CHARLESTON, S.C. (CBS Washington/AP) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry has thrown his support behind Newt Gingrich despite the former House speaker’s ex-wife telling ABC News that Gingrich wanted an “open marriage.”

“Newt is not perfect, but who among us is?” Perry said while announcing he is abandoning his race to the White House. Perry added that Gingrich has the “ability to rally” the conservative movement.

Perry dropped out of the race just two days before the pivotal South Carolina primary as Republican front-runner Mitt Romney struggles to fend off a challenge from Gingrich.

“I know when it’s time to make a strategic retreat,” Perry said during the press conference.

Perry scheduled a news conference Thursday morning at a hotel in North Charleston to announce his decision.

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting the announcement.

Perry has faced calls in recent days to drop out of the race in hopes of compelling conservative voters, whose support has been divided among several like-minded candidates, to rally behind Gingrich in hopes of stopping Romney.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor considered the more moderate candidate in the race, has benefited thus far from having several conservative challengers competing for the same segment of voters. New polls show Romney leading in South Carolina but Gingrich gaining steam heading into Saturday’s contest in a state where conservatives hold great sway in choosing the GOP nominee.

Perry’s decision to endorse Gingrich does not necessarily mean conservatives will rally behind the former House speaker. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, a champion of the anti-abortion issue, is still in the race and over the weekend was endorsed by a group of evangelical leaders.

And there’s no guarantee that the Texas donors who fueled Perry’s bid will shift to Gingrich, even if the governor asks them to.

Romney has been working to court them in recent weeks, having made repeated visits to Texas to meet with major Republican donors. He also won the backing of former President George H.W. Bush. Several Perry supporters, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid publicly discussing their next steps before Perry’s announcement, said they have been approached by Romney’s campaign and will support him as the most-likely candidate to face President Barack Obama in November.

At least three so-called “super” political action committees have sprung up since early 2011 supporting Perry. One, Americans for Rick Perry, raised about $193,000 during the first half of 2011, federal election records show.

But none of the groups has been more prominent than Make Us Great Again, which aired more than $3.3 million worth of ads in Iowa and South Carolina supporting the Texas governor. A spokesman for the group did not immediately return calls from the AP seeking comment about whom, if anyone, the PAC would support after Perry drops out.

Perry entered the race last August to great fanfare and high numbers in polls. But his standing quickly fell after a series of gaffes and other verbal missteps. Those errors called into question whether the Texas politician who had never lost a race during his three-decade career in elected office was ready for the national stage.

His biggest flub came in a nationally televised debate in early November, when he could not remember the name of the third Cabinet department he pledged to eliminate.

Perry could only manage to say, “Oops.” Making fun of himself afterward, he told reporters: “I stepped in it.”

It was a cringe-inducing moment replayed more than a million times on YouTube. The memory lapse not only solidified Perry’s reputation for weak debate performances, it gave the impression that he couldn’t articulate his own policies. The stumble further tamped down his already faltering poll numbers.

Perry, 61, was relatively unknown outside of Texas until he succeeded George W. Bush as governor after Bush was elected president in 2000. A former Democrat, Perry had already spent about 15 years in state government when he became governor. He went on to win election to the office three times — the most recent was in 2010 — to become the state’s longest-serving chief executive.

Part of Perry’s appeal came from his humble beginnings as a native of tiny Paint Creek, Texas. He graduated from Texas A&M University and was a pilot in the Air Force before winning election in 1984 to the Texas House of Representatives. He switched to the GOP in 1989, and served as the state’s agriculture commissioner before his election as lieutenant governor in 1998.

Perry’s success as a politician suggested he would be a strong competitor to Obama. He had never lost a race in Texas, and his fight against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2010 showed how tough he could be on a rival.

Perry picked Aug. 13 for his official announcement speech, the same day as the Iowa Straw Poll. While rival Michele Bachmann won that poll, the Texas governor cast a shadow over her victory by challenging her as conservatives’ best hope for winning the nomination and defeating Obama.

He entered near the top of some polls. But his support of a Texas policy to allow children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates soon proved to be problematic with conservatives nationwide. So, too, did his 2007 order that would have required schoolgirls in Texas to be vaccinated against human papillomavirus. Although state lawmakers overturned the order, Perry defended the vaccination as necessary to combatting the sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer.

His performance on the campaign trail also led to concerns about how his rhetoric would sound to a national audience. During a campaign stop in Iowa in August, he suggested that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke would be practically committing treason if he were to print more money and said, “I don’t know what y’all would do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas.”

A Perry speech to a New Hampshire audience in October led to a damaging video, during which he appeared unusually animated — “loopy” to some observers — a stark contrast to the image of the serious, starchy governor he had projected. Amid questions, Perry later told reporters that he hadn’t been drinking or taking medication at the time and called it “a pretty typical speech for me.”

More flubs followed. While criticizing the nine-member Supreme Court to a newspaper editorial board, he referred to “eight unelected and frankly unaccountable judges” and struggled to come up with the name of Justice Sonia Sotomayor, then called her “Montemayor.” He urged college students in New Hampshire to support his candidacy, “those of you that will be 21” on Election Day, though the voting age is 18.

The widespread criticism of those performances and his rivals’ attacks on his immigration and vaccination policies led to a significant drop in support.

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Comments (92)
  1. Zachary Bauer says:

    Who is? He’s not perfect but close. RON PAUL!!! Go Paul!!

    1. Alan G Phillips says:

      Perry has fallen short at every turn. Endorsing Newt is his latests, oops.


      1. mejicanos for ron paul says:

        Glad you brought it up. Statesman Ron Paul is the closest thing to perfect this republic has had since “1”, ie, g. Washington. The only things I disagree are:
        healthcare : all subsidies should be unified under a national healthcare plan during the interim we return to a free market;
        and the rationale for unemployment being the seekers’ fault for being under-educated. Wrong. It’s crony capitalism’s fault for using taxpayer subsidies to skew demand, and hiring only cronies to fill “make-work” jobs.

        Otherwise, this patriarchical man is perfect. And my Florida absentee ballot is already in the can for Ron Paul to restore America. Last chance folks.



    3. Constitutionality Test says:

      Ron Paul for a strong defense of our nation!! And an end to the militarism that is bankrupting this country!!

      To study Thomas Jefferson is to better know Ron Paul!

    4. Alexis Rose says:

      Seriously, Ron Paul was MADE for this nomination.

      A person of integrity is the only thing that can stand up to and bring down the Obama-Romney-Goldman Sachs money machine.

  2. Henry says:

    Newt and his 2nd wife divorced him because he is an adulterer. Marriage is more than just a relationship. It is a contract, you take and oath, and it is also business relationship. You don’t take money from your wife and give to a mistress. If a man would do that to his own wife, and took and oath saying he would love and forsake all others. What would you think he would do to the lives of 300 million people who he does not know? I would not trust my future and the future of my children with a man who can’t even be faithful to his own wife. If he would throw her under the bus, what would you think he would to us?

    1. Spurlock says:

      Really, I hope you feel same way about Clinton and how about John Edwards, Hey how about Ted Kennedy. I guess it only counts if your a Republican. I remember it was the Equirer that broke the news about Edwards and the media said this should matter when it came to Clinton so how does 50% of the Americans that have been divorced feel

      1. Henry says:

        I do feel the same way about Clinton and John Edwards. Clinton is a Mena Arkansas cocaine dealing Globalist that likes to bite his misstresses and has hundred thousand dollar out of court settlements with them. I don’t care if they are a republican or a democrat. I look at the facts. I can back up ALL THE CLAIMS I just made. It has come out in federal court, newspapers, eye witness testimony ect… I don’t fall into the Left Right Paradigme. A pimp slickster in a red suit is just like a pimp slickster in a blue suit. The illusion of choice. The real winner at a horse track is not the owner of one horse but the owner of the entire track that owns virtually all the horse. Ron Paul is the horse that the owner wants to ignore and sabotage.

        I bet you thought that I was some DEM before. Now your probably thinking I’m some conspiracy nut. No. That is a term lazy people use to label people a with term so they don’t have to debate with them over thet facts and info they are claiming. Its a cop out.

        I just know my facts and I’m not afraid to look behind the curtain that the media and folks don’t dare report. You need to get ouside of your Republicanoid Box. Obama was a setup. He was meant to fail and run this country into the ground and the next president will be even worse than him IE Romney/Gingrich.

        Our rights, prosperity, status in the world has been eroding away for decades and people still can’t figure out that game of the two “opposing” camps.

      2. Brett says:

        I feel that way about any moron who has no moral compass. This includes all the trash on capitol hill.

    2. EROCK says:

      Actually he told her he wanted a divorce… but seriously none of that matters, his sex life has nothing to do with problems we are facing in this nation. Come on man, tired of reading and listening to people rant about him because of this. He would school Obama in the debates, therefore winning this very important election. Romney’s smiling sneaky looking ass just doesn’t have what it’s going to take. Romney needs a telaprompter, like Obama, Newt doesn’t, he’s like an open encyclopedia!

