WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — The Department of Homeland Security is finalizing its plan for a biometric data system to track when immigrants leave the United States and will present it to Congress within “weeks,” a top department official told a House Homeland Security subcommittee Tuesday.

An exit system to track who is leaving the country and when has been sought since before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. DHS officials, including Secretary Janet Napolitano, have agreed with the need for such a program but have previously said it would be too costly.

John Cohen, the department’s deputy counter terrorism coordinator, did not discuss the cost in his testimony about the problem of immigrants who overstay visas. He said the department’s report to Congress will explain how DHS plans to better determine who has overstayed their visa.

The criminal case against Amine El Khalifi, 29, of Alexandria, Va., accused in an alleged bomb plot against the U.S. Capitol, has renewed the debate about how the U.S. government — a decade after the terror attacks of 2001 — routinely fails to track millions of foreign visitors who remain in the country longer than they are allowed. El Khalifi was arrested in a parking lot, wearing what he thought was an explosive-laden suicide vest. He had been living illegally in the United States for 12 years.

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The Obama administration doesn’t consider deporting people whose only offense is overstaying a visa a priority. It has focused immigration enforcement efforts on people who have committed serious crimes or are considered a threat to public or national security.

Cohen said improvements in how data from immigrants is collected and stored has made it easier for law enforcement to identify visa overstays and determine if they pose a threat to national security or public safety.

Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., who led Tuesday’s hearing, said El Khalifi “follows a long line of terrorists, including several of the 9/11 hijackers, who overstayed their visa and went on to conduct terror attacks.” His tourist visa expired the same year he arrived from his native Morocco as a teenager in 1999.

She said 36 people who overstayed visas have been convicted of terrorism related charges since 2001.

“We have to recognize that we do have this problem,” Miller said. “The truth is, in the 40 percentile of all the illegal (immigrants) are in this country on expired visas. They came in right through the front door.”

El Khalifi, who is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, never came to the attention of federal law enforcement agencies even after a series of minor run-ins with police in northern Virginia from 2002 to 2006, including disobeying a traffic sign and speeding. Programs that could have identified him if he had been jailed by local authorities, including the Secure Communities program that shares fingerprints from local jails with the FBI, were not in place at the time.

The Moroccan national didn’t face a felony charge — possession of marijuana with intent to distribute — until last September, about nine months after he became the target of the FBI probe related to the alleged plot to destroy the Capitol. He has waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

El Khalifi, unemployed when he was arrested last month, is one of an estimated millions of illegal immigrants who came to the United States with a government-issued visa and never left. He never applied to become a U.S. citizen.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency responsible for deporting illegal immigrants, has routinely combed through visa records to try to identify people who have overstayed their welcome and deport those considered threats to the community or national security.

Cohen said Tuesday that more than 37,000 people who overstayed visas were deported from 2009 to 2011

Last year, ICE reviewed a backlog of about 1.6 million suspected overstay cases involving people who had come to the U.S. since 2004. The Homeland Security Department said the review concluded that about half of those people have either left the country or applied to change their immigration status. Of the remaining half, the cases of about 2,700 people were given further review. ICE officials have not said how many of those people were deemed a national security threat or were otherwise considered priority for deportation.

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For the more than 797,000 others whose cases were not reviewed further, DHS officials said their overstay status was noted in electronic files in case any of them commit crimes in the future or otherwise become a priority to be deported.

Visa overstays have long been a concern of lawmakers and law enforcement. Some estimates suggest that as many as half of the country’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants have overstayed visas.

But finding illegal immigrants who, like El Khalifi, came to the United States before biometric data was collected and records were computerized around 2004 — and who overstayed visas but haven’t committed a crime — can be difficult, if not impossible.

“It’s very difficult to find those individuals, and those individuals aren’t priorities until they commit a crime,” said Julie Myers Wood, who was head of ICE from 2006 to 2008.

James Ziglar, who was head of the old Immigration and Naturalization Service from 2001 until it was folded into DHS in 2002, said immigration authorities made efforts to locate immigrants thought to be a threat to national security after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But simply having overstayed a visa wouldn’t have made illegal immigrants like El Khalifi a priority.

“We were certainly focused on trying to find bad people and connecting the dots with the Department of State and their visa records,” Ziglar said. “I doubt very seriously he (El Khalifi) would have come up on the radar. He might have if you kept drilling down further and further just because of where he was from. But he would not have been, I think, an earlier target, just because there were more suspicious types.”

