Oh? Like “Hope and Change”?

    I have a great approach to solving problems: I look at the facts and then I vote out the incompetent Marxist Kenyan liar.

  55. robert g says:

    The country has had not good energy policy for years. But Obama has a bad energy policy and is making things worse. And he knows it and wants it.

  56. dogeatdog says:

    No you’re not, Obama. You and your environmental buddies want high gas prices. I want high gas prices, too. I want the people who voted for you to feel the pain, and I want the people who are planning to vote for you again to feel the pain. People need to learn that elections have consequences. If 95% of blacks are going to vote for you again just because you’re black, then I want them to have to buy your $6 a gallon gas.

  57. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Anagrams for $2000, Alex…

    President Barack Obama —- An Arab-backed imposter

    1. Hmm says:

      Wow, that’s great, thanks! And yes, I did sit down and analyze it, to verify it. I’m such a skeptical person – especially since 1-20-2009, at noon! (;-})

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Lol, I hear that!

        I can’t claim credit for it, just passing it along.

  58. bill says:

    We have elected the Devil

  59. meyerlanski says:

    What does that mean? “We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices — not when we consume 20 percent of the world’s oil,”

    Why Not! Its called supply and demand. Increase supply by drilling, prices go down, its simple.

    Or maybe what he’s saying is he wants to protect certain “friendly” countries for his New World Order.

  60. here says:

    Is this Clown something or what? His Secretary of Energy said last week gas prices weren’t his concern.

    1. TFK1155 says:

      You know what chu means in Chinese: S___head

  61. bullrider says:

    And the media tries to tell us that there is some sort of ‘contest’ and that Obama stands a chance of being re-elected because we ‘don’t like the GOP candidates’. It’s all an attempt to tell us what we supposedly think so we will start believing it.

    Get ready this November for the biggest rout in history, people.

  62. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Nothing can create more jobs than a shovel-ready regime.

    1. The Clintidote says:

      The only thing shovel-ready about this regime was Teddy “Bimbokiller” Kennedy.

  63. CC Rider says:

    “Obama-Biden 2012: YES WE CAN…AGAIN!

    I am reporting all 81 comments on this page to http://www.AttackWatch.net

    March 10, 2012 at 1:28 pm ”

    Damn, Man, I hope I’m not too late to get my post on the list. I’d hate to miss out on something like that.

  64. Nowswimback says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas”

    Including starting another undeclared war against a country that is no threat to us, making the price of oil rise to $200 a barrel.

  65. Hmm says:

    For America = No Obama.

    For Obama = No America.

    2012. Vote. Republican. At least this time. The best chance to deny the low-bowing, high-singing, false-speaking Mr. Obama a second term.

  66. Kevin says:

    what an idiot. I know for a fact that high gas prices reflect a president’s energy policy. Nancy Pelosi told us that five years ago!!!

  67. Marty999 says:

    What BS the last paragraph in this article is.

    “economists say there’s not much a president of either party could do about gasoline prices. The current increases at the pump have been driven by fears of a war with oil-rich Iran and by higher demand in the U.S. as well as in China, India and other growing nations”

    The presidents policies directly affect the prices we pay at the pump. What the liars in the media don’t tell you is that the price increases are more directly related to refineries in the US shutting down because it costs more money to comply with all the EPA and other government regulations than a company can make in marking up and reselling refined products . Simply search the web for “Refinery Closures” and read the articles in the trade publications. 5 Refineries have shut down this last year because they are unprofitable or losing money. A diminished gas supply is the issue because of this administrations policies, not the oil supply and fears of Iran as the stupid people in the media would have you believe.

    1. Hmm says:

      Hey, a shovel-ready paragraph! And when you think about it, Mr. Obama has produced a shovel-ready term of office. Start heaving him out! (;-})

  68. Deandre Andres says:

    Price of Gasoline in July 2008 was 4 bucks. In January 2009 it was under 2 bucks. How did the price drop by half in 6 months (considerably quick)? George Bush issued an executive order to open offshore drilling closer to shore (increased production) and the Republican Party was surging with Sarah Palin and the “Drill-Baby-Drill” Republican convention. So, if those 2, relatively minor actions could cut the price of oil in half imagine what ending Obama’s moratorium in the Gulf, one new refinery, and a Keystone Pipeline would do. Imagine what electing a new president in November could do!!!

    1. davec says:

      ITs EXTREMELY more complicated than just the price of crude oil…

      I think youll find that agricultural uses for crude oil are as much or more demand that transportation fuel

  69. carter says:

    good hell, enough of the double talk, we are so sick your Obama-nomics.. No I can not run my credit card bill up into oblivion paying for gas, I know you think that’s working for the country, but the rest of us know it is not..

  70. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Know Obama, know totalitarian squalor

    No Obama, no totalitarian squalor

  71. Satan says:

    Lying Marxist halfrican twit

  72. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    If you build it*, they** will come.

    *= epic landslide

    **= jobs

  73. jeremy says:

    Actions speak louder than words, an blaming other people for the high gas prices don’t count. That’s all he has been doing is blaming others for his luck. He is becoming the next jimmy carter.

  74. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Visualize electoral shutout…

  75. j14401s says:

    He lies. Congress lies. The media’s lie. They all lie. It’s that simple.

  76. Mama Pajama says:

    CBS – do you see? Can you hear? There is outrage in America.
    And none is related to race, so hold that card.

    I wonder how many of these people voted for him the first time?

    He is anti America. The man’s facade is cracking.

  77. Len Foster says:

    If the President would really like to do something about our energy costs, how about getting his economic advisors to stop devaluing the dollar so he can flood China with worthless paper? The value of oil has not gone up a single penny since he took office, but the continued devaluation has made gas more amd more expensive relatively.

    Also, how about doing something about the oil corporations selling off all our gas to China? How about a $3.00 a gallon export fee? The the oil industry would have an incentive to sell domestically instead.

  78. Barry Levy says:

    Obozo, our clown in chief, was making a funny about gas prices. he said that in an election year it would be stupid to want prices to be higher. No mention of what he would want in a non-election year.

    And with prices more than doubled since he took office you are paying for his callous, crass actions in office in 4 ways, and maybe more.

    1. gas prices higher, you pay more at the pump
    2. gas prices higher, government fleets still need to buy gas, you are going to be taxed more to pay for them

    3. you drive less, but then revenue to the government drops, and you are taxed again

    4. prices of all goods and commodities that are shipped, delivered, are going to go up, and you pay for that.

    Just a recent example. I need to be in New Orleans in April. I was told in January to book my ticket as quick as possible because fares would go up.

    In January I got a round trip that met my needs for a little over $450. I checked the same flights today, and the cost would be a little over $700. Glad I listened, but if you don’t think that increases like this will affect people, and that Obozo is really doing anything., then they call it delusional.

  79. Flannigan says:

    Properly inflated car tires was supposed to solve our energy problems.

  80. Hmm says:

    Don’t fossil fuels come from long-dead-and-departed carbon-based life forms?Isn’t using fossil fuels the ultimate recycling strategy, to help current carbon-based life forms live more efficiently and productively? Why are Mr. Obama and his liberaland radical supporters against recycling?

    And what about evolution? Species come and species go . Yet, liberals and radicals don’t want to let evolution run its course – they want to preserve species as they are now. Doesn’t sound like they actually accept the theory of evolution, does it?

    Just wondering…

  81. Joe E in the IE says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” Obama said.

    Does that include Earth Day when an endless parade of Democrat politicians private-jet and limo to rallies all over the country where they extol the virtues of $5.00-a-gallon gasoline as the only way to save the planet?

    1. Joe Doakes says:

      Just once I want to see those dope smokers clean up Earth Day without a plastic bag!

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      I take it everyone is aware of the REAL reason April 22, 1970 was chosen as the first “Earth Day”? Vlad Lenin was born on April 22, 1870. So, all these years the ecoterrorists have in fact been celebrating Lenin’s 100th bEarthDay.

      1. Joe Doakes says:

        And two days before in 1889 . . . Adolf Hitler . . .

  82. David says:

    If he helps me any more, I’m going to need to sell my car and start walking. Stop helping barack. I can’t afford $8 a gallon gas.

  83. brenda says:

    KEEP HELPING us?!! This guy says that like he’s actually HELPING us and like he actually BELIEVES it! RUN FORREST RUN!

  84. Publius2012 says:

    The narcissistic compulsive liar has spoken with forked tongue, as always!

  85. Stevie Nichts says:

    Obama-Biden 2012 sez: “I am reporting all 81 comments on this page to http://www.AttackWatch.net

    Yeah, you do that. Why not polish your jackboots while you’re waiting for union thugs to break down our doors?

  86. george fenson says:

    The whole place smells like one of the giant pig farms in North Carolina.

    Tape Barry to the back end of one of the pigs to trap the methane for later use. The rest of his plans are useless.

    Barry has Holder suing to block drilling in the eastern gulf of Mexico, off Virginia, off California and Alaska….

    Barry: – “you oil companies can drill all you want, just not where there is any oil”

  87. snapboy says:

    Yeah, like opening federal lands for drilling and approving the Keystone pipe liine..

  88. Starky says:

    “We need to look into algae” (while you try & figure out how to fill your tank to get to work” .. “Oh, and inflate your tires”.

    More disturbing than Obama’s lies & idiocy is the number of people who actually believe him.

    1. Hmm says:

      And some of those people vote…at least once…whether they are living…or dead…

  89. Trajan Long says:

    Obama is the most outrageous liar, scofflaw , and thief in US history. The unending recession reflects his miserable policies perfectly, and now with stagflation really starting to roar, he and his parasitic cohorts are toast.

  90. Rich says:

    This guy blows more hot air than a flamethrower… All talk, no intelligent action. What was the American public thinking when we elected this guy??? Oh yeh, I didn’t vote for him…

  91. Hmm says:

    Mr.Obama doesn’t care. His agenda is his raison d’etre. Our opinions and criticisms are awful offal and not worth his attention..

  92. b says:

    That is very reassuring! Now I know he is going to keep doing nothing!

  93. vrytix says:

    Two thoughts: Higher gas prices will hurt Obama’s re-election. But, people aren’t as stupid as Obama thinks – or perhaps he just doesn’t understand.

    When gas prices reached $3.00 a gallon under President bush, Democrats, including Obama,loudly complained. Now, it’s the Republicans’ turn.

    It’s politics.; But, this time, it’s a fact – as Obama’s Energy Secretary has openly stated. The administration wants higher gas price even when more people are hurting financially.

    The time to wean Americans away from gas and toward “green” fuel is when the economy is doing well and when the unemployment problem is not so acute..

  94. Jim Nasium says:

    (This is a re-post without profanity. I am hoping you post opposing viewpoints.) Wow. Just wow. What a bunch of blindly allegiant lemmings we have on this comment page. How many animals have to be covered in oil before you petulant children realize we can no longer rely on this ancient fuel. Are you crying about the XL pipeline, again? A coupla hundred TEMPORARY jobs, and another environmental disaster. Just look at the problems presented by the Alaska pipeline. (some areas have massive, unattended leaks.) Ask the folks in New Orleans if their tourism has come back yet. DO YOU REMEMBER THE OIL SPILL? You conservatives have the memory of a mosquito, but let me remind you that sucking oil from sand is akin to an alcoholic sucking spilled booze from the carpet. The entire world is moving forward, but I guess some folks would rather curse the dark, than light a candle…

    1. Hmm says:

      Peoples’ lives are TEMPORARY, so they have to work at jobs that may be TEMPORARY but long enough to sustain their lives and their families’ lives.

      Ask the folks in Alaska if they want to junk the Alaska pipeline.

      The folks in New Orleans and the Gulf region probably ask why Mr. Obama and his family don’t spend their vacations there, to promote a return of tourism.

      Why hasn’t there been news of the catastrophic effects of the oil spill in the Gulf? Could it be because it wasn’t catastrophi , but only TEMPORARY?

      Don’t fossil fuels come from long-dead-and-departed carbon-based life forms?Isn’t using fossil fuels the ultimate recycling strategy, to help current carbon-based life forms live more efficiently and productively? Why are Mr. Obama and his liberal and radical supporters against recycling?

      And what about evolution? Species come and species go . Yet, liberals and radicals don’t want to let evolution run its course – they want to preserve species as they are now. Doesn’t sound like they actually accept the theory of evolution, does it?

      1. Jim Nasium says:

        So a six month job at the expense of the entire country sounds like a sound deal to you? My, my, my… I thought you conservatives had brains. 1000 bucks a year to each residency in Alaska buys a lot of support I guess,. Also, I cannot read the minds of every person in New Orleans, but I am pretty sure they are angrier at BP than at a president that was thousands of miles away when the Massive leak began. The reason isn’t that the president doesn’t vacation there. The reason is that folks don’t want a side of 10w-40 with their shrimp. There have been many news programs that have done follow ups on the situation in the gulf, but why would you believe the MSM? The last 2 paragraphs of your response are a sad attempt to think you are clever, so you just keep repeating your theory till somebody tells you what a genius you are. It won’t be me, I assure you.

      2. Hmm says:

        I most assuredly agree that I am no genius. You don’t give evidence of that status either, so I guess you can commiserate. You can’t read the minds of the people in New Orleans, yet you can project the effect of an individual’s job on an “entire county”? Amazin claim…silly proposition…but your right of thought and free speech. If you don’t agree with the theory of evolution or with recycling, it’s your choice anyway…doesn’t bother me…or the people of new orleans..or the entire country…( ;-}) Take it easy… these are just comments.

      3. Hmm says:

        P.S I don’t look for scientific facts, such as effects of an oil spill, or economic information, such as the effect of a person gaining from a pemporoary job, from the MSM.

      4. Hmm says:

        P.P.S. Sadly, I am not a genius at typing either! ((;-})

      5. Hmm says:

        P.P.S.S. EAgree or disagree, each eligible person still has a vote. Invest that vote wisely.

    2. Californian says:

      Oh please Mr. Nasium. Animals covered in oil versus children and the elderly freezing in their apartments because they can’t afford energy to heat them? Or exorbitant food prices due to the cost of energy for refrigeration, freezing and transportation? The enviro-terrorists decry new dams to protect a smelt or lizards, refuse to allow nuclear power plants, protest geothermal plants that “despoil nature”, wind farms kill owls and solar arrays change desert ecosystems. Oil is evil muck that kills kittens and puppies, but seeing old people and poor children die in winter is okay with you?

      Without nuclear power, where will the electricity to charge those electric cars come from? Half a million cars charging overnight will put anywhere from up to 50 Megawatts extra demand on the grid. Where’s the power coming from? Never mind the extra taxes to upgrade the grid to handle it. We have to generate it first. Power isn’t stored, it’s produced to meet demand. Solar won’t help at night.

      Sorry, oil will remain the primary vehicle mover for at least another 50 years or more. No one debates the need to find alternative energy sources. But to waste our money turning edible corn into alcohol or pretend we can grow enough algae to replace oil is stupid. I can only conclude you’d like to see people living in log cabins without electricity to protect animals from being exposed to oil.

  95. American says:

    The best thing Obama could do to help this country is to jump off a clif.

    1. Pete says:

      Ill help him off that cliff…. with a push!!

      1. 40 acres and a tool says:

        A direct threat to the POTUS will not stand. You are a traitor to this country, Pete, Not funny, and punishable by law.

      2. Paco DeLucia says:

        Punishable by law? “Will not stand”. What a joke. Obama and company have broken more laws than the average dozen drug cartels. Laws. What an absolute joke. You are either s shill or a brain-washed idiot. Or both.

  96. American says:

    Tall cliff.

    1. Wakeus_com says:

      Just to be safe, can we put a few punji sticks at the bottom?

