WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, and now the question on the minds of Washingtonians everywhere…will the dead Groundhog in Dupont Circle see his shadow?

Washington D.C. was set to have it’s 1st inaugural Groundhog Day in Dupont Circle today, but there was just one problem. They didn’t have a groundhog.

Aaron Denu of the Dupont Festival searched far and wide, even calling the National Zoo to see if they could lend a weather man, and after the best they could offer was a prarie dog he decided to keep looking up until go time at 8:30 today.

While a last minute search for a living groundhog came up a bit short, the stuffed alternative of “Potomac Phil” will have to do for year one.

For now, we will all have to go off the report that Punxsutawney Phil delivered us, which is six more weeks of winter, and maybe just wish better luck on Potomac Phil for next year.