WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — Scientists say NASA is about to propose major cuts in its exploration of other planets, especially Mars. And NASA’s former science chief is calling it irrational.

With limited money for science and an over-budget new space telescope, the space agency essentially had to make a choice in where it wanted to explore: the neighboring planet or the far-off cosmos.

Mars lost.

Two scientists who were briefed on the 2013 NASA budget that will be released next week said the space agency is eliminating two proposed joint missions with Europeans to explore Mars in 2016 and 2018. NASA had agreed to pay $1.4 billion for those missions. Some Mars missions will continue, but the fate of future flights is unclear, including the much-sought flight to return rocks from the red planet.

The two scientists, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the budget, said the cuts to the Mars missions are part of a proposed reduction of about $300 million in NASA’s $1.5 billion planetary science budget. More than $200 million in those cuts are in the Mars program, they said. The current Mars budget is $581.7 million.

“To me, it’s totally irrational and unjustified,” said Edward Weiler, who until September was NASA’s associate administrator for science. “We are the only country on this planet that has the demonstrated ability to land on another planet, namely Mars. It is a national prestige issue.”

Weiler said he quit last year because he was tired of fighting to save Mars from the budget knife. He said he fought successfully to keep major cuts from Mars in the current budget but has no firsthand knowledge of the 2013 budget proposal.

Mars “has got public appeal, it’s got scientific blessings from the National Academy,” Weiler said in a phone interview from Florida. “Why would you go after it? And it fulfills the president’s space policy to encourage more foreign collaboration.”

Two years ago, President Barack Obama said his ultimate goal was to send astronauts to Mars.

NASA spokesman David Weaver said that, just like the rest of the federal government, the space agency has to make “tough choices … and live within our means.”

To do so, Weaver said in an email, “NASA is reassessing its current Mars exploration initiatives to maximize what can be achieved.”

Weaver said the United States is the only country to land on Mars and has a car-sized rover on its way to the planet.

One of the big problems for NASA’s science budget is the replacement for the wildly successful Hubble Space Telescope. The James Webb Space Telescope, which would be about 100 times more powerful and would gaze farther into the universe than ever before, is now supposed to cost around $8 billion. It was originally estimated to cost $3.5 billion.

The other big part of NASA science spending — Earth sciences — is not being cut, the two scientists said.

The cut comes in the same week President Obama hosted the Second Annual White House Science Fair, touting the advancements of science and technology students.

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  1. Ima SickOfLibs says:

    The president says alot of things and then continues his marxist agenda. Not worry though, the independant voter didn’t seem to care about this trait back in 2008, so deal with it until the voter wises up.

    1. ScottJ says:

      Amen. I read a great article a short while back in which the author made the point that he wasn’t concerned about the damage one bad president could do, because it could all be undone. But he was terrified about the overwhelming number of mo-rons that would vote for that obviously unqualified president in the first place.

      1. mikedelta12 says:

        Obama is not the problem, merely a symptom. An uninformed electorate is the problem.

      2. Ryan says:


        Good luck America, as goes NASA so goes American dominance…

    2. Gee Whiz Obama Truly Sucks says:

      Nothing wrong with libs, only with a president who is more lib than most socialists!

      1. Kip Noxzema says:

        Yes, it’s everything to do with Libs. They’re the ones pushing him to move the country even farther Left. Imagine what they will do together if he is re-elected. Goodbye America.

      2. Obama-is-a-Marxist says:

        Liberalism is a disease and conservmegolomaniacatism is the cure. If we didn’t have so many people dependent on the federal government there would be no need for the democRat party.
        The money the OWH (Occupy White House) spent on green energy would be more than enough to fund the Mars mission. This idiot and chief is so focused on his power and his ego (he’s a classic megolomaniac) and idiology to hell with anything else. God, I’ll be glad when he’s back community organizing in Chicago.

    3. Alex Dimitriades says:

      What precisely is a “Marxist” agenda?

      Oh wait, I’m sure you have no clue.

    4. zombierocket says:

      Cut $500 million from NASA… but HAND AWAY $14 TRILLION to the banksters. Makes sense… NOT!

