Prince George’s County Executive Rashern L. Baker III was very hopeful in an interview with “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan about proposed legislation to expand gambling in Maryland, legalizing table games and ultimately building a high-end, Las Vegas style casino within the National Harbor.

Part of the reasoning behind Baker’s urge for creating a casino destination in Prince George’s County is the $126 million deficit and the potential financial boost that comes along with legalized gambling.

“We estimate that the county could get somewhere between $40 to $50 million a year if we brought this facility,” Baker said.

This revenue generated would go toward paying out teacher pensions if the state pushes them to the local level, increased salaries for police officers along with other programs.

In addition to the stream of revenue a casino provides, Baker trumpeted more pros a high-end casino provides besides entertainment, retail shops and dining.

“This would create about, we believe about 5,000 permanent jobs.  These would be salaries ranging from $34,000 to $55,000 a year and during the construction phase, it would create about 1300 construction jobs,”  he said.

However, the bill still needs to pass the state’s house and senate, which the county executive is confident it will.  Once it has been passed, residents will vote on the legislation.

“For those who say, ‘This is not the way to go.’  I say, ‘Give me some other options,”  Baker concluded.

Baker explaining the type of casino he would like to see at National Harbor:

Baker on the number of potential jobs a casino would bring the county:

Baker on the amount of money per year a casino could generate:

Baker on what that money could be used for: