It’s been quite the journey for Colt Brennan.

Today, the former Washington Redskin and Heisman Trophy finalist signed to play with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League

The 28-year-old Breenan was drafted by the Redskins in the sixth round of the 2008 draft out of Hawaii, and lead all rookies in touchdown passes, yards, and QB rating during the NFL pre-season.

The following season in 2009 he was placed on injured reserve, and was traded to Baltimore before being released during that offseason.

Brennan broke a handful of NCAA Division I records at Hawaii, including most touchdowns in a single season with 58.

The CFL season starts in late June.

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  1. smiley4284 says:

    I just farted, that is literally bigger news that an NFL failure signing with the CFL.

  2. Sean says:

    I guess you didn’t read that he led all QB’s in the preseason. Yeah, great failure there. Oh, and when did he get another chance to actually play? Oh yeah, never.
    Prediction: every Redskin fan will be howling in the wind when Colt lights it up in the CFL.
    I’m still waiting for proof that Colt failed in the NFL. Stats please?!?!?
    Oh-and you should have your gastrointestinal tract checked…

  3. stunzeed5 says:

    lol @ “lights it up in the CFL”. Like anyone is going to notice Colt as a backup in CANADA for a semi-pro league.

    1. Sean says:

      Everyone already has. In case you hadn’t noticed, this story is all over the place.

      No one states specifically that he is the backup. He will challenge to start just like everyone else. They had a pretty bad season last year, only won 5 games, so maybe a change at starting qb is needed…

    2. Theresa says:

      Will he do well enough when he and his girlfriend nearly killed me ,a girl who grew up in Alberta!

  4. begginjack says:

    Hey, dum dum: “I’m still waiting for proof that Colt failed in the NFL. Stats please?!?!?”


  5. Sean says:

    Title “Colt Brennan Signs with CFL’s Roughriders”

    \Well, I read the title of the article, and no where in the title does it say that Colt Brennan failed in the NFL. Neither does it say anywhere in the article itself that Colt failed in the NFL.

    Plus, he never went to Baltimore…

    Still waiting for stats…

    I can give you his stats from the times that he DID play, and these stats prove that he didn’t fail in the NFL

  6. stunzeed5 says:

    lol@ “this story is all over the place”. Where? In some far-off CFL market for the “Riders”?

    Nobody of note gives two $%^&’s that Colt is going to the CFL. The NFL certainly doesn’t because they’ve totally forgotten about him.

    Skins’ fans could care less.

  7. cflsteve says:

    All the hype may be about Colt Brennan signing with the Riders but the other import QB signed, Drew Willy< is going to be the real story as he will be primed to compete for the number two spot behind Durant. Willy already with a Wealth of knowledge about playing QB in the CFL. at U Bullalo head coach was turner Gill. QB coach was Danny Barret. Both were very successful CFL QB's with Gills carrer being cut short after two seasons both as a sterter by concussion problems. Gill started for the Montreal Concordes as a rookie and Barret played QB for 16 years in the CFL

  8. kokomike says:

    I’m from Hawaii and I will be the first to say: Colt’s pathetic showing in the NFL has been an embarrassment to us. The fact that he completely flopped and is now playing as a backup in something called the CFL is such a blemish on his professional resume and most of his fans have abandoned him and don’t care about him anymore. Watching him cry on national tv during the Sugar Bowl told us all we needed to know. WHAT A BUST. Luckily my adopted Redskins have got RGIII on the way, a QB that our ex-ohana Colt Brennan couldn’t dream to be!!!!

  9. POCOLOCO808 says:

    HAHAHA “Story is all over the place”…….nobody is taking Colt Brennan serious anymore. Wow, I’m seriously cracking up at “Story is all over the place”. Colt is so irrelevant it’s pathetic!

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