CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS Washington) – A Charlottesville-area elementary school has been accused of making students sing a pro-Occupy Wall Street movement song.

Written and performed in October as part of the Kid Pan Alley group at Albemarle County schools, “Part of the 99” has resulted in a backlash from parents nationwide, and has given the foundation reason to train its facilitators to steer students away from controversial subject matter in their songs.

As part of the regular Kid Pan Alley activities, children are asked about the topics of songs they want to write and sing about. In October, one of the children participating in the activities at Woodbrook Elementary School mentioned that he wanted to write about “having it all and losing it all,”Albemarle County schools spokesman Phil Giaramita told CBS Washington.

“The words ‘Occupy’ or ‘Wall Street’ were not mentioned in the classroom,” Giaramita said.

In the past couple of days, the song from the October performance has been resurrected, with parents from Tennessee, Texas, and California accusing the third-graders of not being capable to come up with an idea so closely related to the Occupy Wall Street movement. There haven’t been any complaints from the parents of the children involved in the performance, Giaramita said.

Blogs such as Big Government have criticized the song as being “Marxist rhetoric.”

“The simplistic left wing economic nonsense of this ditty boggles the mind. But to an impressionistic third grader, it plants poisonous seeds at odds with long egalitarian American traditions that disdain class hatred,” the blog states.

Officials with Kid Pan Alley, a foundation that works with elementary school children through songwriting workshops, has emphasized that the group has restated its guidelines concerning the lyrical content of the songs.

“Kid Pan Alley does not promote nor condone any personal or political agenda. As a result, our programming over the years has consistently received high praise and commendation from children, parents and schools,” the statement said. “Our sole mission has been and continues to be to inspire and empower children to work together to become creators of their own music and to rekindle creativity as a core value in education.”

Giaramita said that a Kid Pan Alley official told him that in the 1,800-plus songs that Kid Pan Alley has produced and performed, none of them have come across the issue like this one with its alleged Occupy link. He added that the song itself came in October when the movement was first starting up and maybe meant something different in October than it does now.

“There’s been a lot of sensitivity raised over this in the last couple days,” Giaramita said, adding that greater oversight will be put into the lyrical content of the songs before they are performed. “If you’re writing about pets or a holiday, those kinds of things are very enjoyable and not controversial. If you’re writing about an issue such as a family that has it all and loses it, we need to be very sensitive about the circumstances around it.”

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  1. MadCharles says:

    Why are they teaching kids not to succeed, achieve & be losers and homeless

    1. OBOZOSUX says:

      The answer to your question is obvious. Success= independence. Failure (such as you see in the pathetic public education system) = government dependence. The left relies on the dependency/entitlement class in order to achieve their socialist “utopia”. Witness the financial chaos in the European socialist countries. Yet Obama continues his war against the constitution and the American way of life. He’s either incompetent of purposely destroying this country. Either way HE MUST GO!

      1. Willis says:

        That is exactly it. And amazingly so many blinded citizens will attempt to reelect him.

    2. scott says:

      Lets support capitalism by eliminating corporate welfare.

      1. Loveitorleaveit says:

        Yes, let’s support capitalism by eliminating welfare. Did I read Scott’s post incorrectly.. Surely he mis-spoke.

      2. Rann Xeroxx says:

        I would totally agree as any real conservative or capitalist would. Cut that along with welfare and entitlements.

      3. califkid says:

        Hey Scott, how about all welfare!!!!!!

    3. JohnD says:

      Because it’s a government school?

    4. Jeffrey Shultz says:

      TTJ misses the point of socialism: It is to force all to share equally in the misery.

    5. David G. says:

      Music is a powerful, emotional force, from folk music of the 30’s through all types in the 60’s. This Kid Pan Alley program is a perfect vehicle for the left to spread their message – deploy armies of guitar-playing, Volvo-driving Earth sandal New Agers to indoctrinate the young. Like the pro-Obama songs some DC area children were taught in 2008. Hopefully, conservatives will figure out how to do the same – before its too late.

      1. Willis says:

        Many teachers are either incompetent and just don’t know any better, don’t understand economics or the history which allowed America to prosper, OR they are in agreeable that this country needs to become a third world Eurpoean enclave that hands out earned money from self-sufficient citizens, to the poor including those who choose to loaf and not work. Either way, it’s pathetic and further shows why most other nations are now years ahead of childhood education when compared with the US. Yeah, it’s really working here. I actually lean towards the teachers (many, not all) not having the first clue about the value of the system that Obama is intent on destroying. Then again I don’t suspect teachers will be the first group to notice a government that is trying to dictate the rights of its citizens piece by piece. Idle minds tend to remain idle, especially when they have tenure.

    6. Ghostsouls says:

      So, would a song crafted “by the students” about the Tea Party movement be allowed as well?

      1. Sickofpolitics says:


    7. Jim says:

      Here is the schedule of schools set for upcoming indoctrination by the lefties of Kid Pan Alley
      January 9 – 13: Payne Elementary, Lynchburg, VA

      January 9 – 13: Union Elementary, Montpelier, VT

      January 30 – February 2: N. Kohala Elementary, Hawi, HI

      February 6 – 10: Volcano Arts Center, Volcano, HI

      February 13 -17: Burnley-Moran Elementary, Charlottesville, VA

      February 20 -24: Campbell Court Elementary, Martinsville, VA

    8. Loveitorleaveit says:

      The answer to your question: So that when they turn 18 they will be shown a poster of somebody’s face in blue and red and told which Democrat to vote for. It’s all about job security for politicians.

