WASHINGTON (AP) — Roseanne Barr said Thursday she’s running for the Green Party’s presidential nomination — and it’s no joke.

The actress-comedian said in a statement that she’s a longtime supporter of the party and looks forward to working with people who share her values. She said the two major parties aren’t serving the American people.

“The Democrats and Republicans have proven that they are servants — bought and paid for by the 1% — who are not doing what’s in the best interest of the American people,” Barr said.

Occupy Wall Street protesters popularized the “We are the 99 percent” slogan in their fight against economic disparity and perceived corporate greed.

Barr has submitted paperwork to the Green Party for her candidacy. The party’s presidential nominee will be selected at a convention in Baltimore in July.

Barr said she has been fighting for working-class families and women for decades.

“I will barnstorm American living rooms,” she said in a candidate questionnaire submitted to the Green Party. “Mainstream media will be unable to ignore me, but more importantly they will be unable to overlook the needs of average Americans in the run-up to the 2012 election.”

Barr’s hit TV sitcom “Roseanne” aired from 1988 to 1997 and earned her an Emmy and a Golden Globe. She played a wise-cracking mom in the comedy about a blue-collar family. Barr has a 46-acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii.

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Comments (196)
  1. Going to put a dollar on Roseanne. Might end up the richest guy in the world 🙂

    1. margaret says:

      Don’t waste my valuable time.

      1. Paula Abdul says:

        Obama can sing, and we know Roseanne can sing, now we just have to find out if Romney can sing.

    2. NOWAY says:

      Isn’t she PART of the 1 PERCENT?

      1. 4kidsandacat says:

        EXACTLY!!! Does she not know that she can VOLUNTARILY DONATE more to the IRS?

      2. Granny says:

        No, she is a liberal, and exempt from the 1%, and you can tell she is a liberal, because the A/P story only reports the facts without injecting their smarmy bias into each sentence, as they did in the Rick Santorum story today.

      3. Tammy Sinclair says:

        The daily news, polling numbers, endorsements, and surges are made up. Unelected officials have taken over Washington, are orchestrating the daily news, and are censoring the media from reporting on the truth. The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      4. Marlene Klim says:

        Aren’t the insane more than 1%. She certainly qualifies for that group.

        She once was entertaining. Appears she has lost that quality. Now, just a nutcase.

      5. JT says:


        I just visited that website and I cannot stop laughing!! I’m not really sure what I could possible say in response…

        Thanks for the entertainment.

      6. Tammy Sinclair says:

        “Marlene Klim” and “JT” are 2 government posters trying to divert your attention and cover up the truth. This is what the government does when the truth leaks out, they cyber bully, divert attention, distract, and discredit.

        Keep covering up and wasting our tax dollars.

    3. Bo Jiden says:

      A few months ago Mr Warm-Fuzzy himself, Ralph Nader said he was on the lookout for someone to run against BHO. I think we have a winner here…y’know…figuratively speaking.

      A Barr/Nader ticket sounds wonderful…I think every Republican in the country should talk them up. Just don’t get confused when an elephant is our party symbol, but their party candidate.

    4. Corn Fed says:

      Barr is a Talmudic Jew.

      1. Xschild says:

        Salt Lake City Jew. Morman during the week and Jew on weekends,
        How messed up is that. There’s more.
        Thought the Green Party belonged to Nader. Do you think her Kabbalah
        lessons with Madonna helped her make that decision.
        Glad when this woman disappears for ever sickandsick of her.

    5. Indianapolis says:

      I love how the last line comes out of nowhere:

      “Barr has a 46-acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii.”

      Made me LOL.

    6. rockytony says:

      This woman, who once was the epitome of a national disgrace, disrespect and arrogance, is now running for president. This inspires me to amplify where the term “the runs” is derived. She not only induces this condition, she is this condition.

    7. NOT LA says:

      She tweeted the address of George Zimmerman’s parents house, then deleted it. Hey Rosy, do you live in a house? Many contend It works both ways baby!

