WASHINGTON (AP) — The D.C. Council is considering legislation that would make it easier for gay and lesbian couples who marry in the nation’s capital to get divorced.

The bill would let gay couples who married in Washington get divorced even if they no longer live in the district, provided they live somewhere that would not recognize their divorce. Under current law, one member of the divorcing couple has to live in Washington for six months before starting divorce proceedings.

Washington began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in March 2010. Six states also allow same-sex marriage. But divorcing couples can face legal hurdles if they live in a state that does not recognize their union.

The Committee on the Judiciary voted unanimously Tuesday to send the bill to the full council.

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Comments (117)
  1. matthew says:

    priorities people

  2. guest says:

    get ready for the: “see I told you they’d be asking for special rights” comments from the hatrs

    1. danny says:

      See, I told you they’d be asking for special right.

      Happy now? Moron.

    2. Ursus Magnus says:

      Nice buzzword. Why don’t you try thinking for yourself?

      1. guest says:

        I do think for myself. the only principled opposition to gay marriage is when gay marriage is imposed via a judicial proceeding. the argument against judge made gay marriage is that there is nothing to prevent the judicial slippery slope. a state legislature does have a role in defining the requirements for a relationship that a state recognizes. if the legislature votes to approve gay mariage, then if you dont like it, you move. in other words, marriageis not a civil right it is a relationship governed by the state and a state through the legislative process can specifiy its requirements.

    3. Freedom and Equality for All says:

      The ‘Sacred Cows’ already have special rights, Hate Crimes Laws. It’s gone beyond equality, ever since Matthew Shepherd.

      1. Kathleen says:

        That’s so true. Hate crimes laws don’t cover anything else. Except religion, race, sex, gender identity and disability. Even white Christian guys if they’re attacked for who they – and the locals won’t investigate it. I’ll bet that happens all the time.

        Yep – not having a crime against me be shoved under the carpet because the local leo’s might be bigots or are such a small berg they don’t have the resources to investigate properly is a rare perq indeed. That’s just crazy talk!

      2. lewr2 says:

        kathleen, there’s already a crime against those things. It’s called…. a crime

    4. Bill E Bob says:

      Don’t ya’ just hate it when others are right?

    5. 8644 says:

      What’s your point?

    6. Walt Dukehart says:

      See, I told you they’d be asking for special right.

    7. tom says:

      It is a special right if it is alowed for gay people and not strait you moron..

    8. Win says:

      So why don’t they just change the law for everyone? What is it about the government that it inherently treats people different while claiming it is doing the opposite?

  3. Greg says:

    let them get dragged through the mub like everyone else f who gets divorced!! why should they have it easier- equal rights -equal suffer.

  4. sam says:

    BUT BUT BUT????

    GAYS don’t get divorced, or break up or anything.

    Thats why they always use divorced straight couples to say that they do more harm to marriage than gays would.

    I thought ALL GAYS were perfect???


    1. Bryan says:

      A significant, unspoken aspect of the gay marriage movement is about gay *weddings*.

      A wedding day is not a “marriage”.

      For many, one “look at me day” just isn’t enough…

      Of course, this can be said of many a straight diva at the altar as well…

      1. CMW says:

        Very insightful post.

  5. JimmyStewart says:


    All you have to do nowadays is disagree or say something is wrong and your automatically a “hater.” I guess that makes you a “hater” of “haters” you had better stop “hating” and start loving, which means you need to agree with those of us who are against “gay marriage” because then you will truly be set free to love.

    1. macksfield says:

      Yes, if you don’t agree with their point of view, then you must be a “hater”. Geez, nice debating skills.

      1. A Non-Hating Hater who doesn't Hate says:

        Personally, I think he’s a great debater. LOL

    2. Tony Marik says:

      More like a master debater. It’s a sad fact of our current era…When you have a differing opinion from someone else, that now makes you a “hater”. One sad state of affairs.

  6. B Da Truth says:

    The only people who really ever cared about Gay Marriage were Trial Lawyers and Divorce Attorneys.
    The idea that all these gays were just dying to engage in Holy Matrimony nonsense from he start. A make work program for DNC connected lawyers.
    Now lets do away with Civil Unions and force them to marry.

  7. Rickey Roma says:

    Gay men are being deprived of their God given constitutional right to have an abortion…Until this is remedied, they will never be equal.

    1. macksfield says:

      Oh my, I like it. never thought of that.