  2. Mike Mulligan says:

    Did an elementary school student write this article? The subject matter is just fine with me, but the actual writing is really something to wonder about.

    1. george says:

      Most likely a graduate of an elementary school . . . and a high school . . . and most likely a college as well. Somewhere along the line one might have expected the author to acquire an education. But in our current day and age, that would be a rash assumption.

      1. Bill Cole says:

        Yeah, like forging a birth certificate, you know, REAL talent…..

  3. MaggeLyn says:

    Give me a break! I raised 5 outstanding students and know what 3rd graders do. They do not write songs like Kid Pan Alley promotes. One of my sons was very much into music, playing two instruments and writing music. However, he would not have written anything like Kid Pan Alley claims 3rd graders wrote. This is another example of the liberal left unduly influencing America’s children via public education. Wake up America.

  4. Midge Martien says:

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken


  5. Stubborn Facts says:

    Just one more thing the Obamessiah and Iran Paul have in common: They both praise and identify with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    1. Steve says:

      You, Sir, are incorrect. Trying to lump Paul in with Obama on ANY issue is about as moronic a statement as one can make. You should research the man’s platform before waxing intellectual on the subject.

    2. John Malverne says:

      Paul’s right about this: The banks and unions and layers and corporations and lobbyists need to be kicked out of government.

      I’m a Libertarian and a Tea Party member and I have to tell you, all of their communist tendencies aside, the OWS crowd is right about getting the banks off of welfare. They should have all gone bankrupt.

  6. bullrider says:

    America, can you see YET that your country is being stolen from you by the schools, government employee unions, politicians, and the Leftists and marxists and communists for whom they are fronting?

    It is happening and yet people are saying it can’t possibly. But it IS.

  7. Mike Greene says:

    Get a recorded vote from the school board to support the parents or the teacher. Vote the board members off who support the teacher.

  8. John Harnes says:

    That was not written by a young kid. I’m so happy I lost all my money? This is a joke. It was written by adults using this program to push ideas on kids.

    1. Cheryl says:

      But I love the British history oosooo much after that of Italy’s. I so love Elizabeth I although I loathe her father. Hehehe.Nonetheless, yeah, I’d say they’re aloof with much of Europe but it’s what makes them stand out, economic-wise, especially. Look at London now, it’s fighting neck-to-neck with NYC as the economic capital of the world.Also, they started the Industrial Revolution, they took a rather big part in the Renaissance period and the two Great Wars and much, much other events that made history what it is that we read now.Hindi naman masyado obvious na nasa British side ako di ba? For Poland, a priest was raising the Rainbow Flag. I love this. Hahahaha

  9. NCMike says:

    And the cruelest deception being foisted on American adults AND children, is that through subterfuge, repetition, and indoctrination, these leftist perspectives are “normal” and relect “mainstream American values

  10. NCMike says:

    Reflect, that is. C’mon folks, Wake UP! Snap out of it!

  11. Jim says:

    Actually it is Big Government that has the Obama indoctrination song kids were forced to sing.

  12. Drdarby says:

    Reminds me of South Parks “Getting Gay with Kids”. I will give you their final line: All you activists can go fu*k yourselves

  13. John Carter says:

    Another rightist group has its mind boggled by ~ phenomena.

  14. robert peston says:

    That’s what you get when you send your kid to public school.

    1. John Carter says:

      And all that darn knowledge.

      1. LA Doc says:

        Silly man, with your simplistic, linear, sarcasm. DId anyone here argue against imparting “knowledge” in public schools? In fact, perhaps if you hand-wringing victim-baiter Lefties concentrated more on knowledge, and less on self-serving, political propaganda, we wouldn’t have these controversies, eh?

      2. José Pascual says:

        Is it the kind of knowledge that doesn’t prepare them for the real world or for a decent job?

      3. sue gonzalez says:

        Oh LA Doc, you are speaking the truth! John Carter, spend a day in a Los Angeles classroom. You’d be hard pressed to find much knowledge. You would, however, find many strategies for passing tests masquerading as “knowledge.”

      4. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

        What would YOU, one who lies as easily as you breathe, know ANYTHING about “knowledge”?

        Pus sack.

  15. John Carter says:

    Are the comments like this every night on here ? So first quartile.

    1. LA Doc says:

      So I see you are of that typical histrionic class that likes to demonstrate to the rest of us ignorant conservatives your self-proclaimed intellectual superiority? And you accomplish this by empty and childish sniping from the perimeter?
      You are an embarrassment, dude, seriously.

    2. Buck O'Fama says:

      Well aren’t you just the cream of the crop, so nice of you to come rub elbow’s with the hoi polloi. Hope we didn’t tear you away from a game of golf with Obama.

    3. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Go back to the DNC website, you idiot leftist troll.

      You’d make a great poster child for abortion rights…

  16. Buck O'Fama says:

    Communist infiltrated schools should be shut down and their union dog leadership should be imprisoned to hard labor for 20 years and then spend 10 years in a re-education camp. They will be taught history from books written before 1960 and made to memorize the constitution, the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem. Upon parole they will be shipped off to a communist country and have to earn citizenship again.

  17. John Carter says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how ready the poor and under-educated are to take up arms in defence of the rich.

    1. LA Doc says:

      It never ceases to amaze me how ready the self-proclaimed educated and intellectuals come to the defence of the poor, while denigrating the ones who disagree with them.