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Comments (168)
  1. Osamas Pajamas says:

    How long before these Nazis inflict this technology on American citizens?

    1. Ned Stark says:

      We don’t need a physical wall dividing us like Berlin had. There will be a wall where ideas, free thought, and individuality are kept out at all costs and it’s being built by the government “of, by, and for the people.”

      I almost can’t believe my nation is this stupid. Then I take a peek at the 2008 election results and I’m reminded that yes, yes my nation is this stupid.


      2. ExposingTheCoup says:

        After the coup and cover up there isn’t anything or anyone that the government isn’t spying on. They don’t want the truth leaking out because they think you can’t handle it. We have no president, no democracy, no freedom of press after unelected officials staged a coup and took over the media. The truth is being buried in Psy-ops comments and disinformation.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it’s gone forever, much like me.

      3. Rico says:

        Maybe they can start with Obama’s illegal welfare fraud aunt and Uncle. You know, the one’s here illegally soaking the taxpayers.

      4. John McIntosh says:

        I listen to Ned and I have to wonder…

        Is my country really this stupid?

      5. gillie says:

        they are not “immigrants,” but either resident aliens (with or without green cards) or those with student, work or holiday visas. Otherwise they are ILLEGALS, say the word, “ILLEGALS” if they are here withou a visa or with one that has expired.

      6. This entire thread has been jacked by disinfo agents at DHS, me thinks.

      7. Obama-Biden 2012: YES WE CAN... AGAIN! says:

        I just reported your post to http://www.AttackWatch.net
        Clearly, that report was a case “Accidental Journalism” and should NOT taken seriously by the general public.

      8. Socialist Pig says:

        The Berlin Wall was built to keep people from leaving East Germany, you ignoramus, not from entering it. We need to protect our borders. Ideas can travel through the Internet.

      9. track_them_all says:

        I hope that includes all the MF-ers who invaded over the past, Progressive century – most of whom were or are Marxists – who have colluded to destroy the Constitution and property rights.

      10. Zip says:

        All the stuff going on now days, a little much for sure.


      11. Wendy says:

        I just read that ICE will be offering treatment for I believe it was gender reassignment for illegal immigrants! Can this be true?

      12. LTCB says:

        Ned, I’ll be nice. You’re the problem and you need to leave to the socialist state of your choice as soon as possible. I strongly recommend Communist China. There has NEVER been a fully open door policy in this country. When we started out, it was easier to take in the millions of uneducated workers who did not speak the language. Now, they’re a cost drag. Fact is, if you’re black in the country or one of the many hispanics that came here LEGALLY, you’re probably having trouble finding and keeping work because of the employment pressure by the ILLEGALS. Some anglos have the same problem but, not nearly so much. The demoncratic party has long been the party of slavery. They brought slavery to the nation and forced a Civil war over it. They brought the Jim Crow laws into existance and then kept them in place for nearly 100 years. The Demoncrats were the ones fighting against integration into the military during BOTH world wars. The Demoncratic party is the one that supports the abortion of MOSTLY black and hispanic children (don’t try lying, it is reality). The fact is, the Republican party has always been more about what makes sense economically. It does not make sense to force someone to pay for the bad habits of others. Case in point: the democratic party as a whole believes contraception should be free from the government. OK, so, when do I get my free cigarettes, beer, drugs, nascar, proche or whatever else I think I need/want? Both are poor economic decisions. The nation cannot afford EVERYONE that wants to live here. We have unemployed already. We don’t need more. As for those that come here to work on a permit, do you REALLY think that employer exhausted ALL options in trying to hire a citizen? Fact is, no. The problems we have are self-inflicted and we have to stop cutting ourselves or we’ll die the death of a thousand cuts.

    2. marco polo says:

      Who do you really think this is for??

    3. Rico says:

      Maybe they can start with Obama’s illegal welfare fraud aunt and Uncle.

    4. Tshep says:

      How do you know they aren’t already doing it?

    5. John says:

      They’ll track us to make room for Illegals. You, know… They have to otherwise they’re racist.

    6. Joe Bite-me says:

      Track the legal immigrants, while allowing the ill egals to come on in like rats with no tracking. Typical leftist insane logic.

    7. bikertrash says:

      So when do they start tracking Auntie Zeituni,Uncle Onyango,and the nephew,what’s his name-Barry ?