      1. Brett says:

        let me ask you a simple question. If the man will lie to his wife, and will divorce her due to illness, what makes you think he will do what you want him to, and not just lie to you? He never shared a bed with you.

        So, you are ok with having someone who will LIE to his wife, because you know, he won’t lie to you.

        God, you people make me weep just a little more for our Country, actually having the audacity to even think a man like this should be elected into public office.

    3. Brian Ebook says:

      Jefferson, Hamilton,
      JFK, FDR, LBJ,
      MLK, …

      MEN .. millions of years of evolution (unless you don’t believe in evolution)

      And it DOES NOT MATTER how attractive the woman is. JaLo / Jolie … and their husbands are still MEN …

    4. MLC says:

      Well then again there’s Obama who IS a family man???

    5. John C says:

      Fortunately, as President Clinton proved, you can be unfaithful to your wife and marriage and still be a great president.

    6. rufus levin says:

      His second wife, Marianne, was having an adulterous affair with him while he was married to his first wife….she caused the BREAKUP of his marriage and was actually “sharing” him with his WIFE at the time as the OTHER women…now she gets all nastified about HIM….when she was in the butter churn full bore at the time. what a joke….this is the BEST that the libs can do without Gloria Allred to FIND some really skanky person to come out and lie instead of just some revenge speech for a jealous woman? God, she is some REAL Prize…..Newt shoulda done the Clinton deal…just not marry anyone and never tell the truth. He was true to his actions WHEN Marianne Married him in the first place….so she didn’t LIKE it??

  3. ljm says:

    If you had the info ahead of time? If you knew that the guy you were thinking of hiring was prone to making really big mistakes. If he had bad references? In fact many of his past coworkers had very little good to say about the guy. If he had been a deadbeat dad and attempted to spin the fact that his daughters had to work as janitors because of his lack of support was a positive? You would still trust the guy with the most important job in the world?

  4. Bill Moore says:

    No One But Paul!!!

    1. Arthur says:

      Because Isolationism is such a great idea. In case it does not come across on the internet that was sarcasm. Isolationism in this world we live in today will only result in a world that will erupt into violence on a level you ahve never seen.

      Beside that All you Paul guys just want drugs.. that’s it!

      1. Henry says:

        Let’s see. We funded and military supported Al Qeada in Libya with NATO air support. Now they have 20,000+ surface to air missles and other weapons. We created Al Qeada. We fund other terrorist groups like Jundallah which is an offshoot of Al Qeada. Anwar al-awlaki was invited and attened dinners at the Pentegon and gave a speech there right after 9/11. You know what. It seems to me that many of our leaders have been bought off and are setting up a police state so they can rob the daylights out of us. You think that the main target is muslims? No the main target of these traitors in control are the American People. When Tyranny comes to your door, it won’t be wearing a arab head dress. It will be wearing a uniform. They will be backed by the banks like Wells Fargo/ Wachovia that admitted to laundering 378 billion dollars in Mexican druge cartel money. LOOK IT UP!

      2. IMawake says:

        Umm. we can get the drugs without Ron Paul.

      3. Klaus says:

        Isolationism is how America deals with North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Iran. Interventionism is how America deals with Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq.
        Non-Interventionism is how America deals with Russia and China.

        Ron Paul is not an isolationist. He believes in free trade between individuals in America and all nations, not embargoes. National defense means our borders, not someone else’s.

        Ron Paul supporters do not need a federal law in order to choose to not use narcotics. Narcotics addicts like Rush Limbaugh and his enablers feel they need federal laws to control their own choices.

      4. Dan says:

        How bout non-interventionism…look up the difference. No entangling alliances, be friendly and trade with all, but stay out of the civil affairs of other countries. If there is a valid threat to our national security, Paul would take it to congress, get a declaration of war, and win it as quickly as possible. You know, follow the constitution…hard to believe someone is actually advocating to do that, right? And yes, we all want drugs…maybe do a little research on what drugs are killing more people and you’ll find it’s the legal ones. Common sense is not so common these days.

      5. nuisance says:

        You inserted the word isolationism. Not Ron Paul. Your assumptions are making you look like an ass.

    2. Fading America says:

      actually anyone BUT Paul

      1. nuisance says:

        Fading America…what a hypocrite. Thinks the country is going down the tubes yet trashes the only candidate that has a platform of freedom. You’re smart!

