ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — They called it “random dancing” but First Lady Michelle Obama broke out some moves that resembled subdued variations of “the Monkey” or “the Jerk” Friday during an appearance at a northern Virginia high school.

A screaming, raucous auditorium filled with elementary and middle school students greeted Obama and the cast of the Nickelodeon TV show “iCarly” at Hayfield Secondary School in Fairfax County.

The appearance promoted an upcoming episode featuring Obama in which she thanks military families for their sacrifices. On the show, star Miranda Cosgrove plays the daughter of an Air Force colonel deployed overseas.

A staple of the show is a segment of random dancing, which Obama performed both in the episode that premieres Monday and on stage Friday.

Obama’s dance moves drew plaudits from the “iCarly” cast.

“I think she showed everybody up in the dance department,” said Jennette McCurdy, who plays Samantha on the show.

The onstage dance session Friday lasted only a minute or so, far less than the extended dance session Obama did last year when visiting Deal Middle School in the District, when she joined students doing “the Dougie” and “The Running Man” in a clip that has been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube.

Her acting skills also drew praise. The cast was impressed with Obama’s ability to deliver her lines in the compressed time they had to shoot the scenes.

“She has good comic timing in real life, too,” Cosgrove said.

Obama said she watches the show with her daughters, and wanted to appear because it dovetails with her campaign to support and recognize military families. Last year, Obama went to northern Virginia to deliver the commencement address at the high school on Quantico Marine Corps Base.

Hayfield, few miles south of the Pentagon, was chosen in part because it is home to large numbers of military children.

During a question-and-answer session with students, Obama drew a handful of playful boos when she was asked about school lunches and talked about legislation she and her husband supported to add more vegetables to the school lunch program.

Taking note of the reaction, she said, “But this is for you all. … It’s hard to do what you do if you’re not healthy.”

She concluded with a simple admonition: “Eat your vegetables.”

She also handled other student questions:

— Asked what super power she wished she could have, she said, “You know what? I’ve always wanted to fly. When I was young, I used to always have dreams about flying.”

—Her favorite room in the White House? The Yellow Oval Room, which opens up to the Truman balcony. “It’s one of the few places the president can walk outside and be by himself,” she said.

—Her favorite TV shows? Besides “iCarly,” Mrs. Obama said, “we watch all kinds of things. We try not to have too much TV time during the week, though.”

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  1. BigBoa says:

    “Let them eat peas”…….

    1. Bonzo says:

      This is probably a job to “BIG” for the DC butt slasher.

  2. Pounce Kitty says:

    The lack of dignity is appalling. These two need to go!!

    1. phil says:

      did you even read the article?

      1. sff says:

        Are you meaning to imply that someone that did can;t possibly hold an opinion opposite to yours? Or are you saying that the praise of some young actors negates all of her evidential skankiness? JUst curious

    2. jose says:

      She is by far the most classless racist america hating 1st lady ever to defile the white house…

  3. WhataDisgrace says:

    Does she do parties?

    1. dognuts says:


      I regret I didn’t think of it first.

    2. sandiego1969 says:

      Usually with a lamp shade on her head.

    3. Bonzo says:

      Things like this should be kept behind closed doors. Who wants to witness this. Can’t say anything nice about these criminals.

  4. mmm says:

    Giagantor !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. mmm says:

    wonder what she charges to haunt a house

    1. disc-0-duc says:

      She charges by the lobster.

    2. Bonzo says:

      French Fries and donuts!!!!

  6. JoeKlip says:

    She feels like dancing after that $4,000,000 Hawaii vacation.

    1. Karen Koop says:

      Yeah,that’s right she can dace the rest of the year when Mr.President gets yet another $$ Trillion $$ Dollars from the TAXPAYERS…?

  7. skinnydipinacid says:

    What can I say… kids love their iCarly

    1. happydots says:

      ‘Tis why they aren’t allowed to watch it anymore. They really outdid themselves this time…. Those children are nothing but pawns under contract. I can’t stand it and I will not support it.

  8. WhatEver says:

    The Obamas sure are living the high life right now. It’s time to get out and vote.

  9. Archy says:

    Wow, isn’t this special CBS?

  10. Kaz says:

    Why us she wasting time with people too young to vote? Maybe she has finally accepted defeat in 2012 and is just rying to have fun with it. What else can she do at ths point?

    1. Greta says:

      INDOCTRINATION. It’s that simple.

    2. Clarity-jane Seer says:

      Its called indoctrinaton!

  11. Alfred Newman says:

    They all are just rubbing this !@#$ in our face and daring us to do something about it. How long will we sit by and let these gangsters (not just the Soetoros but the whole lot in the District of Criminals) get away with it? They’ve been getting away with it, all our lives… This is just too much to take.