  97. Brad says:

    Quit helping us O…. we can’t afford it!!!

  98. Wakeus_com says:

    Obama, and the evil people in his administration, pray for the fall of this nation. They see themselves as communist warriors, fighting a covert war against their historic enemy – freedom.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      If they’re trying to be “covert” about it they’re failing spectacularly.

  99. UYeahU says:

    Don’t you just love to see Mr Obama pointing his finger at you? Democrats love the pointing finger; remember Bill Clinton pointed at you on TV while lying about his affair with Ms. Lewinsky? Yes, Mr. Obama is lecturing us about the wasscally Republicans and how it’s all their fault for high gas prices. Uh huh. Well the Democrats and their bunny hugging cohorts have stopped drilling in Anwar, they have squashed the Canadian to the Gulf pipeline, they have helped Brazil develop ITS oil and gas infrastructure but not ours and their so called “Arab Spring” is in the process of destabilizing the Middle Easy and its oil supply. Mr Obama is also spending our hard earned tax money on Green Energy like the Chevy Volt, a car that no one seems to want (which BTW is now being taken out of production) and helping the Finns develop their version of the Volt, the Fisker (which died during a Consumer Reports test, and cost a mere $100,000). And let us not forget the tax money spent on Solyndra that went poof, another green dream up in smoke. They mock “Drill baby Drill” bumper stickers, but the fact is if we had began developing our oil reserves ten years ago (you know when they mocked that “drilling is not the answer, it will take at least 10 years before any of our oil comes on line”, we would at least be on our way of weaning off Arab oil. Mr. Obama is terrified that Israel might attack Iran and in so doing cause the price of gasoline to rise to $6, 8, maybe 10 a gallon. If that happens his campaign is toast this November. Not only will gas itself be much higher, but so will agricultural product (think food) and the delivery of goods and services that are transported. There is no current technology that gives as much energy for your money as petroleum. We may wish cars traveled on hydrogen, or electricity or fairy dust but the technology is not yet nearly as efficient for the price as gasoline. So keep pointing, but remember the old adage when you point at someone there are three fingers pointing back at yourself.

  100. Ralloh says:

    That’s the problem, “Dimwit in Chief”. Your stupid alternative energy policies are killing us. I’m all for other forms of energy, but, it needs to be accomplished through the free market system when and if it’s viable. For now, like it or not, oil is it. If Obama had ok’d the Keystone pipeline project, just the announcement would have probably caused a drop in price, even though it will be years before it’s built. If we had jumped on Anwr years ago, it could be producing right now. That would also have a profound affect on prices. Of course let’s not even get into developing our oil shale. Obama, you are an idiot and a fool. You make me even wish Carter was back. No wonder your popularity is dropping like a rock. More and more of those who once supported you now see what a disaster you are for the country. November can not come soon enough.

  101. jnsesq says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas…”

    “In the meantime I shall continue to do everything else I can to make that utterly impossible. Algae, anyone?”

  102. 1intexas says:

    obongo is a flat-out liar that talks out of both sides of his mouth, full of self-serving deciet and deception.

    the sooner he and his kind are gone the better off our country will be.

  103. deedee12 says:

    YEAH, what’s he gonna do MANDATE that the OIL COMPANIES GIVE US FREE GAS????????? Mandate/dictate/order/ whatever you want to call it.. 🙂

  104. Tanner says:

    I know that most of you posting on here understand what a complete fraud, hypocrite, and liar that Obama is (and I wholeheartedly agree with you), but how can 40-50% of the rest of the country not see it too. Do people not remember it was then-Senator Obama who directly blamed Bush for high gas prices back in 2008? I recall Obama going as far as saying that Bush was causing high gas prices so that his crony, oil buddies would profit from it. I know that the liberal media is doing its best to provide daily cover for Obama’s failures and lies but come on people…it’s right in front of their noses.

    1. Hmm says:

      Some may be color-blinded, whether from white to black orfrom black to whiteor from anything in between, and won’t, or can’,t look beyond color to actions and character and truth.

    2. Diogenes says:

      Tanner! My main man! You be preaching to the choir. What we need to do is get everyone paying taxes…at least something. And do away with withholding so everyone must write a check and send in their taxes. That’ll wake’em up! But with the Dolts growing in size and voting power you and I had better move fast…or we be gone!

    3. BigLouie15 says:

      Two things: 1 – 47% of the American people pay no income tax which also means they skip out on state income taxes probably and 2 – it is not how many runners cross the plate, it is who is keeping score. Do you believe that any of these so-called pollsters are telling the truth?

  105. LES says:

    Of course you are, Dear Leader. By doing everything you can to make sure the price is as high as it possibly can be, you will save me gas money because I simply will not be able to buy any. Thank you, Dear Leader.

  106. Capn Jack says:

    I wish he hadn’t said that because everything he says turns around 180 degrees and the opposite comes true. What an incompetent boob.

  107. Jack says:

    Secretary Chu and Obama who put Chu there are 100% to blame for our high gas prices. They are trying to force high prices on us, didn’t Jimmy Cater try the same thing??
    Our energy secretary does not even own a car.

  108. Debra says:

    The catch is you have to listen to how Obama phrases things, yes he will help us save money on gas by making it impossible for us to afford to buy it, thus we hitch up a horse and buggy, or buy one of those fuel saving cars that only only one person can fit in, or one of the electric cars for $50,000 dls. that the average person can not afford to buy…..that is why he called all the democrat senators and told them to vote against the GOP Keystone bill….yeah right Obama, go catch some algae.

  109. EndtheOccupation says:

    I get what the Occupier is saying, “No job to go to. No money to shop with. No vacation in my near future. What the heck do I need a car for?”

  110. Diogenes says:

    What concerns me is the percentage of voters who look at this guy and think he is in fact a god who is here to save them. Or don’t think at all and just listen to the MSM feed them pabulum every day. That bunch of dolts is getting larger everyday! They are “The Blob” eating everything in its path. The Dolt King needs to be defeated. Quickly, before his health care singles out those who object for special treatment.

    1. phillysmart says:

      People are paying attention they know the media is an arm of the communist dictator who is not only destroying the country but already destroyed the democrat party

  111. Osagewillie says:

    Number one thing you can do is resign.

  112. Mike says:

    It doesn’t matter what Obama says, it’s what he does that counts. Just looking at the price at the pump is all one should need to convict such a fraudulant rant from this man. Vote this fraud of a president out come November. Afterall that is what counts, not what he says, its what we the American people believe and do about it.

  113. phillysmart says:

    Obama the communist in chief …he lies!

  114. Eric Young says:

    Does anything this guy say make any sense ? During Bush’s term when oil was hitting records, Bush stated that we increase offshore production, and the price fell. Prices are in part a function of future expectation -just like ANY other economic issue. Future expectations in a 2nd Obama term -Huge Increase in Taxes HUGE increase in debt. Huge increase in regualtion. Can you imagine the the horrors that are in store during an UNACCOUTABLE Obama 2nd term ? THE BIZ community knows it

  115. phillysmart says:

    The more Obama talks the less I listen

    1. bullrider says:

      I cannot even stand to hear the sound of his voice. IT MAKES ME ILL and what point is there listening to him spinning out his lies over and over and over?

  116. Pete says:

    Obama… help me save by getting down and inflating my tires, check my oil and give me a tune up while youre at it (you might be actually qualified for that job)… while youre at it BOY shine my shoes…. NIG.

  117. BigLouiie15 says:

    I am going to immediately give you a $45 rebate on our new energy saving LED light bulb that costs $50.

    1. Hmm says:

      It is really, I’m going to make the taxpayers give you…”

  118. Sam says:

    The Liar-in-Chief strikes again.

  119. kendrick1 says:

    A year from now we will all be complaining about high gasoline prices! Some short time before the November election, our great leader wil find some way to lower gas prices (of course it will take our taxpayer money to accomplish this. Then, Obama will stand up and say, “My friends!” and since the average American’s memory span is about a week, millions of suckers will make their way to the polls to vote for him.

    By the first of 2013, gasoline prices will begin to rise again! This “nudging” is necessary if he suceeds in having more Chevy Volts sold, and having more Solyndras to finance.

    I venture to say that most of the commenters on this site are just blowhards that never do any campaigning for a canditate, much less go and vote. A reason that my prediction on gas prices will come true.

    This last comment is sure to ruffle someone’s feather. It is hoped so. But, dont waste any energy attacking me, get out ther where the rubber meets the road.(I’m not talking about contraception, either!)

  120. derfel cadarn says:

    And whose doing all the saber ratteling we are. if single most constructive thing obama can do to lower energy prices is to step down. Just the idea of expanding domestic production and concerted moves toward will reduce the barrel prrice by $20.00

  121. Tom says:

    There may not be that much the President can do to decrease gas prices, But there is PLENTY he an do to raise them. And Obama has taken every opportunity to do that.
    He is doing everything he possibly can to cripple domestic oil production (Including much that goes well beyond powers that The Constitution authorized to the President)
    Reduced supply equals increase prices.
    Something anyone with a brain can understand.
    Though everyone in the mainstream media pretends they don’t.
    Nope, Obama said it, they have to push it, no matter how blatantly obvious the lie.

  122. wildbill6996 says:

    RESIGN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Linda says:

    We’re not going to be able to solve our problems until Obama is out of office….

    1. Tina says:

      A simple and easy to understand truth in one sentence. Refreshing Linda, thank you..

  124. TheSilverJournal.com says:

    If Obama really wanted to stop gas prices from rising, he’d have to stop deficit spending. Higher prices is that tax that deficit spending is paid with. Put another way, asking to keep medicare and social security as they are is also asking for higher prices. If the deficit spending doesn’t end, then there is literally no ceiling to how high gas prices will go.


  125. Chaumont20 says:

    I still trying to find the exact date when the Liberals and Progressives in America took complete control of America’s resourses. Can somebody help me find this date ?

    1. Tina says:

      Can’t help you with the start date 20 as the Liberals/Progs began this well before I was born, on my Parents and Grandparents watch actually however I can delineate the exact day when Liberals, Progs and Rinos are rendered eunuchs’ for a very, very long time, January 20, 2013. We all know this and so does the left however they will never admit it. This psychological anomaly is tantamount to having a person who is truly ugly physically with that same person truly believing they’re irresistible based upon the feedback from their own sociological group. The result would be a polar opposite had that feedback been generated by all. One can sustain the illusion for a while but not forever as is the case of Tom Hanks as one example of thousands.

  126. JYLD says:

    Obama is just a flat out liar, and the media like CBS never calls him on his lies. CBS and the media just repeat his lies about an all of the above strategy and his taking credit for oil production being up on private lands he doesn’t control (yet) (while it is down 40% on the public lands he does control) as though the lies should be taken seriously.

    Gee where’s Dan Rather with some more fake but accurate reporting when the country needs it?

  127. Mike says:

    Obama helped me save 100% of my gas budget! I just go laid off from my RV manufacturing job. Maybe I can go make some of them fancy solar panels,,,no wait, that plant got shut down too.

  128. taptap77 says:

    He has already said he wanted gas to cost $4.00. Now he is running again and he wants gas to be cheap. This guy is a wacko!

  129. NEO says:

    NSFW language here, you’ve been warned… ARE YOU FARKING KIDDING ME!? THIS SHAM OF A PRESIDENT CAN’T EVEN LIE GOOD ANYMORE! He and his minions REALLY do think we’re stupid! HEY IDIOT, if you’ve “kept” doing everything you can to help save money on gas, WHY THE FARK is gas MORE THAN DOUBLE than three years ago? Good God, this guy is truly the Manchurian Candidate.

  130. Azimuth says:

    And this coming from Obama, the head of the “Hope and Change”, “Yes We Can”, democrat-bumper-sticker party. With Obama’s promise of personally doing every- thing he can to save us money on gas, I can’t help but notice that we have our first step-and-fetch-it, socialist for president. The “it” is our money. He’ll step-and-fetch it for Wall Street bankers, he’ll step-and-fetch it for GM, and he’ll step-and-fetch it for politically connected campaign bundlers who own bankrupt solar power companies.
    Obama is the liberal, crony socialists’, step-and-fetch it man.

  131. JB says:

    Great! How soon can you resign?

  132. STBTPA says:

    Wow. During the Bush Administration, the Dems/Lins/Media blamed the “Two Texas Oilmen in the White House” for high prices. Now the media strains to prove NO President controls oil prices…

    No Bias here…

  133. Bryan says:

    His idea for us to save money on gas is to cram a 40k chevy volt down our throats and continue to pump another trillion dollars into failing green energy companies that use the hard working tax payers money and abuse it. Get his phony out of office this november

    1. bullrider says:

      How many taxpayers such as I gave their entire year’s income tax away to give tax-free money to Volt buyers? Who, I might add, probably make a LOT more money than I do.

      The money you have and earn is all just temporary as Obama finds ways to give what he wants to who he wants and shaft the taxpayers now and in the future for it.

  134. snapboy says:

    With friends like Obama …

  135. Mark says:

    “We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices — not when we consume 20 percent of the world’s oil,” Obama said in the address.

    Hey Mr. President, the Shale Oil on American soil (in the Green River Formation) is 3x greater than Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves…and it shouts in your face “oh yes we can!!!!!!”

  136. ThE ARBITER says:

    FROG MARCH THIS FRAUD out of the White House in IRONS!!!!!!

  137. Not You says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” Obama said.

  138. MJR says:

    Walking is a way to save money on gas, parking your car and allowing it to rust is a another way, wow it pays to be the smartest person in the room. Hey obama how about biking to your campaign stops instead of using Air Force One, and then walk from the airport instead of driving in a tank that gets 3 miles to the gallon…Twit!

  139. sobersully says:

    I think it is interesting that CBS’s article flowa right along with BO’s theme, not an objective thought included. BO is losing Amerca and CBS is losing the media war to FNC>

  140. Chris says:

    Unless the fuel consumed in producing, manufacturing and bringing to market every good and service we buy; every watt of electricity we consume, and every mile we drive, is 100% more efficient than it is today, then a larger portion of American’s labor will go toward increased energy costs.
    Not to mention, the cost to increase the efficiency of all things burning oil is pushed onto the end consumer in the meantime.
    We can’t trust the government to give-up one of it’s biggest revenue streams with under the promise of free energy from the sun and wind.

    America should ask the president…what is our nation’s energy of the *present*?

  141. poorhardworker says:

    You may think the Republican’s have a “bumper sticker” approach to gas prices…but your approach is down right destructive! First you killed drilling in the Gulf (way to put more people out of work, Mr. Obama!). The you employ an Energy Czar Chu who has openly stated that he wants our gas prices to reflect Europe’s prices (and obviously you don’t disagree)…thank you very much! And then you kill the Keystone Pipeline! AND you waste billions of our tax dollars on a currently non-viable solution (solar panels and electric cars).

    I call foul! I also think it is good advice for all to watch what he does…rather than what he says…because he just wants to get re-elected…regardless of how America is doing! And I will close with this: Stop stealing our money through devaluing it (printing more). Oh, Oh…one more…the statistics you tout for unemployment and inflation are not true figures…but you already knew that…you just didn’t think we did!

    I wanted you to succeed just because you are president…but I have to say EPIC fail!

  142. Harley2002 says:

    Well Obama how about the Keystone pipeline take the moratorium off drilling in the Gulf. Always thought that rig exploding one week after Obama promised more drilling was to much a coincidence. This man lies so easily. Doing one thing and telling you he is doing the other is freakin scary.

  143. bullrider says:

    Excellent, Mr. President! WHEN ARE YOU RESIGNING?

