WASHINGTON (AP/CBSDC) — Donald Trump is taking all the credit for Mitt Romney’s GOP caucus win in Nevada.

Appearing on Fox News Monday, “The Donald” said his endorsement helped Romney win by nearly 30 points.

“There was a lot riding on that particular race in Nevada and it was interesting, because the numbers were much, much greater than you thought,” Trump told Fox News. “And a lot of people are giving me credit for that. And I will accept that credit.”

Trump endorsed Romney Thursday after media reports earlier stated that the billionaire was going to throw his support behind Newt Gingrich. The Gingrich campaign originally leaked word that Gingrich was getting Trump’s endorsement.

“There are some things you just can’t imagine happening,” Romney said Thursday after receiving Trump’s endorsement. “This is one of them.”

It was a surprise of sorts to see Trump back Romney. In an interview with CNN last April, Trump dismissed Romney as a “small business guy” and suggested Bain Capital, the venture capital firm where Romney made his millions, had bankrupted companies and destroyed jobs.

But last Thursday, Trump’s mood changed on the former Massachusetts governor.

“Mitt is tough, he’s smart, he’s sharp and he’s not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country we all love,” Trump said. He vigorously shook Romney’s hand and said, “Go out and get ’em. You can do it.”

Romney took home Saturday’s Nevada caucus in landslide fashion, finishing with 50 percent of the vote. Newt Gingrich was second with 21 percent, edging out Ron Paul who had 19 percent of the vote. Rick Santorum finished last with 10 percent.

The results were released early Monday, nearly two days after voters began casting their ballots.

Party officials blame the delay on voting discrepancies and their old-fashioned voting method of using handwritten ballots.

GOP executive director David Gallagher says representatives from the campaigns approved the counting.

Only 32,963 voters participated in the caucuses, far short of the 44,000 Republicans who voted in the 2008 GOP caucuses. Romney also won four years ago, during his first run for the White House.

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Comments (19)
  1. Marty Minor says:

    Arghhh, Arghhhh, blah blah blah, I am the sole reason for the greatness of all. I love myself, I think I’m grand, I go to the movies and hold my hand. – Donald Trump

  2. Joe Doakes says:

    Nothing like a stacked deck baby!

  3. Gene Evensen says:

    I know, you know and Romney knows that
    Trump is a Idiot lol

  4. Deez says:

    I voted for Obama. I take credit for his win. Haters gonna hate.

    1. Joe Doakes says:

      The funny thing is you think that their is a difference . . . it’s small enough to warrant a vote for the other side . . . but don’t kid yourself . . . at this level we don’t get to pick. The money does.

    2. JediJones says:

      Which one, Obamney or Romama?

      1. Andrew Coulter says:

        Not real clever and you’re an absolute fool if you think there’s no difference between Romney and Obama. Just part of the stupid populist mob where there used to be a smart conservative movement.

  5. VillageViking says:

    Just like Jesse Jackson taking credit for Obama’s win…no big deal!

  6. TJG says:

    Trump probably thinks he is responsible for the Giant win as well.

  7. ladysforest says:

    Romney has less “votes” than last time in NV, AND the turnout was considerably lower.

    Now comes the Donald taking all the credit for the long expected “big” win by Romney. What a gas! Romney can’t get a break, can he? Rick turned out to be the actual winner in IA, Newt whomped him in SC. And even with the MASSIVE negative attack ads against Newt, Mitt didn’t exactly have a landslide win in FL.

    Now Trump comes along and asserts that Mitt would have gone down in flames if he hadn’t been helped by Trumps endorsement.


    1. BJ says:

      ladysforest …

      Your revisionist history is commendable.

      Iowa was a virtual tie. I said it when Romney was announced the winner and I’ll say it again when Santorum squeaked by with 30 extra votes. NH was the state that Romney crushed everyone. Then double digit wins in FL and NV.

      Stack that against the other accomplishments:
      — Rick “won” in IA and has done nothing since
      — Newt won big in SC … otherwise he has lost in double digits to Romney in every other state
      — Paul has yet to win anything. He turns out his 10% on average … exactly what he did in 2008.

      Romney has crushed the field so far. To suggest otherwise is just silly.

  8. JediJones says:

    Here is the baggage that makes Mitt Romney unelectable: he took part in Wall Street high finance scams that bankrupted companies while he collected millions and took advantage of government payouts, he was responsible for layoffs and sending jobs overseas at the companies he took over, under his governorship Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 in job creation, he raised taxes/fees by hundreds of millions, he granted at least 189 gay marriage licenses that were not required by the courts, he instituted socialized Romneycare and his own people used it as a model to help craft Obamacare, Romneycare included taxpayer-funded abortion courtesy of Planned Parenthood, he supported an assault weapons ban, he makes constant gaffes that make him sound like the out-of-touch and heartless mega-millionaire that he is, he is a member of the exotic Mormon religion which has a history of racism among other unusual beliefs, he’s made more flip-flops since he started running for president than John Kerry making pancakes, and much more. There is a reason that Romney used Saul Alinsky’s tactic of accusing his opponents of the very things he is guilty of. He needed to get the attention off of himself. In a general election, Obama will focus most of his billion-dollar campaign squarely on Romney and make him as unelectable as he was when lost to Ted Kennedy by 17 points on the very same day Newt Gingrich and other Republicans were elected in a sweep that took over the House for the first time in 40 years.

  9. Sunnyr says:

    Excuse my while I BARF! This self-promoting Buffoon with Bad Hair is beginning to really make me sick. I can’t stand to even hear his voice anymore. UGH!!!!!

  10. Tom Tucker says:

    Wow! Trump’s ego is almost as grandiose as Obama. Better be careful Donald, next thing we know, the Big 0 will be taking credit for a Romney victory.

  11. Rick Nielson says:

    I was there and voted for Romney. Trump had ABDOLUTELY ZERO to do with it!! He’s a blowhard, bloviating fool!!

  12. GozieBoy says:

    Biden takes all credit for the SF Giants winning the Super Bowl…

  13. RickZ says:

    Duh Donerld is amazing.

    He took time out from making the Sun rise in the East to convince Nevadans to nominate Mr. Romney.

    Hope Der Donerld has time to make the Sun set in the West.

  14. Ed Fdnyretiree says:

    The only thing bigger than Trump’s pompous big mouth is his ego.

    This guy is a circus clown joke.

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