      1. sue gonzalez says:

        It never ceases to amaze me how condescending the left is to the poor and uneducated. As if they couldn’t make up their own minds about who or what they would like to defend. Has anyone else noticed how intolerant liberals can be when they tell you what you can and cannot tolerate?

    2. st.rope says:

      Well john, us High Scholl Grads may wind up defending you from the non-educated hordes being passed-through or dropping out of the K-12 Experiment. Maybe you are one of their “leaders” who has graduated to the University level of failure/knowledge? They will eventually turn on you also as you offer them just enough of everything, except hope.

    3. thsldu says:

      ,,,,,and you looney lefties remind me of blind squirrels looking for acorns. You really need to find a different objective. Try it in another country for starters.

  18. Nancey G says:

    God forbid that they should sing Christmas Carols!!

  19. picomanning says:

    As the leftist promoters move America towards the greates depression ever, let the free world understand how leftist politics have brought us all down. Then let us remember at that time who was responsible for the destruction of America.

  20. Not Chicken Little says:

    I see LA Doc posted the lyrics of the “song” (thanks!) – I mean, propaganda. Funny ha ha how the “jour-no-list” from CBS who wrote the story, couldn’t be bothered to let us know what the lyrics were…gee, you don’t suppose they’ve purposely hidden other things from us all these years, do ya? Naaah, I trust them to do the right thing for us, as always ha ha!

  21. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    All the more reason to send your kids to private school or home school them yourself during this depression. Once they reach the age of five they’ll be able to earn extra money for your household by tutoring publik high skool valedictorians.

  22. Kelly says:

    Liberals have always been genius at this sort of thing….than they say,’ who??? Me??? I have no idea what you’re talking about. You must be the crazy one’, when it’s perfectly obvious what kind of propaganda they’re feeding children..

    Liberals get the credit for our failing schools. Until we run them and the teachers unions out of the public school system we’ll continue to turn out good little liberal art zombies.

  23. BigBoa says:

    The mighty Boa continues to wonder what in the world it will take to get people in the streets demanding this out of control government start obeying the Constitution. Apparently nothing will do it.

    Either find the spine or get in line… No you may not.

    The mighty Boa WARNED you that O’Bozo needs to be removed immediately. The mighty Boa also warned you that only God knows what else he will pull between now and next year.

    Then he also warned you why the occupiers need to be confronted by the people and disbanded. Many claiming to be “conservative” called such testimony “shameful”……

    Well here’s to hoping those same pu$$ies now enjoy rampant disease coming to a neighborhood near them and here’s to hoping their relatives contract it. AND the violence they’ll also be bringing with them…..

    And by the way, enjoy the dictatorship.

    The public doesn’t have the spine to even take on the occupy bums. You actually think they’ll suddenly find spines to stand up to O’Bozo and the military?

    You were told that this imparting of wisdom would come to an end and the time has come. Reap what you have sown. So it is said, so it is written.

  24. razr227 says:

    Folks, this is why I send my kids to private school!

  25. hazel Burke says:

    Reason number 5,463 to home school your kids.

  26. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    I wonder what kind of salary a publik skool degree in Applied Goosestepping can earn? What’s the minimum wage again?

  27. thsldu says:

    Luney left teachers union members remind me of blind squirrels searching for another squirrels stash. They lack the capability and common sense to find anothers stash so they brainwash innocent and capable little kids to help them.

  28. stacie says:

    Reminiscent of ‘umm umm um, Barack Husein Obama’……..

  29. Thaddeus says:

    Ahh, I see the slime-sucking useful-idiot liberals are up to their same old agenda — that is, indoctrinating the impressionable and the innocent into the “glories” of their deranged and perverse mindset.

  30. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Teachers don’t want to be held accountable for their teaching skills and results. The main reason the country is the way it is today is because the teacher’s union has had a death grip on the education of our children for decades and it has produced multiple generations of walking illiterates who can’t read, write or perform simple math. By keeping America dumb allows them the freedom to continue failing our children. Teacher accountability should be a priority so we can weed out the bad ones.

  31. cbinflux says:

    Aren’t the Communist Stars delightful?!!


  32. yathink says:

    When there are no more rich people, who is going to pay for your health care?

    HINT: It won’t be the government.

  33. c mac says:

    Not the first bit surprised….I live in 22901…see it here every day.

    Total lib-t@rd deutchbags everywhere.

  34. Daniel Morgan says:

    Lither, Stalin and other dictators have always known that if you want to control the future, you start with the children. Read your “1984.”

  35. Peter Morales Ferrier says:

    These lefty Bolsheviks are going to realize soon enough that they are rapidly running out of the taxpayers’ $, and the party will be over. Check out Greece, etc. Difference here is: Productive Americans won’t put up with it indefinitely. It’s going to break in our lifetime, folks. Plan accordingly.

  36. John Poland says:

    The Indoctrinator who had the kids sing the nonsense should be fired ..then she can join the 99% !!! The left lives on trying to corrupt the minds of our youth…
    And lots of them are 1%ers using the usefull idiots so They can stay that way at Their expense!!!!!

  37. Earl P. Holt III says:

    The NEA is doing for public education what their brethren in the labor movement have done for the steel industry and the auto industry…

    1. LA Doc says:

      Let’s not forget what the Dept. of Energy (a Carter-era legacy) has done for energy independence.