  144. Neil says:

    Same old lame BS from the Democrat play book. “We can’t drill our way to lower prices” What a genius! Suppose we had started 4 years ago instead of raiding our oil reserves. To the 43% out there that think this is bush’s fault. I hope your enjoying all those BIG CHANGES. When Obama gets through with us with his lame policies, that is all we will have left in our pockets—-CHANGE!!!

  145. Chris says:

    President Obama said wind, solar & algae is the future of energy.

    Can the President or the Democratic party please tell the free market who decided that???

    If the future of energy is not filtering of emissions, clean-coal, shale oil and tar sands…Can we at least explain to the American consumer why green energy costing them more of the fruits of their labor for less energy is best for their future?

  146. Harley2002 says:

    Truthfully if Otraitor wants to cut dependence. Instead of p1$$ing away trillions on green energy companies just give huge refunds on people installing solar on their homes. The technology is already here and works. It would work great here in Fl and I would do it in a heart beat.

    But then we would become truly independent as we all would produce our own electricity and the big buck donation from the energy companies would dry up for the politicians. That is why a technology that is already here and works will not be used.

    1. Richard Glans says:

      What do you do at night and when the weather is rainy and overcast?

  147. Jon Galt says:

    Baraka Obama had never so much as run a lemonade stand, no wonder he is clueless when it comes to understanding energy production.
    He’s a community organizing socialist, he knows nothing at all about finance.

    1. Rachel says:

      He understands how to destroy capitalism! He learned it in college from Alinksy and Derrick Bell. And since that is his plan, I’d say he learned well from the subversives he worshipped.

  148. John S says:

    Hey hussein! why don’t you stop trying to help and let’s see what happens!

  149. SeattleMark952 says:

    Obama is ALL TALK. Even worse, his actions are usually the opposite of the pandering words he gives on TV. For example: “Must live within our means”–and then raises our debt by trillions. Example 2: “I will save you money on Gas”–and then kills the Keystone pipeline, stops everyone from drilling for more oil. Many Americans are realizing how dishonest and two faced this guy is. Hopefully enough to toss him on his ear in November (only 8 more months!!).

    1. Richard Glans says:

      Live within our means? Who is flying all over the country, going on vacation, playing golf, having parties and performances at the WH, sending his wife and kids to Europe and Africa on vacation? USA gots its own Boccasa.

  150. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Poetic justice. When you desperately try to sucker the public into thinking a depression-soon-to-be-full-blown-collapse is a “recovery”, you deserve to have oil speculators call your bluff.

  151. bad bob says:

    Gas …. we don’t need no stinking gas………

  152. Viper Militia1864 says:

    Ijust love the PC bull in the article: “Keystone XL pipeline project, which Obama deferred.” To be sure if there were a Republican in the White House the term would be “killed” not “deferred” MSM is so in the tank for Odumbo.

  153. TJP says:

    Blocking the pipeline to Canada – doing everything he can to raise gas prices.

  154. Chris says:

    300 comments under a story about President Obama striking back against the critics of his policies.

    …not a single person defends a single one of his policies.

    1. Hmm says:

      Jim Nasium indirectly seemed to – credit to that poster.

  155. Dennis in WV says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” Obama said

    That makes it official: Obama is also voting Republican

  156. MainelyDoc says:

    Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu: “Somehow,” Chu said, “we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” 2/21/12

    That’s the plan. Obama is lying.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0212/73138.html#ixzz1okaWy181

  157. Dennis in WV says:

    Gasolene – the #1 USA export in 2010 & 2011.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Only because of:

      1) NO domestic demand due to the DEPRESSION…
      2) No other remaining exports of significance
      3) Collapsed dollar

    2. dugway says:

      Import oil, convert to gasoline, then export it.

  158. Joe says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas,”
    If I remember correctly, “everything” means telling us to keep proper air pressure in our tires. Yeah, that helped a lot! Why not take the spoils from that war you just won? Pay America back for 10 years of our troops being killed and billions of tax dollars blown.

  159. Concerned Mom of 5 says:

    Empty promises from the damnable Father of Lies.

  160. RU4Real says:

    This is exactly what Obama wanted–higher costs of energy in all its forms. He can not run away from his own statements:
    “Gas prices WILL necessarily skyrocket under my plan”
    “You can build a coal plant, but my regulations will put you out of business”

    Less energy production = higher costs.

    See the measures that this president has taken that are driving energy costs up @http://naturalresources.house.gov/Issues/Issue/?IssueID=15410

  161. jon says:

    Hahaha…Obama is a stand up comedy act. Here’s what he’s going to do for gas prices:
    Shut down 95% of new drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico, Freeze 95% of new exploration, kill the Keystone oil pipeline,Place a moatorium on shale oil refining. Thats really going to help

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      It’s a brilliant plan, worthy of his astounding economic illiteracy. Why, everybody knows if you reduce supply to zero, price falls– just like everybody knows if you flood the healthcare system with 30 million freeloading illegals and force doctors to work for minimum wage, people will flood into the medical profession to make quality skyrocket and costs plummet!


  162. boozy says:

    OMG..did this guy actually say this? he is trying to destroy this nation…People….wake up…he is not a leader …..he is here for one purpose..to destroy the Nation of the United States of America…

  163. Kent says:

    What is he going to do? Cancel some more drilling leases on public land? Block another pipeline? Now about some more regulations on the oil industry? Yeah, that Obama sure has done everything he can to make gas cost less… And people listen to his B S.

  164. America First says:

    Another BIG FAT LIE! I can’t wait to vote this LOSER out in November. Dumbo I got news for you, your going to loose BIG because AMERICA hates you, and your wife!

  165. TxnByBrth says:

    …The only things that possibly lie within the realm of his capabilities and authority are things from which he has purposefully stayed away.

  166. judithod says:

    So is BO going to gather and personally process algae?

  167. David tebow says:

    Maybe He can breath the exhaust pipes

  168. pinouye says:

    So…what has he already done to try to keep gas prices low? Apparently there are many people who say that the President cannot help to set gas prices, but here we have President Obama saying that he is “going to keep doing everything [he] can to help … save money on gas, both right now and in the future.” So which is it? Either he CAN help, or he CANNOT. Democrats (and the media) continue to confuse me with all this double talk and flip-flopping.

  169. jacques_poutine says:

    personally lobbying to stop keystone was a great start right?

  170. Dave says:

    what a joke… really… and the AP.. you should be ashamed… if you had any professional integrity you would be.. I AM SO SICK OF THE SLAVISH, in the tank for Obama, media!!

    He is on record telling America that $4/gallon gas is OK with him and his own Energy Secretary is on record saying gas prices need to be as high as those in Europe.. his answer to high gas prices in the past has been:

    1. infate your tires
    2. get a tune-up (most cars on the road today do not get “tune-ups” anymore
    3. to one gentlemen who said he had an old truck he needed for work, Obama told him.. “maybe its time to trade it in”

    just imagine if Bush had acted so arrogantly…. the corrupt, in the tank for Obama media like the All Propaganda (AP) would have skewered him day and night…

    Hey Obama.. Newsflash:!

    we can see through your BS now.. we’ve had 3 years and you won’t fool us again

  171. Galinda says:

    …except I won’t OK the Keystone pipeline, I won’t allow any new drilling anywhere, I won’t approve any new leases, I won’t allow hydraulic fracking, etc., etc., etc., BS BS BS blah blah blah! LIAR!!!

  172. Dave says:

    You can’t escape your own words Obama.. even if the All Propaganda (AP) media gives you help…..

    “Gas prices WILL necessarily skyrocket under my plan”

    “You can build a coal plant, but my regulations will put you out of business”

    “maybe its time to trade in your old clunker”.. to a guy who used his truck for work

    “inlfate your tires”
    “get a tune up”
    “$4/gallon a gas is ok, my only concern is how quickly we got there”

    as the WHO so famously said… “we won’t be fooled again”…
    we can see through your BS now Barry

  173. Dan says:

    “Bumper sticker politics”?? You mean like, “Hope and Change”???

  174. gphx says:

    It isn’t that gas is becoming expensive, everything, except homes, is becoming expensive. This is because the current administration is turning dollars into toilet paper via the printing press.

    1. davec says:

      there are no dollars being printed, and inflation is 1%

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Per week.

      2. Rachel says:

        Are you drunk? Inflation is already 8% not 1%. And if they say it’s 8%, it’s probably really 12%! Have you gone grocery shopping lately? How about your utilities? Your insurance premiums? They have all gone way up. And it’s getting higher every day.

      3. davec says:

        rachel, whre youre uneducated, or lying, is that you have no economics education.

        The topic is the National economy, not YOUR EXPENSES>

        Inflation is NOT the price of things.

        Inflation is the amount of PAPER MONEY printed versus demand for that money.

        None is being printed, DATA, not your opinion, says inflation is 1% y-o-y (I doubt you have a clue what yoy is?) IS ONE PERCENT from last year:

        Proof, not opinion:


  175. Dave says:

    Does anyone really believe anything this guy says anymore…. seriously??

    He is such a liar!

    … it just never ends….and to make matters worse, the corrupt media.. just writes down everything he says like it’s gospel.. no questions, nothing about previous statements that contradict what he says now… utter fealty

    meanwhile the GOP candidates get anal exams with flashlights….


    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      I hear the granduncle of Rick Santorum’s 14th cousin 9 times removed knew a guy who lived on the same street as someone who once used a word rhyming with the n-bomb. If that doesn’t make him unfit for office as a white sheet wearer, I don’t know what does!

      1. Bryan says:

        At this point I now thank minorities when they tell me I’m being a racist. Anymore it’s a term of endearment, since it means, “Anyone who doesn’t agree with me.”

  176. Paul says:

    Obama is a joke. Does he really expect us to forget everything he has said and done and trust him this time? I will never trust Obama again.

    1. CKAinRedStateUSA says:

      Whatever he is, is not a joke. He knows he lies pathologically. He’s doing exactly what he’s been programmed to do. And he gives not a hoot about our Republic, its economy, its citizenry.

  177. Dennis D says:

    President Obama hates Oil. He will never approve of the pipeline.

  178. totalkaosdave says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,”

    “We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices..”


  179. Dennis D says:

    When Obama took office Gas was $1.65 a gallon Now the average is $2.00 higher. My household has 4 cars. With one fill up per week each at 20 gallons per car I am paying $160 per week more. Probably more.

    1. pinouye says:

      Not to worry…President Obama will continue doing what he is doing…whatever that is.

  180. J Stuart says:

    The Kenyan turd lies to us. He likes high gas prices.

  181. Nobama 2012 says:

    Hey Obama, when you fire Comrade “I don’t own a car” Chu your energy czar that wants gas to be $9-10 dollars a gallon and you tell the wacko environmentalist to go suck on an oil rig, reduce the Regs on gas, oil and coal then maybe, just maybe I’ll believe you. Otherwise if your lips are moving your lying.

    Nobama 2012

  182. keystone says:

    What he says: “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,”

    What he’s really saying: “Because I’m going to trash the economy further, and you will lose your job, and then you won’t have to drive anywhere so you will save money on gas!”

  183. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” Obama said. Does than mean he is going to resign?

  184. Paul Scipio says:

    I just paid $4 a gallon this morning, I’m so glad that the the porch monkey in the white house is on top of things and still looking after me…yeah and laughing his purple baboon a$$ off at the same time.

  185. Buck O'Fama says:

    Actions speak louder than weasel words, and his actions say otherwise.

  186. MoCal says:

    Watch Barry Soetoro in this video. The worst is yet to come….. hhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqHL404zhcU

  187. Lou Brown says:

    Why did my comment disappear?

  188. Lou Brown says:

    It was about 3 minutes ago and should have bee after MoCal.

  189. stratabuse says:

    Wow I am going to go fill my tires with air!!!!!!

    1. dugway says:

      Beware the Air Tax!

  190. Gary Williams says:

    77 percent of Americans say that the price of gasoline will impact how they vote in November….And it is for that reason that I fully support Obama’s decision not to approve the Keystone pipeline…God bless the enviromentalist whackado’s for forcing Obama’s hand..They have finally done some real good for the world.

  191. KCEddie says:

    Just like he has been focusing on the Economy for 3 years. Thanks but no thanks President Food Stamps !

  192. C. Howett Fiels says:

    Rampant Socialism at it’s finest. Barry wants all those nasty cars off the road so his bird and bunny nut pals will vote him in as King of the US. How did these Environmental Nazis get so much power that they can bring the US economy to it’s knees to save some lizard or mouse? Don’t look now, but the rest of the world is laughing at us.

    I ‘hope’ we ‘change’ presidents in 2012 or we’ll be Greece II.

  193. Common Tater says:

    Obamateur. Whatta maroon.

  194. A Drew says:

    What difference does it make how much of the world’s energy we use? I’m tired of the rhetoric to make me feel guilty. Is the price of gas less for countries that use less than their “fair” share? No, they pay the market price and the market price is influenced by supply, regulation, futures, etc. Mr. President, you can influence the price of gas (make it lower please) by increasing supply by allowing drilling on federal lands, by approving Keystone, by streamlining regulations, eliminating the summer fuel mixture requirements that add additional costs to gasoline, accelerating migration of federal and other fleets to use natural gas to fuel vehicles and I’m sure you have been advised of many other actions you can take. But based on your past record I’m convinced you will do nothing but demagogue the issue.

    1. davec says:

      Much of the world CANNOT use it…

  195. Ron says:

    Gas prices have more than doubled under Obama.

    That’s Hoax and Change you can believe in!

    What hasn’t Obama lied about?

    1. 1marg says:

      obama said he would side with the Muslims.

      obama said, ““We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the military.”

      He spoke the truth about both of these things.

  196. born in mombasa says:

    Knowing how much the left hates oil, only a fool would believe this headline.

  197. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Now we know what happens to a college student who graduates last in his class in nursery school economics.

  198. Vette66 says:

    Buy my Volt and I’ll give you $10K for dong that. Look at all the money you save with my “green” car. Of course you’ll have to take out a 15 year loan to pay for it. But Americans that’s your problem. I use AF 1 to get around.

  199. Marine72 says:

    Only a terminally ill, communist Marxist, community organizer B$1t artist.

  200. hawkeyez says:

    How about cut the tax4es on it.

  201. tim says:

    He’s pretty good liar and getting good at keeping a straight face while doing so.

  202. CKAinRedStateUSA says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” Obama said. “I hope politicians from both sides of the aisle join me.”

    The very sad thing is that the uninformed or misinformed who listen to NBCABCCBSMSNBCComedyChannelCNN or read the WaPoNYTLATBostonGlobeAtantalJournalConstitutionChicagoTribune, or their ilk — or the Democrats/progressives/liberals/leftists who believe and upport all that Obama says or does — will hear Obama’s pathological lies and believe him.

    He’s too full of himself to know that what he’s saying now will come back at him this summer and up to the election. And then at the ballot box.

  203. belleboy says:

    Nice try ‘Bummer but your B.S. is not carrying you far anymore.
    Now it’s the turn of we, the taxpayers to hope for change; your defeat in November!

  204. TBOW says:

    Anyone But Obamao

  205. BrainMatter says:

    I’m surprised so many negative Obama comments are allowed on this site.
    LIberals have been slowly snuffing out negative comments about the messiah everywhere.

  206. davec says:

    Hes lying.

    Having automotive engineering background, lemme tallya, he needs to do ONLY ONE thing, and refuses.

    Eliminate CAFE standards and let automaker go balls to the walls for fuel mileage.

    1985 Chevy Chevette diesel, 65 mpg highway new. It gets 55 now at high age and mileage.

    This scam is designed to keep gas sales up.

    Ill give you 60-90 MPG in 2 years.

  207. Lazybum says:

    Really? And Presidents Obama’s resignation is effective as of what date?