    8. jerry duck says:

      The technology is scheduled for use on YOU. This is only the begining.

    9. wzw says:

      This is just beta-testing of our own slave-training devices.
      If Obama is not defeated we will all be slaves. With guns.

    10. Libertarian Advocate says:

      Got a Passport?

  2. Bill in Tennessee says:

    Whaaattt??!!! You’re KIDDING, right? After decades and decades of abuse, voter fraud, welfare scams, and God knows WHO has crawled across our border, only NOW (in an election year, we must note) is Big Sis getting “serious DAMNIT!” about tracking immigrants? Not many news articles make me LOL, but this one did. God save us all, and God save America in particular…we are being “led” by morons.

    1. Melvin Earl Swanson Sr. says:

      She just wanting some extra money to line her pockets, after all, she’s one of the FreeMasons and has to have her free money too

    2. Joe Bite-me says:

      The tracking is for LEGAL immigrants, NOT illegals. Make more sense now?

      1. QuackAttack says:

        Yup it makes sense because illegalz are more likely to vote democrat so that’s why they want so many of them to come and vote.

  3. Lakewood Ed says:

    Well, if you deport everyone who overstays their visa, you’ll also be deporting the felons you’ve been focusing on.

    1. Ben Dover says:

      Would that mean Obama would have to return to his home country?

    2. LTCB says:

      Why do we have to WAIT for them to commit a serious crime before we eject them forcefully from the border? Why wait. Start with a cleanup with the current administration. How many of them are actually illegals?

  4. John Q Public. says:

    Let’s start by deporting oblamer back to his birthplace…Kenya.


      @ TRUTH TEAM 2012 MEMBER
      It is obvious that your intentional mocking of Obama is lost on the idiots posters above, judging from their comments. The “TRUTH TEAMS” were established by the Kenyan’s campaign a few months ago, but nobody can take 5 seconds to READ what is on AttackWatch.net

  5. NowYouKnow says:

    Hey, when did cost become a concern for the Federal Government? This should be easy — ZERO illegals leave. How about this backhanded confession that they don’t have a clue about who is coming and going.

  6. ImagePhreak says:

    This is the roll out or trial balloon of biometric scanning for all of us. Wake up America!

  7. Gumby says:

    And how does Napolitano intend to get biometric data on people sneaking across the Arizona desert at night?

  8. Dave says:

    Waaaay too little, and far too late! The democrats rely too heavily on votes from illegal immigrants to actually do anything meaningful about stemming the tide. Besides, this is from the former Democratic governor of Arizona who vetoed every piece of legislation that proposed to reduce illegal immigration, so, I’m not holding my breath.

  9. tomlaredo says:

    Longer lines at US borders for sure, but is needed to stop illegals from overstaying visas

  10. Luke says:

    …1776 needs to awaken in this country… and has to happen… now….
    …….this is getting out of control..

  11. Mr. Positve says:

    It’s getting increasingly difficult to enter the US. The last time I visited they took my picture and fingerprints.I’m not going to bother doing business in the US not worth the hassle. Please don’t play the race card when replying to me – I’m a 6′ white guy. –

    1. erv says:

      I am a citizen. Once when I left this coutnry I had a problems getting back in.

  12. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Just another Obama campaign stunt! If they TRULY cared, this would had been implemented a LONG time ago!!

  13. far left liberal nut job says:

    unbelievable, how about starting a program to track people that are HERE , not after they left, illegally. Start with obama

    he of the forged certificate , as stated by a sheriff from arizona last week

  14. karl anglin says:

    Why was not this done soon after 9/11/2001?

  15. quagga53 says:

    It’s a start, but isn’t it a little more critical to know who’s coming _into_ our great country? Think southern border.

  16. Ken says:

    Obama cares about illegal immigration? Must be an election year.

  17. Bloodless Coup says:

    Obama’s aunt and uncle have been here forever illegally. Why don’t they get started with them?

    1. Gary R says:

      Good point! But then he would’t have any blood relatives to visit in this country.

  18. joey zasa says:

    first the immigrants, then the citizens

  19. stuck says:

    I don’t believe any of that. The government is ALL FOR illegals–they are here to destroy the economy. Illinois is a nanny state, so illegals don’t have to worry about anything. All are welcome.

  20. Chief568 says:

    AH…I SEE.