      You Americans deserve what you get: you keep electing short-sighted socialists, criminals, and crony capitalists to office while your eyes are glued on Dancing With The Stars. So so stupid, and so very tragic!

  2. EZ Money says:

    Due to fiscal constraints, the DoD can no longer fight two wars and now NASA cannot explore “the neighboring planet or the far-off cosmos.” But we can squander half a billion on Solyndra and even more on other failed alternative energy companies. No wonder we’re in an unprecedented fiscal crisis. I think about just the taxes I’ve paid (and will pay) in my lifetime and how my lifetime taxes are just a fraction of a percent in government waste. We need to get serious about our federal budget by eliminating the deficit and paying off the national debt.

    1. Dan Meyer says:

      This would be the same federal budget that hasn’t been passed in the past 1000 days???? Can’t get serious about something they won’t even DO. It’s their JOB to do the federal budget. Come this November fire any political person who failed to do their JOB. Congress… right on up to the President! Vote em OUT!

    2. Bob Norton says:

      Half a billion dollars would buy 1/8 of a useless B2 bomber.

      1. Kip Noxzema says:

        State your point, please. Don’t be a drive-by Lib poster.

      2. Nhoji Niknari says:

        B2 bombers kill flowers and harm children.

  3. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    It’s more important to go start more illegal wars and kill more men, women and children that have never done a thing to us. Remember what Superman said, “Truth, justice AND the American way”. Pointing out that the American way is separate from truth and justice. C’mon and get patriotic and spend your great grandchildren’s future on making arms dealers rich, killing millions and making burnt out psychopaths that come home and become cops.

    —————– http://911essentials.com

    1. ScottJ says:

      Man what I would give to kick you out of this fine country myself.

      1. NsR says:

        Spoken like a true inbred communist loving degenerate. It’s always low IQ morons that think solving complex human problems with violence is the correct answer or stifling speech or thought s their domain. You’re a real piece of work. Seek help before you go postal.

      1. Smedley Butler says:

        There is no honor in killing and dying for foreign offshore banks or killing innocent people that have done nothing to you. But the brainwashed think it’s manly to use depleted uranium weapons on mud huts, against people who have no tanks, jets, helicopters or bankers printing fiat currency until the cows come home. I thought war was when both side had real weapons. Again, how manly to mow down people from a few miles away and then laugh about it.

    2. Kip Noxzema says:

      You’re getting sand in your ears by sticking your head in it.

    3. Patriot42 says:

      I get your point, give me the money that they are now giving to the military so you can buy some more meth.

  4. Endless September says:

    Really? You’re fired up about 300 million dollars a year when other agencies in the Gov. misuses that much in a day? How much does TSA cost us a year? Wars on drugs? Oil subsidies? Tax fraud? With all of that around us, you get fired up about $300 million from NASA?

    1. ScottJ says:

      Please look up the profit on a barrel of oil vs. the taxes before you ever say anything else about oil subsidies.

      1. Endless September says:

        ??? Having worked in Dubai for a spell (4 months) I’ve seen first hand the amount of money it takes to keep oil prices at the level we do. Sure there is profit in oil, but a lot of that profit comes from our Government putting money directly into the pockets of certain individuals. So I’ll echo my last comment unless you’d like to direct me to something that contradicts anything I’ve said.

    2. Homey D Clown says:

      Go visit your local County soc. services office on any day. You will find dozens of ellegal eliens lined up in 2-hour wait lines waiting for a free food stammp card with at LEAST $200 per month of free food. And most of them have $100 Nikes, iphones, and all are dressed very nicely. I was there today at the County offices, and saw this with my own eyes, and could not believe it. No WONDER there are so many ellegals here; they get $200-400 per month in free food within 7 days! $300 million per DAY is what I would guess we are giving away to elllegals.

      1. Blammo says:

        See there. Homey is living proof that money should be spent on edjummikashin.

      2. Simon_Jester says:

        By “ellegal” you mean “funny colored” and by “most of them have” you mean “I’m hallucinating,” right?

        Hint: do some math. You can look up the total cost of the food stamp program. Do a Google search. Divide by the number of days in a year. Those “food stammp” cards don’t cost $300 million a day for *everyone in the program,* let alone for “ellegals.”