    2. Rasul says:

      krystlerox1 on October 24, 2011 This ellary does work.. It’s called freebie trading.. I’m a freebie trainer.. Send me a message if you have any questions about it

  38. Bob Sheep says:

    NOW they’re worried about “poisonous” seeds being planted? This has been happening for years! Children are not told how politics really works, how everything is supposed to run, and why they should pay attention, they are TRAINED TO OBEY, and so was I. I’m only recently beginning to understand, and I am angry!

    1. Newspeak 2012 Edition says:

      My 5 year old was sternly warned (to the point of total fear) by the teacher never to even say the word ‘gun’ in any context whatsoever and not to even draw one with a crayon in a wilderness scene with settlers and indians. The word is literally banned from use.

  39. Hail The Teleprompter says:

    Remember kids, Obama said in a great speech that if you work really, really hard in school you too can become part of the middle class! No longer should we tell young minds they can become a CEO, a surgeon or a great inventor – they should aspire to be right in the middle.

  40. Sunnyr says:

    It’s easy to see why so many parents are removing their children from the FASCIST LEFTIST education system and homeschooling their kids! This ap-cray has got to stop! Vote Republican next November to return our country to sanity.

    Anybody but Obozo!

  41. neednewpresident says:

    This sure is a coincidence, back in the early days of the Nazis all the schoolchildren sang songs about love for the Furor, every day. This is Propaganda and Indoctrination of the children. And was an important step in their evolution to power.
    Was not long before children were turning in there parents to the Gestapo.

  42. JohnRalph says:

    Mein Führer Obama’s pledge:

    “Look, I’m at the start of my administration. One nice thing about the situation I find myself in is that I will be held accountable. You know, I’ve got four years. A year from now I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress. But there’s still going to be some pain out there. If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

    His three years are up and in every major economic category the country is worse off today than it was when he took over.

    1. Stan says:

      JohnRalph- please, before you make yourself out to be a fool again, use the REWRITTEN version of history. Obama never said that. He said “I will bring the children of this land to my bosom and protect the downtrodden from the evil that permeates this land in the name of Capitalism. No more will our children shake in fear of the unknown as I will TELL them what to think, what to wear, how to spend the money I allow them to have.”

      He never said anything to even remotely imply a possibility of failure.

      Please, use History 7.3g or later in your future postings, free thinking parasite.

      (for those who don’t get it, this is called “sarcasm”- I learned that word in the Marines)

      1. Larry Burdge says:

        Very good Stan.

  43. tngilmer says:

    Tyranny is coming. The USA is doomed.

  44. Al G. Funguy says:

    “Some people have it all, but they still don’t think they have enough

    They want more money, a faster ride

    They’re not content, never satisfied”

    The song lyrics express basic praxeological principles and then go on to pretend that some alternative to reality is possible. The fact is that everyone is driven by felt uneasiness to seek “more”; i.e. to exchange the current state of affairs for one that is subjectively valued more. Even an ascetic who disavows material pleasures is seeking more, e.g. more time for spiritual studies or meditation. Only a person in a catatonic or vegatative state of existence does not act based on felt uneasiness.

  45. Mom of 4 says:

    Can you imagine if these kids were made to sing a song that had the name of Jesus in it? All hell would break loose, the ACLU would be suing, and every media station would be screaming from the top of their lungs about separation of church and state. But singing about liberal propaganda is OK. This is why I home schooled for 20 years!

  46. Bill says:

    Good for that school.
    Teaching kids the true meaning of freedom.
    Besides how is that different from schools in California forcing kids to sing the Mexican national anthem?

  47. JC says:

    Next, they’ll be singing about “Dear Leader”, Barak Obama!

  48. Josh Biggs says:

    Sta lin and Hit ler would love this.

  49. Steve M. says:

    52% of filers PAID NO PERSONAL INCOME TAX AND ALL EARNED LESS THAN $80K A YEAR. Somehow, a large amount of the Occupy group can afford I-Phones, computers, internet service, premium cable channels and so forth, while welching on their student loans and mortgages. This isn’t poverty, people.

  50. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    I have 34 years experience with early childhood developement. I have five grand children.

    These lyics were not composed by a small child. CBS failed in its duty to the american people by not pointing out who did write the words.

  51. Dallas McGill says:

    ok shouldnt they be singing about Occupy Toys R Us?

  52. Steve says:

    It’s time these liberal weasel teachers took their ignorant politics out of school and started teaching children the basics again. They are the worst teachers in American history, and their record stands for itself. The dumbest generation in our history.

  53. Just Me says:

    “Kid Pan Alley does not promote nor condone any personal or political agenda. As a result, our programming over the years has consistently received high praise and commendation from children, parents and schools,” the statement said.

    We now return you to your regullarly scheduled programming!

  54. Michele says:

    Great endorsement for Home Schooling! Parents – you have an “obligation” to know what is going on with your kids! Were the kids practicing in secret? If I were a parent – I’d be sitting in front of the principal’s office – waiting to have a long discussion with them … with all the teacher’s involved! As to being part of the 99…. I’m part of the 99…. I don’t need to be part of the 1% … because in America – if you’re one of the 99 – you still lead a GREAT life! And if you’re not happy about it – work harder…. or leave…. try being one of the 99 in a communist country!

  55. Concernicus says:

    Seriously? Did anyone expect any different from a Charlotesville area school? Half the graduates can’t read or perform basic math functions, but their self esteem is at an all time high! They are proud to be the 99%… of kids growing up uneducated and unable to provide for themselves.

