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Carriage of the Capital
Maryland, Virginia, DC
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In D.C., it is hard to marvel at the magnificent sites when you have to worry about pedestrians, construction projects and traffic. Do what George Washington did and hire the services of a horse and carriage company. Carriages of the Capital provides tours of DC during the day and evening, providing you the opportunity to snuggle in the carriage with your sweetie. Customize your itinerary and swing by one of these amazing sites on your ride.

U.S. Capitol
East Capitol St.
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 226-8000

There is no sight quite as breathtaking as the US Capitol building at night. With its beautiful dome shape, hundreds of lit-up windows and ethereal white lights contrasting against a midnight sky, it is simply beautiful and quite romantic. The US Capitol Visitor Center also has a gift shop and restaurant.

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Thomas Jefferson Memorial
701 East Basin Drive SW
Washington, DC 20024
Free admission

It may look impossible to reach as it sits across the Tidal Basin, but the Thomas Jefferson Memorial is open for visitors, horse and carriage and pedestrian traffic 24 hours a day. Take a moment to enjoy the quiet view from the other side of the Potomac River. Next, climb up the marble steps and enter the interior of the memorial, which features a 19-foot statue of Thomas Jefferson, standing tall amongst his speeches and scriptures. To the right of the statue is the preamble of the Declaration of Independence as well as other meaningful quotes.

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Washington Monument
2 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
Free admission

Known as the most prominent structure in DC, the Washington Monument towers 555-feet over the city’s other monuments, museums and government offices. The monument is two different colors. The reason being, back in 1848, the construction project was put on hold for almost 30 years due to a lack of funds as well as conflicts regarding the design. Once funds were available and a consensus on the design was reached, the material used to finish the project turned out to be a different shade from the 150-feet point on up. Inside the monument you will find a statue of George Washington, as well as an observation deck with outstanding views that span more than 30 miles around the monument.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Free admission

Another magnificent sight against the midnight sky is the White House. Our nation’s presidents have called the White House home for more than 200 years. Come see the majestic beauty of the White House, with its 18-acres of beautiful, well-manicured lawns, water fountain and gorgeous outdoor light effects. Sign up for a tour of the White House and view various rooms in the building and explore the history.

Lincoln Memorial
Independence Avenue and 23rd Street SW
Washington, DC 20001
Free admission

The Lincoln Memorial features a seated statue of Abraham Lincoln amongst his important speeches and scriptures, including select words from his second inaugural speech and the Gettysburg Address. The memorial also has two large murals above the selected speeches. The memorial is full of symbolic meaning — for example, the number of columns address the number of states in the union during Lincoln’s time. Don’t forget to sit on the marble steps and share a few quiet moments with your sweetheart as you take in the views.

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