    2. JerzeyBoy says:

      Sure they can; it’s called Gelding.

      1. Sammie Jo says:

        That’s not an abortion that’s a sterilization.

  8. Sharon says:

    Don’t we have enough to think about in DC this is Stupid

  9. eddy james says:

    Go to DC get a Gay Divorce ,go to the mall and have a pic-a-dic lunch home by 9

  10. babydriver says:

    I feel so bad for these poor perverts.

    1. poorhardworker says:

      Don’t think you really “feel bad” because you called them perverts! Just saying…

  11. Russ says:

    Who will pay the gay child-support for each couple’s mass of adopted designer-babies from every continent?

    1. sam says:


    2. JerzeyBoy says:

      Who will pay? The taxpayer will pay for kids, just like is done for 80% of other DC children.

    3. lukuj says:

      And the mother can’t get preference when there is NO mother or 2 mothers. Anyway, they can call it a marriage, but it wasn’t one except in their eyes and that of states who evidently think a contract is the same as marriage.

  12. SJM says:

    The bill would let gay couples who married in Washington get divorced even if they no longer live in the district, provided they live somewhere that would not recognize their divorce.
    OK, follow the logic here. If they live someplace that won’t recognize their “gay divorce” doesn’t it also follow that the location probably also doesn’t recognize their “gay marriage”? Wouldn’t that make the whole point moot everywhere but Washington?

    1. Dan says:

      Excellent, now I wonder if another state will allow me to have a concealed permit to carry in a state as long as they don’t recognize my right to carry?

      1. Andrew P. says:


      2. Citizen64 says:

        That was good Dan…

      3. Jeff H. says:

        Well said. Thank you.

      4. Walt Dukehart says:

        dan – you are right on the money ! Andrew p doesn’t get it because he doesn’t read the news.

    2. FCB says:

      True, but the problem arises when settlements have to be made about property, custody, etc. So what this is saying is that if a couple marries in DC then goes somewhere that won’t allow them to divorce, aka giving them certain legal recourse and protections, then they can divorce under Washington law. It essentially is giving them rights in case of a “breakup”, which is what the place they’re living in would call it. It does make since, but it is more of a ploy for a certain voting bloc then an actually practical bill.

  13. Keith Wren says:

    This is the reason I, as a conservative Christian, have always been for making gay marriage permissible! They have to go through the heartache and the expence of divorce just like regular people do!

    1. F*** the F*** says:

      The problem is the schools and Dem. run media are teaching gay-ness to children in order to manufacture a future Dem voting block. They have to replace white christians some way, and this is the plan. It appears they have gotten to you!

    2. Freedom for All says:

      They’re not regular and this has nothing to do with heart-ache.

  14. El Gringo says:

    It’s all a dog and pony show to appease a certain voting block. As “SJM” points out above, the whole thing is a figgin’ sham.

  15. Pup says:

    If the government didn’t stick itself into the private religious ceremonies of the people we wouldn’t have to worry about who is married and divorced in the eyes of the state. What kind of subjects are we that we need a “licence” to marry anyway? We shouldn’t have to have the approval of anybody to get married. Marriage is a sacriment, and should be protected from government meddling by the 1st Amendment, right? (AKA “separation of church and state” as the common misunderstand goes) The government is “impeding the free exercise of religion”. Off my soapbox for now…thanks for listening.

    1. PfcHunter says:

      The government could care lless whether you get married or not. All they care about is whether you pay your taxes to the hilt or not. Since Gays statistically make more than straight couples, then the property settlement oes to the Feds or in community property states.
      Why do Gays and Washington DC think they can change the laws of another state? Just because they mved out of DC does not mean that they do not have to follow DC’s law as well as the other states? How o you get a divorce from a state that doesn’t recognize marriage when the only reason they went to DC in the first place was because they could get married there, now DC will change their law to accommodate a poorly written law for people who are tired of living with their “spouse” and don’t want to go back to DC to divorce. It doesn’t answer the question of what happens if the state they are in does recognize gay marriage? Then who needs DC? Stupid liberals make stupid laws.

  16. Panrinoy Dugalesti says:

    Before I first came to Terra with my family I had no warning on how a mid-level civilization excluded others based on what they do for 15 minutes a day. Back on Jeladew there are mixed couples and even large groups who are linked for life. While I left there for other political reasons not yet an issue here, this was never a problem in our 84,000 year recorded history.