  56. TroyG says:

    It’s a funny thing folks; you all have allowed, even encouraged this sort of nonsense in your schools and in America!
    The only things that ought to be taught in Elementary Schools in the US are Reading, Writing, Science, Arithmetic, and Phys-ed. Nothing more, certainly nothing of a political nature. That said, why is it that High Schools produce students who in many, if not all cases require remedial tutoring to come up to speed for a good college?
    You parents have endorsed the indoctrination of your children by not limiting what your Elementary and Secondary Schools teach. Educators love this because they can hire more and more teachers and teacher’s aides to teach your children how to be good little drones who love the Polar Bears, the Tigers, and Barney.

  57. Ronz says:

    So.. those entrusted with the safety and education of our children have been demonstrably derelict in their supervision and protection of these children from political exploitation. Fine. Heads should roll! Who is being fired over this blatant incompetency? Who is being held responsible? The unions should not attempt to shield the involved parties. The parties whose negligence in this matter, from the principal of the school to the classroom teacher, should be allowed to pursue their political agendas elsewhere. Throw their sorry, incompetent communist butts out!

  58. Al says:

    It’s all fun and games until they announce “Steal that which has been stolen”. Oh, the proletariat is alive and well.

  59. countrycuz says:

    Reason #247 why liberalism should be considered a certifiable mental disorder.

  60. WW3 says:

    according to the “song”, the 99% are happy being the 99%. so, why do they protest??

  61. mike says:

    Left wing liberal progressive drivel….that’s why I have to pay $15k per year to send my kid to a private school….

  62. Disco says:

    Anyone that doesn’t think that public schools are nothing more than government run indoctrination centers is a FOOL!

  63. Stuck in Class says:

    As a Teacher of Third Grade Students – I cannot see any of them writing these lyrics. It is beyond their normal Understanding of what is and is not going on it the nation. Keep Politics out of our schools

  64. norman says:

    Whats the big deal It’s done in North Korea all the time

  65. Dawn Clouting Melancon says:

    Dear Henrico County Schools:

    You ask us to work in the system….you ask us not to bake Christmas Tree Cookies..Echo Lake….You ask us not to have our children sit indian style…Tuckahoe Elementary but yet our Administration in a PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM
    thinks that 3rd Grade students understand and know what a YAUT IS?

    The point is….you have forced us to seek the media input and showcase what our public schools are teaching our children across the State Of Virginia.

    We now ask Megan once a week did she sing any songs…..was she taught what a Democrat is or a Republican…Was she taught any political issues that is not part of the STANDARDS OF LEARNING.

    We even ask Zachary what his teachers are teaching as far as the upcoming election.

    When will our School Boards get it….LEAVE POLITICAL ISSUES out of the schools…..and teach our CHILDREN.

    If our Schools had their way we could not have a SUPER BOWL CHAMPION because all of the football teams in the NFL WOULD get a trophy.

    I understand that most of our Students will not be a so called 1% but not evey child has the genetics or WILL to achieve the top.

    What schools need to FOCUS is at an early age find out what SPECIAL SKILLS that child has and develop them in a way that makes them the best they can be!!!!!!!

    Your job is not to critize the 1%…..but to showcase who they are to inspire them to try and achieve …….IF WE HAD THIS ATTITUDE LAST CENTRUY NOBODY WOULD HAVE INVEDNTED THE PHONE…..AND WE WOULD NOT HAVE GONE TO THE MOON.

    What is even worse is our TAX money is going to this organization that has violated the NON PROFIT STATUE but I can’t get a grant to SAVE LIVES WITH

    Shame on Charlottesville,,,and shame on Albemarle County……is this good education?


    Ron J. Melancon

  66. BarghusK says:

    What is this, the new Consomol?
    I remember being forced to sing “Imagine” by John Lennon in grammar school. A beautiful song, but the atheistic lyrics surely would offend religious people if they noticed. Surely the left would not allow religious undertones to be sung in a public school.
    In the same school, Christmas was suppressed for fear of offending someone. Then I went on to high school where Army recruiters were banned from campus, but we were REQUIRED to meet with a conscientious objector before we could graduate. That was 25 years ago…

  67. jimmy says:

    Is this the same school that had the kids sing the mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama, song?

  68. old_and_wise says:

    The people responsible for this travesty should be fired.

    1. JeddMcHead says:

      … out of a cannon.

  69. Rob says:

    Conservatives claim that they don’t want “big government” in their business, but here they are, from all over, getting into this classrooms business. Unless you have a child in this class, then it’s none of your business!

    1. Historybuff says:

      Your comment is so far away from the basic understandings of a free people that it is beyond the discussion scope of this message board. Please do some research on the history of Public Education. You will find the main fear of parents was the loss of influence on their children’s values and morality. These parents 120 years ago, less “educated” by todays standards, seemed to understand what many Americans do not. Start with a copy of “Liberty and Tyranny”.

      1. Loveitorleaveit says:

        As a conservative and American citizen this is my business because I am one of the 52% that PAYS TAXES FOR THIS GARBAGE!

  70. DVD_Charlie says:

    The motto of the Democratic Party: “Be Less Than You Can Be”.

  71. Michele Lloyd says:

    Indoctrinate the young … lot of precedence: Islamo-facists; Hitler Jungen; the Young Pioneers Organization of the USSR.
    Columbia University, Berekley, No lack of examples to copy from …

  72. Dawn Clouting Melancon says:

    Take a good look at who this school board is…e mail…them and tell them you are not going to take the hypocritical you know what anymore..