    3. wayne laupert says:

      either you are ready to leave the u.s. or you do not know the candidates,an american believes in the constitution,read it then if you say ron paul is not the candidate,you must leave on grounds of not being an american,there are many people around the world that can take your place and you take theirs.because we desire freedom and you are in our way,understand

  5. ljm says:

    Who among us is perfect? Even after he suggested that a cheating husband would make a bad business partner, Perry is asking us to forgive Gingrich. According to his wife, Marianne, Gingrich has not apologized to her or asked her for forgiveness, until that happens, I feel no obligation to forgive him.

    1. Fionnagh says:

      It isn’t your place to “forgive him.” Further, when a marriage fails, bear in mind there’s her side, his side, and the actual truth. Last, I read that bitter-clinger Marianne was herself having an affair with Gingrich, while he was still married to Wife No. 1. Pot calling kettle black.

      1. Brett says:

        umm, yes it is when this idiot wants to run our Country, get a clue. I am glad she came out. Of course, I have no confidence that this will drowned him as it should, he should not even be in the race.

        Christians voting for someone with no moral character? I’m not even a religious person, and I follow the Christian faith better than Newt, who by the way, goes to the basilica every weekend.

      2. mirted says:

        Brett: Voters have already voted for someone who’s religious instincts and biases run in agreement with Rev. Wright’s “God Damn America”, and a fascination with Islam an secularism over Christianity.

        Voters have already given Bill Clinton, who had accusations of intimidation for sex fairly substantiated (Juanita Broderick, and who was “rehabilitated” by Jesse Jackson, a “Reverend”, and a serial adulterer.

        Sexual mores seem to have little to do with political and affairs of state judgements.

        So, shame on Newt, but I’ll take him and a good cabinet that understands world affairs and business economics over any fundamentalist rigidity.

      3. rob says:

        I won’t be voting for Marianne either.

  6. Lee says:

    I’m not perfect, but do consider myself a little above phoney.

  7. stopthe says:

    Good riddance. Newt is next to go.

  8. JThomas says:

    I can forgive a man for his past relationship failures and mistakes. Based on his past successes in the 80’s and 90’s my personal opinion is that Newt is best equiped to lead the US in bringing down our national debt, controlling our spending, creating/enforcing a balanced budget, and most of all Newt is best equiped to not only debate Obama but defeat him in the general election.

    1. Brett says:

      so, you’re cool with someone totally lying to you?

  9. IMawake says:

    Ron Paul is the answer.

    1. Fading America says:

      answer to the question of Who not to have for POTUS

  10. Joe Doakes says:

    January 18, 2011

    To whom it may concern:

    Very shortly many of you are going to be treated to the venting of one ex-wife of Newt Gingrich. It goes without saying that this will be more than entertaining for some in our “slash and burn” culture. If politics is what we do instead of harming one another over issues all of us care deeply about, it necessarily requires that the crucible of politics be set on high heat so that those whom voluntarily decide to enter such a cauldron know, going in, that this is going to be the fight of their lives. We are fortunate that we have so many great American candidates willing to represent what we believe on the right, and the left. Say what you you will about President Obama, but he is on a mission to socialize this nation, it is what the core of his party believes, and it is what he believes and he is succeeding. Newt Gingrich, and all of the Republican candidates are to varying degrees against that, we must help them succeed to save America.

    The political left, and its various media arms have a mission, that mission, is to search and destroy our candidates, they have enormous firepower to bring to bear on them; camera lenses, and with it, the ability to permit those they find to settle old scores. Well, many of you have been in relationships of one sort or another, some have ended badly. I have a friend who just went through a very aggressive divorce, all through it, he reminded me that “there is her side, my side, and the truth is likely somewhere in the middle.” Divorce is a painful thing that tears at ones heart and soul and it leaves scars in children that never go away, I’ve seen it as a child, it has been explained to me that “a man commits three acts of insanity; marriage, children, then divorce. If you must do the first two. Avoid the third. All women are the same anyway and if you find one that puts up with you, keep her, and if you can, keep her happy.” I’ve found that marriage requires love, compassion, pity, humor, and a truckload of forgiveness.