    1. Greta says:

      We are truly back under tyranny – what we declared independence from long ago!!! Heaven help us.

  12. josetoyou says:

    I can’t fwait for this whole family to “groove” back to Chicago or anywhere besides the White House…

  13. bamadave says:

    Maa, you are a idiot for sure, enjoy your demoncrats for obummer will have to get a real job at the end of 2012…..really you could call him zero obama for he hasn’t done anything for our country except ruin it for sure…..

  14. Stormy says:

    Good grief, Charley Brown.

  15. walter12 says:

    We all know this woman’s past and it is not pretty, however, what she does is totally unimportant. It is the husband, the monster Obama who is vile, evil, corrupt, deceitful, and who dances with the demons, that is critical to this nation today.

  16. Jo Hanes says:

    What is racist about monkey and wookie? They called Bush a chimp.

    Further, your wild, obsessive accusations of racism shows that you have a tendency towards policing other peoples’ thoughts.

    Whats worse? -and who made you the grand wizard of words?

    1. John P. says:

      damn Jo I wanted to say that!

  17. Bob Baker says:

    You guys are great, I’m laughing so hard I am peeing out my eyes. Keep the heat on em Dogs!!!

  18. Jo Hanes says:

    The question becomes, if we cannot live together, then what?

    1. Karen Koop says:

      WE are AMERICANS and WE WILL SURVIVE…now we know who the Liars and Enemy is and We as Americans Will All Stick TOGETHER and come election day it will be by WE THE PEOPLE..FOR THE PEOPLE…God Bless America!!

  19. rufus levin says:

    Soul Winner

    Matt Andrade, you do realize that the Ku Klux Klan was founded by the Democratic Party, and that the GOP (Grand Old Party) was founded by Christians to end slavery, right? Oh, but Republicans are racist and Democrats are “tolerant.” It is funny that you have to tolerate people’s skin color, when to me it does not matter one bit.


    1. Hmmm says:


      This is true. However, consider the comments on this page with people who identify with the GOP and it is clearly something has shifted. If you go to a liberal forum these comments are not made.

      1. Jim in Houston says:

        CBS isn’t liberal? What are you smoking?

  20. kimdi01 says:

    Watch out! When tat overly large posterior starts to move, it could be labeled as a leathal weapon.

  21. bill.1942 says:

    Why should she look angry. She’s living high on the hog………Ooops, no pun intended.

  22. stacie says:

    Swivel Hips… earth quake caused by huge Boondune

  23. Jim Pinter says:

    The word: Nasty!

  24. Gerry says:

    Just move your fat ass, your horrendous underbite, your useless husband and your homely kids OUT of the White House and I will be happy never to hear from you or about you again!!

  25. El gato says:

    Shake that big can of lard, Michelle!

    1. Don't Bump No More says:

      Basheeba, Michella and the Butt Sisters. Don’t bump no more with no BIG FAT woman!

  26. Frank says:

    Saw on a commercial she’s making an appearance on the Nickelodeon show iCarly which is run by liberal leaning Viacom. How desperate can you get when you feel the need to stoop to the demographics of teenage girls that are most likely the ones to watch this program? I wonder if she’s going to incorporate a portion of the episode to telling Carly what her and her friends should eat.

  27. KickTheKenyanOut2012 says:

    Look at the “newer/nicer” Moochelle Antoinette dance for the children in the picture…

  28. KingandQueenHusseinBbamaofKenya says:

    Look at the Wookie bust a move for the white children; this is soooooo much better better than when Bush danced with the natives in Africa –

  29. Chris Edens says:

    Are these soldiers you are thanking also the same ones your administration labels as high potential terrorist threats?

    I’m sure your time was very limited for iCarly since you have so much to do like vacations, telling people how to eat and whining about your image. I’m sure like Obama you got tired very quickly of the photos and hand shaking and could take no more mingling with the surfs.. Now back to your ivory tower.. or is that ebony Tower?

  30. ME says:

    Is that a Communist star in the background?
    Sure looks like a Communist star to me!

  31. thom fay says:

    Somebody get a net….

  32. RosefromTN says:

    I am so embarrased for this woman we have to call “The First Lady.” No class. Sit down; do not dance; do not seek such attention. It’s classless. You are NOT the center of attention inspite of what you’ve been lead to believe. In other words, be a lady.

    1. Greta says:

      Well said, Rose.

  33. thom fay says:

    I live on the beach next to the Atlantic Ocean and when us clam diggers see pants pulled up that high around one’s waist we say “You expecting a Flood er someting???? I’m 6ft and those man trousers would be 2 ft over my head…
    Can she dunk?

  34. bitters says:

    She’s campaigning and the entertainment set is coming through for them..Remember they asked Hollywood to help them get their message across a couple of years ago..and they got their committment..