  73. TBone says:

    The article says, “there haven’t been complaints from the parents of the children involved” as if that means something.

    Who’s paying for these kids’ education?

    If I have to pay for your kids’ education because that’s my duty as a citizen, then it’s also my duty as a citizen to make sure your kids don’t become a bunch of little Maoist leeching off my children for the next 80 years.

  74. CC says:

    Did anyone interview the kids?

    I’ll bet they will come clean….pointing the finger at an adult!

  75. Snitch-in-Time says:

    Kid Pan Alley – BUSTED!

  76. scott says:

    Say not to socialism. Eliminate corporate welfare.

  77. yo says:

    The occupy wall street “protesters” are hardly worth talking about. The media tried to meke them relevant, but in trith they are not.

    What people don’t realize is that the government is coming after the middle class because that is where the money really is. You could take every dime of the 1% and it does not add up to one trillion dollars (ref IRS). Ou debt under Obama has balloned to over 15 trillion and is noe equal to our GDP. This is bad. So where is the money? The middle class. We have a bullseye on our back. Remeber the government eventually gets all of its money in one way – taxes. It may be called something else … a fee, a user fee, a line charge, e911 fund, a surcharge, a fine, a toll, etc. but they are all taxes. And they come from us. Any one who works and has some money stashed in an IRA, 401k, 403b, 437, SEPT, an old stye pension, etc.all have some of that cash in the stock market … do you really want to f— that over? You’re destroying your future. Do you know pension plans, including 401ks, 403bs, 457s, etc all invest in bonds. Do you realize that when the Obama administration went after GM bondholders they went after you and you’re plans lost millions. When they went after BP and its stock tanked wasn’t it wonderfull? Only if your plan didn’t own its stock .. you lost millions! You must understand how the economics of the world works. And our media doesn’t always teach us because they have an agenda too. You need to know that too whether you agree w/ it or not it’s there.

    Now you have school teachers pretending that they are part of the 99%ers. Interesting because their shanigans have cause losses in their own plans but they have a secret weapon the taxpayers to make their pension whole. That includes all you “private” union workers like UAW members. You paying their frieght with your taxes .. just realize that … good or bad.

    In New York State Wall Street workers pay over 20% of all state taxes. (Don’t forget Wall Street employs a lot of secretaries, file clerks, backoffice workers [like accounts, auditors, telephone reps, etc] and they do not make megabucks but they do pay taxes and they are middle class.) NYC and its five surrounding couties pay 78% of all NYS taxes; what would happen if these guys left? And they can easier than you think … NYS would be even more f–ked up than it is now. Don’t kill the goose. Envious? Work hard and get yourself a high paying job. That is what the USA is all about, anyone can make it big but you’ve got to try. Too many just want it handed to them; it will never, ever be handed to “them.” The politicians need “them” so they can keep buying votes. All you get is a little taste and then it’s get lost. Wake up you middle class idiot you’re the ones that are targeted.

  78. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    Chairman Obama will be pleased. Now take out your little red books and praise her excellency. Wage slavery for all! Now go out and buy a Chevy Volt.

    1. Cesar says:

      When they left, I felt as if I had lost my arms. I was so sad that I lost my appetite .Al-Maghrabi then flew to Manila to look for two other Filipino eowkrrs to replace the ones who had left. Previously, he had tried eowkrrs of different nationalities but they did not impress him. There is no comparison between Filipinos and others , he says. Whenever I see Filipinos working in the Kingdom, I wonder what our life would be without them.Saudi Arabia has the largest number of Filipino eowkrrs 1,019,577 outside the Philippines. In 2006 alone, the Kingdom recruited more than 223,000 eowkrrs from the Philippines and their numbers are still increasing. Filipinos not only play an important and effective role in the Kingdom, they also perform different jobs in countries across the world, including working as sailors.They are known for their professionalism and the quality of their work.Nobody here can think of a life without Filipinos, who make up around 20 percent of the world’99s seafarers. There are 1.2 millionFilipino sailors.So if Filipinos decided one day to stop working or go on strike for any reason, who would transport oil, food and heavy equipment across the world? We can only imagine the disaster that would happen.What makes Filipinos unique is their ability to speak very good English and the technical training they receive in the early stages of their education. There are several specialized training institutes in the Philippines, including those specializing in engineering and road maintenance. This training background makes them highly competent in these vital areas.When speaking about the Philippines, we should not forget Filipino nurses. They are some 23 percent of the world’s total number of nurses. The Philippines is home to over 190 accredited nursing colleges and institutes, from which some 9,000 nurses graduateeach year. Many of them work abroad in countries such as the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Singapore.Cathy Ann, a 35-year-old Filipino nurse who has been working in the Kingdom for the last five years and before that in Singapore, said she does not feel homesick abroad because I am surrounded by my compatriots everywhere.Ann thinks that early training allows Filipinos to excel in nursing and other vocations. She started learning this profession at the age of four as her aunt, anurse, used to take her to hospital and ask her to watch the work. She used to kiss me whenever I learned a new thing. At the age of 11, I could do a lot. I began doing things like measuring my grandfather’s blood pressure and giving my mother her insulin injections, she said.This type of early education system is lacking in the Kingdom. Many of our children reach the university stage without learning anything except boredom.The Philippines, which you can barely see on the map, is a very effective country thanks to its people. It has the ability to influence the entire world economy.We should pay respect to Filipino eowkrrs, not only by employing them but also by learning from their valuable experiences.We should learn and educate our children on how to operate and maintain ships and oil tankers, as well as planning and nursing and how to achieve perfection in our work. This is a must so that we do not become like Muhammad Al-Maghrabi who lost his interest and appetite when Filipino eowkrrs left his flower shop.We have to remember that we are very much dependent on the Filipinos around us. We could die a slow death if they chose to leave us .Hey! isn’t it enough for us to be a proud filipino? If you are a real filipino,you can feel it!And to the non-filipinos,think about it.