        You’re just making up big numbers because you like blaming your problems on illegal immigrants, instead of on the people who decided it was a brilliant idea to lay off about one American worker in six and pocket the money that would have gone to paying them, then raid the pension fund by playing with the stock market.

        But hey, higher corporate profits for god-fearing CEOs, so it must be a good thing.

  5. Jess says:

    Where President Kennedy said “we choose to go to the moon,” Barack Obama says we choose to stay home and pass out free condoms. My, how the once mighty America has fallen.

    1. The Bruce says:

      Didn’t you get the word, Jess? Two years ago Obama announced NASA’s new focus on Muslim outreach. I actually remember having to rewind the DVR to make sure I heard that one right.

  6. David B says:

    Much better for dems to spend that money on buying votes! Remember liberal hyperbole is always a winner in any argument! Obama deficit spends a yearly NASA budget every 3 days! NASA has a yealy publication call Spinoff! Over 45,000! The US space program ispinoffs are responsible for over half of our GDP for the cost of 1/2 of 1% of GDP!

    1. ScottJ says:

      Thank you. You’d be amazed at how many people are too stupid to understand this.

  7. Mike Hunt says:

    Well blow me down.

    1. Gee Whiz Obama Truly Sucks says:

      I guess that’s better than getting blown up, but maybe not better than getting blown.

  8. William says:

    Again the American people and the Obama administration refuse to allow future technologies to flourish.

    Between NASA and the military we have GPS, microwaves, aluminium foil, plastic, ceramic, computers, internet,,,and the list goes on FOREVER.

    The may not have invented them but they damn sure accelerated thier development.

    1. ScottJ says:

      ….I assume by American people you mean the idiotic ones that voted for obama right?

      1. The Bruce says:

        I can’t speak for William but, … OK I can… YES!!!

      2. jeff says:

        Yes anyone that voted for oama is STUPID!

  9. Patel Mattel says:

    Are they slashing NASA’s main mission budget, Muslim outreach, also?

  10. JW says:

    It’s that hope and change thing. Yes We Can!!!! (ruin the country)

  11. Marty says:

    This is all great but how does it help the Pittsburgh Pirates get over .500 for the first time since 1992?

    1. Gee Whiz Obama Truly Sucks says:

      LMAO! I LOVE IT! You’re absolutely right!! It doesn’t do a lick of good to help the Pirates.

      And you’ve just explained in no uncertain terms why Obama got elected in the first place. Nobody cared.

      And they still don’t.

      But the more important question is what don’t they care about? Is it what happens next, or is it what JA s s chooses to run for the electoral majority and how well he can lie to the American people.

      The best liar always wins. And the majority of us are just peeved that they pre-empted our favorite shows to bring us non-stop coverage of the elections.

  12. Eyeswideopen says:

    One area that NASA could easily cut is their expenditures in the area of so called climate change. If ever there was a fraud, it is CAGW and your government is in bed with all of the crooks in the UN supporting it.

    1. wxrealist says:

      “The other big part of NASA science spending — Earth sciences — is not being cut, the two scientists said.”

      The new upcoming administration should fire James Hansen, Gavin Schmidt, and all their climate groupthink wackos that have embedded themselves in the G.I.S.S. department of NASA.

  13. Mike says:

    Evil men and evil doings keeps the human race from exploring our destiny in space…but until we are a species that can live in peace and respect all living things we are doing the universe a favor by remaining on our own little piece of stone least we ruin more of God’s creation.

  14. RussRamey6 says:

    I would rather fund NASA than all the other worthless government vote buying / market warping schemes, our military preparedness is also a very high priority as some Americans are going to find out in the immediate future.
    The entitlement mentality of “free” stuff will drop our republic in the dust bin of history just like Rome, Britain, etc. We have lost out outward focus…Mars would give us a goal as a national mission…education, jobs, focus, and exploration once again…we are stale and dry!

  15. Jeff Moss says:

    Well, clearly they made the right decision. The space telescope is far more important than a joy ride to Mars.

  16. Snidely says:

    Obama has already told NASA it’s mission is Muslim outreach. Why are they even thinking of spending money on space exploration? What does that have to do with promoting the established state religion of Islam?

