SOUTH EL MONTE, Calif. (AP) — Republican Newt Gingrich on Monday dismissed calls to drop out of the presidential contest in order to set up a direct contest between rivals Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. The former House speaker insisted that his ideas and a new determination to stay positive would help him once again resuscitate his flagging candidacy.

“I think my ideas are much bolder than Santorum or Romney’s. I think my ideas are much clearer and more specific and I have to focus on communicating those ideas. Let’s see how it plays out,” Gingrich told reporters after addressing a Hispanic leadership event near Los Angeles. He is spending most of the week in California attending fundraisers.

Gingrich’s comments came as the National Review, an influential conservative magazine, published an editorial calling on Gingrich to step aside and endorse Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator who has recently surged in polls. Santorum himself suggested in an interview Sunday that he would like Gingrich to clear the way.

Gingrich called the National Review article “silly” and said he had no intention of abandoning the race. He noted that he had been counted out several times before in the presidential race but had rallied back each time.

“The National Review wanted me to drop out in June,” Gingrich said, adding that he planned to revive his candidacy with policy speeches like the one he delivered Friday at a meeting of the Conservative Political Action Committee. The speech was well received, but Gingrich nonetheless placed third in the group’s presidential straw poll.

Gingrich was riding high in polls before Iowa’s kickoff caucuses Jan. 3, before Restore Our Future, a super PAC backing Romney’s campaign, attacked him with negative ads casting him as a tainted Washington insider. The ads helped sink him to a weak fourth place finish there.

Gingrich came back to win a resounding victory in South Carolina’s primary Jan. 21, at which time he urged Santorum to consider dropping out. But Romney’s campaign, along with Restore Our Future, launched some $15 million in negative ads against Gingrich in Florida, crushing his momentum. Romney won Florida’s primary Jan. 31, and Gingrich has struggled to catch fire again while Santorum has surged.

Speaking to a Tea Party group in Pasadena, Gingrich depicted Santorum as a flash in the pan whose own candidacy had been nearly left for dead before he won contests in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado last week.

“He had a really good Tuesday and suddenly the same people who said I was dead in June are saying, ‘See, I told you so,'” Gingrich said. “I have a message for them — I’m still here.”

Hoping to mount yet another comeback, Gingrich has set his sights on states like Georgia and Ohio holding contests on Super Tuesday, March 6.

The four remaining Republican candidates, including Ron Paul, will meet for a nationally televised debate Feb. 22 in Arizona, which holds a primary Feb. 28, as does Michigan.

Gingrich showed no sign of backing off his vivid rhetoric when he suggested that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which he called “bigoted and anti-religious,” should be impeached for its recent ruling invalidating a California ballot initiative that had overturned gay marriage rights in the state.

Gingrich edged out of a potentially embarrassing exchanged with Orly Taitz, a California dentist who pioneered the “birther” movement questioning whether President Barack Obama had been born in the United States and therefore eligible to be president. Taitz suggested to Gingrich that he should pursue the debunked birther agenda as a way to propel his campaign.

“Somebody who wouldn’t be good enough, who wouldn’t be certified to pick tomatoes or clean bathrooms is sitting in the White House,” Taitz told Gingrich, to gasps and some applause from the tea party audience.

Gingrich demurred and said, “I think I have enough issues to debate Obama with.”

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Comments (76)
  1. nyguy30 says:

    The National Review Should Drop out…. I’m not a big gingrich fan, but this is america, and there is a process where the American people choose(supposably), not the National Review

    1. Tagudinian says:

      Amen – The National Review has deteriorated into the National Enquirer… really. Hey, more on John Edwards’ love child… or more on Michelle Obama’s $50K in lingerie… dig?

      1. Rebecca Maylene says:

        Don’t expect democracy to prevail after the coup and cover up.

        With the media in on the last election, it’s why Sarah Palin was added to the McCain ticket. They had no intention of winning. Why do you think Republicans gained so many seats in the last midterm? Sarah and McCain were part of a coup. Obama was turned after he won the election to take down those who make up the “organized community” that he spoke about.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. The biggest cover up in history starts here

    2. 44Guyton says:

      I agree 100%. I am sick and tired of Trump, McCain, Ann Coulter or National Review thinking that thier endorsement means a damn thing. In most cases I think these people and organizations have HUGE egos and think voters need thier superior guidance and intellect to make a decision. Give me a break!! I’ll do my own thinking thank you.

    3. Bob says:

      Eh, editorial boards make endorsements routinely. Nothing new here. This is America. They have the freedom to express their opinion, as much as anyone else.

      New Hampshire’s biggest paper, for example, endorsed Newt and dissed Romney on almost daily basis. As is their right.