      Just sayin…

  2. Diane says:

    Dear GOD!!!!!! What is this world coming to? First, the “Green Party” wanted a Communist, Van Jones, for their President, and now Rosanne Barr? This is just too much to take at this hour of the morning…:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    1. No !vember says:

      The sane people in this country could not ask for a better development. An Insane Marxist Communist Environmental-Nut Zip-Sh_t-PerCenter, sapping votes away from the other Marxist in the White House!

      1. Sandra Johnson says:

        MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! Run Roseanne run. Do your country a favor and sap Obama votes. You GO, girl!

      2. Bo Jiden says:

        Quiet, fool! Just tow the line! Send her a few bucks and encourage her! There’s no sweeter sight than to see liberals eating each other. Now, (ahem)…

        Hey, I say she’s got a serious shot. Go Roseanne! Get the corporate shill out of the white house!

    2. Bob Billings says:

      This is great news for the Republicans!!!

      1. Pete says:

        I wonder what Dan will think. Or Martin Mull and Fred Thompson, for that matter.

  3. bob says:

    Isn’t this chick dead yet?

    1. No !Vember says:

      Yes, in a sense!

    2. kentuckian says:

      Judging from the picture, I say, Yes.

    3. JohnD says:

      Chick? Don’t you mean “old hen”?

    4. Dr. Robotnik says:

      No, that log in the Snickers commercial proved she can’t die. Maybe she’s a vampire. She sure sucks the life out of normal people.

  4. Steve says:

    Wow, so delusional. What a dinosaur, a celebrity that actually takes their BS seriously, what a shock… *yawn*

  5. Nancy O says:

    Green is the new Red. I’d like to see her tax returns. Just wondering how well that nut farm in Hawaii is doing for her.

  6. Doyle says:

    Let’s see…a Socialist whack-job or an Eco-friendly, tree-hugging whack-job from Hollyweird…which is more Liberally evil?

    1. FatFace says:

      Your ideological belief system.

      1. JWS says:

        Ohohohohooooo! You really zinged him!

  7. MilwaukeeMark says:

    We have departed the land of wacky and entered the realm of the absurd.

  8. Sammie Jo says:

    That clinches it, we are now officially the laughing stock of the world!

    1. Bob Billings says:

      We are only the laughing stock if she wins, which of course she won’t. But she can sure take liberal votes away from Obama! That makes us winners again…well at least not as lowly.

      1. Ancient Pollyanna says:

        No… we’re a laughing stock. And rightfully so. Well earned IMHO.

  9. Joe America says:

    better than the Facist in the white house now

    1. B says:

      You don’t know too much about this creature they call Roseann Barr, do you?

      1. xschild says:

        Gee “B” I did not have guts enough to call her a creature. Fits perfectly.

  10. Wild Bill says:

    Liberals are the most insane people on Earth…good-looking too!


      Conservatives are the most insane people on Earth…not good-looking either.

      1. 4kidsandacat says:

        And a longer list of good looking conservatives

      2. notalib says:

        Not true. Liberalism is a mental disorder. I don’t know what comes first–liberalism or the mental disorder but they go together. As far as looks–compare the babes on Fox vs any of the alphabet channels. Or the women that are Republican/Conservative. Compare them to any of the Democrat women and they win—no contest.

      3. Steven Douglas Whitener says:

        there are no liberal/conservative splits.It is alla game to divide the American people into adversarial groups while the globalist elite advance their agenda.In the end we are all slaves…

    2. 4kidsandacat says:

      OH I think I could make a loooong list of ugly libs…

      1. Yestical says:

        Quite a few ugly conservs too.

      2. Granny2 says:

        Fox has all the foxes, the main networks have all the liberal hags. That’s an inconvenient truth.

    3. Rupert Pupkin says:

      So there are good looking libs and ugly libs. And there are good looking conservatives and ugly conservatives.

      WOW!!!!! So insightful everyone!!

      I’m going to go take a $hit now.

      1. ablecynic says:

        Good idea. I am going to go launch my personal support Roseanne’s campaign right now!

  11. Gilbert R Albright Jr says:

    How was the person that lifted up the rock that allowed her to crawl out again!

    1. ablecynic says:

      I hear the White House was looking for Biden’s brain and the overturned the rock that had Roseanne under it.