  17. WRTolkas says:

    You all got it wrong. Obummer was cutting NASA’s budget for the proposed mission to send an American family of four safely to Mars, Pennsylvania, and return them to Washington D.C. in a Chevy Volt.

    1. Gee Whiz Obama Truly Sucks says:


      Can’t build a car that runs on electric. Want to send people to Mars in a spacecraft that runs on something that will last that long.

      Can’t revisit the moon, ’cause we’ve been there, but eliminates the prospect of travelling to Mars.

      Thank God, that by the time man could get to Mars, we could have a new President that might help America to prosper and create new technology to send man to Mars even faster!!

    2. Kip Noxzema says:

      Heh heh. And they can roast their hot dogs by the fire, too.

  18. Amer says:

    All of the mars missions that supposedly “failed” were simply turned into secret missions. Google for mars conspiracies- there are artifacts and even vegetation growing on mars resembling banyan trees.

  19. Ifcabob says:

    Remember in the 60s and early 70s during the Apollo moon missions when a small minority of people griped at the time about spending money in space when there were “starving” Americans. We all laughed at these pre-occupy hippy freaks of the day. Then Lyndon Johnson got to implement his “Great Society”, “Social Justice”, “Redistributed Wealth” programs and these hippy freaks ended up getting the last laugh. Instead of having all Americans paying taxes to do big national projects like the Space Program and the Interstate Highway system, we decided to put half of all these Americans on the free money dole to be paid by the other half of hard working Americans. Now, with half of the people supporting the other half, there is no more money left for big and great national projects. Blame FDR, LBJ and the rest of the socialist democrat party that is “progressively” destroying this great country – just like they always wanted!

  20. Dave Lucas says:

    What’s funny is how we all thought that by now, we’d have colonized places like Mars!
    Remember Jefferson airplane’s Blows Against The Empire of 1970 – which predicted that in 1990 Hippies would “Occupy” a spaceship built by the government, in order to emigrate throughout the universe?
    People really believed it was possible! And judging by the progress that had already been made in the space program, it was…. but we abandoned the dream!

    1. Gee Whiz Obama Truly Sucks says:

      In the 60’s through the 90’s space was a frontier that everybody was willing to pay for. Today, we have the conservatives that are interested in lining their pockets, and the liberals that are interested in finding out more about that proverbial free lunch (and breakfast, and dinner, and house, and etc).

      In the 60’s through the 90’s, people paid their fair share and hoped to have enough left over to retire on someday. People were thrilled to see their tax dollars used for neat cool things like space exploration — not wasted on stupid wars, bogus scientific evidence of man-made climate change, etc.

      Today, we’re more interested in political correctness and more willing to spend a trillion dollars on a stupid war than we are in nuking the opposing forces and spending the money on space exploration. We forget that much of the technology that gave rise to our smartphones, to our computers, etc., originated in the space program.

      And because we forget, we are doomed to cede our dominance to the next generation of people — be they in America, China, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Philippines — who are willing to go the extra mile to the moon, to Mars, to Pluto, and beyond, simply because its there and needs to be done.

      1. Simon_Jester says:

        I find myself mixed between agreeing and disagreeing.

        Even cheaper than “nuking the opposing forces” is just not starting random wars for the sake of random ideas about how to rule countries full of sand. There’s a lot of that in American policy in the Middle East, and has been for many years. Does anyone really think it was a good idea to invade Iraq and occupy it for ten years over a bunch of nonexistent WMD? Or to bring freedom to them? Because we sure freedomized the heck out of the place, what with all the bomb craters and guerilla warfare.

        For the cost of that we could have landed on Mars a dozen times over- and just left Iraq alone. We didn’t fight that war about political correctness- say what you will about George Bush, the man wasn’t exactly a champion of PC.

        A nitpick, though. You think manmade climate change is bogus? Tell it to the Northwest Passage. Men died looking for it centuries ago when it wasn’t there, because the ice was too solid. Now it *is* there, plain as day. The ice melted. Something must have made it melt, and if “we put enough smoke into the air to increase global CO2 levels by 50%” isn’t it, I have a hard time imagining what could be.

