DES MOINES, Iowa (CBSDC/AP) — Thousands of students, several well-known athletes and a number of politicians are expected to join Michelle Obama for an event in Des Moines that will promote exercise and healthy eating.

Besides the first lady, participants at the Thursday event include Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, gymnast Shawn Johnson, figure skater Michelle Kwan and NASCAR champion Carl Edwards.

About 10,000 children will be bused to the event from 45 schools in the Des Moines area.

It will be Obama’s first stop on a three-day national tour marking her Let’s Move initiative, which promotes physical fitness and healthy eating for children. She’s been drawn to Des Moines by Iowa’s Healthiest State initiative. That program aims to make Iowa the healthiest state by 2016.

Last month, the First Lady made a stop in Alexandria, VA when she and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced new guidelines for school meals.

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  1. Mark Wright says:

    My Gawd!!!

    1. Ryan says:

      Lenin bused in kids too, so did Mao. Socialism is great it is just so great. Everyone can be rich if you just distribute what people work for equally! It is so simple and those mean republicans dont understand it! They R so DUM!

  2. ObamaSucks says:

    How much CO2 will that put into the atmosphere?

  3. Bob Lippert says:

    Two things—-how much is this gathering cositing the taxpayers—-the children would be better off staying in the classrooms.—-do I dare mention HIlter’s youth agenda?–oops just did

    1. Carol Dunbar says:

      Glad someone put to words what I was really thinking.

      1. Pat says:

        same here!!

      2. Jenny says:

        You are an excellent wirter even if I have thought your writing seems sad sometimes! I am so glad you are honest! The truth will set you free, is true! I love you and I am so blessed to be your Mom!

    2. Patty says:

      In this day of vast communication there is no reason not to broadcast into the above mentioned schools.. Kids attention span is better for TV than in a stadium.. Think of the traffic tie ups, the bathroom use that will have to be monitored, etc. If I had a children in any one of those schools I’d keep them home .

      1. Props says:

        Traffic tie-ups? It’s Des Moines! Yeah tv is better than a field trip! Must be home schooled.

    3. Midge Martin says:

      “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington


  4. Carol Dunbar says:

    Another form of grandstanding…more Hollywood!

  5. bserius says:

    I am one Angry White guy right now

    1. Tom McCartney says:

      I don’t care who you are…now that was funny.

  6. alanwillingham says:

    What a shame they have to admit there were so few who would attend unless forced by government at taxpayer expense

    1. ant says:

      Hey, who needs to bus in school kids? Just announce free amnesty and WIC benefits are going on in Des Moines and she’ll have 100,000 Mexicans to work with.

  7. Kat Bax says:

    who is covering the cost of this event????I hope it is the Obama campaign… we KNOW this is what it is! Disgusting! Why not spend that money to give a working family a moment of relief. Dinner on the table! Too common I suppose.

  8. Jeffrey Niven says:

    And who will pay for all of this activity?

    1. Pat says:

      that would be US…

    2. NY9Solyndra says:

      It’s not real money, it’s just government money, the purpose of which is to:

      1) Perform social engineering;
      2) Buy votes;
      3) Give rebates to people who contributor to Dem politicians;
      4) Enslave minorities on the Democrat Plantation, and;
      5) Spread the wealth so that we all suffer equally (except for the Dem elite).

  9. FED UP says:

    Maybe Patrick Ewing will inform all thos kids they will be for ever in debt thanks to her radical socialist illigit thuggish husband!!!!

  10. noreaster says:

    What about the carbon footprint by busing in 10k students to promote Michelle Obama’s agenda…. “do-as-I-say-not-as-do”.

    1. Bob says:

      Average school bus, I am guessing 50 kids, thats 200 buses converging on one place, talk about one hell of a carbon footprint, and where are they going to park them, not at the event center. De Moines does not have a event center that could handle that many bus’, so they will drive back to where they came from, wait and then go back to pick the kids up. Hell why not hold it in Hawaii and fly all the kids on C-5 transports, that would be so much easier. These people are such jokes, and anyone who supports them deserves what is coming, the total collapse of our society. Get ready for out house’s again people, because it’s all about to fall apart!!!

      1. Mary says:

        Two new art exhibits at the Covey Center in Provo, UTDo Dinosaurs Dream of Electric Sheep?Sculpture by Tim Little and Prints by Carolyn NicitaSecured Gallery, Freeuntil March 29.Related: Paintings by Linnie Brown and Marinus WolfEccles Gallery, Freeuntil April 26.