    Can’t hardly turn on the television anymore without getting ‘our lesson’..either global warming, how wonderful they are, black history, Muslims, and on and on..One thing I know for sure..I will be estatic when they move out of the WH..

  35. OldChick says:

    If the size 13 Maison Martin Margiela fit ….. just sayin’

  36. Sahdow says:

    The Real issue is indoctrination; when has a First lady ever attempted to do a children’s show before? Is this indoctrination or is it simply the continued degradation of Presidency? If you didn’t agree with the administration would you want your children to be enamored of them?

  37. thom fay says:

    Is that you BIG SIS listening in on free speech?

    1. thom fay says:

      Big Sis…you in the blog command center yet? These posts are free speech. Get it! Now admit to us all just who wears the overalls in the Naplitano abode? Any ideas about mounting Mooooochela. Sorry…you’ll need a ladder..

    2. thom fay says:

      I’m gonna go outside and start dancing right now.

  38. Lillian says:

    Michelle, you really “groove”. You’re a lousy example of a First Lady, but I’m sure there’s a spot on American IIdol. What a joke!!!

  39. Cynthia says:

    OMG. Such dignity and class. Not.

  40. Phil says:

    monnkey poop wide load

  41. Jive Asshonkey says:

    Every Democrat administration diminishes the office of The Presidency.

  42. GoReadaBook says:

    Jealousy begets hate. The First Lady is a highly educated, highly successful, and completely confident black woman.

    It’s remarkable how many folks simply can’t accept that….and I always heard that ignorance was bliss.

    Keep on hating dummies. I’m sure the Obama family cares deeply about your feelings.

    1. GoReadaBook says:

      PS…FWIW…..I’m a registered Republican….have been for almost 30 years now….

      Regardless…..Stupidity and ignorance comes in all shapes, sizes, and political affiliations.

      Only a complete classless dolt would ever use some of the language I’ve read here in describing ANY PERSON….much less the FLOTUS.

      That’s not even wrong….

      But hey….haters keep on hating….and everybody else laughs at them.

    2. Jim in Houston says:

      ROTFLMAO!!!! I hope you don’t seriously believe that nonsense. The only thing she has succeeded in doing is getting a $300K do nothing job in a Chicago hospital and spending millions of tax payer dollars on extravagant vacations while making a ridiculous spectacle of herself.

  43. Anishinabi says:

    And she wants to be treated like a serious FOTUS. Right.

  44. tholtham says:

    This is the kind of comments you get when you have a link to the Drudge Report all of these hateful words come from unamerican right this is what our president have to deal with the Drudge Report has from day one put the First Lady up for ridicule with lie after lie look at what want to be president these haters

    1. SandyLester says:

      Ah this was just a link on the Drudge Report to this article, are you saying this article is racist because you can see the woman’s fat ass and $42K bracelets?

  45. Spanky says:

    The most racist comments are posted by liberals agent provocateurs who intend to portray all non-communists as racist. Do not fall for their deceit!

  46. Midge Martin says:

    Let’s dance our way out of the depression, the illegal wars and 22% unemployment. That will do it!

  47. Igor says:

    Dancing helps her get the gas out.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Maybe that’s why she looks so angry all the time.

  48. Henry says:

    You know what I have come to realize? No matter how “advanced” we continue to become as a nation, we will continue to play the verbal tug of war as it relates to race, ethicity and religion. It will always come to the forefront every time someone not the “norm” becomes president. It is an ugly part of who we are. Disparaging comments laced with racial stereotypes or whatever does nothing but prove that there is an overwhelming amount of homegrown ignorance that still permeates our society. It is a shame we have nothing better to do.

    1. Jason says:

      As someone who was introduced to the concept of race by someone else, who had a different melanin content that I did; I’ve come to realize that those who are most racist decry race when someone doesn’t agree with them.

    2. dsfg says:

      what a wishy washy ghunt you are. You haven;t “realized” anything – you have erroneously drawn a conclusion to fit your lack of comprehension joined with your dishonesty and liberal denial.

  49. Brian says:

    They called it “random dancing” but First Lady Michelle Obama broke out some moves that resembled subdued variations of “the Monkey” or “the Jerk” Friday during an appearance at a northern Virginia high school.
    CBS sounds racist………I think they are calling the first lady a jerking monkey!

  50. George Thorouglydisgusted says:

    Moo-vin on over, barockin on over moooo-ve over little butt the big butts mooo-vin in.

  51. judithod says:

    Michelle will do anything to get hubby re-elected, including dancing like a 14-year-old. She doesn’t want to lose out on all those White House perks, particularly the jets to wherever her heart desires.

  52. tholtham says:

    The hate for the Drudge Report is just over the top.If it wasn’t for the 10million votes that President Obama got in 08 I would not have believe that this country could have a Black Man has President Please America show the world that these low life are not what this country is about. no more than the Marines who p– on the dead.