  21. The Bruce says:

    I think we can reinvigorate the Mars initiative and do it on the cheap at the same time…

    We can retrofit a Chevy Volt with JATO thrusters, place in top of a rocket booster, and launch Obama into space.

    To boldly go where no Teleprompter has gone before…

    1. Gee Whiz Obama Truly Sucks says:

      LMFAO!! 10 points to the winner of the thread!!

  22. The Clintidote says:

    Lots of re-elect-payoff taxpayer loot for the ghetto morons, though.

  23. edw987 says:

    Obama has destroyed the country. It’s that simple.

  24. Stephen Friedland says:

    Tribal government can’t grok Space travel.

  25. Jim W says:

    The Propagander in Chief obviously misread his teleprompter. He was supposed to say “Shuttle ready projects”.
    Yet four more wasted years, when we should be out to the Asteroid belt by now given it has been 40 years since the last Apollo mission. We could have bought Mars for the cost of a single part of the stimulus package this administration has wasted.

  26. Benjamin Golan says:

    YOU got what you voted for people! The demonicrats & the false messiah warned you, and you still voted for Soros’ puppet. Bravo!

  27. Pavlos Xorofas says:

    Send Obama to Mars. Quickly.

  28. Unclesmrgol Dragon says:

    The James Webb telescope only costs 16 Solyndras. I’m wondering why the Obama Administration can’t find the money — given that they seem to be able to find money for nearly everything else…

  29. CUTNASA says:

    Nasa is a waste of money. Private industry will do a better, more efficient job than a giant, expensive government space agency. When there’s a reason to go to mars, let me know. Nasa jobs aren’t a good enough reason because nasa is paid by the tax payers.

    1. Byron Allen says:

      Normaly I would agree, but in this case, SPACEX, ORBITAL and Sierra Nevada are being funded by NASA through Space Act agreements. If they succeed , NASA will then be allowed to buy seats from those companies. In all cases, it is a terrible deal for the taxpayer besides the fact that the safety and design of these ” commercial” rockets are in real question. Spacex has multiple solid rockets strapped around a liquid which is like building a bomb…..Sierra has a flying homebuilt on the top of a rocket which is extremely unstable when subject to winds at altitude. Cancellation of Constellation was a huge mistake and was pure politics by Bolton and Garver. They knew that TExas and Alabama is never voting for them so they are now using NASA as a political tool to funnel money to their friends. The only science Garver knows is Political science.

  30. Jim P says:

    all have missed the bigger picture – – – there is gold on the moon, gold in a radioactive version of Hydrogen – – with 2 extra neutrons – – – – this is what is needed to fusion work. Not enough is present on earth – – – – Why do you think the Chinese are building a space program, they have limited Coal left. No oil. and they need energy – – – and fearful of being dependent upon foreign sources that can be stopped.

    This is clean energy – – no radioactive waste, No chance of reactor melt down. Turn off the magnetic containment field and reaction shuts down – – no radioactive decay or fallout possible – –

    I know many hate Bush – – – Bush wanted to go to the moon for clean abundance energy – – – – there was a reason. – – – – there is more than enough to provide a huge reduction in the usage of Oil. – – – image USA becoming energy independent.

    Image that USA has a source of energy that can be sold to other countries – – – the technology and the energy source from the moon.

    Image in 10 to 20 years. fusion reactions instead of fission reactions. And no radioactive waste, – – no risk of reactor melt downs – – –

    and Obama wanted to go to Mars for what reason? What would we gain? The problem with mars is the length of the trip for humans – – and the needed O2 and food. – – – – – What was Obama really doing? – – trying to show a difference between him and Bush – – to upstage Bush – – – – . And totally miss the real reason that Bush wanted to go to the Moon, we need something that is all over the surface of the moon. – – – – – that means energy independence and actually selling energy to other countries – – – bring that energy money back home

  31. Natural_philosopher says:

    Can’t cut a dime form GISS and the Global Warming Baloney could we? That propaganda exercise will be fully funded.

  32. MuneShadowe says:

    So welfare leaches that give birth to Parasites and corporate goons who rip off the taxpayers get precedence over the people who matter the most;
    The ones who pay the bills.
    Our future on the auction block.