    So NOW…right BEFORE the Election in November…ONLY NOW do the Feds think it’s time to track ILLEGAL ALIENS?!

    And they want me to VOTE them BACK into office?!

    Can we visualize a blizzard in HADES?!

  21. edwardo says:

    It is a matter of time when they are tracking and profiling white, male tax payers! they got Breitbart, your next.

  22. bob says:

    give every one of the 25 million illegals in this country a defective hair dryer and Janet Incompetano will then deport them.

  23. maxtor says:

    this was supposed to have being done anyway….you mean they are just not getting around to finding out they are supposed to do that??? hell, i knew that and i am just an old retired soldier. immigrations are supposed to track anyone that enters this country with a visa!!

  24. sylvie says:

    LOL, This is soooo full of BS! We here in America know the score. They are more concerned on who may be getting out of the country who are US Citizens! They don’t like their cattle straying too far… lol…. and remember all of you US citizens that are lucky enough to get the h*ll outta here, King Obama has now declared that US citizens are NOT safe even overseas! How ugly America gets when reality hits the fan, its going bankrupt and all the FED has now are birth certificate stocks for collateral… ummm… that is you and me!

  25. Snipelee says:

    Take one look around Fremont, Redwood city, Newark, et al and then talk about over-stayed visas.

  26. David Axelrod says:

    How about tracking the liberal leftists like Odumbo. They’re far more dangerous than immigrants.

  27. troutabout says:

    I’m going to start keeping a list of elephants that drop onto cars from the sky between the hours of 9 and 10 AM. …so there.

  28. wbill says:

    Had El Khalifi been dealing pot and gettig driving tickets iin AZ he would been in tent city until he was deported. But now the OBAMA, HOLDER an NAPOLITANO, are sueing AZ and sherrif Joe for doing the exact same thing they are proposing. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  29. Captain Obvious says:

    When are we going to start imprisoning terrorist bankers like Jon Corzine?

  30. nappyrzrbk says:

    this is not “tracking”, as tracking implies that we’ll know where they are. all this does is determine whether they left. don’t get me wrong, as we need to determine who’s here illegally. step 2 ? get them, fine them y capturing their assets, and deport them.

    “El Khalifi was arrested in a parking lot, wearing what he thought was an explosive-laden suicide vest. He had been living illegally in the United States for 12 years.”

    all this system would do is tell us that he’s been here, illegally for 12 years.

    but, i’m so relieved to know that my federal government “has focused immigration enforcement efforts on people who have committed serious crimes or are considered a threat to public or national security.”

    this man would never have been caught/sought, by this new system.

  31. mike says:

    cap obvious……. Jon Corzine is getting cash for Obama … he will not go to jail

  32. ren1a says:

    How about tracking immigrants at our entering point rather than exit…Exit? That’s little like closing the barn door after the cows got out……

    1. Barry Sedona says:

      Precisely! Tracking them on EXIT makes ZERO sense!

  33. PTParks says:

    Funny how “conservative” the Obama administration is becoming now that it’s an election year. It’s all smoke and mirrors, folks. Don’t expect much of this new-found interest in illegal immigrants to survive past November if Obama wins re-election.

  34. Captain Obvious says:

    If we want security from illegal and potentially hostile immigrants, how about guarding the border?

    I suspect that the real intended use is something more sinister.

  35. algoa456 says:

    Hey Jose, yes you sneaking across the border. Would you be so kind as to allow me to get your biometric data – no problem Jose – we are not going to stop you we just want to get your data.

    have a happy stay in the US. Please remember not to pay taxes. That’s for us to do. Your job is to just use the system as much as possible (oh and please vote for Obama once you have your forged ID).

  36. Anon says:

    Wasn’t the exit tracking system, NSEERS, recently discontinued?

  37. Calypso says:

    Immigrants? How do they define immigrants?

    Are they referring to foreign nationals in our country illegally? It does seems so.

    Or, are they referring to people who have actually gone through the legal immigration process and are now American citizens?

    I wish we would dump this confusing and politically correct terminology.

    Illegal aliens are NOT immigrants.

  38. Barry Sedona says:

    Perfect. Give the illegals disincentive to leave so they’ll stick around and vote.

  39. Itswhaththeydonotwhattheysay says:

    This has nothing to do with tracking immigrants. If it did you would track ONLY immigrants when they enter not track everyone when they leave. Tracking people when they leave does what to protect us? It doesn’t do anything, this is meant to track and spy on American Citizens.