      2. Gurn says:

        That\’s really thinking of the hhigest order

  11. Johannah Bruggeman says:

    Marxist proganda at its worst. These people and their Marxist Czars must be forced out of the Whitehouse in the November election. Anyone but the Obamas!

    1. Skipper says:

      Our military ought to remove the lot of them and also put the fear in Pelosi, Reid, etc., to shape up or you may be next.

  12. Ed says:

    Wow, and here we are getting ready to lay off 620 teachers due to a budget shortfall.

  13. RP'12 says:

    We are a fat a$$ country. Many of us need to eat better and exercise. If kids listen to this message, we will be a stronger country.

    We are also 16T in debt, so maybe she could just take out an ad somewhere?

    1. gobnait says:

      You must believe that Obama has magical powers if you think that a one-shot field trip will be enough to change their behavior for life.

      1. NY9Solyndra says:

        If you have any kids in a public K-12 school the odds are that you know that they’re exposed to liberal propaganda on a regular basis.

  14. Pag in Holmes says:

    If they want to be healthy, why not run to the event?

  15. JJMJR says:


  16. Vincent says:

    What is going on? What is with the colossal wastes of money by this White House, for either recreational or political purposes? It is like a massive party paid for by us.

  17. Jack LaLane says:

    Those busses better be electric or powered by natural gas or used cooking oil. Wouldn’t want the little darlings have their asthma and ADD exacerbated by the hydrocarbon waste.

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      pssst – natural gas does indeed produce hydrocarbons when it is burned.

      One of the funniest things Nancy Pelosi has said was that what she likes about natural gas is that it’s not a fossil fuel.

  18. Mike says:

    Get mad and vote! If this or any of the other things these cretins have done don’t motivate you to get out and vote then you deserve to stew in cesspool liberalism is creating VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  19. guest on this planet says:


  20. Pat says:

    PLEASE leave our kids out of all this!!!!!

  21. John Patrick Ryan says:

    This appalling, coerced Moochelle ***-kissing is an obamanation of the first rank !

  22. Monty says:

    Another costly photo op for the Obamas.

  23. maxtor says:

    Moooochelle needs to run to the even from DC….might take off some of that butt of hers…she is guilty of being big herself!!

  24. Jim in Houston says:

    And just who is picking up the tab for this boon doogle?

  25. YankeeI says:

    I believe that the forced busing to the event Makes Moochelle personally responsible for the health and safety of these kids. Should, God forbid, any of them get hurt on the way to or during this Photo-Op, I hope the parents of these kids sue the living be-Jesus out her. Maybe that will put an end to this manipulation!

  26. says:

    guess it would also be a good time to hand out condoms, birth control and morning after pills…. Opps I did IT AGAIN don’t forget to hand out location information for the nearest planned parenthood….

    NIne out of ten fetus are aborted that have entered the front door of a Planned Parenthood Facility. Nine out of ten children in the womb are MURDERED using WE THE PEOPLE Taxes…. WE THE PEOPLE have BLOOD of innocents on our HANDS and GOD HELP US!

  27. Clearhead says:

    I’ve seen more fat people in Mexico than I have in The United States. Perhaps she should go help them out for a trial period of about twenty years.

  28. Socialist Pig says:

    Say hello to Obamajugend.

  29. GozieBoy says:

    When I lived in Damascus, the Syrian Annointed One had school children bused in when foreign leaders came to town, or when he needed a political “lift me up” event. No different in Obama’s Amerika. I’m just tired of payinng for Moochelle’s stunts and trips.

  30. Babyshaker001 says:

    Carl Edwards has lost me as a fan. Clint Eastwood got sucked in to this re-elect Obama scam. Dirty Harry indeed.

  31. LIBERTY NOW says:

    Let’s move..the sheepe are paying!!

  32. miked says:

    my kids would not be attending that,i dont want anyone in my household to associate with any of the obozos in any way shape or form period

  33. Lee Schmidt says:

    Another “created opportunity” for the Obama’s…of course, we are paying for it!

  34. Norgeblonde says:

    Whoever is advising Michelle Obama should be fired. Either they have utter disregard for what taxpayers will think/say when they find out how much money is wasted on publicity stunts like this or they are clueless. We are sick and tired of having to pay for Michelle’s games, entertainment, vacations, and other unnecessary expenses. Obama’s campaign should pay for this since it is obviously a campaign stunt. And Obama says he DESERVES another term. Can you imagine what Michelle will spend if she gets another term? OMG!!!

