MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (CBSDC) — Convicted Lululemon killer Brittany Norwood was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Friday.

A Montgomery County judge handed down the sentence after hearing nearly two hours of passionate and painful testimony from Jayna Murray’s family.

Their collective message was one of lives now filled with hatred and disgust.

“I hate the pain that she went through,” said Army Capt. Hugh Murray, the victim’s brother. “I hate the person that inflicted it.”

Capt. Murray said rather than checking his young son’s room for monsters, he checks for Brittany Norwood.

Murray’s father asked the judge to never make his family face a parole hearing for his daughter’s killer. Her mother compared the grief of losing a daughter to a lightning strike–painful and intense.

The gravity of their words was not lost.

Before handing down the sentence, Judge Robert A. Greenberg firmly addressed Norwood, stating that she was devious and in control at the time she mutilated the victim.

He told Norwood her actions terrorized an entire community.

Norwood’s family and friends wrote letters to the judge prior to Friday’s sentencing.

In the letters, they pleaded with the judge to leave open the possibility of parole — even if the opportunity came many, many years in the future.

Murray’s family wrote letters of their own.

“I relive aspects of that horrific crime at least four nights a week,” Murray’s mother wrote. “The brutality is inconceivable. This individual MUST be removed from society forever. LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE is my request.”

Norwood originally told police masked burglars killed Murray after raping both women. However, forensic evidence would later indicate it was she who killed her co-worker by stabbing her more than 330 times.

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  1. mike says:

    Wow, this website kicks the snot out of WTOP

  2. waytogojudge says:

    She got life without parole. I hope they put her in solitary for the whole term. Not because I am hateful…….. I just want to make sure the prison protects the other prisoners from her.
    The family pled for the judge to give Norwood a “chance” and “some hope” for release. I am proud of that judge for not granting leniency. I am glad to know there is at least one righteous judge left in America that puts the victims rights above the criminals. This judge makes me think our criminal court system has a tiny chance of returning to what it once once, instead of the farce, in general, that it has become.
    Norwood did not show any “leniency” in mutilating her victim and stabbing her 330 times. She is pure evil. She can rot in jail. I am just hope they post a suicide watch. I would hate to think she might have the chance to shorten her sentence on her own by ending her life.
    They said the other employees knew what she was doing to Murray, the victim, and they did NOTHING! Why aren’t they being prosecuted as accomplices? That is exactly what they are. Something is rotten here.

  3. B. Nortey says:

    QUESTION: Please explain how the other employees new what Norwood was doing.

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