    2. Hiroshi says:

      Richard Wheeler there is many people who love RICK PERRY, and he is the right one for this PRESIDENCY,THEY PUNISHED HIM FOR HIS ERRORS WHICH HE RECOUNT HIMSELF,which I don’t think is a bglkcaoe for his pursue of the position, it doesn’t interfere with his leadershipqualifications at they will rise him up, he deserve it, he stayed steady and that is a telling of what kind of a man he is,indestructible the complete opposite of what it is now in leadership. plus intelligence and know howto get the AMERICAN TO WORK AGAIN, AND CLOSE THE BORDERS, REDUCE THE DEBT BY ACTIONWHERE IT’S NEEDED, THE RIGHT PROJECTION OF A LOVING FAMILY FOR EXAMPLE TO THE YOUNG AMERICANS WHO WANT TO LOOK UP TO THEIR LEADERS,and the right age and strength, for achieving the big task demanded.and some other to his creditReply

  79. JustAGuy says:

    The indoctrination is starting earlier and earlier.

  80. Ken Drift says:

    What pathetic tripe. I would beat my kid if he came home singing this, why are we teaching kids to be victims at best, losers at worst.

    Progressives are scary scary people, without children to brainwash they cannot grow as a movement. Pathetic.

  81. walter says:

    I think the school BOARD Chairman should GO,STEP DOWN OR BE KICKED OUT !!! If he will not dismiss the person behind this !! These people are whats wrong with America NOW !! They want everything FREE without working for it !!!

  82. AgentVX says:

    The lyrics are the same type of claptrap used in the former USSR and Nazi Germany, and present day Cuba, China, Venezeula, and other socilst countries to indoctrinate children. The “Occupy” movement is merely Barack Obama’s attempt to recreate the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 here in the USA.

    1. AgentVX says:


  83. david5300 says:

    Parents , watch who is watching( teaching ) your children. It is one thing to error but this was flat out B.S.
    Who ever came up with this “cute” little ploy to use children for their political views must be severly chastised.
    I am looking foreward to the follow up for this piece with names of those who exersized such poor judgement, I would not have such people any ware near my children.

  84. VMI96 says:

    I don’t agree with anyone pushing politics on 3rd graders but the majority of the people posting comments are an embarrassment.

    So much hyperbolic, histrionic wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Step back, take a deep breath and compose yourselves.

    1. VPI71 says:

      Good comment VMI96; it’s a breath of fresh air in all the hate and vitriol here.

      1. Loveitorleaveit says:

        So you seem to be concerned about the “vitriol” etc. The problem is for years Americans ignored the political process which allowed the radical left to seep into every corner of the collective room. The result? A President and Government that ignores the Constitution, tradition and process. The left applauds this chicanery but would explode if ANY republican tried half the nonsense this administration foists on the American people.

        Then we have parents/teachers etc. writing songs to exault the dear Leader and the radical leftists. Then they insult our sensibilties trying to sell us the popcorn that third graders wrote it. It is evil and they LIE! This is what we have earned by not being concerned/dilligent/angry.

        I , a staunch Democrat, left the party during the Clinton years. Why? The hypocrisy of my fellow Democrats repulsed me. Liberals hold themselves to a much lower standard than others. More anger is needed not less. This is the only thing our representatives are listening to now.

    2. HangLiberals says:

      Drop dead.

      You’ll be “composed” enough for the rest of us at that point.

  85. Atom&Yves says:

    If Kid Pan Alley children ‘truly’ wrote that piece then, surely, soon we can expect to hear ‘American Constitution: the Opera’ from their ranks, as well?

  86. VPI71 says:

    I can’t believe how all these so-called conservatives are advocating government intrusion into our lives. Apparently big government telling us what to do is okay as long as it’s what the conservatives want me to think, say and do. Left and Right: two sides of the same coin.

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      VPI71, the only “hate and vitriol” here is from mongolids like you.

      I begged your mother to have an abortion, but, she decided to keep you. And here you are, drooling and babbling senseless idiocies like a brain-damaged dorkmonger.

      Oh, well. tell your mother I said hi, and I’ll drop the check off to her on Saturday.

  87. Aval says:

    Me thinks this discontent over the song is due to truth hurting.

  88. Lloraigne says:

    Democrats; the future burger flippers of America.

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Not after Commie Obammie and his DemoDrones outlaw the eating of meat…

      So Moochelle can gorge herself on the plane while she flies off SEPARATELY on her next nine vacations…

      I dunno if Air Force One can really hold as many burgers as she can eat during a six hour flight.

      Maybe they can retrofit a KC-135 tanker to do a mid-air refeeding to Air Force One when she runs out of ribs.

  89. Lew Ferrin says:

    When the teachers’ union literally runs the school from top to bottom, these sorts of educational and political blunders are assured to happen. Unions convert the students into live props for their agenda rather than honor them as the union’s reason for even existing in the first place. Weakening teachers individually and schools instituionally in favor of unions can only end one way and this unfortunate incident is the natural fruits thereof.