  33. B Lee Bob says:

    I think something is missing here in our thinking. NASA doesn’t have to do this. Private firms like Space X are rapidly developing the technology that will allow us to go to Mars without government involvment. Yes it will cost billions, but we have some billionairs. As it becomes profitable it can be financed by private stockholders. Read: The Case For Mars by Dr. Robert Zubrin Google The Mars Society. The problem as I see it is likely to be government interference rather than lack of funding.

    1. Byron Allen says:

      No they are not developing anything without the government paying for it. Both Orbital and SPACEX are receiving huge payments from NASA and then NASA gets to buy the rides also. The difference is that NASA is paying but not driving requirements. Private industry has always supplied the vehicles for space flight but now, the designs are not subject to review.

  34. Reality Check says:

    Obama strikes again.

    Obama promised Hope and Change. But all he delivers is devastating gotchas.

    The change was kill the moon program and the manned space program.

    The hope is we are going to the Mars.

    The gotcha is a year later Obama kills the Mars program too.

    How is that hope and change working for everyone.

  35. Just4thefax says:

    Fact: When I was cut from space program due to end of Shuttle and cancellation of Constellation. I left behind many friends that luck had them working on Orion Mars program. Looks like sooner than later Obama will axe them too! We all need professional community organizers for the unemployed to follow. I love this hope and change!!!

  36. jlheif says:

    we are rapidly approaching a time when “lifeboat” rules will apply throw the useless overboard. if you can’t row your a parasite. a hard and pitiless fact.

  37. rowley says:

    Obama’s dream of Change for NASA.
    Nasa Houston did not get one of the retired space shuttles.
    Classless Cheapo Obama has degraded it into a Tacky Theme Park.
    Sad end to the JFK impossible Dream come true.
    GREAT EMANCIPATOR of the POOR; Kill all Poor Class before they can breath alone.

    1. Byron Allen says:

      Yes, Lauri Garver worked for Hillary. Where is the shuttle going now? A parking lot in NYC next to a pizza place? The fact that we are paying Russia for rides to space station is criminal. The COnstellation program was cancelled because of pure politics and nothing else. It is obvious that Bolton and Garver are trying to shut JSC and MSFC as they are in states that are voting against Obama. It is incredible that NASA has become a political tool of the Obama administration.

  38. John Harnes says:

    Wake up:
    This isn’t cutting the NASA budget. It’s reallocating the funds from pace exploration to Global Warming, and other priorities of the current administration. The money spent on exploration came back into our economy through massive increases in technology. This administration has a better idea – not!

    You would expect the author of this story to say if the actual NASA budget is being cut, or the cuts for space exploration being used in NaSA for these other unpopular programs.

  39. Tom Cody says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if NASA and other scientific endeavors received the money needed to advance Humanity and welfare sucking pigs had to work for a living?

  40. Byron Allen says:

    Obama spent $800B on stimulus that didn’t. The entire NASA budget is $17.3. We could have upped that to $25B, created technologies and pushed science instead throwing it away. The only place the US can excel is science but Obama, Charles Bolton and Lauri Garver are killing that.

  41. B Lee Bob says:

    Byron Allen, you’re exactly right. We may have to make an end run around Obama. Hopefully the election will change thins a bit.

  42. betsp says:

    We can’t afford space exploration. We need to buy poor people iphones and data plans and all the rest. Can we send Obama to Mars?

  43. Patriot42 says:

    Welcome to the decline of America. We reached the tipping point in 2008 when the takers out numbered the givers. Those voters that have their hands out out number the ones that pay the taxes.

  44. Joe Dutra says:

    What if NASA had access to all of the money that Obama channeled to those failed green energy companies, owned by his buddies? We could establishing prison colonies on Mars for him and his cronies.

  45. Shooting Bull says:

    I have to applaud the government trying to control spending. However, I wish they would do a better job of prioritizing. I would rather see research funds would go to NASA rather than to some pablum puking professor studying to see if a snail darter farting in the water contributes to global warming.

  46. Russ says:

    Be responsible for yourself.
    Elect a new president. This one failed.
    Stop buying China goods.
    Find a job.
    Get with the program. Let’s go to Mars.