    1. mltplmom says:

      Once when visiting Jeladew I flimladdled with 4 Destellias – I don’t have to tell you how much Destellias need man flesh. That was a day I’ll tell you.

      1. Panrinoy Dugalesti says:

        Huh? What part are you from? Turiltana? I don’t fully recognize the lingo.

  17. barney_fwank says:

    There is no such thing as gay “marriage”, just as there is no such thing as a square “wheel”.

    You can invent a square “wheel” if you want. You can even call it a “wheel”.

    But normal people with common sense will easily see that it is NOT a wheel.

    Same for gay “marriage”.

    1. GWM 31 says:

      I agree, LGBT’s need to come up with our own form of “marriage” that grants us the same rights as the breading population (that is slowly killing the planet). The bottom line is equality, and we all deserve it. You keep your marriage, and give me my ___ (insert new word for gay marriage here). Then we’re all happy.

  18. Sean Patriot says:

    Its not a “union”, its a marriage, thats the problem.

  19. DirtyDave777 says:

    Last time I checked its Illegal for states to pass laws to be enforced on other states.

  20. walter12 says:

    First of all, that is all that they would talk about is getting married, which is a oxymoron, now they talk of divorce. The gay groups are wacko.

    1. Andrew P. says:

      well it should be obvious. clearly, they aren’t going to petition for divorce before they win the right to marriage… that should make sense to any here.

  21. Obama for Pope says:

    Shouldn’t it be just as contentious, costly and time consuming for gay couples to get divorced as straight? Equal rights and all.

  22. mltplmom says:

    Just yesterday I said to myself – I want to be GAY!!! But really all I wanted was to be “happy” , then I realized that I was already happy – because I wasn’t GAY!!
    Of course Gay used to MEAN happy – so , I guess I am Gay after all??? I’m so damned confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Panrinoy Dugalesti says:

      Just be. The best I can tell you otherwise is do not allow your mind to see through your eyes nor hear through your ears lest the mind speaks through your mouth.

  23. Crabjuice says:

    Gays want a law that allows them to marry same-sex partners. Not to allow them to would be to treat them unequally.
    Fair enough. After all, who would it harm, right?
    I wonder if the gay community would also support my right to marry multiple partners of whatever sex I chose. Would they also support my right to marry a tree or an aardvark?
    Not to do so would be to treat me unequally, wouldn’t it? After all, who would it harm?

    1. Shawn says:

      More to your point – every state prohibits “next of kin” marriages. An adult brother and sister cannot marry, nor can first cousins etc. And these are opposite sex marriages. They have more in common with traditional marriage than same sex unions yet we still prohibit them. Are the rights of brothers and sisters, mothers and sons, first cousins etc. less valuable than the rights of gays? If we are going to redefine marriage we need to think through ALL the horrible implications of that change.

    1. Freedom for All says:

      Re: Crabjuice
      How about Hate-Crimes. You’re in Double Trouble, a violation of Double Jeopardy, if you physically attack a ‘Sacred Cow’, but they are not!!! Where’s te equality?
      Wake Up People. You’re being stripped of your rights.

  24. Tom says:

    Can you see the divorce trial?

    “Your honor, he used to be a bottom, and now he wants to be a top”.

  25. Larry Killen says:

    Some bend over backwards to be gay. Some do it another way.

  26. Stubborn Facts says:

    Barney’s Frank is in Freddie’s Fannie.

    Will it last or are they headed for a separation?

  27. Carl Thomsen says:

    I thought they wanted marriage equality

  28. Fred says:

    If they are so concerned about divorce then why even get married? Simply live together!

  29. Paul says:

    I thought that this was a cure all and that they were all SOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love they would clearly show all us breeders how marriage was really to be done

  30. LydiaLydia says:

    Disease will take care of this whole issue, as it always has.

  31. JEK says:

    This was all just to make more money for lawyers bc we know that gays are less likely to stay married.

  32. The MelodicDreamer says:

    The world will be a better place when we get bisphenol a out of the American diet. It is turning men into confused girls…not that there is anything wrong with that…but also making many men and women sterile and sick. As far as gay marriage and divorce is concerned…why is there even a question about these kinds of things here? This should be the land of the free. If you find love, that is the greatest thing a human being can achieve. Recognize it for what it is, make a commitment, and if you make the wrong choice (two to tango), you (both) should be forced to give up everything you built/earned while you were together to a big public bonfire. The couple should have to watch as everything burns to dust. It should follow the basic law of nature: If you build a house on sand…(you know the rest)…and everyone else should be able to watch along side and laugh.