  12. Jim Bob says:

    simply amazing….. it’s true– we are a laughing stock—- I guess this will cinch the Obama reelection

  13. Newsie says:

    Roseanne Barr ? Well sure. Because a has been TV actress with a snotty attitude and foul mouth is exactly what this country needs. Please.

  14. maxf says:

    She’ll may take the nutjob vote from Obama and the Republicans will be in office.
    Go Roseanne, I will hug a tree today!

  15. dcruney says:

    I’m just trying to calculate how much revenue this has-been must make on a 46 acre macademia nut farm. They cost an arm and a leg for 2 oz. I never liked her show, never thought she was funny, and she is about as relevant as the newspaper I line my birdcage with.

    1. Support Roaseanne says:

      Yeah but ya got to love that new commercial with her in it.

      1. LibertarianBob says:

        Is that the one where the big log smacks her> I saw it last night..laughed my arse off.

  16. JoeShmo1979 says:

    Good. Sap some of that liberal vote off Obummer.

  17. Bill E Bob says:

    Man, some people just can’t deal with being irrelevant.

    1. LibertarianBob says:

      Yeah, she is about as relevent as Donald Trup.

      1. LibertarianBob says:


  18. cogwheel says:

    Just this morning I thought. ” I’m so happy. I can’t remember the last time I heard from or saw Roseanne Barre.” Then I open up Drudge. I’m going back to bed, and hoping when I wake I’ll find this was just a bad dream !

  19. Jack Davis says:

    YES! YES! YES!!!!

    It will be great if she ran.
    She will siphon votes from Obumbles.

  20. SUpport Roseanne says:

    I’m for her. Until election day. She’ll pull 4 or 5% from Obama and that’s what matters most. Hell, I’d vote for a box of dirt before I’d vote for h”0″pe again.

    1. Rupert Pupkin says:

      A vote for Roseann IS a vote for a box of dirt. So that works out well…

  21. Kevin Jensen says:

    It’s a free country. What’s the big deal?

    Maybe it’s a publicity stunt. Most politicians are motivated by that anyway.

    1. JohnD says:

      Get a clue. Just because you are free to do something doesn’t mean you should. It also doesn’t mean other people won’t make fun of you.

  22. seenbetterdaze says:

    Oh it’s just Roseanne “mooning” the whole world…again!
    Fools names like fools faces…always forcing themselves on public places!

  23. Lincoln Robertson says:

    This is great news!!! Ain’t no Republicans going to vote for her! Support her nomination now!!! Go Roseanne Go!!!

  24. John Frykman says:

    Maybe she would get her own vote…if she can remember what party she belongs to. She should do about as well in her quest for the Presidency as she did singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl (to hisses and boos).

  25. dave says:

    She looked better when she was fatter. Let’s hope she never sings anything again. Especially the National Anthem.

  26. Mrhitter says:

    Run, Rosanne, Run! Please Run…I will send you bon bons and triple cheesburgers daily, and by golly, I swear to vote for you and tell all of my friends! Please run, Rosanne…let me know where to send my donation, and please let me help your campaign!

  27. Tony Moschetti says:

    Rosanne Barr may be the dumbest woman to ever set foot on the planet, despite serious competition from numerous other liberal, Hollywood nutcases.

    Barr makes Snooki look like a Rhodes Scholar. I’ll bet even the “green” party nutcases are embarrassed.

    Having said all of that, she certainly is a qualified as the circus clown now in charge!

  28. Newsie says:

    Lord save us from actors and actresses desperately trying to prove how “serious” they are.

  29. jJT streeter says:

    Rosie is a self proclaimed socialist and was raised by socialist so running for the green party is a natural fit. They are ALL socialists afterall. Maybe she can replace Biden and get on the real socialists ticket.

  30. Random Dude says:

    Go you youtube and watch the video of her singing the national anthem. It tells you everything you need to know about this troll.

  31. George Johnson says:

    No, CBS thinks it’s not a joke. The rest of us do.
    So, now the so called “Green” party is the neo-marxist party also??
    Actually, the should just rename it all to the “RED” party and just be honest about who they are. Oh what am I saying? Honesty from them??!!
    Bunch of neo-communist……

    1. Kelvin says:

      No different than the Marxist Obama and the Democrat Party.
      Like OWS’ers, Roseann represents the Democrat Party base and faithful.