  40. B says:

    When did our free country become the Hotel California?

    “You can check out any time ya’ like, but you may never leave.”

  41. dudad says:

    you mean we don’t do this already – Geez – why do we need these people to protect us??

  42. Leslie Schildgen says:

    How about tracking people coming IN the country not just leaving the country

  43. fritz von says:

    It’s either election year shenanigans, or it’s gonna be used against actual citizens.

  44. 1marg says:

    The only reason Dems will track immigrants is to make sure they make it to the voting booth.

  45. Leslie Schildgen says:

    How about tracking people coming INTO the county not just leaving the country.

  46. DJ says:

    Damn! Looks like we’re going to need lot’s more rope! The tree of liberty and the hanging noose awaits those in government leadership who have commited treason against the American people. You can run….but you can’t hide forever !

  47. Texas Freedom says:

    The only reason they could possibly want to track them is to make sure they show up for all their free stuff . . . oh, and the bus ride to the polls in November . . . .

  48. Mutantone says:

    to be implemented only after the elections

  49. Mr. Common Sense says:

    The only reason they are tracking who is leaving is to figure out how many democratic voters they’re losing, notice they aren’t worried about who’s coming in those are solid votes for the democrat (take that free handout) party.

  50. Tommy says:

    Yea, Obama and the Dems need to know where to send their government benefits and voter registration cards.

  51. Eric in CO says:

    I can create this program with a excel spreadsheet. Scan the passport in and 90 days later, if it doen’t scan out, put their name on a list. Give all police access to the list. Done. DHS doesn’t need to look for people. Let the FBI do that. This is just an excuse for more funding.

  52. nappyrzrbk says:

    people. people. my government knows when they arrive, and they arrived legally. the article is about the long, overdue system to check them out when they leave. like all hotels do. like all inventory control companies do. like all banks do with deposits and withdrawals.

    only my federal government doesn’t (or hasn’t) until this system comes on-line.

  53. John Breland says:

    What’s this? A roster of who’s available for the democrats to bus to the polls on Election Day?

  54. NoBama2012 says:

    Why waste time and money on this if none of those here illegally are going to be deported?

  55. Nancy says:

    Duh, count me as being just a dumb constitution-loving conservative, but isn’t it that we are concerned with illegals (BTW they aren’t immigrants, they are illegal aliens) ENTERING and STAYING in the country, not when they leave! ??

  56. slasher says:


    This is solid proof that the federal government has no f ucking interest in stopping illegal immigration.

    1. ElPolacko says:

      Thats because they vote Democrat!!!

  57. radii says:

    in 1981, during a visit to our friendly ally Australia, I was sternly told by their immigration officials that I must provide proof of departure, dates, where I would be staying, etc., so if I overstayed my visa they could find me … USA should have done this decades ago … and I’m a liberal

  58. michael says:

    Ah, it’s all Bush’s fault.

  59. Bloodless Coup says:

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio has determined that there is probable cause to believe that Obama’s Birth Certificate is a FORGERY.

    Perhaps the DHS should look into this as he appears to an illegal alien.

  60. Bloodless Coup says:

    Sheriff Joe: Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number Being Investigated

  61. JustAGuy says:

    Unbelievable!!!! This system tracks LEGAL immigrants!

    What about terrorist who sneak in with all the other illegal immigrants across our southern boarder?


    November can’t come soon enough!

  62. Bloodless Coup says:

    Business Insider: Sorry Obama: Lots Of Republicans Still Think You’re Not An American


  63. Mike0oSS says:

    Uh…How about tracking the illegal immigrants for a change Big Sis….

  64. Bloodless Coup says:

    CBS: Sheriff Joe’s Investigation Into Obama’s Forged Records; One of the Biggest Scandals

  65. ElPolacko says:

    If they want to track illegal immigrants all they have to do is look to see who is on WELFARE.

  66. Bloodless Coup says:

    OMG – Obama Birth Certificate Proven Fake Fraud by Sherrif Joe Arpaio of Arizona

  67. Mo Better says:

    A Bass ackwards approach – make a big production of being concerned with people overstaying their respective visas when, in fact, the MAObama regime has no intention of taking any effective action to address the problem.