  35. David Kramer says:

    Who else would go if they were not forced?
    By the way, why is the government providing funds to propagate propaganda?

    Could you imagine what the MSM would say if the Bushes did this?

    Nevermind, it is for the collective!

  36. Billy J. Bradley says:

    What a confederacy of dunces you people are. Tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  37. Tony says:

    GIve me 4 years to educate a child, and I will return you a communist for life–Josef Stalin

    1. Victor says:

      Posted on I’d must test with you here, which isn’t something I uslluay do! I get pleasure from reading a post that will make folks think. Thanks for permitting me to remark!

  38. mike says:

    wouldn’t it make sense to walk to the event?

  39. hawkdriver1961 says:

    It’s no big deal, North Korea did this all the time for the pleasure of their Dear Leader…

  40. Homiefries says:

    Hey B. Bradley, Barney Franks needs another nutt bath, hop to it BOY!

  41. zombierocket says:

    10,000 students bussed in? What about global warming?

  42. zombierocket says:

    Dictators ALWAYS use “rent a crowd”.

  43. JustAGuy says:

    How many hungry children could be fed with the cost of busing around 10,000 students to make Michelle Obama look good during election season?

  44. sb36695 says:

    Now they have to force children into play dates.

  45. Hugh says:

    Couldn’t the kids just go to PE class and save the fuel? BTW, what kind of follow up does the First Lady conduct to see if her program is working? Are they measuring and weighing the kids on an annual basis to see if their BMI is going down? Are their doctors there to make sure the kiddies are fit enough to exercise? Is there a real long range plan for these kids to follow on a continued basis? Just telling kids to eat better and exercising with them one time for an hour is NOT a plan.

    1. JustAGuy says:

      Follow up? No need for that. It’s ALL about Michelle Obama, there’s no need for any follow-up, as long as she gets her publicity from a fawning media.

  46. Frank says:

    She’s been on an eating binge and loafing around for three years and now that her husband is up for re-election, she decides to conduct a shameless attempt to drive an exercise agenda that she’s been procrastinating practically for an entire term? Its despicable.

  47. neverlickthehand says:

    Alright you Patriotic Iowans. It’s keep your kid home from school day. Stand tall.

    “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” SAMUEL ADAMS

  48. Its me says:

    Why do you all complain that Mrs Obama is trying to get kids to eat better and exercise more rather than eating junk food and sitting on their butts all the time????? I didn’t hear anyone calling Laura Bush names and complaining about her trying to get children to read moe.

    1. YankeeI says:

      If you truly believe getting kids to read is equal to controlling what they eat and busing them to a photo-op, then you are a fool. That explains how a useless thug like Obama got elected. Please, Please don’t ever have kids! They deserve better!

    2. Anonna says:

      I don’t remember Mrs. Bush making a clown of herself all over the nation — and I don’t remember 10,000 kids being bussed anywhere (at whose expense) to create a backdrop for Mrs. Bush.

      Our FLOTUS center-stage, grinding her girl groove all over the airways, and hobnobbing with 2nd-rate celebs is really NOT the equivalent of Mrs. Bush encouraging kids to read.

      And, no, I was not a fan of President and Mrs. Bush. It’s funny though that you Obots just can’t let go of their memory.

  49. Juju says:

    My child would be “sick” that day.

    1. Bernard says:

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  50. Artie di Borello says:

    Dang! Now I have to drop Cousin Carl as my favorite driver.

  51. WJR says:

    She obviously got the idea after watching Kim Jong Il’s funeral. Those who do not look happy to be there will be “dealt with”.

    1. Good job says:

      That is FUNNY! One class or school of adoration isn’t enough for MoochMORE now that she’s seen an entire nation forced to fake an emotion.

      Get ready for entire regions of the U.S. dancing and smiliing and moooooving to the image of our FLOTUS, the queen of self-seeking attention hounds!

  52. Jenny says:

    It’s really sad that parents today are so brain dead that they let their kids get fat. I was not a believer that we had that many stupid people who procreated, but then I began to pay attention to all the little tubbies I saw, and I became a believer. The parents are fat, and the kids are fatter. It’s disgusting. And we wonder why public school test scores continue to go down. Fat, lazy and stupid…..just how the Democrat politicians like them!