    In all my days I’ve never met a perfect person including me. It has been said when you meet one they will have hair on their palms. My palms are bare, and so are Mr. Gingrich’s and for that matter President Obama’s. When divorce happens we all try to hide what we thought we did not do, and then it is shown front and center at some point and we wonder why we were so stupid. Very shortly one ex-wife is going to use this time in history to deliver a little payback. All she will end up doing is wounding a nation, and her children, as she makes public old wounds and goes about kicking every sleeping dog she can find. Isn’t America in rough enough shape? When do we as a nation, a people, live up to all of the heroic and sacrificial acts of those who have suffered so much so we could live in this great country? As I said before politics is a white hot experience, but, can we decide to use our torches on the issues and not on the candidates? A world is crying out for us to save it by living up to what our forebears knew we could be. Look over the Atlantic, look at the Middle East, look at China and Japan, there’s trouble brewing, let’s meet that challenge. We will never get the people we need to meet those objectives if we continue to allow this to occur, and if we can’t stop it, and we likely will be unable to, the least we can do is pay it no mind.

    May God save the United States of America, and if He is busy, we will!


    Joe Doakes

    1. Klaus says:

      Newt Gingrich is a serial adulterer and a serial hypocrite. Buh bye.

      1. Joe Doakes says:

        Newts in. He will survive and thrive through this. No one likes their ex wife or their ex husband . . .

        January 17, 2012

        Dear Newt,

        I want to apologize for calling you a “fat b as t ar d” in one of my recent letters. I think you know I used that as a term of endearment and not disparagement, and I noticed at the debate you looked a little trimmer; must be the hectic nature of running for President that is slimming you down. Maybe if you don’t make it you can write a book about it? Call it . . . “The Presidential Diet.” My bad humor aside, you did a fine job last night sticking up for what works in America and attacking what does not. This is good. It is absolutely necessary if we are going to save the ship of state from plummeting to the bottom and taking all of us with it, regardless of whether or not we are black, white, brown, red, yellow or any other color in between Mr. Williams . . .

        I recognize that politics, especially primary politics, is a set up job to accomplish the broad goal of getting a nominee introduced and fully flushed out prior to the big show. This process is working like it always does, but it would be a shame if you did not push this all the way. Mr. Romney is a good and noble man. An excellent businessman who would do a great job as our President, I’ve thrown a few spitballs his way, as have had an awful lot of other people, this will temper him for what is to come. As much as I think we are making a mistake with this. It’s not up to me. It’s up to some people with enormous amounts of money and time who would rather be half wrong then all wrong no matter who wins in 2012.

        I think that sucks, but that’s reality. As a barometer Ron Paul’s performance is an excellent indicator of this. America is tired of the setup, and going through the motions, but if is Ron Paul then we are looking at enormous change. If it is you we are looking at wise change and rocket fueled like growth. If it’s Romney we are looking at decent growth and once again having a President who is competent. One of the reasons the political class, establishment, proletariat, etc. is so scared of Ron Paul is because he is not on their side. He is on the side of “We The People” and sometimes, like President Andrew Jackson, We The People, get what we want. I wonder if this is one of those times?

        I hope you win. We need you to stay in this fight. Good luck.


        Joe Doakes

    2. Brett says:

      I have been with my wife for 17 years now. We have been married for 6 of those 17. I have not cheated on my wife once, or twice for that matter, because, well, that’s not cool to do.

      I have not left my wife, during her most horrible times (cancer, MS) because she didn’t fit the bill for me anymore.

      Giving your vote to this man is worse than voting for Obama. At least with Obama he told you what he was going to do if you listened. Newt will just straight lie to your face.

      1. rufus levin says:

        guess your wife never found a guy that would like her, and you never found a woman that gave you a second look….you are a true hero for ACTUALLY marrying her after eleven years of free booty, and obviously she needed to be married for insurance.

        Obama is incompetent as a parent….Newt knows how to lead. I do not care that Obama likes guys or that Newt has ex-wives that are bitter.

        I want this nation saved, and Newt can do it.

        Enjoy your self righteousness….it may be ALL you have left in the end.

    3. mirted says:

      Well said!! I suggest that those enraged by Newt’s adultery prioritize their goals. Do you want a continuation of Obama, or not. If not, and you sit it out because you hate Newt for his sins, you have helped re-elect Obama and his agenda.

      Finally, I hope those enraged hesitate before casting the first stone.

  11. Joe Doakes says:

    “The Last Letter” (until I write the next one:)

    January 19, 2012

    Dear President Obama,

    How are you liking this Presidential GOP shell game? By the time the election rolls around Mitt Romney’s talking cat is going to be interviewed from the Cayman Islands at which point the pu$$y is going to spill the beans on how Mr. Romney extorted millions from dogs and hid it in offshore accounts! At which point the PETA people will be so up in arms that the pu$$ies got scammed they will ask you to launch a full investigation. Brian Ross will be dispatched to uncover every felines sad and twisted tail. Mr. Ross will do stand ups in front of kitty litter boxes and point to poop and look forlornly at it wondering why this story took so long to form and be exposed.