    The whole concept is a phony distraction from the real problem – millions of illegals from all over the world walk across the border every year and the obaMAO regime does nothing, zilch, zip, nada – they can’t even be bothered to contact the family of Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry after he was killed by guns his own government was funnelling into Mexico. Please, looney leftists, tell me this republic hasn’t been dragged down the rabbit hole by the Charlatan-In-Chief, Barry Soetoro and his minions from hell!!!!!!!

  68. Lee says:

    So DHS is going to track LEGAL immigrants and LEGAL visitor. But still doing nothing about ILLEGAL immigrants. There is a large amount of racism in their policy.. legal immigrants are likely to be European or Asian. Illegal immigrants are almost all Hispanic.

  69. Bloodless Coup says:

    OBAMA Birth Certificate is FAKE! OFFICIAL Criminal Investigation- FRAUD/FORGERY

  70. algoa456 says:


    Illegals are people who come to the US legally.


  71. Bloodless Coup says:

    Full Video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference 3/1/12 – Obama Eligibility Cold Case Investigation

  72. William Johnson says:

    How about preventing them from coming here in the first place? Why track them when our lax policies have allowed them to come here in the first place?

    1. Spanky says:

      “How about preventing them from coming here in the first place?”

      More than half the illegal immigrants here came here legally and overstayed their visas.

      Building a fence and enforcing the border is only part of the job. We need to track down and deport those how enter legally but stay past the date they are to return home.

  73. Brian says:

    Tagging illegals is a good idea.

    1. Spanky says:

      Tagging them with….I’d better not say it.

  74. Gerald Young says:

    Will this vigorous action apply to the President’s illegal alien Uncle Omar who will be in court shortly to answer charges of DUI? And will he be deported along with his wife, i.e. the President’s illegal alien aunt??

  75. tc297 says:

    You can tell Obama wants to get relected.

    1. Spanky says:

      Yep, Barry is desperate so he’s going to be sucking up to EVERY possible voter.

  76. SomeDude68 says:

    If they can track them… they should DEPORT THEM!

  77. 1Psuche says:

    Illegal immigration is now the concern of the 0bama administration?? Why not last year or the year before or the year before that???
    This could only be because it’s an election year when it’s “let’s make believe and pretend” so we can get re-elected time or the target for the biometric database is really the American people and this is just is a ruse to disguise that fact.

  78. Dantes says:

    When are they going to start tracking illegal aliens? This project of theirs seems like a waste of time, but then again, it’s Incompetano at work.

  79. Ron says:

    Howcome nobody ever asked what Janet Nap’s qualifications were? Is being a l e z_bian really enough?

  80. tubaman says:

    i thought we were always supposed to be tracking immigrants.That’s how come there are so many illegals in this country now!!!!

  81. Jakartaman says:

    Are you kidding me !
    These dopes can’t track assault rifles that they give out going to mexico.

    Here is another novel Idea – instead of tracking them leaving how about tracking and deporting them when they come over ILLEGALLY!

  82. Crusher says:

    “We have to recognize that we do have this problem,” Miller said. “The truth is, in the 40 percentile of all the illegal (immigrants) are in this country on expired visas. They came in right through the front door.”

    The congresswoman doubtless said, “illegal aliens” which is the correct legal term used by the government, but the correct term violates the rules of political correctness. So the “media” changed it. Airbrushing, Stalin style.

  83. John Malverne says:

    A system to track who they deport. Wow.

    And it only took them, like, 70 years.

    Is the government lazy and incompetent or what?

  84. jim says:

    We don’t need a fence or microchips oir troops on the border all we need is for being in the US illegally to be made a FELONY punishable by first offense 60 days and deportation and second offense 2 years, 3rd 10 years. They WILL self-deport.

    1. Spanky says:

      Confiscate all their assets when they are caught.

      Require proof of citizenship or legal residency in order to buy a home or vehicle, send money via wire transfer out of the country, sign up for utilities, get any type of license, get more than one visit to an ER, attend public K-12 schools or a university or college, etc..

  85. Lou Brown says:

    When Ms. Napolitano becomes an American herself I may believe the words that are attributed to her. In my lights she is just a toadie for the Obama regime.

  86. Marilyn says:

    OK….Number one, let’s start with Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, came to America as an Indonesian foreign exchange student. One can not be and American AND a foreign exchange student from Indonesia, which is it? American or Indonesian?…Then we will move on to Barry Soetoro Uncle who has a couple of DUI’s and is an illegal immigrant…Thirdly, let’s move on to Barry Soetoro aunt also here in America as an illegal immigrant…Get this cleared up and then we can move on the the next 12 million illegal immigrants….