  53. JP says:

    Michelle does not like the angry black women stereotype, how about the dances way too much black women stereotype?

  54. Lou Brown says:

    For the second time in my adult life I have no respect for our POTUS and FLOTUS. I remember the classless Clintons all too well. And the FLOTUS trying to do a childllren’s dance, puleez.

  55. Avoicenmany says:

    Bust a move???
    More like burst a seam.. At least for once she is not showing that turkey skin armpit look, what a quadraped.
    Oh please feel free Dept of homeland stupidity to IP log me.. Oops to late they do it to all non believers of the O

  56. William M Doty says:

    Let’s not, as say we did. This woman has insulted America for 3 full years and now she wants to ‘groove’, ‘tweet’ and be ‘girlfriend’. She is an embarrassment to everything that is noble in our history, I’m sad to say. The Obamas missed an opportunity to help close the final wounds that need to be healed from the racism that the conditioning of slavery still keeps alive. Instead they fanned the flames and continue to fan the flames of racism and partisan politics, like no other political couple in history. They are not their own persons, but props, like Barney Frank, set up as puppets, by the Marxist elites in the shadows to play character roles that move forward the Marxist agenda of of subverting America, demoralizing and stabilizing the country for Socialism/Communism.

  57. Stubborn Facts says:

    Barack Booty Call!

    Shake that ample boot-ayyy, Obamamama.

  58. Big Sis says:

    I just reported you all to the Obamessiah’s

    Carry on…

  59. rc2934 says:

    Oh, it’s just been one big continuius party central for “King” and “Queen” Obama. Why, they had just finished with their $4 million taxpayer funded vacation last month. Well, it is to be expected from these two. I mean, Mr self proclaimed “lazy” man Obama needn’t worry about the disaster he’s brought on this country since being in office.

    No, it’s not like we have almost 30 miilion folks who are currently either actively looking for work, gave up looking due to it being so bad or are just plain under employed. For you dimwitted dems, under employed are those who would like FT but have to settle for PT instead, all thanks to your chosen one.

    Since he’s been in office. It’s not as though we’ve seen gasoline continuously increase over 100% since he’s been in office or a record 40 year high food prices at the food store either.

    What about the record number of Americans on food stamps under “King” Obama (60 miilion so far and growing). Oh and less we forget, the 6 trillion of Obama debt to nowhere he created! . Yea, he rails on Bush back in July 2008 for racking up $4 trillion in 8 years and he’s racked up $6 trillion in just 3! You dimwitted Dems should take a good look at your chosen one on youtube the youtube video piece. Classic!

    When the Republican’s have their canidate. No amount of money or campaigning will be able to save this man from an embarrassing defeat as well as what’s to come for the demcrats in general. I can’t wait to see “King” Obama try and explain and blame away his terrible record.

  60. Steve Rat says:

    Rendition of angry black blob!

  61. Bilford Rielly says:

    There is a differnece between Black Americans and the likes of BO “The Muslim Turd’ and that Continent A** Moo-Chelle.

    An American is an American – it is in the Heart not the color or origin.

    I would swim through shark infested waters for a President Like Thomas Sowell or Allen West.

    As much as I approve of calling them Coons I would never ever address a Black American in such a way – or even think about it.

    The Ni6s come in every color – Americans are ONLY Red,White And Blue.

    Vote – anyone but BO. Vote the Communist OUT!

    1. Neddster says:

      I would join you in those waters, Bilford, and you can add Walter Williams and Herman Cain to Sowell and West – America would be richly blest having any of those black men as our CEO.

      1. Bilford Rielly says:

        Thanks N,
        I was going to but the list could go one much longer than that – However having a President who’s call signs are ‘Black by Popular Demand’ -Walter Williams – would just have me laughing through 8 great years as the Lib/CommieDem/Pedophiles scream and yell and slit thier own throats every time he did so and as the Economy and American Pride recover and head for the clouds.

  62. RightStuff says:

    The lady is a boor. Her husband is a boor. I feel sorry for their little girls. They don’t have a chance.

  63. RightStuff says:

    The kids don’t respect an adult who goes out and tries to be cool. That is what this bag of prunes is doing, and she is being laughed at behind her back. Why doesn’t she just act like a lady, and show genuine interest in these teens?

  64. jesz says:

    How stupid and uncultured was she BEFORE she went to Princeton and Harvard?

    “Affirmative Action” was a total waste or her and her husband.

  65. John Crowder says:

    you r a fstty

  66. Mo says:


  67. Edwin says:

    Move that big fat caboose.

  68. jgdp says:

    There’s NO “move” this woman can make to redeem her hubby’s utter failures!