  53. Cis says:

    the obama’s should be ashamed! mr o issuing a presidential order creating Task Force on Childhood Obesity to give mrs o a vehicle for her Let’s Move program. This is a conflict of interest, The order allowed the program to be funded with money cut from the national food stamp program ( $1 billion a year for 10 years). while I agree childhood obesity is a problem i don’t agree with eliminating funds and forcing more people to go hungry. not to mention the hypocrisy of obama adminstration stating fewer on food stamps in last year because economy improving. few on food stamps because funds not there, hard to get and keep.

  54. Raistlin4 says:

    5000 can exercise while the other 5000 hold up her fat a$$. Will that be enough, though?

  55. tod schwarze says:

    just say no to food,
    just say yes to needing contraceptives and abortions payed for by others.

    Evil walks the land, so it seems

  56. Steve says:

    Here is a thought, when moochelle stops eating all the things she tells us not to eat MAYBE I will listen AND when she does enough exercise to get rid of that a*ss of hers (Not barry but that is a thought) then maybe I will listen to her.

  57. d ockers says:

    I think it’s all a devious plan to fill portable outhouse that will be neede for 10,000 kids so The First Lady can use the proceeds in her White House garden for compost.

  58. kcsparky says:

    My kids would have the flu that day! Remember this come November!

  59. Eric Redding says:

    They do this in North Korea. Bus in thousands of people, slap smiles and t-shirts on them and tell them to smile for the camera. These people are pure evil

  60. Carol says:

    Just another reason I am glad my son goes to a private school here. I doubt these 10K kids will include students from Christian schools.

  61. Fester Bestertester says:

    Let’s Move… Obama out of the White House!!

  62. HalfNorsk says:

    Have the kids walk. Save money. Save emissions.

  63. NY9Solyndra says:

    If you oppose this event you are a RACIST!

    (I just thought I’d save some liberal from typing the standard talking point).


    1. Anne says:

      I love reading this.It pops up on my Facebook oisacconally and it just makes my day to see what the Wingo family is learning, doing, living. Love your random posts.Hope you’re doing well. I miss all you guys!Alyssa

  64. BarrysHypocrisy says:

    I hope they put some orange cones up when she starts swinging that huge ass of hers around.

    I wouldn’t want anybody to get hurt…..

  65. New York Nick says:

    C’mon this is out of control. She’s not RIchardina Simmons, and her opinion on the ghetto weight problem is one thing but to start using children in White House garden propaganda and this smacks of the Goebbels era in Nazi Germany and anyone who can’t or refuses to make the connection is either deaf, dumb, blind or simply sick.

    Do some research as the pictures alone are strikingly sad, as the whole “OBAMA” schtick is “way old” folks, he’s a political used car salesman with a phone number in invisible ink that disappears when you pull in the garage and the car falls apart. A CON man who you see on the boardwalk doing the shell game….look here but don’t look there… got yer wallet!!!

  66. betsp says:

    Creepy woman with thighs and biceps like a man should leave the rest of us alone. Go away all Marxists with big ears and big jaw grins. Go far far away.

  67. seenenough says:

    Thank you Governor Braindead for this monumental waste of public money.

  68. Osamas Pajamas says:

    I can’t wait until Queen Moochelle and King OhBummer MOVE out of the White House. LET’S MOVE, OhBummers!

  69. gram says:

    Couldn’t they all walk there? It is after all about exercise..isn’t it?

  70. Rolls like this says:

    Maybe its a setup, where all the black kids mob assault the white kids and steal their shoes. Then Eric Holder, is on the podium ready to say “i did not see anything”

  71. johnny whatisname says:

    Could someone please tell me who elected Mooch to anything? Barry and his bitter half will be leaving soon! Good riddance….1/20/13…the end of an error…!

  72. Vince says:

    And just how many millions is THIS Obama circle jerk going to cost tax payers?

  73. CantStandThatTibch says:

    Did anyone notice the article said this is Moochelle Obama’s “first stop on a three-day national tour marking her Let’s Move initiative”? Where else will this tibch show up with her fat a$$ on the taxpayers’ dime?

  74. CantHacktheBiche says:

    Move that big a$$ big mouth big ego biche to N. Korea and let her lead the exercises there.

  75. Move that big a$$ big mouth big ego biche to N. Korea and let her lead the exercises there. says:

    Move that big a$$ big mouth big ego biche to N. Korea and let her lead the exercises there.

  76. defenestrati says:

    Ain’t no tears yummier than backward inbred bitter keyboard commando loser tears. Keep ’em coming, ladies.

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  80. Divansh says:

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