    1. Spanky says:

      “One can not be and American AND a foreign exchange student from Indonesia, which is it? American or Indonesian?…”

      I hate Barry as much as any decent American does, but the two conditions you describe are not mutually exclusive.

      One can be an American citizen, group up in another country, and become a foreign exchange student with that country – because that’s where the person sent to school.

      I’m not saying Barry is an American citizen, I’m just addressing the logical aspect of the question.

  87. carl says:

    this won’t be used to stop illegals.
    it will be used to harass home-schoolers, gun owners, private gardeners, christians, ron paul voters, people who avoid flouride and vaccinations, etc.

  88. poorhardworker says:

    Our commander in chief is no better than a 3rd world despot that removes or does not deliver during the majority of his term. When it’s re-election? Ah, grasshopper, that when he does an about face to win voters! So now he are getting “tough” on illegals? So now he is a friend of Israel? Do not be fooled! Watch what he does not what he says.

    1. speced says:

      Exactly right the smallest action is worth more than any rhetoric! Remember transparency in government, close Gitmo, bring the troops home, etc, all rhetoric.

  89. William says:

    Biometrics is dangerous stuff. It is going to become the new Social Security Number where you can’t to anything without giving up to a scan. I’m sure a great many people will fall for the “convenience” of being able to pay for stuff just by having their hand or eye scanned, but they won’t realize, or care, that they no longer have any privacy and government will know even more about them. For that matter, does anyone actually think hackers won’t find a away around that or simply to hack into all that new data flying around since you know it won’t be secure, especially not in government databases.

  90. Ernie says:

    What? Tracking immigrants?! What a freakin’ concept! Isn’t that how we got in this mess to begin with of 15 million illegal immigrants – no tracking? We wouldn’t want to racially profile anyone now would we?! Napolitano is a joke!

  91. Dutra says:

    Election year smoke and mirrors.

  92. herdzcatz says:

    Election year,

  93. speced says:

    If we deport that illegal SOB in the White House maybe the rest will follow.

  94. herdzcatz says:

    Election year. That was my first thought; my second thought was similar: Now they will be able to find their voters more effectively.


    IN FACT, THEY’RE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS, NOT “IMMIGRANTS.” Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution REQUIRES the federal government to protect the states from invasion. Our immigration laws are constantly being violated by illegal Emperor ObaMarxist Keenyatta fatwahs (executive orders). The 1986 Amnesty Act provided that in return for amnesty for 3 MILLION illegal aliens we were GUARANTEED strict border security, strict enforcement of immigration laws based on need (not on the corporate demand for slave labor or the “multiculturalist” lust for pretty shapes and colors), AND NO MORE AMNESTY! Instead the TREASONOUS GLOBALIST ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES let in over 30+ MILLION more illegal alien invaders to do their dirty work to destroy our sovereignty by devastating every institution we have.


  96. Dano says:

    Yea, well what about an illegal entrance program and an illegal exit program? That would be the best news!!

  97. ericdb says:

    So illegal immigrants are good to go, but legal immigrants will be tracked and monitored? Very nonsensical.

  98. Frank says:

    They couldn’t track high powered weapons given to drug cartels, this will be just as much a failure and most likely result in the government to fudge the results anyway.

  99. phillysmart says:

    This country is looking more and more like communist Russia did during the cold war…state controlled media…sophisticated tracking devices….Obama is a verified communist and he is slowly tightening the grip

  100. Reed Cook says:

    If we don’t allow them in our country in the first place we won’t have to spend billions to watch them when they leave! Not to mention the problems created by the ones who don’t leave! Get a clue America! Why do we continue to be our own worst enemies when it comes to things like this? Protect our borders now!

  101. Earl says:

    Feds to track immigrants. Yeah right, oh not illegals. They will track legals, the few they let in. This govt of PrezBHO is so wack it is freaking unbelievable. But of course Nobama has lied so much about his birth, his schooling or lack thereof that we are used to about anything he does or lies about.

  102. Dave-0 says:

    Exit interviews? I guess they want to know how they voted.