  69. yep says:

    Man! She is one ugly mutha#@$#@

  70. Hiram Davis says:

    Is a hit of ecstasy included in the admission fee? If it’s not, then I’m not going. And because so many said that, it will be included because we can’t have an empty dance floor, can we?

  71. Hmm says:

    Seems somehow silly and shallow. Why isn’t the Surgeon General handling health issues such as diet and exercise? I wonder why Mrs. Obama, with her legal background, choose to take on an issue such as pornography or abuse?

    1. Hmm says:

      correction: “…why Mrs. Obama…DOESN”T choose to take on…”

  72. Neddster says:

    Moochelle has the face only Mother Theresa could have loved but even that might have given her pause, considering the Moocher’s internal and external ugliness. The Moocher and her usurping hubby are the epitomes of selfishness while Mother T. wrote the book on selflessness and sacrifice. What a contrast.

    Tommy at 5:10 PM, if you’re reading this, my prayers are with you as your financial crisis is somewhat a carbon copy of mine, being the same age and from Chicago, though thankfully I moved out of that God forsaken city and state 4½ years ago. Try to hang in there; we’re all going to do all we can to move their hides out of Washington as soon as possible. God bless.

  73. JohnRalph says:

    Meanwhile, Mein Führer and Her Royal Highness Queen Moochelle, while in Hawaii, dined on Italian White Alba truffles, Kobe steak, blue lobsters and they wash it down with a bottle of Rothschild’s Chateau Lafite 1869…out of a brown paper bag, Chicago style.

    While we must eat our peas… and learn to appreciate it dammit.

  74. JohnRalph says:

    Obama’s brand of socialism which is an amalgamation of the Nationalist and Communist varieties despises America.

    Except Islamic America, which is an excellent example of both types since it is a religion that through Sharia Law controls every aspects of one’s life. Virtually enslaving the believer.

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (Hitler’s socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race).

    In reality though no different than the left’s socialism, like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

    Let us not forget our SOCIALIST God, Mein Lord God High Führer Obama, for America’s liberal elite, Muslims, OWS and welfare voters on the dole.

  75. tod schwarze says:

    name of the dance is I got all yall crakaas money, bit chez!

    I;m Don Corneliousm, peace out

  76. Neddster says:

    And if I may add one last point, let me put in a plug for my wife who is black. She has a bigger behind and girth than Moochelle but she also has a kingsize, rather queensize, heart, unlike the Moocher. Also unlike the Moocher, my woman has been proud of her country since day one and is a thousand times sexier. We both are fed up with the Moocher and Barry and cannot wait for the day they depart the White House for the last time, preferably headed to the Big House where they both belong.

  77. Tired says:

    Shuckin’ and jivin’ for votes, is all.

  78. Maurice says:

    She shook her caboose and the US Geologic Survey reported an earthquake.

  79. Not a Democrat says:

    Someone should have posted a sign reading: WARNING: Large Mammal Vibrating!

  80. Jullou says:

    Is she doing this because she doesn’t think that kids move enough? Kids are constantly moving. Or is she doing this to further her husband’s leftist agenda, i.e., having to advice us on what and when to do anythings. The constant liberal advice as if they know what’s good for everyone, is getting very sickening.

  81. jesz says:

    American blacks who are sensitive about the critical, insulting, and even racist comments about Obama and his stupid, classless wife need to grow up.

    When a black was elected President of the US, it was a signal that American blacks had politically “come of age.”

    American blacks must realize that Obama has made many mistakes that the majority of the American people do not like. His wife talks and behaves in a way that many Americans do not respect. This is a fact.

    When you become President of the US, you have to take the “heat.” George Bush took worse “heat” than Obama.

    As an American black, I dislike Obama and the criminal gang he has around him but I admire the American people that gave this black man a opportunity to be President. The fact that he is weak, incompetent, and clueless is his fault.

    1. JohnRalph says:

      Well said truth.

  82. JohnRalph says:

    Her Royal Highness Queen Moochelle, went berserk over a new book that paints an unflattering portrait of her – and it was just the latest in a series of temper tantrums the first lady has thrown over scathing criticism of her diva-like behavior and her spendthrift ways!

    The book offers an inside look at Michelle’s outrageous behavior in the White House, and she went on a tear when she found out about it, blaming the staff for leaking the information, say sources. It all ex-ploded on Jan. 9 when President Obama’s chief of staff Bill Daley sud¬denly resigned, the sources add.

    And this isn’t the first time she has gone ballistic.

    “Only a few weeks ago, Michelle threw a hissy fit when Barack sug¬gested that they spend their winter vacation at Camp David because a Hawaiian vacation would bring more attention to her reckless spending,” stated a top political source in Washington, D.C.

    “But she went crazy and yelled that she wasn’t going to spend two weeks in cold Maryland when Hawaii awaited – and he gave in.”

  83. Rex says:

    I love to watch wookies dance. They’re so funny.