    There is not mystery here as to what is occurring, and the American people are caught in the crossfire. A few selfish people with enormous amounts of money are out to make certain only one type of person sits in the Oval Office. Their person. The person that will protect them and their interests. That is all that happens in any election. We don’t have elections, we have selections, and anyone who seeks any office from dog catcher to the Presidency had better realize this. Unfortunately their comes a point that our problems and the world at large become so acute that when you need people, like General David Petraeus, of good character and intellect run for these offices they avoid it like their ex-wife or ex-husband at the grocery store. Or in this case make videos showing all of their spouses insanity on television.

    I have to say their are moments when I think this thought. “If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em!” I should give up on my dreams and apply for a federal grant and make solar panels or electric cars, or biodegradable toilet paper, or how about reusable condoms. But then I think. I can’t do it. I can’t do all of the underhanded things that would be required to do all of that. I’d end up in a James O’Keefe video; “selling solar panels in back alleys to government agents posing as something they are not.” And like that Billy Joel song put’s so aptly, “And so it goes,” the GOP is on the cusp of nominating a liberal from Massachusetts that is Mr. Wall Street that hides his money in the Cayman Islands off shore, and the Democrats are going with the guy who stuffed his pockets with Wall Street money. Wow. You can’t make this stuff up. Sure hope you day goes better then mine Mr. President. It could be worse. You could be Ron Paul. Know you are right and spend your whole life howling into the wind the truth and have no one listen.

    I vote we go for the third party at least that way we know we politically died on our feet, before we were forced to live on our knees.


    Joe Doakes


    EVERY story i read the comments on it IS CLEAR who WE THE PEOPLE want and that is Dr.RON PAUL!!! excuse me PRESIDENT PAUL 2012!
    Resistance to Tyrants IS Obedience to God(Thomas Jefferson-the man)

    1. Fading America says:

      you version of we the people is a measly 10% or less of the population

      1. nuisance says:

        More lies you cannot defend. Try doing your own research. You rely on what others tell you too much and, frankly, it’s making you look stupid.

      2. Brett says:

        how’s faux, and lsnbc doing for you today?

  13. Fidlin1 says:

    Newt will show his dominance again tonight while Paul’s mamby pamby foreign policy will help him self-destruct. There’s a place for Ron Paul in a Gingrich administration, like secretary of the treasury, or some other domestic posting. He could be extremely invaluble in the right position.But if he decides to start a 3rd party vote then he’ll show Obama the way to a 2nd term. At that point Ron Paul will destroy any credibility I had for him.

    1. Klaus says:

      You have no respect for Dr. Paul or yourself. Otherwise, you’d vote for him. Dr. Paul is the only GOP candidate who can beat Obama.

      1. Fading America says:

        I wouldn’t be foolish enough to be fooled by a senile, bungling old fool who thinks this is 1776 and the worlds population is only 800 million people and nuclear weapons don’t exists.

        beside a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama and just adds strength to Iran and Al Qaeda and all those other Islamist that want to cut our heads off simply because our religious beliefs are different than theirs.

    2. Mr.Dr.ProfessorPresidentPaul says:

      whats so mamby pamby about his foreign policy??? do you thin iran is really ganna nuke us?
      why spending soo much money on that problem?? what do they really have that is an advantage??

      Restore America First! we wasted so much time on that other war

    3. Oliver Camp says:

      Hey, if you like to go around the world and murder innocent people, by all means vote for Gingrich, Romney, or Santa. It seems like there are many of you people who get a thrill of killing others in the world. It’s sad, wish you all were on the front lines as most of the military are 100% AGAINST you AND the wars.

  14. JThomas says:

    Theres always three sides to a coin. Who in the World can know with certainly what this woman is saying is truth? I’d rather go with facts than false claims. Newt has the successful and proven experience we need to solve our current national monetary and fiscal problems.

  15. Rob says:

    Newt not perfect? Say it ain’t so!

  16. Jim says:

    I love it when politicians use the “nobody’s perfect” line. It works for just about anything. Two marriages, three marriages, open marriages.

    1. Klaus says:

      Maybe Rick Perry can use that line in the Jerry Sandusky trial.

  17. Jason, NYC Law says:

    With Perry dropping out of the race the average IQ of the remaining participants just doubled!

  18. yourealldumb says:

    Democrats and Republicans have destroyed this country. It is about time we have a Libertarian fix this country. RON PAUL

  19. Rev. Jeremiah Wright says:

    None of us are perfect?