  32. LMAO says:

    Alreight! I will vote for her for the nomination. She needs to spend lots of money as I am sure she can win.

    She needs to run hard and run hard against Obama. She would make a great president of . . . well I hope she gets lots and lots and lots of votes.

  33. Midge Martin says:

    Radio people want to become TV stars. TV stars want to become movie stars .. and movie stars think their degenerate background will be perfect to be a politician.

    No matter what party you run on, when you’re elected, other people in uniforms with guns will enforce whatever BS you and other degenerates decide is law.

    These are people paid with your wealth, extracted through taxation, with the threat of deadly force if you don’t pay their inflated salaries.

    She thinks if she just has the power, guns and more … her version of reality will make everything right, just and fair. Just another ego maniac on a power trip, as all of them that think they know better what’s good for you and your children.


  34. Anone Amouse says:

    And these idiots wonder why no one takes them seriously

  35. old flannel says:

    This is exactly what’s wrong with the Greens. They pick these nutty, left of Karl Marx canidates, like Cynthia Mckinney, to run on their presidential ticket. They’re never going to grow and have an impact with middle America until they start ditiching these left wing publicity hounds.

    1. Kelvin says:

      What are you talking about. Rosann is typical of the Democrat Party base.
      And by the way, they already have a Karl Marx candidate, in Obama.

  36. banthebarr says:

    I love these Hollweird Elite that will do anything for camera time…

  37. Rowdy Boots says:

    Amazing how a pig just grunts and growls in the mud until the slop is spilled into the bucket.

    Then the pig snorts and chokes on its food…

    Yeah, has always been 99% gross.

  38. Kelvin says:

    You go Girl !
    Only votes she’ll take are from Obama.
    Obama makes Roseann look like a Rhodes Scholar.
    Perhaps she should drive around in a flaming Chevy Corvair…oops, I mean Volt.

  39. duh_swami says:

    This is the woman who said that anyone with more than one hundred million dollars, who refused to fork over excess, should be put in concentration camps and beheaded…She’s almost as good as the President we have now…

  40. ricardo maxwell says:

    Great news! Split the wacko leftie vote.

  41. Mark Hillyard says:

    I didn’t know she was a religious thing.

  42. 4tune8man says:

    I love the snide reference to her Macadamia nut farm at the end, as if we needed a reminder of just how nuts she is.

  43. Nimishim says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Go for it Roseanne, you communist granola eating liberal whack job. I agree. Take some of the votes away from Obama.

  44. djh says:

    The communist… I mean, green party, has a history of running complete morons who are so far out of touch with the American people that most Americans don’t even know they’re running. It would be typical if they chose this ignorant, half wit scab. It’ll be interesting to hear her defending her various and frequent verbal assaults on the American people, our way of life, etc.
    I think her classless display when she made a mockery of the National Anthem pretty much disqualifies her of even an opinion.

    What gets me is that she has deluded herself into thinking that she has any hope of even being within 30% of the losing candidate, or worse – it’s yet another desperate ploy by a pathetic ‘celebrity’ to become relevant again, if ever she was!

  45. calabash72 says:

    Vote for Bar because she Barley knows what the hell she is doing.

  46. JohnDD says:

    If Roseanne Barr running to be the Green Party nominee doesn’t tell you all you want to know about the Green Party and their whackos, I don’t know what will.

  47. Chris says:

    Well, after all these years, she’s finally managed to make me laugh.

  48. nairts says:

    This women is what the Bible describes – Someone who has a reprobate mind as God the Almight, her creator, has given up on her. I feel sorry looking at that picture of hers. What a pity. I can only imagine her final encounter with her creator when she leaves this earth. God have mercy on her.

  49. Generation 1980's Host says:

    Well I commend the author on not making the easy joke about Roseanne living on a nut farm. Looks like I just made it for him. When her sitcom first debuted she did blaze a trail for women who were not necessarily the typical Hollywood model. So, she has done some good. Anyone who came of age in the 1980’s check out our new blog at gerneation1980s blogspot.

  50. pinky lee says:

    just another phony liberal old-bag skank!!