      1. 44Guyton says:

        I don’t think there is anybody here that would argue that point. Feel free to endorse whoever. What puzzles me are the sheep that blindly follow endorsements whether they come from for example Oparh or McCain. My guess is that a very small percentage of the electorate ever bothers to educate themselves. So for the folks who like Oprah, and know little else, an endorsement from her is just the ticket!!

  2. Jason says:

    This is the exact reason why I would never vote for Newt. He is all about one thing – NEWT. This is the same guy who implored Santorum to drop out so he could take out Romney? Now it’s weeks later, and more importantly states and delegates later, he’s behind Santorum, and he won’t practice what he was preaching? And to think there are repubs who think this guy has a shot in a general election.

    1. Tagudinian says:

      Never is a rather overused term.

  3. lovetheusa says:

    Only Mitt and Newt are the real contenders. Santorum is a flash in the pan. He is a sanctimonious, whiny, slick lawyer who supports big government. I hope the voters across this country will not permit him to continue to rise.

    1. Tagudinian says:

      Rick Santorum (and I love the guy because he is a decent human being – but not fiery and fierce enough to beat the Chicago Thug machine in a general election) – should go home and take care of his daughter. He’s had a good run but is now only mucking up the waters. Let Newt, our junkyard dog, fight it out with Mitt the Timid for the GOP nomination. Newt has by far the boldest thrust and the sharpest ideas to take back America from the Obama regime. Newt will also eviscerate Obama and his teleprompter in any debate or verbal exchange. The Republican Establishment should give up on trying to prop up Mitt Romney already.

      1. alvin1 says:

        Newt will never get the chance to challenge Obama. He is the sorrowest of the sorrow. Read the POLLS. Ignorance can be fixed but stupid is forever.

      2. Cindy Kay says:

        I agree. We need to bring in the big guns to defeat Obama. That is Newt!!!!!

      3. Molly Zin says:

        I will add my agreement to that. Newt is the right man for the job. We need a man who can think on his feet and say what needs to be said.

      4. psadie says:

        I am from Pa. Rick did a terrible job and we kicked him to the curb. He loves all govt. programs, voted down “right to work”, supported the traitor Arlen Specter etc. When he is fully vetted you will understand why. He did not attempt to run for Governor of Pa. yet he feels that he is qualified to run for President. Yeah, we in Pa are wondering why he is even in the running. He is a pious phony and he can’t win on being anti-abortion. It’s the economy, stupid.

      5. Dndv2875 says:

        I agree and love your junkyard dog analogy. Unfortunately, I honestly think we’ve slipped too far in USA and it’ll be Obama or Obama-Lite (Romney) at best.

    2. Dan Johnson says:

      The only one the Obama team fears is Romney. They recognize he is very smart, has a business mind for details and organization. They also know based upon Iowa and Florida he will hit Obama very hard. With Obama’s record Romney will systemically tear him apart and Obama will be playing defense up until election day. We need to get away from the social issues that divide us and focus on the economy and debt. This is the real issue, everything else is just academic. Reality is no Republican is going make radical social changes like Obama has tried to do.

      1. Dndv2875 says:

        Big Government Republicans are just as guilty as liberal Democrats for driving up regulation, taxes, and debt while selling out hard-working freedom-loving citizens. The point that those who try to separate social and economic issues do not get, is that too many Americans who have funded the social programs for years without taking any of the handouts, are no longer going to tolerate the get-along, lets-make-a-deal elitist attitude. Hearing people talk like social issues can be separated from economic issues only encourages me to clean my gun and target practice.

    3. B.F. says:

      Santorum does not support big government! That is a lie! The liberals are the poster children of big government. Santorum is the only candidate out there that will straighten the moral compass of this country; which is what’s needed to bring our nation back into focus on strengthening our economy and strengthening our report with our allies. I AM voting for Santorum and I know many others will too. Get used to it.

      1. Richard Koch says:

        He did support big government by voting to raise the debt ceiling multiple times.

    4. Giggles the Clown says:

      Lie lie lie. Santorum supports the military, but not lazy bums who are dependent on ‘big govt. LIAR LIBERAL!

  4. So over NRO says:

    National Review jumped the shark a long time ago. Gingrich is still ahead of Santorum in real delegates – Santorum didn’t actually win any delegates on his “good Tuesday”, but the media is counting as if he did.

    BTW, Jason, ALL the candidates are all about themselves – don’t kid yourself that Santorum has any less self regard.

    1. Tagudinian says:

      GO NEWT! The NRO sells excrement sandwiches and folks like Jason buy ’em.