  208. fantum says:

    You mean like… 47,500 gallons of jet fuel?

    Spain: Michelle Obama vacations in Spain at $242,000.00 plus $2,500.00 per night 5-Star luxury hotel… Plus 70 Secret Service personnel… Plus Air Force Two, $11,351.00 per hour to operate, Plus 47,500 gallons of jet fuel for this trip and carbon emissions were 1,031 tons! India… $2 BILLION!

    Africa: The First Lady’s family trip to South Africa and Botswana this past June cost Americans over $500,000.00 Air Force aircraft alone for the June 21-27 trip cost $424,142.00 and that doesn’t include the food, lodging, and ground transportation for Mooshelle, her mother, her daughters, two of their cousins, and staff members, totaling over 21 personnel… Also… The first daughters were listed as “senior staff” so add those undisclosed salaries.


    Even Bo, the first dog, gets to cash in on the taxpayer largess. Bo travels on these vacation jaunts in his own private jet (slightly smaller than Moochelle’s 747) It has something to do with Muslims are not allowed to travel with animals. Bo also enjoys the luxury of his own personal trainer (I think he is a Czar) at a salary of $100,000.00.

    Pay Up Suckers! So we can keep Moochelle and Bo happy!

  209. fantum says:

    Does anybody still believe this fruity little Marxist liar?

  210. Archy says:

    More dribble from CBS.

  211. omstrat says:


  212. Jesse says:


  213. MainelyDoc says:

    “Somehow,” Chu said, “we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0212/73138.html#ixzz1okaWy181

  214. Joe S. says:

    It warms my heart to know that we won’t get fooled again (I didn’t vote for him) as Obama is history in November. Oh and don’t get down when you hear the liberal media tell you that he is a shoe in to be re-elected. They are using polls skewed more than 2-1 democrat when the nation is really 2-1 conservative.

  215. Joe S. says:

    Also great to see all the incredibly informative comments. Nothing the Lame Stream Media comes out with with fool my fellow Americans. The liberal media will never stop shilling for this fraud of a president but we are too smart for them. God Bless America!

    1. Attila says:

      They are making a list of all of these informed comments. When the national emergency is declared you will all be rounded up for the camps (many of them already built).

  216. I am the 8.3 percent says:

    Thank for helping President Obama, I have saved a lot in gas the last two years, you know since I’m unemployed and no longer have to drive to work. Thanks for continuing to have less jobs available for me than were available when you got into office, this helps my chances of staying unemployed higher.

  217. 1marg says:

    obamagas is so expensive!

  218. s e says:

    well you don’t see obumernut taking a buss or a train on his vacations .

  219. Tom Tucker says:

    Keep doing??? When did he start doing anything???

  220. ChristianPatriot146 says:

    “O” – You don’t give flyin’ frick about how much we for pay for gas!! You knowingly and methodically assault the economy of this country with the goal of dismantling the Constitution and institutions that are/were the stalwarts of what made this country great. You are the enemy of freedom.

  221. Ron says:

    Yep, Obama is saving us money!!!!!!

    Gas was $1.79 when Obama became President, and now It’s 4$!!!!!!!!!

    What hasn’t Obama lied about?

  222. lee says:

    “Under my plan energy prices will necessarily skyrocket”.
    Things are going just as he planned from the beginning. But, if he wants to have four more years in which to continue his assault on America’s economy, on the constitution (particularly the first and second amendment), and the conversion of our country to a Greek style socialist state, he must now play chameleon and try to fool the idiots who fell for his psycho babble the first time, and also enable enough dead democrats to vote multiple times in order to steal the office once again. TREASON TRIAL, EXECUTION! Not four more years!

  223. HansJurgen says:

    Hey Obummer, we’re going to everything we can to take you out come November!!!! And hopefully throw your rear in jail for lying to the American public about your radical thug connections and your fake birth certificate!!

  224. tdrag says:

    The Chinese are trading in their bicycles for cars. Some enterprizing young Chinese is going to import all of those bikes for us to use because we won’t be able to afford gas!

  225. Socialist Pig says:

    I do not blame President Obama for blocking the Keystone XL pipeline. The Chinese made him do it. Besides, who needs oil when have algae?

  226. Ronbo says:

    Barry is doing nothing but blowing hot air. He’s not going to do anything.

  227. matinva says:

    Yeah, he’s going to save us money at the pump. We’ll save the money we can’t afford to pay for the gas his energy secretary is trying to get up to the prices in Europe. How about that, folks? $8.00 – $9.00 per gallon. I don’t think we elected this bozo to bring us $9.00 gas, do you? Want some REAL ‘Hope and Change’? Vote ABO in November. ‘Anybody BUT Obama’

  228. Winkycat says:

    Yes we can drill our way out of this inflated gas price. We can also drill our way out of foreign dependence. President Obama is well aware that the proven oil reserves to date in the USA surpass the proven oil reserves of the Middle East. IF most or all of our 20% of word consumption comes from the Middle Easts that could be erased with domestic production. President Obama thinks the US population is stupid enough to buy his double talk, while he has put a cap on US drilling in the Gulf coast and practically all domestic drilling including his veto on the Keystone pipeline based on EPA issues while the US is crisscrossed with similar gas and oil lines which have done nothing to damage the environment.

  229. Sick to death of Obama says:

    Pretty soon Americans will have another tuff choice to make. Do they fill up the car, buy groceries for the family or buy that light bulb for the kitchen.

    Yeah, Obama is helping us every way he can – helping us into the permanent dependancy on the Government.

    Thanks for nothing Mr. President.

  230. Winkycat says:

    In addition if he wants to do everything he can to help us save money at the gas station how about giving up his fleet of gas guzzling limousines for a fleet of his green energy cars? why is he being driven in such limousines that consume gas like a drunken sailor while he expects the rest of us to drive in cars which are death traps even in a fender bender. These death mobiles are obviously fine for his peasants while the anointed one is driven in these gas guzzling monsters. How about setting an example for starters.

  231. Attila says:

    Since gas has doubled in price on his watch, what he is doing is not working. As a professional person he should resign to allow someone else to correct the problem

  232. dl tomten says:

    His stated objective is the necessary Increase in energy prices. His energy secretary Longs for our prices to be equivalent of European prices. The left despises our freedom of movement, our freedom of speech. Obama loves the freedom to lie. We must humiliate this creep in November. He is out to destroy the republic.

  233. TravlnTexan says:

    Liar…Liar…pants on fire.

  234. Down and out says:

    A majority of Houston rush hour commuters wasted a lot of gas last night stuck in traffic while you motorcaded into Houston for a political fundraiser. Over $2.0 million you netted while the average person lost money stuck in traffic.

  235. Kinnison says:

    No, he’s not. How is personally calling Senate Democrats to get them to vote down a bill authorizing the Keystone Pipeline “doing all I can” to reduce U.S. gas prices? Not to mention the deliberate foot-dragging on drilling leases engaged in by Obama’s EPA and Department of Energy. What a sham.

  236. urstrange says:

    O.yesicandestroyAmerica is going to make sure ALL of us are unemployed and have no need to gas up our cars. In other words O.killbabykill is going to keep doing just what he’s doing now, because it’s working. How’s that hoax and chains working out for ALL you dumbutts who gave US this reprobate? Probably pretty well if you’re still on endless unemployment, rotting on your couch and not needing to gas up your car until Nov. 2012 when you’ll venture out to vote your entitlement check.

  237. lee says:

    I blame those who voted for him.

  238. Scott says:

    Barrysssssss ssssssssuch a LIAR — It is beyond comprehension… VOTE THIS PERNICIOUS RACIST OUT OF OFFICE AND OUT OF THIS NATION– or we will never recover

    1. daryl says:

      #1 – I would rather pay 7 dollars per gallon to EVERYONE besides Obama’s terrorist friends(I can prove that they are, in fact, his FRIENDS) in the middle east. The devaluation of the dollar through over printing, and over bowworing and over spending…this country has more in uninsured liabilities than the net assets of every single person in this country combines.. This is Obama and Democrats fault and they really should have passed a budget 4 years ago. Gov’t spending is the problem and Obama IS complicit in global terrorism.

    2. daryl says:

      Obama is complicit because of the financial obligations he has, recently, secured by not drilling and not piping.
      Think about the financial, and military support Obama has lent to Libya, Syria, and Egypt to combat their OPPRESSIVE regimes. Post revolution states have become owned by the Muslim brotherhood. Now that there is a legitimate and vocal threat on Israel from Iran ISLAMIST COUNTRY…diplomacy is the only option…guess what would happen if we do nothing and Israel falls? Muslims will win. All of this after the American economy falls, and Obama will have lead a successful infiltration into the American gov’t.

  239. zoozoo says:

    Sorry Mr Obama, but you cannot stop inflation when you have the FED buying our debt so we don’t default. As the economy improves, inflation will go up and up thus never truly letting the economy get better. The damage is done, the current system is unsustainable, and it is time Americans wake up and learn how destructive the federal reserve is.

  240. GaltLine says:

    Sorry Mr President. The where-with-all to accomplish this is above your pay grade. You are not smarter than 300,000,000 Americans making their own best decisions, based on their role in the energy maze. The “invisible hand” will smack you upside the head every time you presume to know more than the next guy.

  241. Michael says:

    Lying piece sack of you know what Obama! You can lower the gas price by go F*** yourself!

  242. SOBERSULY says:

    Reading CBS’s article it sounds like an Axelrod press release. Where is our independent media, oh that’s right they are all in BO’s back pocket.

    The Nation that created the FREE PRESS loses it to the
    Manchurian Candidate and his lackeys.

  243. brstevens says:

    Since Obama does the opposite of what he says I guess $6 gas is an inevitability…

    1. Spanky says:

      “Since Obama does the opposite of what he says I guess $6 gas is an inevitability…”

      W/ Obama, you mean $10/gallon or more…

  244. jeff says:

    He’ll make everyone buy a Volt!

  245. Spanky says:

    “Democrats have a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices…”

    – Nancy Pelosi, August 24, 2006.

    Democrats lie. They have no plans to increase gas supplies, bring down gas prices, or even increase energy supplies. They are clueless.

    1. MainelyDoc says:

      Frankly, I hate the Democrats and everything they stand for: poverty, division and the power of privilege taken by fiat.

  246. Martin R. Forbush says:

    Obama and his energy secretary (who doesn’t even own a car–how out of touch can you get!) will help us save money of fuel prices–they will simply make owning automobiles illegal–problem solved!

  247. FrankR says:

    Same 5 things he has already done:

    1. Spanky says:

      6. Blame Bush.

  248. lew says:

    Going to do everything he can to keep gas prices down = lie number l00,000,000,000,000,000,000, I’ve lost count now.

  249. Lightray9a says:

    Keystone, offshore, and ANWR would produce nearly 2M BBLs of oil per day from KNOWN reserves alone, let alone additional reserves we would discover. AND, it’s oil with less risk (no Straits of Hormuz).

    Open exploration and production of Natural Gas would also reduce gasoline prices. The coming conversion of homes and large vehicles to natural gas will free up oil for gasoline.

    Finally, reversing the regulations Obama has placed on oil refinerees will also reduce gas prices – and do so in the short term. Of course, we KNOW Obama wants high gasoline pirces.

  250. HPS says:

    bet he actually THINKS we believe him.. and haven’t figured out he’s only saying that to get re-elected than UP they will go even higher..same with TAXES .. and everything else.. he’s playing to his base right now and even they believe.. BELIEVE he’s a LIAR..

  251. Troy says:

    “Despite Romney’s assertions, economists say there’s not much a president of either party could do about gasoline prices. The current increases at the pump have been driven by fears of a war with oil-rich Iran and by higher demand in the U.S. as well as in China, India and other growing nations.”

    So much for objective journalism. The reporter is obviously an Obama shill.

  252. Gary Showalter says:

    Nobody has ever accused me of being politically correct, so I will come right out and say that Obama is a damn liar. He is doing nothing to ‘help us bring gas prices down’. Just the opposite, in fact. High gas prices are a major part of the Marxist/Socialist plan to destroy the middle class in this country. Your taxes are going up, your wages (if you have a job) are not and your cost of living is headed for the stratosphere. And gasoline will run over $5.00 a gallon by the end of this year.

  253. Tarmangani says:

    Why would we want to do business with Canada. They are too friendly with us. Obama wants to do business with the people that hate America.

  254. STEVEN G WILLIAMS says:

    So the Marxist in cheif strikes again, yeah he is on it just like all the other things on his to do list. I’m not gunna hold my breath

  255. Bucko says:

    If Obama had his druthers, the freedom that’s provided by owning and being able to drive a car would be stripped away along with all the rest of our liberties. That’s how Obama would like to help us “save” on gasoline.

    If there’s one thing that pleases leftist totalitarians, it’s a dispirited and dependent rabble under the thumb of they the ruling-class.

    These ruling-class creeps are horrible power-starved sophist lunatics. And their useful-idiot liberal “base” are so ignorant it’s beyond sinful.

  256. Jack says:

    No please stop already, you have done enough.

  257. beaker55 says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” Keep doing everything? KEEP DOING??? The only thing you and the Democrats have been doing is 1) Shut down the Gulf until last month in this election year, 2) Shut down Keystone XL, Shut off ANWR, 3) Increased regulations on drilling, 4) Sent U.S. Taxpayer dollars to Brazil to subsidize your pal George Soros’ investments in Petrobras and in your re-election campaign 5) Given my tax money to your friends/supporters and owners of FAILED green companies, and 6) Threatened war with Iran. Jeez, Mr. Obama, how can I possibly thank you for all you’ve done to help me save money on gas?????

  258. Bph says:

    I’ll save a bunch on gas when I get laid off from work because the economy tanks. I won’t be driving to work much but has will still be $7 per gallon

  259. lew says:

    In Obamas 3-1/2 years exactly what if anything has he done that has actually shown to be positive for the country. Nothing. He blubbermouths on TV and anywhere else he can get noticed (been campaigning since 2008) and has shown himself to be nothing but a pawn for evil, a thorn in the side of justice, a total imposter, with ulterior motives, trying to “pull the wool” over every person in this country to achieve his insidious agenda.

  260. Bph says:

    I’ll save a bunch on gas when I get laid off from work because the economy tanks. I won’t be driving to work much but gas will still be $7 per gallon

  261. Bucko says:

    These ruling-class population-control freaks attack individual property rights, they hinder our ability to drive where we please by ensuring fuel prices are a major expense, they hinder us when we try to use airline travel, they try to hinder us in what we eat by whatever direct and indirect tactics they can, they tell us what lightbulbs we are allowed to use in order to “save the planet” from a sham sky-is-falling contrivance, they absolutely LOATHE the First and Second and Fourth Amendments in particular, they constantly are trying to insinuate themselves into controlling the Internet under one pretext or another….

    Yeah, Obama brought us some “hope and change.”

  262. PAT says:

    So you mean that he & Biden are going to resign?!!

    1. Enchanted says:

      That is exactly what I was going to write!!! can’t wait until November

  263. Doc Logan says:

    More BS from the BS artist.

  264. templeknight says:

    And that’s the reason he personally called all those demo-idiot senators and told them not to vote in favor of the republican sponsored keystone pipeline bill. HE along with secretary of energy chu[ who doesn’t even own a car] want you to pay exorbitant fuel prices, it part of dear leaders plan to reduce us and our lifestyles to third world status. looked at your heating bills lately, how about your food bills, the trucks that deliver food run on diesel. And he keeps spending money your great great grandchildren haven’t earned

  265. Doc Welby says:

    Lets see if we drill our own oil why would we care what happens in the middle east. My vote is for the guy that gets into office and finally does something to tap our own energy reserves. It will foster new jobs, and make the US as rich as Middle east countries and our very best friends the Russians. After that let them fight it out I could care less

  266. Jsmith says:

    How serious was the fire in his pants when Obama said that? Or did he go the yard-long nose approach?