  84. drew says:

    is it just me or does that logo behind her look similar to a swastika?

  85. disgusted says:

    they both are nothing but low class blacks with a smart tongue,living it up on us…….as our first lady she in disgusting……….come on 2012……african queen..? start packing and go back to the projects

  86. Bud says:

    Shake that big fat thing !!!!
    Disgusting, – – what kind of a first lady is this ?

  87. James Earl Ray says:

    The entire wookie race is well past the point where it can be saved. Give them all guns and lots of ammo and lets be done with it once and for all.It’s time to end their growing dependency on society for their most basic needs. Two hundred years after being freed they still contribute nothing to America

  88. Rob Cleary says:

    Two Hundred years since the end of slavery and this is the best the wookie can come up with? Th whole wookie race is a drain on society. They will never contribute anywhere near what they cost. Useless best describes these primitive sub human species

  89. Mrs Obama is really Al Sharpton in drag.

  90. jerry says:

    The Obama’s hip hop administration,”. bust a move” how degrading! Can’t wait to remove this Chicago gangsta’ trash

  91. Allie F says:

    Niothing by classless trash. The Obama’s are such an embarrassment to this country. Once again I will say, for all the millions they have wasted on rapper parties, vacations, extravagant dinners and what not, they could have hire a Protocol Office that perhaps would have brought some decorum to these inappropriate wannabes!!!!! Just goes to show you, money cannot buy class!

  92. crabman1950 says:

    She is the “First Lady”. There used to be a particular dignity, an essential elegance and graciousness associated with that very public and nationally representative position. Being a Black woman does NOT exempt her from such expectations since many black women of notable stature before her have had it; Lena Horn, Marion Anderson, Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson, Loretta Scott King (wife of MLK,Jr.), and many others. The difference is all these women did not loath the country that gave them the opportunity to achieve what they did. Even Mrs. King who above all would have been justified in anger and bitterness maintained a defiant dignity honoring the sacrifice her husband made attempting to redeem America, not “fundamentally transform” it into some third world Govt. run hellhole! Unfortunately what we have now in the White House is the marriage of the Chicago “section 8” mentality with the Kenyan mud-hut mentality seasoned with a fair amount of Marxism!! Out of her own mouth she said she did not respect America until her husband was elected. Her behavior and appearance is clownish, goonish, and indecent. And yes, she is Black, which makes it bad for the other Blacks, negatively stereotyping them for years to come, even though they don’t now know it! What a tragedy….a truly American tragedy!!

  93. AntiSmear says:

    Perhaps Democrats and Liberals educated themselves in the ways of Republican bigotry by attending “meetings” with their esteemed Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops, the late, great Senator Robert Byrd.

    This brings us into the 21st Century, no?

  94. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Man, looks like my doctor was right – lay off eating all of that arugula! Looks like it will lead to an enormous arse, flabby arms, giant thighs and make you have the disposition of a cornered badger.

    At least Moochy has her priorities straight (as she told Bawa Wawa): she is all about herself.

  95. PHenry says:

    Look out, folks! Clear the furniture! When she gets that lardbucket rolling, flying lamps and end tables could be lethal. Save the furniture, not the Whale!

  96. Bill E Bob says:

    I sure miss adults.

  97. ADM says:

    I think she oughta “get down” with Sly & The Family Stone’s “Dance to the Music”.

  98. ObamasAreGodAwful says:

    Michelle’s thighs look like bridge abutments.

  99. Bippy Bellito says:

    Incompetence has no complexion, yet if anyone dares call the Obama’s anything but the King and Queen of us all, we are declared “racist”. It isn’t washing anymore. Regardless of color, the Obamas are a disgrace to America.

  100. yoursream says:

    Shaking her big butt? Damn put a bag over her face and she can become the cause of Virginias second earthquake in 12 months. This is an America hating woman who does not deserve respect or notoriety.

  101. Jim in Houston says:

    Looked more like a monkey doing the jerk to me.

  102. sirandrew says:

    I just mailed my quarterly income tax payment and am really teed off.This check will just about pay for one of her vacation days in Hawaii I am sure that she could afford to pay for her vacation as she has more money the I have.
    I wonder if she would consider paying for my vacation in Hawaii at a 5 star hotel with all expenses paid .

  103. Russ says:

    So that was why my walls were shaking.

  104. driveby_poster says:

    She is trying to hide her persona of an angry black woman.

    Not working.

  105. John Burleson says:

    Whole lot of stupid in these comments. Lots of people too uptight, hung up, or just too stupid to do this discussion the service and respect it needs. Michelle Obama, the First Lady, is a very powerful and committed woman when given the opportunity to discuss childrens’ health. What she says is true., And the kids should do as she says. But lower life forms feel somehow compelled to make this wonderful lady into a race-hating monster. And it’s sad. Michelle Obama is trying to help all the kids she can and she’s using everything she learned growing up in Chicago to do the job. And it might be different from what you expect, but knw what? It works. Ah, the geezer pills are starting to kick in, so I better sign off: This boat floats nowhere til we all row in the same direction.