    Perry hath accused our Obamessiah of imperfection!


  20. Henry says:

    Can we have a candidate that does not cheat on he wife. Obey the costitution of the United States of America. Oh. Yeah. Ron Paul is faithful and upstanding but people don’t like him–But what do you expect from fake conservatives Americans. They talk a real good game but when it comes down to it, they always like slicksters, pimps and losers like Newt.

    It reminds me of the story of Jesus before Pontius Pilate and the crown of people. Pontius Pilate says’ I find not even one fault in him.” But the People want Barabbus, a murderer and an thief. The people said “Give us Barabbas!” I guess Ron Paul to you guys are “Pearls before swine.”

    You guys insist on being fooled again by fake puppet politicians that hate the constitution and want to bring it Fascism on the top and socialism/communism at the bottom and destroy our sovereignty.

  21. DisgustedIndependent says:

    He’s supporting Newt? Really? Newt who dumped wife #1 when she was battling cancer and then proceeded to dump wife #2 after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis…that Newt? While I’m no fan of Romney, he at least stood lovingly by his wife, Anne, when she was diagnosed with MS. Calista, you’d better hope to stay healthy, girlfriend. Perry, I’m disappointed.

  22. Todd P. says:

    Gingrich is now proven to be an ANTI-conservative. He was not only a serial philanderer, he was a degenerate “swinger”, in his mind. This snarky, arrogant, “know-it-all” would get PUMMELED by Obama in the general election, esp. with his neverending baggage. Apparently, ‘ol Helium Head isn’t what he says he is. If you add his impending tax evasion problems just coming out, then obviously it’s down to Romney, Santorum, or Paul. Sorry Newt, YOU ruined your own chance at being President a long time ago…………………….

  23. roman says:

    lack of moral compass .perry like sanct and ging are the kind of christians that on sunday morning when they are in church their morality and convictions make their appearance .right after they leave church, their moral compass and convictions stay behind. the more the days of week go forward the less they can recall them. by friday they hardly recognize what christianity is.

  24. nuisance says:

    I’m still laughing at the “christian” conservatives booing the Golden Rule.

  25. Ray says:

    Who among us? No one. The closest among the Presidential Candidates?


  26. nuisance says:

    I’m having a hard time figuring out which party has more ignorant voters. Right now I think the Republicans are winning. Keep electing this trash and then wonder why the country is broke. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when you’re in a hole, the first thing you should do is stop digging.

  27. nuisance says:

    Ron Paul is Cassandra. Keeps telling the truth yet no one believes.

  28. James Brenner says:

    What a pathetic sell out Perry is! He seems to have been born without a moral compass and has passed his little stamp of approval to another morally bankrupt shill.

  29. Bo says:

    Honestly, I think those who hate Newt will still hate Newt and those who are focused on beating Obama will still like Newt.

    1. Cathy says:

      We actually want to take our country back from the “anit-American, Marxist dictator” who is currently our dear leader. Don’t be afraid to say it. just look at his background, because the media will cover it up.

  30. Ranger01 says:

    So look what we have left…A corporate raider Romney, and an adulterer Newt. Ron Paul is looking better all the time.

  31. Oliver Camp says:

    Ron Paul is perfect. There is NOTHING bad about him. He is leading the revolution of Americas youth. One day the youth will succeed in regaining Americas Liberty!

  32. Jullou says:

    Newt has since become a Catholic, Changes happen when you draw near to God. It happens all the time.

  33. mirted says:

    Newt can simple volunteer to be counseled and rehabilitated by Bill Clinton’s adultery reverend, Jessie Jackson. They proved that rehabilitation of a serial adulterer by a serial adulterer works. Now, if Jesse could have worked on
    Pres. Clinton’s credible accusers of rape and intimidation for sex charges, Bill would be perfect. Also, Newt may have been channeling Clinton on the open marriage thing, since it’s somewhat obvious Hillary was never really attracted to anything but Bill’s power.I’m sure we can all be certain that Newt has found salvation and change via his conversion to Catholicism, can’t we?

  34. Mirriam Egglebrecht says:

    Jeffrey Dahmer isn’t perfect. But who among us is?

    Thanks, genius Perry.

    1. Charlie Harper says:

      Good point.

  35. Pendy says:

    Read the news, Our Community Organizer in Chief is perfect.

  36. old flannel says:

    Not perfect, you mean in the lying, two-timing wife cheating way of John Edwards. The Republicans have a chance to actually nominate a man of
    moral chracter in Mitt Romney and they’re blowin’ it with this fat, racist, wife
    cheater who’s more a wind bag lobbyist than a politican.