      1. Jason says:

        *rolls eyes* Please. I don’t care to read the NRO. I make my own judgments based on action. Newt is a hypocritical narcissist to the tenth degree. The bottom line is that Newt has lost momentum due to his own failures. Now when it’s time for him to practice his own preached principles, namely dropping out of the race so the “alternative” in second can battle Mitt, he’s nowhere to be found. Ironic don’t you think?

  5. rosieogrady says:

    Newt will do the best for America. They don’t like him because he’s not a pushover. Santorum on the other hand is whimpy, goes along to keep neutral, has no experience dealing with big government. Please vote Newt, he’s a bull, hw will get things done.

    1. alvin1 says:

      Yep! Full of bull!

    2. Buttercup says:

      Santorum has plenty experience dealing with big government. He IS big governement. You’re ignorance is showing. It’s safe to assume you’ve done zero research on your man Newton Leroy

    3. Richard Koch says:

      Newt and Santormum are both progressives looking to grow government and would never pull in Independents or Democrats which would mean a win for Obama in 2012.

  6. alvin1 says:

    This is the same guy who wanted Santorum to drop out. It’s Newt debating Newt

  7. joeloughran says:

    When Newt Gingrich says, in February 2012, “i’m not going anywhere,” one must give him his due: truer words were never spoken.

  8. jeffo says:

    Newt is the one that can shake things up and
    yes he can beat OBAMA!!!
    GO NEWT!!!

  9. The Bruce says:

    Funny, every time Newt opens his mouth, I think to myself, “Shut up, Meg.”

  10. DebtWillCrushUS says:

    Ron Paul 2012!

    1. jacqlynsmith says:

      I agree….all the others are a part of the corruption in DC…..Dr. Paul all the way!

  11. MDWhite says:

    “I’m not going anywhere…” For once I agree with the uber-egotist Gingrich. he’s not going anywhere, particularly the White House.

  12. psadie says:

    Newt the ONLY guy with a detailed plan. LOVE his 15% tax rate, sign Keystone pipeline, neuter the EPA, fire the czars, 12.5% corporate tax rate, etc. Working and getting things done the first day in office. I think Washington no longer wants to work for us. Newt give us a new Contract with America and then go for it. Destroy Obama.

    1. yep says:

      He can’t win. If you keep this up you’re just baiting him in so Obama will win.

    2. rae ekaf says:

      lol@ 15% tax plan! I like Ron Paul’s get rid of the IRS plan better. Why do you people continue to elect politicians who want to unconstitutionally tax everyone? Whats the matter with you? Are you insane? If Ron Paul is elected I would like to see him free all the people unjustly imprisoned too. My heart aches because the populace is uncaring about these people. Google Irwin Schiff for one such wrongfully imprisoned person.

      1. psadie says:

        With all the support that Ron Paul is supposed to have, why has he not won any state? I think it is all bogus. If no taxes are paid, what happens to the infrastructure?

      2. Richard Koch says:

        The infrastructure is paid for with sales taxes. The federal government got by on taxes from tariffs on imports, sales of land and so on.
        It is unconstitutional to tax someones private property because of the fact that the government can take it at any time.
        Do a little research and you will learn a great deal on the matter.

      3. Dndv2875 says:

        If were electing Ron Paul with a majority libertarian congress, I’d be for him. He’s a true patriot and understands the intent of our once free republic. I wonder how he would realistically manage to get is agenda through the congress that actually exists in reality though. I edge toward Newt because I was alive and watching through the years and he is tough … so tough that his own party sold him out … and I like that.

  13. HTS says:

    Newt is way too fat to be president. He needs to get below 300 pounds if he wants anyone to take him seriously. Rick is a sanctimoneiouswhiney big government Washington bureauocrat Romney was born to be president..

    1. 44guyton says:

      That’s it!! I’m voting for the Adonis in Chief. Great logic.
      How many voted for Obama because he is black. How many times have we heard that people are voting for Romney because; “He looks Presidential.” YIKES!!!!

  14. Guy says:

    I DID support Newt but it is over. Get out of the race and help your brethern.

    1. Cindy Kay says:

      Hey guy, you’re a dish rag.

      1. Guy says:

        Why Cindy? Because I love my country?

    1. Mark Langley says:

      Definitely, Ron Paul.

  15. Economist for Truth says:

    NRO is in the Romney camp. If the Republicans are to retake the White House and congress, they have to have a leader with a plan and the leadership to deliver the plan nationwide. Newt is that leader and is the closest personage we have today to do what Reagan did in 1980. We were told then to vote for Bush Sr. to attract the independent voters, who ultimately went for Reagan big time as he had the best plan to defeat the Carter malaise. Newt has the best plan to reverse the Obama liberal adgenda and revive the economy.