  51. SandyLester says:

    How fantastic. I am sure Barr is aware that the Green Party platform calls for the elimination of all private property, so she will have to surrender her farm. I am sure she realizes that the GP calls for the forced redistribution of all wealth, with salary caps at $100K per year.
    But hey, girl, you really would be more credible if you gave all your stuff away, like your party wants.

  52. 4kidsandacat says:

    Well at least we know Obama won’t be getting the insane vote.

  53. Dude says:

    SHE IS Funny afterall!!! It’s the first time the fat, disgusting, excuse of a lifeform, ever made ME laugh!!! lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol llllllllll!!!!

  54. Joe Dutra says:

    This must be the run-up to a new comedy series.

  55. Sam Houston says:

    Yeah Roseanne…split that liberal vote. Get all the votes you can.

  56. AFSGTSAM says:

    The Green Party will nominate a Rich Hollywood Liberal who flies around in Private Jets, Rides in Limos, and lives in a 15,000 Square foot air conditioned mansion….not to mention she eats far more than her share of food. Way to go green!

  57. aubreyfarmer says:

    27). “I fear the Jewish banks with their craftiness and
    tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of
    America. And use it to systematically corrupt modern
    civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of
    Christendom into wars and chaos that the earth should become
    their inheritance.” (Bismarck)

  58. Barry says:

    Oh PLEASE PLEASE let her RUN… it could save the USA… just by taking votes away from the moron in the WH.

  59. Ken says:

    With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel, Barr is “still crazy after all these years”

  60. John Clark says:

    Good on you Roseanne!!!…. Make your run for President. Spend all of your 1% money. Suck thousands of votes from the Democrat ticket. Please do!. Split all those liberal votes. Insure that the Dems are booted out.

  61. Mark Ross says:

    I thought she is looking for the nomination of the stinky communist party, but she is facing mountains of competition such as: Hussein Obama!

  62. Connie says:

    Take a big step back everyone and see just what a mess this country is really in. I mean, now we have Roseanne Barr running for president??? I guess the rest of the world will stop laughing at us eventually and take pity?? Send in the clowns…..

    1. Jack Ryan says:

      There have always been fringe nuts that have run for President from goofball parties. Not against the law. Just shows how tolerant of idi ots we are.

      1. Connie says:

        “Tru dat” , Jack 🙂

  63. Klaus Larry Fischer says:

    the key words here are “macadamia nut farm “

  64. Voxhalyn Rakkasan says:

    Nothing more than an Obama publicity stunt…

    She’ll “run” as the “Green” candidate but never utter a single word against Obama while visciously attacking the Republicn nominee.

    At some point she’ll have an epiphany and throw her support behind Obama, claiming he’s not part of the “1%”.

    This shows how desperate the Obama camp is and the lenths the media-entertainment complex will go to have him re-elecetd.

  65. truspeek says:

    She’d lose an election but she can’t lose any fat. This Moore-like idiot should just shut her pie hole and leave the rest of America alone. Whe is such a waste of time (and likely a lot of food)!

  66. Jerry says:

    She is so stupid listening to her voice makes my hair hurt! But she fits right in with those Morons in the Green party!

  67. Huskerbob says:

    good ole’ “fire has never melted steel” will make a great prexy. For sure better than the mess in chief we have now.

  68. Ookin Panub says:

    How many blind people on acid trips are there?

  69. steve mcfadden says:

    I still miss her grabbing her crotch and screaming off key our National Anthem.

  70. Michael A. Pacer says:

    I think Roseanne should run under the ENEMA Party banner since she and so many like her are in such dire need.

    She couldn’t be any worse than Obama and would probably do an equally bad job but I think it’s time for an adult to lead the FREE WORLD. Not another BIG MOUTHED LIBERAL!

  71. Willie says:

    I wonder what she pays the workers on her 46-acre macadamia nut farm.

  72. Jullou says:

    Notice the many odd characters that are attracted to the leftist parties and issues.. Yet they paint themselves as the norm.

    40+% of Americans are conservative; 30+% are independent; 21% are leftists.

    You leftists aren’t as important as you think. After what you all have pulled on us, you had better be be ready. The cycle is changing.

  73. Bjaco says:

    What an overpaid idiot.

