WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Montgomery County Police have released videotapes of their interrogation of Brittany Norwood, who was sentenced last month to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Brittany Norwood, who became known as the ‘Lululemon Killer’, murdered her co-worker Jayna Murray after allegedly being accused by her of stealing yoga pants. Norwood inflicted 331 stabbing and beating wounds before her victim finally died.

Norwood, originally painted as a victim when police initially arrived on the scene, spun a web of lies to detectives which threw them off the scent temporarily. Her version of what happened had two men appearing in the Yoga shop who raped her then killed Murray, but after a thorough investigation, detectives determined that forensics did not line up with her story and brought her in for questioning. 

The interrogation tapes reveal an emotional storyteller in Norwood, as police pelted her with questions about the intricate details of how the supposed murder/rape crime unfolded. She answered seamlessly with the proper measure of emotion at the proper time, as if she had thought every last step through. Her story began to break apart when police asked her why her DNA was found in Murray’s car…

WNEW’s Chris Barnes reports…  

When the case went to trial, prosecutors gathered that Norwood used a pair of size-14 shoes with blood on the soles to track prints around the fitness shop. This would provide the evidence to support her imaginative claims, before being proven to be just that: imaginative.


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