  16. anthony says:

    Newt is the only one that can turn this great country of ours around, PERIOD! He’s the only candidate that has the intestinal fortitude to shake things up to get things done. We loaned the Speakership to him and he made it happen and now I’m ready to see us loan the Presidential office to the only candidate that can steer us in a new and better future. He has short comings, we all know that. But I haven’t heard of anyone walking on water since two thousand years ago. What we need is Big, Bold solutions. He’s the only one that has done it before and I know with our help, he can lead us to do it again. I owe a better future for my children and grandchildren and all I have in my possession is a single vote and it’s for Newt!

  17. it's over says:

    Hang it up. AND, go get a couple of new haircuts (u and calista)! Jeez.

  18. Cindy Kay says:

    Newt has TRUE GRIT. Vote for Newt.

  19. Jace in Michigan says:

    All i have to say about Newt is….. (Yawn)….

  20. Ben says:

    Santorum is a real “religious conservative”. While I agree with his stance on abortion and family values, he is not a true conservative on other constitutional issues and will not fight to remove government overreach from our lives. Speeches about God, motherhood, and apple pie does not make a conservative.

    He is for the Patriot Act, he is for NDAA..where the government can lock up a citizen (for no factual reason) and keep them from any due process. (I’m scared).

    He is the only candidate who said he thought government should regulate the internet. (I’m scared). What’s’ next? Fairness doctrine??

    He never met a war he did not like, or, a foreign aid package he would not support. Nation building. (even if they are terrorists or dictators).

    He supported Specter over Toomey. He just goes along to get along. An establishment politician who roll s with them except on abortion and sanctity of marriage.

    He is for a corporate tax policy that favors one segment over another. (government picking winners?) Conservatives offer equal treatment.

    He voted against “right to work” while he said he supported “right to work”, not a flip flop. (negotiable core principles??). There are many others.

    He said he had reasons for those decisions??? Again, no core, non-negotiable, convictions!!
    It doesn’t matter what these guys say. What have they done?

    Gingrich lead with conservative legislation and has a conservative record.
    The republican party needs pruning. Let’s not put another get along with the party guy in the W.H.

    Why do “they” keep trying to shove Romney or Santorum down our throats? Let’s use some critical thinking.

    1. Mark Langley says:

      Santorum is a real doofus. But, Newt is a non-starter for 65-75% of America. Why not support the guy who deserves to be President, for a change?

      Ron Paul 2012

  21. Steve says:

    I have news for you Gingrich, you will never be President ever. Your too arrogant and have that elitist attitude. Did I mention you were fired for Ethics violations, see ya but not in the White House.

    1. Dndv2875 says:

      You may be right that he will not be President, but it will not be because he would not be a very good one. Also, you need to check your facts. Newt was railroaded by the left, who feared him; and was sold out by the establishment RINOs who didn’t like him pushing them to change business-as-usual. He resigned because he had no friends left on his own side and the accusations were all proven false … which proves it was a political attack.

  22. Anthony Vincent Reyes says:

    Newt is the only one that can turn this great country of ours around, PERIOD! He’s the only candidate that has the intestinal fortitude to shake things up to get things done. We loaned the Speakership to him and he made it happen and now I’m ready to see us loan the Presidential office to the only candidate that can steer us in a new and better future. He has short comings, we all know that. But I haven’t heard of anyone walking on water since two thousand years ago. What we need is Big, Bold solutions. He’s the only one that has done it before and I know with our help, he can lead us to do it again. I owe a better future for my children and grandchildren and all I have in my possession is a single vote and it’s for Newt!

    1. CommonCents says:

      Newt is the ‘only one’? Hey buddy, it’s time to leave that conservative cult.

      The only thing worse than a DNC Kool-aid addict, is an RNC Kool-aid drinker.

      Why? Because a ‘conservative’ (so-called) should know better than to drink it.

  23. rc0213 says:

    The press and mass media keeps pushing Romney and Gringrich. And, they ridicule the other candidates under accusations. This makes me more of a Santorum supporter now. I really did not know much of Santorum until the last few months. So, think for yourselves, don’t let the mass media tell you who to vote for.

    1. Buttercup says:

      Evidently you still don’t know much of Santorum. Take 3 minutes and do your own homework instead of waiting for other people to tell you about him. The guy is all about BIG GOVERNMENT and intrusion into our private lives. He loves raising taxes and earmarks. The coward won’t stand by his own anti-feminist comments from his book and instead blamed his wife for writing that part even though he gave her no credit in the book. He’s spineless. On Nat’l Security he makes that tiny Michele Bachman look tough.