  74. Jim in Houston says:

    Green as in MOLDY?

  75. cs says:

    LOL……….what a joke but I guess she is as qualified a Obumma

  76. Puddintane says:

    Is she still alive???? I know her 15 minutes are DEFINITELY up……

    Hey Roseanne……SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! We already have a brainless, no-talent, buffoon in the White House. Why do we need YOU?

  77. Odins Acolyte says:

    Attorneys and actors both are professional liars. Politics makes sense for them.
    Let me now when the Great Demolition starts. We need yo tear it all down an start over if we want to escape the new tyranny. Tyranny of Law.
    We are now aware it can come in all forms.

  78. Tom Arnold says:

    I think that Ms. Barr would do an EXCELLENT job as president! She runs her own business and is the kind of personality that will tell B.S.ers where to stick it!!!

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Tom, are you still married to the bimbo?

  79. RightStuff says:

    This old hide is the best argument I can think of for euthanasia.

  80. Bob A says:

    Run Roseanne run! Vote for Barr not Obama! LOL

  81. Otis X says:

    Well, another loud-mouthed liberal bi%^&* that can’t even drive-now she wants my money. Dream on tons of skin……..

  82. Larken Rose says:

    “I’m not really a person who knows anything about real life, but I played one on TV!” Gack. Setting aside the lunacy of the whole circus, why is anyone surprised that the ruling class doesn’t represent those it rules? When has it ever? Why would it ever? If you give someone permission to control your life and take your money (which is what “government” always does), do you really think he’d ever use that power for YOUR benefit? If you believe ANY aspiring tyrant (left, right, whatever) who says, “I will work hard for you,” then you probably deserve what you get. Instead of arguing over who the new slave-master should be, how about trying freedom? Too radical? Yeah, never mind.

  83. Duende says:

    Roseann gets betterlooking every year! She has turned fron a hideous looking freak into an almost respectable looking Freak. It is that foul Mouth that turns people off.

  84. Tarantula says:

    Maybe she’ll sing the national anthem…

  85. Mesa says:


    …every vote for Rosie is one less the O’bamster.

    …go go go Rosie…

  86. SamMy says:

    I think Tom Arnold would make a better President.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Tom already showed his lack of intelligence, he married her, remember?

  87. Fred says:

    Anyone but Obama. (Sarcastic remark)

    1. george says:

      Anyone but Obama (no sarcasm from me whatsoever)

  88. National Anthemum says:

    Sing it, Rosie!

  89. Jim Lamias says:

    Now my front AND back are hurting!

  90. CNILE says:

    Why not? She’s right about the Republicans AND Democrats. These are employees of special-interest groups.
    Right now, there simply ISN’T anyone that I actually support-it’s a question of lesser evils, which has always been the case, and has led us to the WORST administration since Hoover.
    The sad thing is, all she would accomplish is 4 more years of Obama.

    1. Mark Carlton says:

      I think she may actually PREVENT four more years of Obama. She’s much more likely to attract his voters than, say, Romney’s.

  91. pdirt says:

    Since the previous candidate for the Green Party was Cynthia McKinney they could use a candidate like ‘Roseanne to help bolster their credibility. SARC//

  92. Barry Soetero says:

    This woman is a pig.

    1. Jet says:

      Hey thats a specist remark, very insulting to pigs

    2. obozosux says:

      That’s a terrible thing to say about pigs! You take that back!

  93. Mark Carlton says:

    This is Obama’s biggest nightmare…another Statist on the ballot will force him to share the leftist vote. It’s sort of the flip side to Perot and GHW Bush in ’92.

  94. JetBurnz says:

    W T F x 10^23

  95. Steve says:

    I must give Rosanne credit. Her fame was in the toilet, now she has grabbed another 15 minutes.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      I think she must have been in the toilet with her fame, judging by her picture. Man she is BUTT UGLY!

  96. perfect says:

    I approve. Let her split the idiot vote between the worthless POS in office now and the screeching harpy who wants to cut the heads off anyone making more money than she does.

  97. Nannyroo says:

    Just don’t make the mistake of singing the national anthem…We all still remember that about you, Roseanne.

