ANNAPOLIS (CBSDC) — The Annapolis Liquor Control Board found ACME Bar and Grill in violation of serving alcohol to underage patrons before they were fatally injured in a motorcycle crash last summer.

Kelcey Silva and Craig E. Eney Jr., both 20, died after crashing at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour shortly after leaving the bar.
The bouncer at the door was Silva’s brother who police allege let the underage group into the establishment.

Authorities say the pair were not carded at any time while at the establishment. Employees say the Silva presented identification saying she was at least 21-years-old according to the Capital Gazette.

Surveillance video showed Silva and Eney were able to purchase drinks for themselves and three other underage patrons without issue.
The youngest in the group was 17-years-old.

Shortly after rendering a verdict in the case, the control board began debating the penalty for the establishment.