  37. markc says:

    Who is perfect among them? Dr. Ron Paul, that’s who.

  38. Cathy says:

    Obama’s perfect, so says the lame street media. Look where that got us.
    Yes we can, one-term Obama, most divisive President, ever.

  39. Carolyn Riley says:

    My Letter I Sent To South Carolina

    Dear South Carolinians: I have called you on the phone for Governor Perry. I tried to explain to you, as a citizen, not a paid political hack, that what I saw in Texas on my recent visit was exactly what Governor Perry had been claiming and DOING.

    Let me get out what the press has not told you. Just prior to his announcement of his presidency in your state, he had an operation where his spine was fused. This particular operation’s recovery is painful. Many of you have pulled a back muscle and it is painful. How about a slipped disc? Having your spine fused…that’s painful. Perhaps this will help you understand why he was not on his best when he first entered the debates. The oops moment was probably due to his inability to concentrate 100% with the pain being the major factor. His later debates were excellent because he is recovering. Never did he whine, never did he relay this information No…he stood there for two hours for America. Now that you know this, please let me relay this to you.

    I am a neighbor of yours. I was a supporter of the Tea Party Movement. Less Federal Government, Less Spending, More Power Back To The States and The End to Obamacare. It was imperative that we back a person with a solid record. Perry does…but apparently it was not the record that mattered. Your Governor, Nikki Haley, went with a Moderate…another word for a RINO. So the TPM who propelled her into victory was left at the altar for a RINO.

    This is what you gave up. Under Perry’s leadership, 63% of Obama’s job creation is credited to Texas and 40% since 2000. Are jobs and income into the government a solution. Yes. Who has the record? Perry. Affordable healthcare…Healthy Texas wherein people pay 30% less than they had. Why? Tort Reform. State’s Rights Governor: Perry. What just happened to you concerning the NLRB and Boeing? Perry delivered Voter ID so the integrity of the ballot would be protected. He cut waste, balanced the budget and is on schedule to exceed the projected rainy day fund. He volunteered to serve in our Military. The only other candidate…Ron Paul. Evangelicals….Perry defunded Planned Parenthood. He even demonstrated to the world, his faith in the Response, while the Media criticized his proclamation of faith. None of that was good enough for the Evangelicals. Apparently rhetoric counts more than deeds. He delivered stronger Eminent Domain laws. He delivered better judicial reforms, better law enforcement reforms AND ABOLISHED sanctuary cities….and yes, Texas and Texas alone has been securing their border WITH NO HELP from the Federal Government. When I visited Texas this Christmas, there was a population explosion, A business explosion AND THEY WERE HIGH PAYING JOBS, an infrastructure explosion.

    All of the proof you needed to make a good, Conservative choice. But no…you seem to be going with a candidate that is not Conservative. Romney’s tax plan got a D from the Club for Growth. Perry’s….it was given the highest marks…but you paid no attention. You listened to the pundits, the talking heads and you failed to see what was right in front of our eyes…proof. Proof that his words do, in fact, result in good governance and more liberty for the people.

    Concerning Mr. Santorum. Please be sure to look at how he used his charity, Operation Good Neighbor as a conduit for payback to his donors. He is a Compassionate Conservative…and the last one started us on our way into debt. Mr. Santorum voted for the very bills you find unacceptable.

    So…South Carolina…you give this to Romney, America loses. You give this to Santorum…America loses. You give this to Gingrich…Pray. I say that because I am hoping that he will stay on a straight Conservative path.

    Thank you for reading, Carolyn

    Read more here:

  40. Charlie Harper says:

    The issue is not whether he is perfect. We all know he isn’t.

    The issue is that he is a proven sleazebag and a serial philanderer. It doesn’t help that he is also a fundamentally nasty person who has a hard time staying within the bounds of common courtesy on a daily basis.

    1. rufus levin says:


  41. rufus levin says:




  42. Lee Hazel says:

    Newt Gingrich is gaining in the poles because Mitt Romney is failing. This is a binary winner take all situation. No matter what Mitt does he cannot match the Pitt Bull personality and the govermental experience that Gingrich is currently displaying. I really hope that Gingrich can carry this rightintothe White House.
    Then rip the skin and the grin right off of Obama’s carcass

  43. Celeste Quilty-Piliponis says:

    Ron Paul is perfect.

  44. Hugh Beaumont says:

    I love that. “Newt is not perfect, but who is?” Son of Sam is not perfect, but who is? Benedict Arnold is not perfect, but who is?

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