  103. Vic says:

    IMMIGRANTS !!! What, are they going to track all those Indian engineers with a green card? People arriving here ILLEGALLY are not IMMIGRANTS. Try this in any other country in the world, you’ll be thrown in jail, fined and probably spend a month or more in jail before being released. Its taken seriously and I am asked for id regularly (Thats why the border agents look for your arrival visa, to know you’re in the country legally.)

  104. Spanky says:

    I hope they get the system working in time to use it for the campaign, then shut it down in December.

  105. johninlongmont says:

    since the vast majority of illegal immigrants sneak across our porous southern border, until we we start tracking ALL ILLEGALS, this program is a giant sieve

  106. Lex Terrae says:

    I’ve not read all the comments – and I may have missed this in the article – so if my comments are absurd, rub my nose in it and have a good laugh.

    Isn’t it just like the government to do things backwards? Why track immigrants leaving the country? Why not track non-citizens entering the country using biometrics and track them every time they board a bus, train, plane or rent a car and at random points where they wouldn’t expect it. Make it a price of being in the US or any of its territories and or protectorates. Then track them again when they leave. How TSA expects to “track” them after they’ve left is beyond idiotic. It stretches all the way to bureaucratic.

  107. radioone says:

    They kept telling me if I voted for John McCain the government would start tracking immigrants in the country, and they were right.

  108. michaelp says:

    WHATS THE PROBLEM WITH JUST FOLLOWING THE LAW WE HAVE ALREADY ? Anyone helping illegals, needs to go to jail. Janet Napolitano should be in prison with all the illegals. Now if illegal means NOTHING, THEN RELEASE ALL THE PRISONERS, FOR DOING ILLEGAL CRIMES. Because illegal means NOTHING ! Seems like sheriff Joe is the only one following our laws !

    1. Teriqua Jones says:

      That would be a great idea. Unfortunately, we have a spineless crook as a president. He let all the illegals take the jobs! It wouldn’t be hard to track illegals; I could list about 20 by myself.

      Sheriff Joe is brave. I wish we had a president like him.

  109. Jasonn says:

    Actually doing their jobs? What a concept! Now if ICE could only track the b’zillions that are flooding over our borders in the dead of night, or even in the middle of the afternoon.

  110. John says:

    So only aliens who overstayed their US issued visas are a problem. The illegal aliens that never had a visa to begin with are not an issue? What in heck goes through the minds of the bureaucrats & politicians?

  111. Smokyjoe says:

    The country will survive this so-called ignore half black socialist president, but will we survive the people that voted him into office? Only God knows for sure.

  112. ted says:

    This is is the biometric roll out, they always start incrementally the real plan of course is for Americans , sounds like a good idea to do it to aliens, Janet wants you to think it is for your good, and in your best interests.

    Try Janet today for Treason along with Eric Holder the gun runner, and Obama the super traitor.

  113. Teriqua Jones says:

    I think America needs a clear-cut policy. When I read, “and deport those considered threats to the community or national security.” I was disgusted. To me that sounds a bit like “maybe we will deport them and maybe we won’t.” Additionally, this type of wording is setting America up for a slew of accusations and lawsuits. Racial profiling comes first to my mind.
    Make a clear-cut law and enforce it 100%. No exception for anchor babies and so-forth. If they illegally wiggled through our fence or they have an expired Visa, America needs to deport them. If they have a baby or spouse, they should go too. Separating families would be wrong. But so is letting Illegals stay in our country.

  114. Snarf says:

    “It’s very difficult to find those individuals, and those individuals aren’t priorities until they commit a crime,” said Julie Myers Wood, who was head of ICE from 2006 to 2008.

    Why is it difficult to find them? How about checking where their welfare checks are being mailed?

  115. Robert Taylor says:

    Horse s–t. Go to the address their wellfare and healthcare checks are sent. The it gets to election time the more will start showing up, or at least their ballots will show up.

  116. Pat says:

    Remember years ago when “mad cow” disease came in and the USDA traced one of the sick cows from its birth to its last residence very quickly? The government can trace cows but not people who overstay visas or are here illegally? The IRS can find anyone who owes them money, but Janet’s gang can’t find anyone? Geez, we are being had again by a lame government who can come up with excuses but no solutions…Janet and the Gang Who Couldn’t spot a terrorist if he had a T-shirt on that said “I am a terrorist!”

    1. carl says:

      OF COURSE they can’t track them.
      illegal aliens vote democrat.
      follow the money
      and follow the votes.

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