  24. Lamar Carnes says:

    I was a supporter of Newt. Now I am convinced he is like all of the rest of these little big shots who have such a “ego” and a “love” of self they will not do what is right for the good of the nation or the party! Newt knows he can’t win and like Ron Paul another “Nut” stays in the race to cause instability in voting and eventually because of this “Mitt Romney” whom they say they are against will win because of them! What type of people are these two guys anyway! When you see two contenders that the public want to vote on and you are not one of them WHY NOT get out the way! In fact, Newt told Rick to get out of the way once. So why not follow your own advice NewT!

  25. Dan Savage says:

    Boys, lets make and spread some Santorum!

  26. James Ghandi says:

    We have a president who recently told a judge in Georgia basically, “F.U. I’M NOT GOING TO OBEY YOUR ORDERS. I WON’T GO TO COURT NOR HONOR YOUR SUBPOENA TO PRESENT MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR OTHER INFORMATION!” and Newt has more things to debate Obama with? Obama is using a stolen social security that doesn’t even pass E-Verify! I agree, Orly Taitz is not a good lawyer, but she has the facts correct. If you still think Obama is eligible for the presidency of the United States after that court incident, there is really no hope for you. Anybody could sell you ice on the North Pole.

    I was going to vote for Newt. Not anymore. He doesn’t care about this country or its constitution.

  27. Buttercup says:

    Newt is like the problem tenant who gets evicted and trashes the place on his way out. In his case it’s not the landlord but the Republcan party that’s left to pay for the damage he’s created but it’s worth it to get him out.

  28. Buttercup says:

    Please go Newt you fat elitist progressive liberal snot!. You’ve supported global warming, ethanol subsidies, healthcare mandates, and endorsed known RINO Dede Scozzafava in NY-23 to name a few of your liberal “big ideas”. You make Romney look conservative. Stop embarrasing yourself and your party you unethical souless crook!

  29. toledofan says:

    I would have voted for Newt about three weeks ago, but, I think he’s made some really big mistakes in Florida and I just think he’s turned off alot of voters with the negativity and the in your face kind of attitude. His big idea’s maybe ok for some other time, but, we need some simple solutions to todays big problems, Newt just has been all over the palce.

  30. Gary Brown says:

    CBS deletes comments critical of Dan Savage or his smears on Santorum. Just so you’ll know how unbiased CBS is.

    1. Dan Savage says:

      Smearing some Santorum? That’s a great idea!

  31. bold_one says:


    You are so right. Indeed, you are going nowhere, FAST!

  32. Bob says:

    Everybody should vote for Santorum. At the very least we could get a brokered convention and Jeb Bush could emerge at the top of the ticket with Christie as the VP. I think Jeb could win this thing. Keep praying miracles do happen. Vote Santorum I do not think Romney has what it takes to win.

    1. Heyward Jabloemee says:

      Really Christie…he’s just an uncouth lib

    2. Your Mom says:

      What the heck are you talking about. How does voting for Big Gov Santorum help us get a brokered convention? Why would we want a brokered convention? It would be detrimental to the party. Why would Jeb Bush who has no interest in running emerge at the top and why would we want anti-gun, pro-immigration Christie as our VP nom? He’s loathed by real conservatives who have bothered to look at his record. Christie might be fiscally conservative but socially he’s a outright liberal…. but I bet you already new that.

  33. Heyward Jabloemee says:

    Newt can stay in for as long as he wants…and as time goes by he’ll be more and more embarrassed by his own lack luster performance. Don’t get me wrong HE’s A DISGRACE…but he has the right to humiliate himself as much as he wants.

  34. Dave says:

    “I’m not going anywhere…”

    *That’s* the understatement of the week.

  35. Dndv2875 says:

    I’ve read a lot of silly comments here about Newt being a sleaze who should just quit. Some are cute, but meaningless quips relating dual meaning to “not going anywhere”. The reason neither Newt nor other candidates have quit yet is simply that they still have supporters paying for their campaigns. Newt has not quit because guys like me still send him money. I’ve heard all the anti-Newt rhetoric and BS that’s propagated, but I’ve been voting and paying attention since the 1970s and know it’s largely nonsense. The USA is not nearly the nation it once was, and will likely never be great again. The reason is not the candidates, but the people. Real change requires real leadership and real leadership is not afraid to be unpopular. Newt was such a leader and my fellow Americans neither know it, nor care enough to read books, history or check the validity of snippets they read and pass along. It’ll help to also have some appreciation for the principles on which the USA was established. The reason why we will not have a strong President like Newt or Dr. Paul, is because Americans largely want a king and do not value freedom.

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