  106. Rudolph TRR says:


  107. George says:

    Michelle brings the ghetto to the White House.

  108. Bob Dow says:

    Yeaaaah Boyeeeeeeeee!! “Big Foot-Wide Load” Michelle ” and “Big Ears” Barak have all the class of a travelling carnival act!! Sadly, THE JOKE’S ON US!!!!

  109. JKeyes says:

    Must be a dance from Kenya???

  110. Debbie in Dallas says:

    The first paragraph of this story sets the tone–I think–for all the comments.

    “They called it “random dancing” but First Lady Michelle Obama broke out some moves that resembled subdued variations of “the Monkey”.

    Hey, if the shoe fits,wear it….Michelle doing the Monkey? Monkey see, Monkey do? LOL!

  111. TJPee7 says:

    Holy cripes. What an inspiring display of Presidential dignity. If only Washington and Lincoln could have guest-hosted!

  112. James Brenner says:

    Why does CBS make “Michelle Dancing” front page news?

    Why in the first paragraph do you see the terms “Monkey” and “Jerk”?

    It is to DIVIDE and CONQUER. The STATE RUN media increasingly runs RACE PROVOCATIVE stories. And like the PREDICTABLE PATELLA REFLEX, racism flares up.

  113. Bill says:

    The first lady is an extention of the office of the president. The office of the president lacks dignity.

  114. Joe Dutra says:

    Shake that big ole thang.

  115. Keith says:

    “Here’s the way we used to dance at the Palace of Versailles!”

  116. Bill says:

    “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”
    “All of this for that damn flag.”

  117. Ronnie in Daytona says:

    Okay…you want specifics?
    Barack Hussein 0bama ummm ummm ummm is a lying Marxist supported by George Soros who is deliberately trying to destroy American’s free market-capitalist system and turn it into a failed European socialist state.
    The real unemployment is closer to 11%. Why?…because there are over 2 million fewer people in the work force than when 0bama took office in 2009 even though the population continues to grow. These unemployed people have stopped looking for a job and thus are no longer counted in the unemployment figures. 0bama has not created one single business sector job…only more government jobs.
    Czar 0bamao continues to thwart all the efforts of our domestic energy industry to make us more and more energy independent and to keep us from sending billions of our dollars every day to countries (who BTW hate our guts) for their crude oil while their emirs build ivory towers and indoor ski resorts in their desert climes. Does this little Marxist occupying the White House care? Hel l no. He’s hel l bent on tearing down this great nation because he was raised and brought up by communist/Marxist who despised and hated America’s exceptional-ism and capitalism and democracy.
    If he gets 4 more years, he will do irreparable damage to the greatest country to ever exist in the history of mankind.
    You want more gladeye? Or do you get the BIG picture?

  118. kevin says:

    I am a registered republican. However, I now understand, after reading many of these comments, why Americans (not America) are held in such low esteem by much of the developed world.

    Specious reasoning, here-say and poorly-written English abound. Logic, consideration and respect are absent.

    I question our future.

  119. Jean says:

    I believe we should have first ladies like Mrs. Reagan, Mrs. Kennedy, both Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Clinton, and many, many more. This one is not a first lady by any sense of the word. There is no dignity with this administration.

  120. Alfred says:

    “I think I see a Squatch on that stage.”

  121. Super16 says:

    Finally, a word to describe our current political situation.

    Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    1. seamus says:

      you win a cigar.

  122. Shawn Knowles says:

    resembled “the Monkey” Enough said.

  123. Corny Collins says:

    It looks like negro day in hairspray

  124. Chuk A Spear says:

    looks like N E G R O day in hairspray

  125. Solidspine says:

    She is an humiliation to the country,

    she does not deserve to be the first lady,

    does not represent America, simply and embarrassment

  126. jonas kniger says:

    Boy can she move! She is a real jungle bunny doing the hop! We love her! The big rump is amazing! Shake dat booty!

  127. Tracy says:

    The Marxist wookie is a monkey and a jerk.

  128. seamus says:

    She makes me want to vomit.

  129. sirandrew says:

    I just paid my quarterly income tax payment. This will just about pay fer one day of her “vacation” in Hawaii.My 2010 federal taxes would almost pay for lest than a week.
    The waste of my money to pay for Queen Michelle enjoyment and much needed rest makes me ill.
    I would appreciate Queen Michelle paying for a weeks vacation in Hawaii in a 5 star hotel,with all expense paid, for me.out of her income tax payments.