  267. deimos says:

    by making it so expensive we can’t afford to buy it?

  268. Shorty says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future” … Obama is a BIG FAT LIAR. If he meant what he said he would approve the Keystone pipeline and he would allow more drilling and exploration on Federal lands. Impeachment is warranted for his wanton disregard for the Constitution he swore to uphold.

  269. Andy314159 says:

    Maybe we can’t drill our way to lower gas prices this time – but it has always worked in the past so we might as well give it a try. It certainly isn’t going to hurt. Anyone wants to spend less at the pump better vote Republican in November.

    The R’s would certainly approve Keystone and more drilling. They may or may not choose to be responsible otherwise. If the R’s don’t behave this time around you can always throw them out again in 2014.

  270. UnPCdMOM says:

    He’s SO hepful (NOT) He wants you to believe losing your job and being on unemployment isn’t that bad cause you’ll save gas money since you wont have to go to work. Of course its VERY hard to buy groceries when your benefits are HALF your previous wages and the prices all went up 30 to 50%
    BUT remember he really feels for you, especially at those 35,000 a head dinner/fundraisers!

  271. yoodles says:

    All platitudes, no leadership. I wish the media would work a story a bit more then just repeating what Obama says. I

    f Obama wanted lower gas prices he would be encouraging more drilling of federally help lands, stop blocking pipelines, giving out more permits where available and stop demonizing oil companies for a start.

    Truth is Obama does not care how much we are paying at the pump, he hates oil, although our economic system depends on it currently and as he stated, we use 20 % of the supply…therefore we need it.

    This guy is a joke.

  272. Corey says:

    I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” Obama said
    Translation “just before the election I’ll hand out free gas cards for your votes”

  273. onthedot says:

    If any CEO said, “I promise, I’ll fix it,” after the problem doubled since he took the position, the management would can him so fast his head would spin. Unfortunately, we have to wait until January 2013.

  274. John says:

    I guess the President missed the connection between supply and demand while taking communiy organizer courses in college.

  275. Jim Robertson says:

    He read the teleprompter incorrectly. He meant to say “….lose money on gas”

  276. SHADOW100 says:



  277. tim says:

    He’s going to continue to do what he can to make the price of energy necessarily skyrocket under his plan.

  278. Heywood Jablome says:

    Notice there was no mention of what his plans were to “help us save money on gas.

  279. Yukiko says:

    If you people would just listen to the Obama and keep your tire pressure at the correct amount you wouldn’ t have to worry about gas prices.

  280. Jim says:

    He chided Republicans for their bumper sticker approach to gas prices, unlike his bumper sticker campaign ion 08 And how can he say with straight face he “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” gas when he took office $1.89, gas today $3.69, thats up 100% this guy is the biggest fraud

  281. jschmidt says:

    I am so sick and tired of the Democrats lies that they care about anyone but their own re-election. THis president has never stopped campaign and that may be a good thing since it is obvious he has no idea how to govern, how to encourage economic growth. But he does spend other people’s money very well. ABO- ANybody but Obama should be the rallying cry of the voters.

  282. TJ says:

    Didn’t he say he can’t be blamed for high gas prices? If he can lower them, then certainly, he is to blame for them rising.

    1. pinouye says:

      It’s his “let me be clear” moment. I’ll paraphase:

      Obama cannot be blamed for higher gas prices because the President cannot control that, but Obama (and the Dems) certainly had no problem blaming GWBush and Cheney when there were high gas prices a few years ago. However, Obama WILL continue to fight for lower gas prices. [Wait..did I get that correct?]

  283. jschmidt says:

    Rasmussen poll-Obama Strongly Approve: 25%… Strongly Disapprove: 44%… Approval Index: -19… Total Approval: 44%
    Rasmussen Daily Tracking: #Romney: 48%, #Obama: 43%… #Santorum: 46%, Obama 45%

    There still may be hope for a change.

  284. Selftrack says:

    Gasoline is the gift that keeps on taking (pun intended). When oil/gasoline prices go up we feel the increase almost immediately at the pump. As the prices remain high and continue to climb, the transportation and production costs of products are influenced by higher gas prices and eventually these costs are felt in nearly every product we buy; groceries, clothes, etc. Gasoline is the one product in the economy that directly effects the costs or all other products on the market. At some point we have to start analyzing Obama’s actions, not his words. This President is fully vested in alternative energy sources and hates oil. If we came up with some magic bullet alternative energy source tomorrow, it would still take us over 5 decades to ween ourselves off of oil. So we still need oil, and lots of it, for many, many years to come. Why don’t we let science and the market drive these issues rather than some ideological political beliefs?

  285. Luxomni says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future”, except allow you to build that damn pipeline or drill for oil in the US, Alaska, or offshore.

  286. Hank's had enough says:

    He’s done all he can between vacations, golf and campaigning. I want to congratulate all those who voted for him. He never rested working on jobs and the economy, except for health care, pushing abortion and contraception and subsidizing green energy and his contributors. Transparent????

  287. jschmidt says:

    BTW anyone notice the price of diesel? That cost gets passed along by shipper to every product that gets shipped for a double whammy. Plus the governments are making out like bandits because the gas taxes are sometimes a flat rate and sometimes an indexed percentage. So as the price goes up states and the Feds are racking in more money for each increase. How about a government windfall profits rebate or a cap on the taxes charged.

    1. davec says:

      EXACTLY, then look at the cost of oil into AGRICULTURE.

      Rough guestimate, crude oil goes into Agriculture, what, 15-20 times between making seed to plant and a finished food product?

  288. jschmidt says:

    In CT a cap on gas taxes was proposed by the Republicans but the Dems who control the state legislature and the govs chair are not giving up the tax money. ANd they complain about corporate greed. Hypocrites.

  289. flackjacket5 says:

    Pay no attention to what you’re seeing. Listen to what I’m telling you. Listen to my voice. You’re getting very sleepy…very sleepy. When I snap my fingers it will be 2013…and you will own a Chevy Volt.

  290. driveby_poster says:

    So, the other day Obama claimed presidents have no influence or control over gas prices, but today he is doing everything possible to keep them down.

    Talk about having it both ways, sounds like he was lying either or both times.

  291. Sheriff Jayne says:


  292. Andrew says:

    Obama’s idea on how to accomplish lower energy costs have thus far been to promote a General Motors failure called the “VOLT” which is being proven to be utter nonsense since it still requires coal and nuclear generated electricity to charge… even if it did not catch fire and burn like hell !!!!

    His next brilliant idea is to throw out the Edison light bulb which costs a couple dollars and replace it with the cheapest available from Phillips at $50.00 PER BULB! I kid you not.

    I am thinking his solution to our gasoline prices is to wait until it’s $50.00 per gallon to effect CHANGE!

  293. RHO says:

    Oh yeah. Like kill an oil pipeline, shut down drilling in the Gulf, kill drilling permits wherever possible. What a liar. He said in the 2008 campaign he wants skyrocketing energy and gas prices. This is exactly what he wants. He is the worst POTUS in US history, bar none.

  294. vermonter says:

    Let me see, the only phrase that come to mind after reading this is: Obama lies!

  295. Ron Pavellas says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future.” It’s not clear to me what he’s done (and it clearly hasn’t worked) and what he will do that is different from hasn’t worked. Oh, I get it–“Trust me, I’ll think of something, so be sure to vote for me again”.

  296. Kevin says:

    He is right “WE” can’t drill our way out of this…… but if HE would get out of the way of people who can help drill our way out of this it would be a start. There are a trillion barrels in the Green River formation alone. I am convinced that all the concern about the environment by people who fly around in huge jets and ride around in limos is disingenuous.

  297. Beard says:

    Nobody believes you Obama. This is the one area you can’t twist or lie about because we see it every time we drive past a gas station.

  298. ADM says:

    This total POS could care less one way or the other. He plans on massive election fraud to stay in The House. The wheels are already turning.

  299. Osamas Pajamas says:

    What a phony. And the man whom OhBummer and the Democrats are trying to destroy — Rush Limbaugh — has a much better approach — an “all of the above” approach to energy because in some situations some generation methods are better than others — but oil for the foreseeable future will continue to be the mainstay of transport and significant other energy applications. And of course natural gas, coal and nuclear. The anti-petro partisans of the political left have no problem with choking off the American economy in the name of their “green” ideology. OhBummer’s so-called “facts” on oil production and the utility of drilling now and building new refining capabilities now are widely challenged but largely unreported by his sycophants in the corrupt, complicit and compliant Democrat-captured media. They’re not journalists — they’re just cheap propagandists and without them covering his axx, OhBummer would have crashed and burned a very long time ago.

  300. Barrak says:

    CBS, your source of disinformation….

  301. Shepherd says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas,” Thanks Barry. We’ll expect your resignation first thing Monday morning.

  302. Osamas Pajamas says:

    CBS protects OhBummer from his harshest critics.

  303. NOBAMA 2012 says:


    NOBAMA 2012

  304. FuzzyMath says:

    President Obama said he will do all he can to lower gas prices. He just committed political suicide because he is powerless to stop the rise in gas prices. By saying he is doing all he can, he just showed what an inept leader he is. Gas prices will continue to rise and the “annointed one” can’t do anything to stop them. He is a zero based President and the sooner we vote him out of office the better our nation will be!

  305. Jack says:

    If Obama will give me 5 Billion I can develop a solar powered car!. If I don’t I will give back .001% of the money back!

  306. Kevin says:

    Obama’s always saying solar, wind, other alternative fuels, better gas mileage, etc will bring down our energy costs….. but this is only if we can AFFORD it! I can’t even afford to buy a used car, let alone a new one in this lousy ObamaEconomy!

  307. Kevin says:

    How in the heck can I save money working in construction driving an electric truck!?! …er, a wind or solar powered one. er…, a truck big enough to haul only one shovel….er, wait! I can’t even afford to buy a used- much less a new- truck in this pitiful ObamaEconomy!

    Next he’ll be telling us what food we can eat….can anybody say Soylent Green!?!

    1. tp517 says:

      It’s called pink slime.
      Google it.

  308. tp517 says:

    It’s the party of NO!
    No energy.
    No birth crtificate.
    No Freedom and… No jobs.

  309. worddust says:

    This is a joke, right?

  310. Dryden01 says:

    The best thing he can do to help for starters is to fire Commissar Chu and then resign himself immediately afterwards. We need low gas prices now and all he offers is algae.

  311. Gringo says:

    Lying pendejo POS !!!

  312. King and Queen Hussein Obama says:

    Pres. Food Stamp’s Hope & Change economic Depression – keep drinking the Kool-Aid…

  313. Phuoque Obama says:

    If cars ran on bull$h1t, Obama could power the world’s cars for as long as he lives.

  314. anon says:

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    Thanks to this horrible economy, which may not have been caused by you, but which you have kept bad through your failed policies, I cannot afford any of your fancy new hybrid or electric cars. Neither can I afford the new $50 light bulbs which your administration awarded a company $10M for making “affordable.”

    The best thing you can do for me to help me keep gas costs down: resign.


    One of your subjects

  315. rc0213 says:

    Obama keeps being so two faced. His words always is opposite of what he is really doing. At least he is consistent. LOL We need him out today, not just Nov. His NDAA, 30000 drones and internet monitoring the last 30 days is just the beginning of his last minute attempt to totally turn this society into a totalitarian state.

  316. john says:

    i used to support obama, but i have to say, he is the worst president ever,
    my next vote is going to be for an honest american.
    don’t forget KEYSTONE pipeline.!!!!!!!!

  317. Emma53 says:

    It appears that the only people still believing Obama is the Mainstream Media. I never thought I would live to see the day when PRAVDA would be a more thorough and reliable source of news.

  318. Kevin says:

    Having Obama plan our economy is like having Che design Cuba’s economy. Both were “Community Organizers” with no experience in economics.

  319. seaden says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,” Obama said. ”

    So far he’s helped by putting a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, 12% reduction in issuing permits to drill for oil on Federal lands and off shore, obstruction of the Keystone pipeline, frivolous new regulation to discourage exploration and and appointing a energy secretary who wants gasoline prices to get to those in Europe $9.00-$10.00 per gallon.

    Gasoline was $1.71 a gallon in Nationwide when he took office, now it’s $4.00 on it’s way to $6.00.

    His actions speak much louder than his words!

  320. RowJimmy says:

    Yes he’ll do everything except that which wil actually bring down price, DRILL FOR MORE OIL HERE IN THE USA!

    November hurry up and get here so we can get rid of this idiot.

  321. Peacher and Cream says:

    A little late and $1 Short.

    Where were you for the PAST 4 Years President OBama…

    When will you actcually START WORKING YOUR JOB… and stop TALKING about it all…

    Winners TAKE ACTION….. Looser just Talk Talk Talk…

    Vote them ALL OUT in 2012

  322. Texasbil says:

    Are there really people in the United States that believe anything that obama says?????

  323. Ron says:

    To a serial liar like Obama, he really is saving you money on gas, even though GAS PRICES MORE THAN DOUBLE UNDER OBAMA……..

    I guess it all depends on the real meaning of save!

    What hasn’t Obama lied about?

  324. OutofWork says:

    Obama helped me save money on gas. I lost my job in his bad economy. Therefore I don’t have to go to work. Thank you Obama.

  325. techwreck says:

    Mr. President, we have heard “do all I can” before and you do nothing.

    How about giving us a specific plan … for anything … and then sticking to it, because you are not doing anything but campaigning … at out expense!

  326. R. Caldwell says:

    I think the whole gas price is a route to start the rally for yet another government entitlement just in time for the election.

    Follow the logic:
    1. “Blame” speculators but then give the speculators fuel to speculate. Iran shuts down the Straights of Hormuz, Obama shuts down drilling and exploration by 70+% on federal waters and land leases,then he shutsdown the Keystone Pipeline. All signals that energy prices can and should go up.

    2. His entire administration has been about raising energy prices (coal and oil specifically) by cutting pathways to available supply. When he says drilling isnot the “silver bullet” he is absolutely correct, but it is part of the “all of the above” plan and more importantly, it is a signal that we are going to do everything we can to become more independent. Now, he is entertaining the idea of opening the Strategic Oil Reserve to increase the supply as he knows that the higher gas prices will affect the way people vote in Novemenber.

    3. For the first time we have exported more refined products than consumed domestically. Reason is there are so many idle factories that are not consuming energy. My business is in energy conversion – we are still shutting down plants where oil and / or natural gas was consumed to produce (i.e. jobs).

    My prediction – – $6.00 gas and then the administration develops a boild plan to assist the working families for the values delivered by the speculators on Wall Street for (which he fanning the flames)

  327. Abrevaderci says:

    Simple, tank the economy, people have to walk, people go hungry, our fat people will lose wait. We get healthy. Great plan!

  328. JAL says:

    I remeber the gas lines in 1973 when OPEC cutoff oil to the west; I remember gas lines in 1979 when the mullahs took over in Iran: I remember gas at 35 cents a gallon’ $1.00 a gallon; $1.50 a gallon; $2.00 a gallon; $2.50 a gallon; and even $3.00 a gallon! For this President to say we cannot drill our way to lower gas prices is an out and out lie! It’s the Democrats and their Environmentalist Nut Case allies who have shut down drilling over the past 39 years! It’s time to say, “to hell with all of you”, throw them out of office and elect people with some brains and common sense! Their is no reason why we cannot be energy independent! Oil is the fuel of democrocy and Lord knows we have an abundance of oil and natural gas! Get out of the way Barack!