  47. !awakeblondie says:

    Thats because our tax money is better spent by beefing up Homeland Security to protect us from the terrorists that are hiding in every corner ( come on, you know you have seen them) and by adding 30,000 drones (FAA just approved) to the US skies in the next 5-8 years so that the American people can be watched, tracked, catalogued, hunted down and tazed or shot if they don’t like it. Oooops, I meant terrorists. Exploring space and learning is just a waste of money. I mean, who wouldn’t rather have their tax money spent on enslavement? I work hard for my money so that I can hand over 35% of it to be used in capturing men instead of giving them knowledge and freedom.

  48. Bob A says:

    Its about time. Spending trillions on pointy headed academics trying to prove their evolutionary theology is a huge waste of money. Cut…Cut…Cut… Defense reaserch only!

  49. algoa456 says:

    What a joke of a country. It can’t even put a man into space any more.

    Rather the money goes to the Black Panthers who stop whites from voting. America has lost control of itself.

  50. Bob A says:

    Obama bankrupted us by paying off his communist union buddies! Socialists always run out of people to steal from. Then everyone but the party eliet live in poverty.

  51. CleanFun says:

    What do you mean you want to take one of my ships and just keep sailing West? Madness! You’ll fall off the end of the world.

    WHAT!? Gold… New World… Wealth… VAST… Of course you have my leave to make a second trip. Here, take this royal fleet.

  52. Bodie says:

    Let me quote Ben Rich who headed up Lockheed Skunk Works. Before his death he said “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity” he also went on to say “anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”

  53. Pat Fitzpatrick says:

    Earth Sciences is not being cut because its budget is already relatively small compared to space, and because its the most productive part of NASA. What many people don’t know is that NASA builds prototype satellites that later become templates for weather satellites. They’ve been doing this for decades and this process works extremely well.

    Meanwhile, a 3.5 billion dollar telescope now costs 9 billion. That is ridiculous and unsustainable. They have to cut cost in space science

  54. Gregory Kay says:

    We can afford to slaughter people willy-nilly all over the world in endless wars; we can afford to sent billions in foreign aid overseas; we can afford to rack up trillions bailing out giant banks and corporations; we can afford to pay farmers not to grow crops; we can afford to continue supporting families who are now on their fourth generation that have never worked; we can afford to hand out benefits to millions who are in this country illegally; we can afford huge pay raises for Congress and endless strings of multi-million dollar vacations for Obama and his family…but we can’t afford science. For some reason, the best description of modern America is a journey involving “Hell” and “a handcart.”

  55. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    so the muslim outreach is in full swing? maybe we could ask those scientific supermen in iran to take us to mars.

  56. zombierocket says:

    So, cut $500 Million from NASA but give 10 TRILLION to the banksters.

    Well, you mor*ns voted for idiots, you get what you deserve.

  57. Joel Gibbons says:

    A voyage to Mars is not feasible with today’s technology, and even if it was feasible it would at best be an empty public relations gesture. There is simply nothing on Mars to go there for. Even if Mars was just made of gold, to go there to get it and bring it back would cost $1 billion an ource.

    A recent news story, released just today, makes clear the technological infeasibility. It turns out that long periods in space cause a loss of vision in the astronauts. In some cases the loss is temporary, in the sense that after returning to Earth the vision gradually returns. But for a voyage as long as the trip to Mars however, even that would not be good enough. By the time the crew reached its parking or it around Mars, the crew would be blind.

    Man will never travel in space. We will some day exploit the planets; that is true. But we will not visit them in person. Our astronauts will be robots which can travel in the hostile environment without any harm, and carry out their mission when they get there. Mr. Kirk will be a robot.

    1. zombierocket says:

      You must be a Marxists. Marxists hate science.

  58. Archie1954 says:

    Don’t worry, exploration of Mars won’t stop. It will just be carried out by the EU, Russia or China or a consortium of all. Of course the US won’t be able to crow about how great they are once the first man on Mars sends greeting to the Earth in Russian.

  59. James says:

    Next up for NASA, a mission to Uranus:


    Ok, that was too easy!

  60. TheTruth says:

    How about NASA gets back to actually exploring space, and leaving the Earth-based sciences to NOAA and the USGS?

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