  33. x says:

    “With a 50% divorce rate among heterosexuals, how can gay marriage threaten traditional marriage?”

  34. treas says:

    It threatens traditional marriage by forcing all churches to recognize this abomination. Alhough it goes against the laws of Judeo Christian teachings they will continue to force their wants on society. These activist gays aren’t happy with a civil union. As they force their true progressive ideology and march to destroy the traditional family. The liberals, will again start the Jim Crow Laws being “Separate but Equal”. Always holding themselves in that “Special” equal light.

  35. rs says:

    Damnit, I say its about time that gay people should be just as miserable as the rest of us. Welcome to the club and I’m glad you’re a member! =)

  36. James says:

    This is the problem that will come up with this law. Say that this couple gets married in DC… Moved to lets say South Carolina. and wants to get divorced. One party goes back to DC for the divorce and gets it, and that court declares that the other party should pay alimony, child support (remember some states allow gay cpls to adopt), ..ect. Who is going to enforce the decree?? South Carolina certainly will not do anything about it…

  37. sean says:

    Gay Divorce in D.C. …. this has reality show written all over it.

  38. Obvious says:

    Gay marriage doesnt exist under federal law. Period. They’re nothing more than roomates with benefits and delusions of grandeur. Just walk away.

  39. Allie F. says:

    This is too bizzare! If you want “marriage” legal for Gays, then the same criteria for divorce should stand! Why special laws? Not necessary. Enough of this lopsided favoritism!!!!

  40. meesta says:

    I’m all for gay marriage…. but I strongly oppose gay divorce!

  41. Daryl says:

    I have no problem with the bill, but it has to go for all marraiges.
    N H has a good way out for gay marraiges, you can get an annullment just by saying it was a gay marraige. Equal rights my A__.

  42. Mass Voter says:

    What’s the law for straight couples? Is it different for gays now?

  43. Jan Vones says:

    The national debt is at 16 trillion and will end the year at $20,000,000,000,000, Iran will have the bomb next week, the Chinese are about to put military bases on the moon and our government is concerned with low flush toilets, arresting the whooping crane migration pilot and now special rights for gay divorce?

    See, I told you they’d be asking for special rights

  44. Michael Kirby says:

    Um…crime on every corner…murder rate skyrocketing…90% babies born out of wedlock…illiteracy being the norm…and they are worried about guy on guy divorce…insanity.

  45. Al says:

    What did you expect from the current crop of leadership that we now have? They should have appointed Jesse Jackson as MInister of Marriage and Al Sharpton as his Chief Assistant.

  46. jawal says:

    In Sweden, after Gay marriage went through there has been a evolution in Swedish society; less than 2 percent of all gay men and women file for marriage and in Swedish society about 5 percent of all hetrosexual couples get married. That is down from 80 percent 40 years ago. The Swedes have become drones on socialistic government believing that there is no economic necessity for the institution of marriage but when the austerity measures that are creeping around the rest of Europe finally hit home–Sweden will turn into a violent cesspool. The myth of the cultured and socially evolved European will evoporate and we will watch these people rip each other to shreds. It will happen.

  47. A Henneberry says:

    Of coourse let them divorce. They weren’t married in the first place.

  48. Don says:

    Hey Bieber ! Theres hope yet.

  49. Bubba Johnson says:

    As was expected from the beginning, what was billed as “equal rights” for gays (sure!0 has quickly become a whole new world specially created for this special interest group. It wasn’t enough to be married, it wasn’t enough to be able to serve in the military, etc. Now, it’s special designations for every facet of life. Divorce, special military housing, gov’t. funded publications, blah, blah, blah. It’s never enough, it never will be. About time people told them to STFU and sit down already. Nobody cares.