  90. JeddMcHead says:


  91. Edgar Friendly says:

    “our programming over the years…” sounds like just that..programming.

  92. ronmadden says:

    “The 99%” is a total Marxist class warfare term.
    It also promotes mob mentality and violence against minorities.

    Who is this “1%” the 0ccupiers have made fashionable to hate?
    Is it the 1% of Americans who are Jews?

  93. Sickofpolitics says:

    The far left continues to indoctrinate our children, using our schools to do so. No wonder this nation is going downhill. No values; no motivation; no personal responsibility. Thank you so much, progressives.

  94. malcom says:

    Hitler once used children for his agenda too.

    1. Sickofpolitics says:

      Yes, he did. And this president is also anti-Semitic.

  95. malcom says:

    you better wake up people, liberals are the enemy of America.

  96. thomas James says:

    So many foundations have been infiltrated as part of the progressive-marxist agenda.Even the biggest ones have been taken over by leftists who then financially support their like minded political friends.The tax laws should be changed so these entities pay their fair share and the added benefit will be to defund some of American’s domestic tyrants.

  97. Big Daddy says:

    This is as it should be, given that the American education industry gave up long ago in teaching kids HOW to think and concentrate now on teaching them WHAT to think (which, by the way, is full of Marxist and liberal claptrap that will not only bankrupt the country morally, but financially as well).

    Garbage in Garbage out.

  98. malcom says:

    you better wake up people, liberals are the enemy of America. and just like pedophiles , liberals want to teach children some pretty sick stuff and make them think its normal.

  99. Jim says:

    Kid Pan Alley forced 2nd grade kids to sing a pro Obama song as well. Big Government had the video, but Kid Pan Alley has blocked access to it. If I find it anywhere else I’ll post the link here, but here are the words the little kids were forced to sing by some Kid Pan Alley senior pony tailed hippie.
    It feels like it’s been winter for a hundred years

    The world is as cold as the white snow

    The birds have been wondering if it’s safe to return

    We’ve all been hibernating way too long

    But now we’ve got the power – we’re no longer cowards

    We’ll have a brand new song

    Now we’re ready to shed our old skin

    We’re ready for a brand new day

    Ready for peace – ready for spring

    Ready for freedom – let freedom ring

    Welcome Barack Obama

    He’ll save the day – hip hip hooray

    If President Obama came to our school

    I’d show him all the work I’ve done

    To make peace for all the children in the world

    Growing happiness for everyone

    But now we’ve got the power – we’re no longer cowards

    It’s time to have some fun

    Now we’re ready to shed our old skin

    We’re ready for a brand new day

    Ready for peace – ready for spring

    Ready for freedom – let freedom ring

    Welcome Barack Obama

    He’ll save the day – hip hip hooray

    Welcome Barack Obama

    He’ll save the day – hip hip hooray

    Barack Obama – hip hip hooray

    Barack Obama – hip hip hooray

    Barack Obama – hip hip hooray

    Barack Obama!

  100. Sharin says:

    “1984” comes to mind! Can anyone define brainwashing? Been going on since the l960’s…no wonder kids, parents, etc., can’t read or do math..they were singing “songs” of marxism instead!!

  101. the way says:

    Well, if the children aren’t spouting Marxist platitudes, how will they get good grades?

  102. njpro says:

    hey Dave (jan 5, 11:33am),
    “Goldman Sachs and AIG almost singlehandedly killed the economy, and instead of holding them accountable for their shady business practices, we rewarded them with a big payout that they used not to help shore up the economy, but to pay bonuses to CEO’s and send other corporate lackeys on junkets.” That was your OBUMMER that paid saved these crooks (his Wall Street supporters) and then allowed them to pay themselves those huge bonuses (which they will repay him gernerously in Nov).
    “beholden to corporate finance thanks to Citizens United v. FEC” – gave corproations the same rights that union thugs have had for years.
    You’re a fool if you think that the “1%” don’t pay their “fair” share. They pay 40%+ of the taxes, while nearly 50% of the “99%” pay littl eor no taxes. Wake up you creep!

  103. pitter43 says:

    That ” teacher ” should be fired on the spot and never be allowed to teach in America again, ever.

  104. Sharp Shtik says:

    Liberals, socialists (including fascists a/k/a Third Way and crony capitalists) and communists mostly d/b/a Democrats but some Republicans are usually found at the top and bottom of the wealth spectrum. Like the NAZIs, the US practices a fascist a/k/a Third Way or crony capitalist system where government saddles and rides private enterprise to serve national socialist goals such as affirmative action wealth redistribution cash, credits, taxation, lending, health insurance/care, etc. Many business leaders are left-wing by nature or simply play the game that’s offered by those who control government. Every avenue of wealth through government intervention is pursued by Democrats, including so-called 1%ers who support Marxists like Obama.It’s little different than the Chinese system of crony capitalism.

  105. failure rate says:

    PSST! – if it really were 99 percent versus 1 percent, it wouldn’t be much of a battle.

    You are obviously no more than about 20 percent. Of…..?

  106. thesweetlemon says:

    Why not sing a song about the arson in California or the shooting of a burglar by a single mother?

  107. mike says:

    Certainly, to keep everything on the up and up, the song should have had all the racist slurs towards Jews, and then ended the song with many bulldozers pushing hundreds of tons of feces out of town. Then show this happening in hundreds of towns and cities. Then showing the poor not getting their checks, because the OWS used up and the money paying for the removal of all the feces, rape cases, durg inforcement, vandalism, etc.. in the many millions.

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