By John Auville 'Cakes'

1) Find a franchise QB – I know, it’s too obvious, but the stopgap measures must end. If the Shanahan era is to be successful, the Redskins brass has to hit a home run in the draft with their new signal caller. No more trades for washed-up veterans, and no more experiments with retreads. Now you have to draft a guy that fits your system, groom him, and win with him over the next three seasons.

2) Cut ties with Rex and Beck – I don’t care that “Rex is the only guy on the planet that knows the Shanahan’s uber-complicated offense.” He needs to take his turnover-prone skill set and tiny hands to another NFL team this off-season. If Shanny hates turnovers as much as most other NFL head coaches, he should tell his son Kyle to give him his pink slip immediately following the Redskins finale, this Sunday at Philadelphia. Ditto for John Beck, who failed in his three-game audition earlier this season; there’s a reason he’s a 30-year old journeyman with less than 10 starts in his NFL career…he’s mediocre on his best day, and he’s lucky to still be cashing NFL paychecks.

3) See ya later, LaRon – It doesn’t matter that he was the 6th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft…now is the time to cut ties with this first round flop. He can shop his brittle body and on-field histrionics to another NFL team that might just be dumb enough to sign him. Missing 15 games over the past two seasons with a multitude of injuries should be enough of a red flag to keep Bruce Allen and company from inking him to an insane contract. If you want to franchise him for one year, and see if he can stay healthy, go right ahead…but don’t be shocked when he’s missing games and showing off his physique in Redskins sideline apparel by Week 6 of 2012. Oh, and how ’bout a belated “Thanks alot, Vinny” for drafting Landry ahead of Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, and Darrelle Revis in the 2007 NFL Draft.

4) Pay London Fletcher – This guy is a freak of nature, leading the NFL in total tackles with 162, at the age of 36. He’ll be 37 by the time the 2012 season rolls around, but he’s shown no signs of slowing down. Pay him a good chunk of money up front on a 3-year deal, with the 3rd year being a club option. You milk 2 more seasons out of Fletcher as the heart and soul of the 3-4 defense, and he retires as a Washington Redskin. Both sides win.

5) Find a way to win at Fed Ex – That monstrosity of a stadium in Landover provides absolutely ZERO home-field advantage for the Washington Redskins, as evidenced by their 4-12 record there since Mike Shanahan’s arrival. Shanny has to find a way to win games at home, and quickly, or else his tenure here is doomed to fail.

Comments (6)
  1. Stone says:

    May need to find an OC that can do the job without matt schaub


  2. Bill-DC says:

    Once they get a franchise QB they better do what they can to get a quality OL to keep him upright. Also tell their #1 pick of a couple years ago he can’t go through the season weeding it up. This mediocrity since ’92, and I’m being nice here, is what my old man went through from 1946 through 1970…


  3. Rex Ryan says:

    Probably need a quarterback with better feet.

  4. Bruce H. says:

    Its a death trap.

  5. I HATE DALLAS says:

    John Cakes is did on. I have to start checking his blogs. Dan Snyder should pay this guy to sit on the sidelines at games and consult….. Great take.

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