    Whats good for the royalty should be good for us peasants

  130. amon says:

    dang. . we got Nephilim in the WH. . .the space crafts musta landed without being noticed.

  131. mike says:

    Thought it was another Jack’s Links commercial

  132. Kylie says:

    I wonder what that registered on the Richter Scale?

    Those poor Haitians will be lucky if they don’t feel the aftershocks.

  133. Jim Bunion says:

    Hey look.. I am grooving like a Monkey… I am not angry!!!!

  134. Hmm says:

    Maybe hard work is not an Obama aspiration . It is easier to keep spending than to cut back. It is easier to hang out with kids, preach to kids, and play with kids, than to take on pornography or abuse.

  135. dam says:

    She’s more likely to bust a hip.

  136. tommyboy says:

    she thinks we’re not on to her but we is.

  137. Stunned says:

    She’s a disgrace as first lady.

  138. Strieker says:

    1. EVERY move she makes either resembles a monkey or a jerk — NOT just when she is dancing (or trying to dance).

    2. She actually CAN fly — once a year on Sauween her broom levitates.

    3. Every attempt both Obamas make to “reach out” to the public make them look more and more like the buffons they are.

  139. howard says:

    I hope that she continues these performances.
    Anything that keeps her out of the WH and trying
    to make policy on behalf of the President is good
    for the Country. The sooner she takes a permanent
    vacation the better for us all. She will have time
    to write a book, make speeches, visit foreign
    countries as a plain US citizen, and so forth, and
    the U.S. can sign with relief that she is mno longer
    in a position of power that she was not voted into.
    Hopefully the GOP will take over all branches of
    Government and try to put the US back together
    as it should be. Thats REAl hope and change we
    can vote for.

  140. National Geographic says:

    She;s dabcing again! Quick, someone alert National Geographic.

  141. anne says:

    MOOOOCHELLE- you are asking for it- dressed like that and shaking that lard for all the world to see – LMskinny AO

  142. Tom Menino says:

    Thanking miilitary families. Sure. Nothing but campaign year stunts by Michelle “Let Them Eat Cake” Antoinette. She and her husband have made crystal clear their disdain for soldiers and all things military. Soldiers are part of the America that the Obamas hate. Hypocritical ploys like this are all the Obummers can do to try and reverse the absolute disgust the American public has developed for them after voting these whining poseurs into office in the first place.

    Don’t fall for it. She’ll be lifting her leg and urinating on the military and their families again the day after the election.

  143. 2BFree2B says:

    You can’t dance away just plain ole ugly or evil inside and out.

  144. PDM says:

    That is definitely the Monkey

  145. tubaman says:

    Man.she wants everyone else to be skinny rails but she’s sure sportin’ big booty!!!

  146. dooky says:

    “.. but First Lady Moochelle Obamaster broke out some moves that resembled subdued variations of “the Monkey” or “the Jerk” … AND THE KNEE-GROW FAVORITE…BOOTY-SHAKER”


  147. michaelp says:

    WHAT IS THERE TO DANCE ABOUT ? Your commie husband wants another trillion plus ! You really think i can trust a person, that has over 20 so long years of GOD DAMMING THE U.S.A. Hating evil whites and jews.

  148. Jim Pinter says:

    There goes my lunch…..

  149. Andy says:

    Did the band have a fiddler named Nero?

  150. Joe says:

    Kids no longer watch Nick or Disney since both networks have shown themselves to be shills.for the Democrat Party. My next step is for my DISH Network Provider to reimburse me for these subtle political contributions or to give me a credit on my bill as well as the option of “opting-out” of Nickelodeon and Disney which would reflect on my bill!

  151. Barack says:

    The racism of CBS never ends. Really! “The Monkey” or “the Jerk?”

  152. Gene Mummau says:

    Kinda shows off her FAT ASS, right??

  153. g mumau says:

    As I said, here you can see her FAT ASS. Sorta like any other guerrila in the zoo. Only difference is that the zoo guerilla doesn’t take taxpayer 20 million dollar vacations. Never had a woman in the white house like this one before. Hope it doesn’t happen again

  154. Jo Hanes says:

    It is important to realize that the only racism, institutionalized as well as socially that exists in this country is against white people.

  155. Rahm says:

    I love how clueless the main stream media is regarding america’s disgust for this couple in the WH. Are they in a for shock, not just during the election later this year–when they shamelessly hype Obama again–but when the results come in.

    Buh Bye…Lobster futures are tumbling

  156. Sir Mix-A-Lot says:

    Michelle-baby Got Back

    I like big butts and I cannot lie…

  157. deimos says:

    she hasn’t been the same since the house fell on her sister.

  158. Buck Farack says:

    What ugly woman.

  159. daw says:

    That woman is quite simply a pig, in all ways. May she know the squalor that her mendacity deserves

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