  98. Theodore Donald Karabotsos says:

    Yet another pathetic cry for attention from a has-been, no-talent bucketmouth. Apparently this irrelevant walnut brain still “thinks” she’s funny.

  99. Jet says:

    Mr Hope and Change has already demonstrated that you don’t need any qualifications or ability to be elected and or to run, and it seems to be a good way to make a buck. Why wouldn’t a complete loser try to run.

  100. NIck757 says:

    Jeeezzzz…….She could make Obama look good.

  101. Tom Arnold says:

    Will she grab her crotch after reciting the Oath of Office like she did after singing the National Anthem?

  102. Indianapolis says:

    I love how the last line comes out of nowhere:

    “Barr has a 46-acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii.”

    Made me LOL.

  103. enigmaforever says:

    Would make a better president than we have now? I remember fondly her singing the Star Spangled Banner at Jack Murphy Stadium then spitting, and grabbing her crotch. Yes that is what we need in a president. Of course it is better than Obama who doesn’t even put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. Barr, or Obama: though choice but I have seen what Obama, has and hasn’t done in office, got to go with Barr.

  104. fantum says:

    Another Hollywood idiot telling Liberal loons what to think.

    In their narrow, little world they only associate with other self-important, Hollywood snobs. They spew their anti-American venom to the unwashed while they flaunt their moral depravity and mental illnesses in front of the World. They preach “tolerance” but they are not satisfied with tolerance, They want full acceptance of their sick lifestyles. In reality, they act the part of heroes while they surrounding themselves with adoring, weak minded worshipers who will never tell them the truth.


  105. Bennie says:

    Hey Rosie, pull mah finguh!

  106. Richard Blaine says:

    Roseanne hasn’t had a single successful project since she dumped Tom Arnold. And that includes the final season of her once “hit” show.

  107. Clem Skippy says:

    I thought I heard the screeching yammer of a cloven-hoofed drivel beast…

  108. abbey says:

    Go Roseanne!!!!! I hope you run. You will split the nut-case liberal vote, probably getting more votes than the fool who is President now!

  109. GL Lee says:

    Rosanne, unless you’ve cheeseburgered your way into the 99%, you ARE part of the 1%. And, considering your foot-n-mouth disease and the green party, the rest of us WELCOME YOU TO THE RACE! Thanks for coming right out and saying you’re a commie/marxist type by associating and self-identifying yourself with the greenies.

    It’ll be fun to watch you crash -n- burn if the media is willing to put a camera on you.

  110. rc0213 says:

    She makes Hillary look like a genius. And, that don’t say much. She is about as green as you can get as far as a leader goes.

  111. Dryden01 says:

    Fortunately Roseanne’s liberal credentials gives her immunity to any charge that asserting that Obama is someone’s “servant” might invoke good old liberal outrage as being racism. Anyone from the Bolshevik Wing of the Democratic Party that doesn’t have to see her naked would probably want to vote for her and make a political statement.

  112. george says:

    If she can draw a lot of votes away from the Democrat nominee, I’m all for it.

  113. Jim Bunion says:

    Barr isn’t too stupid she knows WTC7 was imploded by a controlled demolition as 1500 Architects and Engineers agree with her on. Anyone that thinks WTC7, not hit by a plane was NOT a controlled Demolition is just dumber than Dog Sheit.

    1. Bob Boogie says:

      Lewd Gourd! You are stupid.

  114. susanna king says:

    Ok Rosie you want to run for President great. But I want to see your resume for a politician and all the years of experience you have as a mayor, governor, congressman, and senator before I voat for you. Do have any of this keep your job as an actress

  115. Bob Boogie says:

    She must be on crack.

    1. Jim Bunion says:

      You’re one of many that is dumber than a bag of Dog Sheit.

  116. dam says:

    Now my brain hurts.

  117. Jim Bunion says:

    WTC7 not hit by a plane on 911, collapsed in 8 seconds. 1500 Architects and Engineers know it was a controlled demolition. If you think otherwise you are dumber than a bag of Dog Sheit.

  118. NYS Parkie says:

    OK Rosanne/ You got your limelight again. Another 15 minutes in front of the camera. Now go away again before I hurl. DIP WAD…..

  119. John says:

    This is an attempt to divide the republican vote to guarantee Obama a second term. I would rather vote for Dumbo than this thing!