  329. Roddy Piper says:

    I cannot bellieve that there are still people out there that support this empty suit.

  330. YankeeI says:

    Lie number 4,000! Unfortunately, too many in this country buy into his c*ap and actually do some of the stupid things he suggests. There is nothing more disturbing to me than seeing some senior citizen, who has probably worked most of their lives, driving around in one of those dumb arse “Smart Cars” or a PRIUS thinking that somehow they are saving the planet! They should be traveling in luxury and telling the envirowackos to kiss their butts!

  331. the swami says:

    ……”I’l do everything I can”….except…. drill for more oil, build another refinery, allow the pipeline to be built, or open up new areas for exploration,

  332. Bidwell says:

    I feel like I am in “Groundhog Day” Every day it is the same insanity from this guy. i CAN’T TAKE IT. gas is $4.50 here in San Franciso. This traitor Manchurian candidate gave a billion US tax dollars to Brazil for them to explore for oil but shuts down our production in the gulf. Our media never reports on this. Between that and Keystone, what are we, the working poor, supposed to think when this traitor says he is doing all he can to lower prices? Get real.
    Who does this guy serve because it isn’t us.

  333. Get a grip, it's not that easy to explain says:

    I know how we can help. Let’s all sit at our computers and toss labels back and forth at each. Here, I’ll call you a liberal, and you call me a conservative.

    We’ll cry and whine all day… herp da derp that’ll show em.

    ____’s fault! If it wasn’t for _____ we’d all be living in Utopia.

    This is what we’ve become. So sad.

  334. blyutz says:

    At times like this, I always ask myself, “What would Ted Danson do?”.

  335. Chaz54 says:

    I am one conservative who has held out hope that obama would get this issue settled for our great country. Now I am of the belief that we can sustain 8 more months of high prices so that we do not have to endure 4 more years of this dufus!

  336. phillysmart says:

    Democrats are not about helping Americans….they hate America as is…thats why they are against oil production and independence from foreign dependacy…the president said it he wants to TRANSFORM the country to something which is not good for any of us …he is a commuist…the proof is out there

  337. teg daken says:

    What world is this guy living in? Everything he does or says is always the exact opposite of the truth or actuality

  338. Paolo says:

    Obama is nothing but a liar, incapable of honesty. He belongs behind bars.

  339. phillysmart says:

    It is simply ridiculous not to develop the resouces we have …there is no logical reason not to only to change the country into a gvernment controlled entity with no private interest…its called communism

  340. teg daken says:

    This guy lies so much to others and himself, he no longer knows what the real truth is….pitiful

  341. Dan Austin says:

    Another way that Obama is raising the price of gas is through massive government spending with money we don’t have. That causes inflation, which raises the price of eveything, including gold and oil. Experts even attribute a significant amount of the ‘improved’ stock market not to better production or profits, but simply because it takes more dollars to buy anything, including shares of stock.

  342. James says:

    With all due respect (zero in this case), I seriously doubt that Obama funneling billions more dollars to his “green” cronies will do anything to lower gas prices.

  343. Denis Meyers says:

    Liar. Kill the Canadian pipeline that would create jobs and eventually ease the gas supply problem and then state that you are tirelessly working to create jobs and ease the price of fuel? Mr. Obama do you honestly think we are THAT stupid????

    And we can drill our way out of the current situation and become energy independent but that would offend and harm Mr. Obama’s Islamic friends in the Middle East.

    I hope America wakes up this November!

    ABB-12 = Anybody but Barry in 2012

  344. VOTER says:

    What a giant piece of excrement he is. LIAR!

  345. Daisy says:

    “…. economists say there’s not much a president of either party could do about gasoline prices. The current increases at the pump have been driven by fears of a war with oil-rich Iran ….”

    Pertinent: Obama has fomented this very distinct possibility of war w/Iran. His first big campaign speech directly after becoming POTUS was in Cairo where he began his Community Organization of the takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood. He named this atrocity the “Arab Spring”. Eventually, he invaded Libya and had Ghadfi replaced by Islamists.

  346. pmxpilot says:

    Obama should have never been elected. He is worse than useless. He is dangerous. We need to vote him out of office and get rid of the Department of Energy. Government is siphoning us dry. It’s not just with gasoline, but even worse with his alternate energy proposals and stimulus deals.

    Why are these characters not rotting in jail for corruption?
    SANJAY WAGLE, former DOE Adviser: Connected with VantagePoint Venture Partners, for $2,46 billion in Energy Department financing to companies in which the firm is invested.
    DAVID PREND, chairman, Solr Technology Advisory Panel, connected to Rockport Capital, for $558 million in Energy Department financing to companies in which his form is invested.
    STEVE SPINNER, former DOE Loan Advisor, whose wife’s law firm, Wilson Sonsini, filed for DOE grants of $2.75 billion for companies, including Solyndra, for DOE financing.
    STEVE WESTLY, Member, Secretary’s Advisory Board, Connected with the Westly Group, for $600 million in DOE financing to companies in which his firm invested.
    DAVID DANIELSON, Solar Program Adviser, connected to General Catalyst, for $105 million in DOE financing in companies in which his firm invested.
    DAVID SANDALOW, Assistant Secretary, consultant to Good Energies, for $737 million in DOE financing in companies his firm invested.
    and PRESIDENT OBAMA for orchestrating this Mafia-style CORRUPTION!

  347. No One Important says:

    If we had ignored liberals 30 years ago when they said “drilling won’t help us now. . .” we wouldn’t be in this mess. If supply has nothing to do with it, then why tap the SPR, hmmmm?

    Obama blithers abour reducing the demand, but doesn’t acknowledge that China will keep demanding more. . . .so his strangling our energy production/use won’t do anything but hurt us. . . .

    His economic ignorance is astounding. . . .and his non-stop idelogical positions are going to destroy us. . . .

    2012 – the end of an error. . .

  348. Michael D Dirmeier says:

    “As a first step toward helping you to save money on gasoline, I have issued a Presidential edict, oh, I mean Presidential Order, oh, I mean Executive Order, yes, that’s it, an Executive Order, that’s how Ia proper President dictates to his grateful people, mandating that everyone in the United States ride bicycles to work. You no longer are allowed to drive automobiles or those gas-guzzling trucks or SUVs to work. Yes, I know the Republicans will say, ‘That’s crazy. What about the people who live too far from work.’ You know, the same old Republican lies about everything I do is wrong.
    “Well, this is the right move at the right time. You all are too far and too lazy, anyway, so making you bicycle to work will be good for you. And, it will save you money. So hustle out and get those bikes, folks, because that’s the law.
    “This law does not apply to elected officials and city, county, state or federal workers. Their jobs are too important and they need to be able to travel for their work, so they can continue to commute via automobile, truck and SUV to their jobs. Those that can commute via bicycle are encouraged to do so, but we understand how important you and your jobs are, so we have to make an exception to you. And, thank you for your service to this great nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

  349. killerbee says:

    “I AM GOING TO KEEP DO EVERYHING”??????????? Uh, pal?? Please, just step away from the gas pump. The word “keep” insinuates that YOU are actually doing something to lower gas but since we’re at an ALL TIME HIGH, YOU ARE FAILING. (shocking). Go play golf or fly to Saudi and bow at some gown wearing dorks.

  350. pitter43 says:

    If obama says he’s going to do everything he can to keep prices down, why is every policy of his meant to drive prices up?

  351. Gary says:

    Get this fool off of the stage. Nobody with a functioning brain listens to this contumelious person any longer. He’s a fool and toxic to our nation as well as the rest of the world.

  352. killerbee says:

    Remember when Idiot Nancy Pelosi-Mao was killing President George W. Bush about gas prices at $3.00??? President George W. Bush called a 5 minute press conference on a sleepy Tuesday afternoon where he simply screamed, “DRILL, BABY, DRILL”, turned around and walked back into the White House. GAS prices DROPPED in mere MINUTES WITH GAS BEING $1,89 WHEN HE LEFT OFFICE. But our boiy Barry is just soooo confused why we all don’t want to rife choo-choo trains and golf carts.

  353. EeebeeE says:

    Typical simpleton liberal arguments look at a single facet of an issue and ignore everything else. Just like the global warming alarmists focus solely on CO2 emissions and do not factor things like earth orbit and rotation fluctuations, or solar intensity changes, BO (and yes, he does stink!) says “Oil is the energy of the past” and wants us to abandon it before we have an energy of the future. Yes we do need to look at new resources, but we still need to drill our way out of this mess in the short term.

  354. jim says:

    This is for the attackwatchers.
    Your man is a liar.
    I live on the front lines, I am part of the 50%, I pay taxes.
    I am living paycheck to paycheck are you?
    I pay for gas right now it is $3.55 your man obama pays nothing. I pay for his jet flights-report me. I pay for his campaign transportation.
    His energy plan is higher gas prices so energy secretary chu can force us to buy a volt. Chu does not drive.
    I have 14% unemployment in my county—report that watchers.
    We can drill ourselves out of your administration. We can no longer wait 10 years. Lets remember this this group works for us.
    Watchers remember this, if we get 4 more years we will be finished as a country. Its not a threat, this is real and factual I will predict this I am not a fortune teller like Obama, but I feel this I am part of the 50%, I live on the front lines I live paycheck to paycheck and I live in realville for all of the watchers out their who want to report back to Obama-I am hurting here and now. I do not work or collect anything from this government.–enjoy

  355. HerrSTig says:

    The Dweeb in Chief had all the answers when he was running in 2008, HE KNEW how a president could lower gas prices. Problem is, he’s on the OTHER side of it now and all he can do is complain that he can’t DO anything. “Bammo, thy god is Janus.

  356. No One Important says:

    Anyone remember Bush going to the Saudis asking for more oil, and the Saudis just outright asked him “why do you not just drill for your own oil?”

    Simple question. . . . .and a good question.

    Obama has closed 90% of what Bush opened for offshore drilling. Just go look at a map from our own government site. Look at the drilling areas that were open when he came into office versus now.

    Go look at the map at the house natural resources committee. . . .it shows you what was open when Obama took office, and what he’s doing now.

    Obama counts on you being too lazy and ignorant to go look at the facts.

    I say states should ignore the federal government just like the Obama administration (Salazar) gives the federal courts the finger on releasing new drilling permits.

    The states should just promote their own energy policies and go the “nullification” route. . . .just ignore the federal government regulations and start cutting deals with energy companies. Tax rebates in exchange for new roads. . . .in exchange for schools, etc. Control your own energy destiny.

    Hey, Obama ignores the constitution. Obama’s administration gives the finger to the federal courts. . . .let the states start giving the federal government the fingers.

    And when the Obama administration shrieks, just tell them “so sue me since it seems to be the only thing you know how to do.”

  357. dugway says:

    WARNING DANGER! Classic young democrat post: Obama-Biden 2012: YES WE CAN…AGAIN!: “I am reporting all 81 comments on this page to http://www.AttackWatch.net

    My reply:
    1) Uh, so?? Since you think “telling” on us will do some good, it’s certain that the admin will be not able to counter-argue the points made here, so must must think Obama can shut us up by ordering a hellfire missile through the window of every poster.
    2) Conservatives aren’t afraid of the “neener neener, I’m telling” attitude of young left wing punks – we on the right believe in the power of the first (and second) amendments – catch us if you can!
    3) We are mad as hell, and we aren’t going to take it anymore!

    ABO 2012

  358. HerrSTig says:

    One SURE way to keep gas prices up is to NOT build pipelines or drill. Ya don’t need to be an Affirmative Action Harrrvard student to figure THAT out.

  359. Cogito says:

    He plans to help us save on gas by forcing us into those little electric vehicles he has been subsidizing. if he can drive gas prices high enough, it will neutralize the high price of electric cars.

    It is the same way that the United Mine Workers drove up the cost of coal to the extent there was profitability in locating and drilling for oil. In fact, John L. Lewis made big oil what it is today. Most big oil CEO have a picture of JLL over their desks acknowleging him as their most sucessful VP of Marketing in Oil history. Of course, the UMW fed upon themselves until there is little left.

    The Chevy volt allows you to operate on for 25 miles, and then to shift to gas for the next 245 miles. That is O.K. if you do not need to travel more than 270 miles. If you need to travel further you have to wait 10 hours for your battery recharge.

    Consumer Reports bought one of those electric sports car we gave Al Gore $529 million dollars to manufacture…in Sweeden. It cost $109,000. They could not test it because it broke down before they could get it to the test track.

    Google it.

  360. rick says:

    You want to KEEP HELPING Mr President?. Then drop …..

  361. Steve Bensen says:

    Obama only wants to allow US Citizens to have diamond encrusted energy that costs ten times what oil energy costs. In other words his entore existeance is dedicated to bankrupting each and every one of us.

  362. Tim Dearman says:

    Obama has his head so far up his posterior that a window in his stomach wouldn’t help him see where he is going.

    3 years is not enough time to evaluate a pipeline route. And they could not tell that that route passed through contested regions after a week?

    What a putz.

  363. Rick says:

    Typical Obama. “I’ll do everything I can that does not require lifting a finger.”

  364. Jimbo says:

    Maybe Obama shouldn’t try so hard.

  365. H says:

    Obama: I have spoken. You will believe me.

  366. Matador527 says:

    Obama the Magnificence’s plan to make sure that Americans don’t spend too much on their gas is to make sure that there isn’t any available. Problem solved!

  367. fbanta says:

    How many lies does it take before one accepts that nothing BOzo says is credible?

    Illegal moratorium on deep-water drilling in the Gulf; illegal refusal to grant exploration and development permits; refusal to open known reserves to development; ceaseless attack on coal that threatens 20% of our electric generating capacity that will have to be made-up by fossil fuels; and of course idiotic delays in the Keystone pipeline.

    How many Billions of borrowed dollars has he wasted on grants gifted to his supporters in the fallacious promise of developing alternative energy sources that have proven to be not practical, sustainable or cost effective.

    Either he is incomparably stupid regarding how his decisions, even regarding long term solutions, impact current conditions; or he is intentionally attempting to hamstring American energy independence. In either case he is the wrong man for the job he has been given.

  368. Airmail56 says:

    Another Day, Another obama lie…

  369. Sick of Nigeroids says:

    GO BACK to AFRIKA you BLAK RAT !!!!!

    That will bring DOWN GAS PRICES!!!!!

  370. fbanta says:

    The public discourse on oil prices ignores the primary contributing factor to high prices: the rapidly devaluing of the dollar. When Obama took office an ounce of gold cost $858 and a barrel of oil cost $53.56. Today they are $1713 and $108 respectively representing a 50% decline in the value of the dollar during the Obama administration. This is a result of the FED printing Trillions in worthless scrip; combined with the explosively out of control spending of Obama.

    On every front Obama has set a course to destroy America. He must not be permitted to complete his heinous plans. He should be impeached for usurping powers never delegated to him; but at a minimum he must not be re-elected.

  371. Florida Jim says:

    Obama says “my administration is drilling more oil than any administration ever” that is because George Buish passed a bill to open more drilling and it has taken years because of the EPA and environmental delay tactics not anything to do with Obama simply another lie. Let me explain if you do nothjing and claim credit for someone else’s efforts you are a LIAR, and a hypocrite. Does that help those who question the authenticity of Obama’s statements? He lies every paragraph in some way either by obfuscation , miss statement or outright knowlngly telling us a lie. The man is despicable.

  372. DetterDan says:

    Yeah, he is doing everything he can. He pushed off the gulf oil derecks to Brazil, Soros benefited. He stopped the pipeline, China benefits…he has done more by apologizing aka facilitating the Arab rush to choas than Jimmy Bob Carter.

    Yeah, he is doing everything he can…and he will admit he is running for a second term and the media is just now vetting the man? Simply slow witted people.