  50. Artic Slayer says:

    I guess they are finding out that being “gay” (happy) isn’t so fun anymore now that they are getting it in the end 😉

  51. John Scott says:

    I guess they are finding out that being “gay” (happy) isn’t so fun anymore now that they are getting it in the end 😉

  52. Dave Pointer says:

    Doesn’t Article IV , section 1, of the US Constitution cover this? Other then the fact it could be argued that DC is not a State, case in point Cousins that marry in a state that recognizes that as a legal marriage (A union that is not recognized in some states) can still get divorced in any state because of the ‘Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State’ clause…

    1. guest3 says:

      if that were true “F F & C”, , then people could have owned and carried guns in DC decades ago. DC would have to honor another states gun permit, and/or gun concealed carry permit. The facts are, this is just one more example of amatuer government officials making laws without thinking thru all the issues. I.E., they should have created the divorce regs at the same time they created the marriage regs. AND it is speicial, as it should apply to ALL marriages in DC regardless of whether another state has divorce laws or not.

  53. jeff says:

    Gee they wanted to be married, why would they consider divorce?

    I guess they are as miserable in marriage as some heterosexuals. Who would have thought.

  54. Tom Truthteller says:

    God brilliantly designed the human body so that men and woman could procreate and carry on the human species. He also created a way for the human body to get rid of waste products. When you look at the picture, that is part of this article, of the two men marrying, do you really think that there is any natural explanation that can justify this lifestyle when you look at the brilliant way the body of men and women were designed? Any thinking person would immediately know that it is unnatural and goes against everything in creation. That’s not hate or intolerance, it’s just common sense. When a culture is able to call the people with common sense “haters,” that culture is on a downward spiral. The people pointing the fingers are either lying to themselves or just don’t understand the brilliant design of the human body. Their only retort is to show their own intolerance for Christian people or anyone who might point out this obvious difference between natural and unnatural.

    1. GWM 31 says:

      Oh and you’re argument works both ways, unless you don’t urinate, Genius!

    2. GWM 31 says:

      God also created the prostate Gland for men which if stimulated correctly can produce amazing sensations. God doesn’t make mistakes my friend.

  55. jncarlo007 says:

    If you live in a state that does not recognize you as amrried why do you need a divorce?

    Just to have it on your record?

  56. Likell says:

    Consenting adults should be able to marry as many people as the choose. Who does it harm?

    They shouldn’t have to end one marriage befor the next.

    I’ll bet a solid Obama voting block would oppose that.

  57. Petey he Pool Boy says:

    Butts are gross and do terrible, terrible things.

    1. GWM 31 says:

      PP’s do nasty stuff too…Especially after eating asparagus. And you know where PP’s go for “normal” people. Your argument doesn’t work.

  58. seenbetterdaze says:

    Stories like this stupid story are why I HATE the Dimwits who love to call themselves Liberals, Progs, but are really just agitating trouble makers, stupid, AntiAmericans who hate everything that used to be sacred in the once Great USA…They have brought us to this point in our History…where Guys marrying Guys is taken seriously by their Parroting Media news readers/writers.
    GO AWAY!

  59. Pounce Kitty says:

    People out of work, unfair taxes, economy in a slump and THIS is what the nitwit government officials are working on???????????????????????

  60. Amen Johnson says:

    What a joke. Like DC doesn’t have an unending list of real problems to deal with. “DC” earns its names.

  61. John West says:

    I suppose one get tired of the same old a$$hole after awhile.

  62. DOMA says:

    One bad law leads to another bad law and so on and so on. Those who play with swine will get dirty.

  63. GWM 31 says:

    After reading this post, It’s obvious that most of the comments here were made by people that thought slavery was a good idea, and were born in a time when women weren’t allowed to vote. If I’m wrong, I’m sure you are the offspring of these white, menopausal, and mendacious men that have perpetuated hate and discrimination on this planet for the past 100 years. I’m hoping and praying that the next 100 years, natural selection does it’s job and rids the planet of such small minded people.

  64. RDW says:

    This is the answer!!! Ban gay divorce national wide in all 50 states and then see how if they still want to legalize their marriages…. Maybe we should do that for straight people too, might make marriage mean something again.

    1. poorhardworker says:

      Curiously interesting! I am sure glad I was able to get a divorce from a man who beat me….but I do like the idea that a marriage should not be easily revoked.

  65. GWM 31 says:

    Most of you are afraid to legalize gay marriage because you’ve spent entirely too much time hating yourself and lying to yourself about how “straight” you are. When really you’re just a big ole bottom at heart. I can’t wait till science proves that being gay is not a choice, then all you closeted right wingers will feel like SOOO much time has been wasted. Trust me, one day, your way of thinking will be taboo and outdated.

  66. stop divorce says:

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    I love reading through a post that will make men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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