  120. pixie1942 says:

    granny, there are two ways to spell liberal in roseannes case it is spelled socialist…we already have one of those in office now and it sucks…..

  121. kimdi01 says:

    A sad case: an out of work, out of the public eye, has been comedienne will do most anything to get some attention. NObody will hire her to do the national anthem so she want to run for president under the liberal green party banner, whom ever they are.

  122. donpopione says:

    These hollyweird poeple are so full of themselves.

  123. DirtyDave777 says:

    This is proof of how pot smoking has destroyed peoples minds.

  124. Rachel says:

    I am neither a 1%er or a 99%er. I don’t want anything to do with ANY of them. They are all nuts….like Roseanne who is a 1%er. I don’t see her giving up all her wealth to help the poor. Money doesn’t help the poor…because they quickly run out of tghat money and are poor again. The probleim is not that they are poor…it’s that they are stupid and uneducated and unskilled and lazy.

    1. John says:

      OK Rachel. Who to blame. Try the schools for under educating us, Blame parents for not teaching children morals, Blame the government for attempts at dumbing down the populace. Most people are NOT stupid. They do not know how to get ahead, they are told unless someone tells them how to do something, they don.t.

      People have been taught that they are OWED a living at other proples expenses. We have 47 percent of people on government assistance and less than 50 percent paying for it. That will not last as this nation WILL go bankrupt, then the liberal establishment will finish taking over, We will be disarmed and under total government control.

  125. bubba says:

    OMG!!! This is terrible! She could pull away DOZENS of votes!!!

    What a swine.

  126. monzini kredenza says:

    “Mainstream media will be unable to ignore me…” Really? They’ve done a pretty good job so far.

  127. Melvin says:

    Here is another one to make Chris Matthews leg tingle. Come to think of it, could Rosy make anyones leg tingle for that matter?

  128. AZD2 says:

    The Green party needs to come up with a serious candidate. By that I mean one with at least a little credibility that will take some liberal votes from Obama. Barr won’t draw enoughs to cause his camp any worry

  129. Ramrod says:

    let me see another KOOK Leftist GREENIE PINKO COMMIE the SKY is falling because humans are destroying Mother Earth most likely Global Warming NUT JOB who wants to join the New Age PINKO COMMIE GREEN movement.lol

  130. Donald D Duck says:

    She must have a new tv show in the works, or writing a book, or looking for some angle to become quasi-famous again to make some money. That’s all this is. The pig can’t even get Rosie to hang upside down with her 69 shirt for crises sakes!

  131. Diogenes says:

    Contrary to the AP’s story opening sentence, her “candidacy” is very much a joke. These self-deluded, moronic celebrities are by definition, a joke. “Hi, I’m Roseanne Barr. Remember me from 20 years ago, the last time I accomplished anything, when I had a mediocre TV show? I’m a washed up comedienne, who’s never held any position in government, and I’d like to be your President. I’m running as the Green Party candidate, and with their 1% support from the electorate, I’m confident we can win. I have no expertise or experience in governance, economics, finance, business, manufacturing, national security, foreign affairs, or anything else that would make me a good President, but I deserve your vote because you know who I am (or used to be). I hate the one percent..what’s that? Oh yes – I AM the one-percent, and I do have about 50 million dollars, but I want everyone in Occupy Wall Street to know that it’s OK, because I absolutely hate all the other one-percenters. So please, next November, waste your vote on me, an utterly unqualified delusional has-been. Thanks for your support.” (I’m Roseanne Barr, and I approved this moronic message)

  132. Ramrod says:

    these PINKO COMMIE GREENIEs must think we will like them because they care about MOTHER EARTH?lol nay i hate them because they are only GREEN on the outside,on the inside they are DEAD RED as in uh PINKO COMMIE RED.lol

  133. Ramrod says:

    Kinda like watermellons only GREEN on outside DEAD RED on the inside

  134. Socialism Sucks says:

    Roseanne is insane. The Bible instructs us to comfort the feeble-minded–she needs a LOT of comfort.

  135. Danko says:

    Roseanne you have my vote. Free weed for everyone!
    Don;t bogart that joint…

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