    Obama has violated the constitution on more than one account…performing functions without appropriations is suppose to get you in trouble but not for Team O, Anti-Deficiency Act..

    EOs, more than all presidents combined, golfing more than all presidents combined. Partying, more than all presidents combined. Wasteful trips, more than all presidents combined.

    I could care less who wins the REP position, I am voting against Obama. I have had enough…

    Gas prices, food prices, crushed housing market, he failed spending has put many on the edge…he has pushed down harder than anyone had expected.

    Yeah he reaches across the isle to slap the other side…and the OWS is a Soros, Obama fabricated Francis Fox Piven moment. Check out Craigslist to apply. You can get paid to be a far left wing-nut…that is if you need the money and want to compromise your values…which they know they can do in a weak economy…I applied, got a call immediately just to see how desperate they be…I did not take the 385 bucks a week to pretend to be what they appear to be to the media…and the media, they propped up Obama, they are the ones that are responsible for his election and they are fools and should be outed of their jobs.

  373. B C says:

    US President is powerless over the global Oil market. In fact, the entire federal government is powerless over the global economy in a sense because in the end, market forces always win out over central planners.

    1. John Clark says:

      Then why does he waste oil from the Strategic Reserve if he has no control over the oil market? Either he does or he doesn’t.

  374. sandiego1969 says:

    how do you know a politician is lying? his lips are moving.

  375. Bombastic says:

    Like what Obama? What are you going to do?

    Just more BS; we would all be better off without you. And any way you go out is super fine by me.

  376. B. Young says:

    So, it was Bush’s fault when we had high gas prices in 2005 and 2007, but it’s not Obummers fault now? You can’t have it both ways. Bush signed an Eexcutive order to open up new drilling off the East Coast, Gulf Coast, West Coast, and Alaska and what happened? Oil prices dropped LIKE A ROCK! Obummer took office and reversed almost the entire lot. What has happened since? Oil has gone up, up, up. I’m not sure how their math works, but in my world 2 plus 2 equals 4.

  377. NeonLeon says:

    If you don’t know that Obama is a liar by now, then you have no clue what is going on.

  378. jon says:

    Obama is only fooling his brain dead base, the majority of us know he has done the exact opposite and is responsible for higher prices. He stopped every inititiative that would give us energy independence

  379. Matt says:

    Yeah, he’ll ‘do everything he can to help you save money on gas’, but he won’t do a thing to LOWER gas prices!!!!! He, and his entire Administration want higher gas prices!!!! They want higher gas prices because they think it will force you to buy an electric car!!!! And the don’t care how much that cost you!!!!!

  380. John Malverne says:

    Why is Obama making gas so expensive? Why did he kick the rigs out of the Gulf? Why is he canceling oil pipelines? Is it because he wants to make energy prices “skyrocket”, as he promised in 2008?

  381. jharry3 says:

    Anyone who believes one word the Wonder Child says deverves what they get. The problem is I don’t deserve what you get and I’m gonna suffer all the same. We can drill to get more oil – there is plenty of it. Solar is and allways be limited to the sunlight power available per square meter – Its not enough – there is no force multiplier for sunlight. If the imbeciles studied physics instead of marxism and equality they would know this.
    And then the Wonder Child stopped the pipeline killing union jobs – strike one.
    He is trying to force the Catholic Church to abandon its principles – strike two.

  382. Mike says:

    The overwhelming perception of obama is that he would be high fiving everyone in the white house if he could run up gas prices to ten dollars a gallon, that that perception is almost certainly correct.

    Campaigning on being all about low gas prices when his leadership has produced high gas prices and he stands for green energy that is uneconomical without high fuel prices is too absurdly, obviously dishonest even for the smooth talking obama.

  383. gettheBOout says:

    The only we can be assured that gas prices are reduced is if you resign.
    Doing so will make the seas rise, the ice freeze, the nation to rejoice.
    I wish you a wonderful civilian life and you can return to Chicago and organize the community.

  384. sb36695 says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas” by forcing you to use alternative energy. Do as I say, not as I do.

  385. bob says:

    “I’m going to do everything” which translated means “I’m going to tell you everything you want to hear regardless of the truth ala Saul Alinsky”. Remember this idiot knows how to lie to a feeble minded entitlement lusting public. All communists have done this (class warfare ala Mao et al). He has been mentored by Bill Ayers. Its better to remember this idiot’s actual words during the 08 campaign. (paraphrased) “You can build a coal burning power plant put I will cap and trade it and you will necessarily go out of business”. Does that sound like a president that wants a strong energy independent nation?

  386. bob says:

    The best and most immediate way to reduce global warming is to have high gas prices. Now that prices are over $5 in a recession (also made horrible by this idiot) there will be much less driving. His plan is working wonderfully. I am sure his idiot supporters can’t wait to re-elect him

  387. tonymo says:

    In fact, right after I pay off your mortgages, I’m going topay for your gas until November 1st! Simply send your union ID, or your Democrat party registration card.

    Now, I expect the “enemy” (Republicans) will attempt to paint this as pandering, but that is who they are!

  388. gneubeck says:

    There was a time when such pronouncements from an American President would have been considered ‘Treasonous’: “I will cut the American military force structure to a level that will not be perceived as a threat by our Middle-East brethren.” – And, the latest from the Obama Administration: “America will only commit our military forces to combat with the approval of the Inter-National Community. After which, we will inform the Congress.”
    One must wonder which of our adversarial Dictators will be the first to die from hysterics at the pronouncements of the leader of a Nation that was once considered to be the lone Super-Power in the World?
    Should we be surprised at the consequences of placing a fanatical Muslim Socialist in the presidency of the United States? His teleprompters have proven to be lethal weapons in beguiling the willing lemmings.
    For those who remain reluctant to recognize Obama for the radical ideology that he represents, simply make it your responsibility as a loyal American to vett the fanatical collection of unelected TSARS, his Shadow Cabinet, that Obama has inundated the WH with; and, who are formulating/implementing Administration Policy on a daily basis. Obama’s perverted view of American society is unequivocally reflected in his choice of these White House TSARS. Individuals who reflect some of the most radical extremist philosophies on the political scene. A collection of fanatics that includes: three members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a virulent sect dedicated to the destruction of Western Society; ACORN operatives; environmental extremists of every stripe; avowed Communists; open border advocates; rabid Globalists; ANTI 1st and 2nd Amendment fanatics; Black Nationalists; advocates of health-care rationing; advocates for dramatic tax increases; advocates for Unilateral Disarmament; etc.
    A tide gravitates to its own water levels.
    Obama simply DOES NOT share the American values that have inspired generations of Americans for more than two centuries. And, if our Nation is to survive the Obama anomaly, we must cast aside the blind adherence to self-defeating ‘political-correctness’; and, vehemently confront the destructive cancer that is metastasizing within our body-politic at the very pinnacle of our Government. Greg Neubeck

  389. ABO says:

    Is this just like his, “I’m not going to rest until everyone who wants a job, has a job.”?

    If so, the I guess this means another round of golk!

    1. ABO says:

      Stupid tablet…

      Add ‘comment’ at end of first sentence and in second one, golk is supposed to be golf!

  390. Chu says:

    This man(and I use that term loosely) has no shame! His continuous lies and deceit, demoralizes and stains the office that he has taken an oath to uphold! As obama’s energy secretary stated under oath (laugh) that the energy dept, to include obama has admitted to a House committee that the administration is not interested in lowering gas prices. Obama is a tyrant and not worthy for the position that he holds!

  391. A PEASANT says:

    He isn’t necessarily lying if he meant your going to so broke you won’t be able to afford a car to buy the gas.

  392. Jack Ryan says:

    Wow….talk about bald faced lies. If he was doing anything to help gas prices he wouldn’t be trying to kill the Keystone pipeline. That would only help the gas prices in the long run and put thousands of people back to work.

  393. jane says:

    Hypocrite In Charge

    Time to fish or cut bait.

  394. Less1leg says:

    the only way ultra liberal democrats can fix gas prices at the pumps is change the way the consumer relates to pumps. Changing the current Gallons to Liters. Nobody and mean nobody understands or relates to liters. Changing to the liter measurement will mean the bulk of US consumers won’t have a clue that overnight prices jumped 40 or 50 cents a gallon when all that changed on the price tag was 8 cents a liter. Obama’s henchmen of scam can easily flip the price on the unsuspecting consumers getting to the exalted European price tag of $8 bucks per gallon, and those stupid US consumers wouldn’t even know.

  395. Fed Up American says:

    NO! PLEASE STOP!!!! Stop doing whatever it is you’re doing. Cuz it’s making it go in the wrong direction.

    This guy is a buffoon. What’s he going to do? Unleash the oil companies to drill and refine in the US? Actually go after the fed to stop printing money, to stop devaluing the dollar? Or is he going to go after to China, Russia and India and ask them to stop ridding themselves of our debt?

    This guy is as useless as T*ts on a bull. Get rid of him. If he had HALF the class of Nixon, he’d step away, too.

  396. Tim H says:

    Yeah he has a plan that is to get us all on a train or bus for communal travel or into a clown car.

  397. myself333 says:

    “Obama said there wasn’t enough time to properly study the project ahead of the deadline forced upon him by Republican congressional lawmakers.”
    Funny, when there wasn’t enough time to properly study government-controlled healthcare, the Dems forced it through anyway. They even admitted that most in Congress had not even read it, and we’d have to “pass it to see what’s in it”.

  398. Michael says:

    This is quite the joke since candidate obama made it perfect;y clear in his 08 campaign that part of his strategy to curb auto emissions was to raise gas to $5 a gallon to help cut down on people driving so much. All the while he was blaming Bush on the high gas prices claiming Bush was only trying to enrich his oil friends. Now obama wants to have it both ways, what a fool.

  399. Bryan Fewell says:

    I agree with previous comments about the gasoline situation and also want to add my other thoughts about America’s dire situatioin. Eventually we will be forced to ride bicycles, only drive electric cars (which cost twice as much as a gasoline cars) that no one can afford or wants to buy, and religion will continue to be removed from our lives. Considering we just had three inch hail in Hawaii, I am not so onboard with this climate change thing either. I am a weather guy myself and you don’t get three inches of haiI like that without very cold air aloft moving over a warmer surface. Just more evidence that government will lie and manipulate things to control our lives. I pray that enough people have the courage to stand up to the establishment this fall and vote out any and all people who want to destroy this great land that we live in. This could be our last chance to bring proserity back. God bless the USA!!!!!!!!!

  400. guest on this planet says:

    Can you understand that I and most people cannot afford a 40 thousand dollar car called the volt ? We are having to hard a time paying for food and bills

  401. CKAinRedStateUSA says:

    Think AP’s not in the bag for Obama? “Obama strikes back at GOP critics . . .”————It’s sad and infuriating that one of the world’s largest so-called news gatherers/reporters has to resort to such sensationalism.————And such But, then, they have the flaccid, mendacious, Marxist megalomaniac to protect.

  402. Jeronimo Dan says:

    I really like Obama, I like him so much, I’d like to see him sweeping curb lines in the city of Chicago. Moochie could come by and he could tell her to jump on his trash can and he’ll wheel her around the block, while sitting on the lid. What a vacation!

  403. davec says:

    Hes lying.

    Having automotive engineering background, lemme tallya, he needs to do ONLY ONE thing, and refuses.

    Eliminate CAFE standards and let automaker go balls to the walls for fuel mileage. Ill give you 60-90 MPG in 2 years.

    I CAN DO THAT, let alone Detroit…

    1985 Chevy Chevette diesel, 65 mpg highway new. It gets 55 now at high age and mileage. Ive ridden in one, my in Laws own it right now.

    High compression ‘clean diesel’ (the “clean” part has been done and tested, particulate scrubbers on the exhaust) with computer control and aerodynamics, 80 mpg would be NO problem.

    This scam is designed to keep gas sales up.


  404. Byte says:

    With any luck, the GOP will grow a brain and classify the DNC as a terroristic organization and start jailing some of these criminals….

    1. Allah_speaking says:

      Certainly they qualify as domestic enemies of the United States. I hate to say this, but isn’t it bout the US Military started doing their job here at home?

  405. CBSequalsChiefBarackStation says:

    LOL I’m surprised CBS hasn’t shut down comments on this yet. I would not be surprised since the Libs would love to censor the people who do not like Obama’s policies.

    1. j14401s says:

      I’m surprised they haven’t shut this down also. Maybe they are just collecting names and email address for the future. I sure don’t see many complimentary comments for Obuma.

  406. Piquerish says:

    My daughter is apoplectic over the complexity and the bottom line of her electric bill. Some of her friends commiserate and to want to blame the producers and distributers of the commodity. Meanwhile, government regulations, compliance costs, and paper-reporting mandates, other red tape and taxation run amok, as the same government scotches practically every attempt these companies make to alleviate the problem in the simplest of ways – increasing supply. Increased demand, on the other hand, with decreased supply equals — SURPRISE! — higher costs which, in order for companies to stay in business, are passed along to consumers, who then blame the company.

    Coal is bad (makes smoke); Oil is bad (it’s, well, icky); Hydro-electric is bad (dams rivers); Nuclear is bad (makes people scared); Fracking is bad (even SOUNDS bad); Windmills and solar panels fall pitifully short (but make idealists smile). Off-shore oil drilling is bad — except for Venezuela, China, Cuba, Brazil … just not us. Oil shale is fine, in Canada. Pipelines are fine, as long as they stay out of our country. Let Canada send it all to China Gee, THANKS, Barry!). Big Brother drools and taxes and controls and regulates the bejesus out of the energy industry, raising production and delivery costs more and more. What did you expect? Free energy? Sorry to set anyone’s hair on fire, but we are reaping what we’ve sown. And it is just starting. Everything requiring energy to manufacture, store and transport WILL reflect costs inflicted by well-intentioned, meddling “activists” and government busybodies. It’s a homemade dish. BON APPETIT.

    1. davec says:

      “Coal is bad (makes smoke)”

      Yore too stupid to be posting. “Coal makes smoke” is 30 years old…

      power plants do not make coal smoke anymore

      1. CKAinRedStateUSA says:

        There was nothing wrong with that statement.———-You betcha smoke is emitted from coal-fired boilers used in power plants. Black smoke can occur during startup/shutdown/malfunctions. Otherwise, there is still some slip — can be bluish, bluish-white or white, depending on its opacity and the concentration of fine particles and acid gases such as hydrochloric and sulfuric.————Most, if not all, of the “meteorites” — that is, particles having aerodynamic diameters of 30 microns or greater or even from 30 down to 10 — are gone. What’s left are PM10 and PM2.5; that is, aerodynamic diameters of 10 microns and 2.5 microns, respectively. These fines, particulrly the smaller, are of most concern. [Note: A hair on a human’s head is typically about 70 microns in diameter.]———–But, then, the enviros also have mercury about which to proclaim “the sky is falling.”———-Piquerish’s comment was fine, given the context in which he made it. And that’s that the Sierra Club and others of their ilk have declared all-out assaults intended to completely close.———Now that’s the stupidity about which you should be concerned.———-Realistically, coal-fired power will be needed for another 50-100 years, to provide reliable base loads and, even as today, peak power.————And even if we had windmills everywhere, as they’re doing in the U.K., we’d still need coal-fired backup because of solar availability is approximately 20 percent.——–Same goes for wind power.

  407. Juan1 says:

    LIAR LIAR Pants on Fire!!

    While Moochelle is planning her 18th vacation with the 1% and Barry Sotero is teeing up for his 91st round of golf. All you dem sheeple do not forget to vote on Nov 7th while the rest of us will vote on Nov 6th.

  408. GF says:

    “I am going to everything I can to lower gas prices”
    First – I am going to blame Bush and Republicans
    Second – Blame the Evil oil companies and raise their taxes
    Third – STOP any pipeline or any additional source of new cheap oil
    Fourt – Shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
    Fifth – Have MY EPA come up with “new” regulations
    Thank you very much, remember everyone has to do their “fair share” except me and my friends.

  409. Juan1 says:

    Get ready folks it is coming soon.


  410. botflyguy says:

    I’m sure most of you with half a brain know this already, but whatever this guy says, he’s means the EXACT opposite. He says things that sound good..sometimes..like this, but his actions show the opposite effect.

  411. Dems lie says:

    Democrats are the party of liars.. Obama is the biggest lying piece of $%^# we have ever had as a Pres. I will never vote for another Democrat again. Look at the destruction they have caused. The most transparent administration my ass.

  412. SNM says:

    This idiot POS can’t even tell a decent lie anymore.

  413. liddymeme says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,”….then he should be honest and include……

    “….and my future plans want you to have to pay so much money for gas that ‘green’ alternatives will begin to look reasonable in cost because right now, green energy alternatives are way too expensive for Americans to afford to catch on. I want to force green energy down your throats even if this means you have to go broke!”

  414. TheGhostofBelleStarr says:

    For those who say Obama is an environmental zealot —please, that is what he would like you to believe. The fact is the man is a mole who has wormed his way into the White House and his entire intent is to destroy this nation. Energy is just one facet he is using. Americans mistake an internal enemy for a stupid president at their permanent peril.

  415. gee says:


  416. pat says:

    This headline, for this ridiculous statement, comparable to I don’t give A Hoot. is a travesty. Does anyone at this news organization based in reality? Obama and his gasoline and energy policies are a complete, utter failure. Period.

  417. moronpolitics says:

    You just don’t get it. Obama is a LOCK for AT LEAST 4 more years. He wants gas up, up, up — and by Septemeber it will be pushing past 8 dollars when he announces that he has the authority to take all US oil production and sell it t a price HE sets. You will see riots if need be, but he WILL grab these companies and set the price of gas. Union Truckers — Teamsters — will get a special price on Diesel — probably $ 1.5 – $2..00 — which will look like Golden Manna from Heaven compare to what they WILL be p aying. The futures market will be shut down and Obama will be praised as the greatest President since Lincoln or TR. Get used to it. If there is any way you can get a government job GET IT and join the UNION. Otherwise you and your family are in trouble.

  418. olee says:

    OBAMA PLAN A TIire pressure gauge in every car. mandate no idling of vehicles, mandate high MPG for cars. have everyone buy my electric cars, Blame the Repub’s

  419. Rick Blaine says:

    I remember I used to have respect for the office of th POTUS, but not since this jacka$$ Obama was elected. He is a worthless P.O.S.

  420. megamimi says:

    Please, Mr. Obama, quit doing whatever you have been doing. Since you began, the price of gas has gone up two fold or more. Just quit it, right now! We, as a country, cannot afford your grand experiment.

  421. Calonzap says:

    The piece of garbage in the WH is the biggest liar I’ve ever seen.

  422. fringenatical says:

    Obambe will eventually DICTATE a price for oil. US is the ONLY major country where the government does not control the oil. By September it will be what??? 8 dollars?? Nine Dollars??? President has the power to take over ALL drilling on government land and off shore and sell the oil at a fair price — the money can be used for all of us — not just a few billionaires.

  423. max says:

    lets not “speculate” that it will not help to drill…..lets announce that we are going to start drilling to ease some of the relief of foreign oil. we must try it and see what it does…..i would be willing to bet that when we start drilling the price of crude will start dropping cause the mideast cannot afford to lose us as a custmer so they will be competing against each other to supply us with crude after we hit oil that we can still buy from them as cheaply as we can take it out of the ground ourself…..but dont let that stop us from drilling, drill, hit the oil and cap it, or use some of it just to keep the well wet.

  424. busseja says:

    wait for the free gas for the poor and illegals paid for by taxing those who can afford gas.That is the Obama way. If we had done the things Sarah Palin said 4 years ago we’d have gas now.

  425. Gary Johnson says:

    Yep, just like Colonel Sanders “helped” the chickens…..

  426. Clearhead says:

    Is not LYING outlawed in the United States? I know murder and thievery are.

  427. second amendment says:

    Saw where a loon poster is going to report all who oppose the incubus on this board to the obama-dem spy organization. I wanted to be sure to get my name on the list.
    i can promise that if they come to my house they will not go to any others

  428. BO Stinks says:

    Introducing the OBAMA TRANSLATOR! It translates what Obama says into what he Kenyan Commie really means. For example:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,”

    becomes ….

    “Let them eat cake!”

  429. DAN R SMITH says:

    We have a Marxist President with a radical agenda foreign to our heritage with his finger on the nuclear trigger. His paternity and citizenship are suspect. He takes great pains to hide his background from us. He was educated by Muslims, Communists, and at Harvard. He emerged into the public eye from the cesspool of Chicago politics. As a “community organizer”, he got poor folks on the dole and squandered taxpayer money in a failed attempt to subvert public schools to an ideological agenda. He attended a Chicago Church whose hate-America Pastor is a foul-mouthed servant of Satan. He is close friends with known terrorists. He admires and bows before oil potentates and tin-pot dictators. (We have pictures.) He treats America’s traditional allies with contempt. He hates Jews, Israel, America, and Whitey. He lies so easily and so often it is troubling. Based on his past & current associations, Barack Obama would never even qualify for a DOD Security Clearance; now he is Commander in Chief and fecklessly taking steps to disarm us in the sight of our enemies. Does that make you feel safe at night? Fellow Patriots, Barack Obama is a danger to your Life, Liberty, and Property and a disgrace to American ideals! Barack Obama deserves only our scorn and contempt, not our vote.

    I’m absolutely convinced that Newt Gingrich is the junkyard dog we need to rip Obama a new one and send him slinking back to his Chicago slime pit with his tail between his legs. Newt has plenty of DC experience as Speaker, executive ability from his many enterprises, and a silver tongue that’s razor sharp! He’s fast on his feet, delivers it straight up with no hemming and hawing, and is often witty. His work with American Solutions was very impressive and as we’ve seen recently, Newt is able to put into words what the vast majority of Americans really believe. His fevered brain also has plenty of ideas for making government work better for taxpayers. Is Newt pure as new-driven snow? No – none of the presidential candidates are in line for sainthood. Whatever Newt’s “baggage”, it pales next to Obama’s habitual lying and outright corruption – and unlike Obama, Newt is 100% American! Newt is like Larry the Cable Guy: send him to DC and he’ll “Get ‘er done” for all of us. Newt has “Been there, done that! Junkyard dogs are not show dogs, but they’ll save your bacon!

    I am damn mad at what Obama and his fawning bootlickers have stolen from us – you should be too – and I want someone to represent me! Newt Gingrich is that man! Sic ‘im, Newt!

  430. bocephus rex says:

    what a pathetic LIAR this poseur is! In NUMEROUS videos and interviews he REPEATEDLY and SMUGLY lectured about his desire for high energy costs, that ‘NECESSARILY SKYROCKET

    Guess what? YOU GOT IT AND NOW YOU OWN IT! The 2007 takeover of Congress was due in large part to the high cost of gas (then $2,.35/gallon) Its now SIX BUCKS A GALLON in California!

    You keep telling the poor and middle class ‘you care’ while you keep up the job-killing agenda and they have to choose between gas in their tank or food for their kids.


  431. Bocephus says:

    Another lie from obama….or the media, if he wanted to do everything he could, he AND biden would RESIGN IMMEDIATLY and let the speaker take over until we have someone competent in the White House.

  432. Superpower says:

    The word “fraud” doesn’t even begin to describe the hi-jacking of the American Dream this autocrat is engaging in.

  433. toldya says:

    QE by the FED = devalued dollar= higher and higher prices. End the FED. Return to the gold standard and watch prices of EVERYTHING drop.

  434. Calie Stephens says:

    “economists say there’s not much a president of either party could do about gasoline prices”

    How more obvious that this article is misleading and bias than the statement above. I have heard hundreds of “economists” st in ate is the past that a supply and demand plays a big big part in the availability and cost of a commodity.

    If the President would allow more drilling for oil……the cost will go down. Basic economics prevail.

    Be careful of anything you read coming from AP. It can not be counted on to be objective and honest.

  435. amabo says:

    Next time you fill up, leave a post-it note on the gas pump that reads “Thanks Obama!”

  436. Allah_speaking says:

    So Obama is announcing his resignation?

  437. IEFBR14 says:

    Just WHO ARE these dimwitted a$$h0les that will STILL vote for the lying, treasonous Commie From Kenya squatting in the White House?

  438. Nyse says:

    You won’t tell America what it must hear, the population is increasing faster than than oil supplies, so either the population steadies or decreases or we must drill faster. France has for many year produced 80 percent of it’s electricity from nuclear having the lowest cost in Europe, we produce 19 percent by nuclear. Nuclear is the answer for electricity freeing up that oil and could be the answer for many other things. Might have to force it on us, but it is either that or go into a depression. The green tech is not there yet. The government needs to declare a Manhattan Project like during World War II, and put our brightest minds to it, because this is a big national security issue, perhaps a new source could come on line faster.

  439. Jolly Muhammed says:

    Those eeeeevil Rethuglicans blocked Obama’s $420 billion program to give American families free charms that ward off rising gas prices

  440. Spud says:

    Those eeeeevil Repthuglicans also blocked Obama’s $420 billion program to give American families free charms that ward off rising gas prices

  441. john Poland says:

    If This IS True, then gas prices next year will be Twice what they are Now !!

  442. rbcintexas says:

    First of all it was Obama who said that under his energy policies,”the cost of energy would neccesarily skyrocket”.

    It was his head of the Department of Energy that said,”we would like to see gas prices at the same levels as Europe and that they see high gas prices as a benefit”.

    It was Obama who stopped all offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

    It was Obama that killed the Keystone pipeline and is pressuring Congress to kill it again when it is attached to another bill.

    It is Obama that is driving up the cost of living because of the high price of oil.

    It is Obama that is devaluing our dollar causing the price of oil to rise.

    It is Obama that is keeping us from drilling in ANWAR.

    It is Obama that wants to increase gas taxes to the point where gas cost $5-6 a gallon.

    Obama could careless about your pain at the pump. He is a leftwing radical that has an agenda and the end justifies the means.

  443. Moses says:

    Obama is a bald faced LIAR. Millions of Americans needlessly suffering because he doesn’t want to upset his left wing loon supporters. He disgusts me to the core.

    We import 4,000,000 barrels a day from OPEC.

    1) ANWR could be flowing 1,000,000 barrels a day blocked by Obama and democrats. If Bill Clinton hadn’t vetoed it in 1995 it would be up and running today!
    2) Keystone pipeline could be flowing 800,000 barrels a day blocked by Obama and democrats.
    3) Trillion barrels of shale oil locked up on federal land blocked by Obama and democrats.
    4) Tens of billions of barrels off our coasts blocked by an Obama executive order and democrats.

    ANWR and Keystone get us nearly half way there to making OPEC irrelevant. We import a million barrels a day from Saudi Arabia so ANWR alone would allow us to cut them off and tell them to pss up a rope. But we can’t because of… Obama and democrats.

    Obama says we only have 2% of the worlds oil supply he’s a liar. We have a 800 billion barrels of retrievable shale oil that’s six four times Saudi reserves if we added this oil to ANWR and Keystone we could get rid of our dependence on OPEC entirely. So when Obama says we can’t drill our way our of this he’s a liar.

    Problem is 80% of our shale oil is on federal land and it’s use is blocked by Obama and democrats. When oil was $140 a barrel republicans forced a vote on shale oil and it was rejected along straight party line votes. All democrats against all republicans for if this doesn’t make Reagan democrats mad I don’t know what will.

    We could easily replace all of the oil we import from OPEC and it could be done in a matter of years. So Obama is lying to the American people killing jobs and causing all of this needless suffering due to high energy prices because he’s beholden to his whack job left wing loon base that’s hysterical over an imaginary temperature rise 100 years from now. He’s making tens of millions of Americans suffer for his own political gain.

    And he has the gall and audacity to blame others when he’s the sole source of strangling our domestic energy production. He says oil production is up since he became president. That’s in spite of him and his policies. The oil is coming from leases granted by Bush and from shale oil production on private land. Since he’s become president drilling permits are down 70%. He’s twisting the truth and lying again.

    The truth is we have enough fossil fuel to last us centuries in this country and the only reason we’re not getting it is because of Barack Obama and his willing accomplices democrats. We have enough oil to last us 250 years, coal to last us 400 years, and natural gas for 200 years and liberal politicians are the only stopping us from getting it.

    Wake up people enough is enough!

    You’ve got eight more months you lying dirt bag in the White House… until we the people flush you and all the rest of your Marxist anti-American anti-energy production let wing liberal ideologues out of power. It can’t come soon enough.

    March 11, 2012 at 11:09 am | Reply | Report comment

    1. rbcintexas says:

      The sad thing is is that no where in our Constitution gives any land rights to the Feds. If you look the land grabs did not start until Wilson and the Progressive movement. Our Constitution basically says that all land within its boundaries and not owned by an individual is property of the State.

  444. halmccombs1 says:

    Quote: Despite Romney’s assertions, economists say there’s not much a president of either party could do about gasoline prices. Unquote.


  445. Deadeye Dave says:

    “I’m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future,”

    This SOB is speaking in socialist ant-American code again.

    Translation: Unless you’re one of the elite, you will need to carry everything you need on your bicycle.

  446. citizenKK says:

    Right…Alge, inflated tires…..what a loser.

  447. FreudianSlip says:

    Obama desperately needs oil/gas prices to go much higher and stay there. The federal government will collect much more in taxes the higher the oil/gas costs rise. Get used to over $5/gallon gas. Cost of gas in Norway was recently near $10/gallon.

    Is anything out of Obama’s mouth truthful?

  448. lincoln says:

    Who is it with a bumper sticker policy? GO GREEN !!!

  449. JuanV says:

    Ignore what Obama says, look at his record. Obama wants $15/gallon gasoline. It’s part of his “Green” agenda.

  450. Defend Thyself says:

    Everything this ass hat says is a lie. We really need Ron Paul because the 3 other GOP are all Obama light and are not going to cut squat. Time to rally around the only candidate who will actually stop the run-away growth of the govt. Vote for Ron Paul!

  451. shister finder says:

    If you want to see gas prices fall you idiot, quit bombing all the countries that produce oil. This nimnoid has to be the biggest idiot of all.

  452. carter says:

    and the truth is, big oil will keep prices up to guarantee this POS is removed from office.. we will all pay the price at the pump for his incompetence!!

  453. LukeJohn says:

    Once again the Charlatan-in-Chief is exuding bovine exhaust…

    If we announced tomorrow that we were going to start exploring, drilling, exploiting ALL our natural energy reserves, while continuing to research into viable future alternative energy sources, the price of oil futures (that actually drives what we pay at the pump) would drop like a stone the very next day.

    The ramp-up would also create many hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    Our credit-rating would soon improve as we were seen as having future lower debt and higher income.

  454. Bug man. says:

    Funny how we don’t here anything from the left on gas prices now.When BUSH was in and gas went to 1.88 that’s all we heard about how he should do something and it was all his fault. So now it’s almost 4.00 and nothing but lies etc. from this radical leftest Gov. When it goes up further and the economy fails and we can’t afford food etc. who they going to blame then? This country is bankrupt in morals and money mostly in Washington. We are about to become a dictatorship .Remember to vote in the next election if we have one.

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