After scouring through the closets of fellow girlfriends and fashionistas alike, we wanted to reflect upon the best styles and trends of D.C. in 2011. Truth be told, it wasn’t easy. While the nation’s capital is looking to be recognized as a “fashion and style” city, sometimes it isn’t mentioned in the same breath as New York or LA. Nonetheless, D.C. has great style and some of the best trends we’ve seen. Remember these looks as you rummage through your fashion closet and accessories armoire, because many of these looks are likely to carry on into 2012.

Rain Boots

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We love all the colors and textures rainboots have to offer. A great addition to any woman’s closet in varied styles, rainboots used to be a functional necessity for bad weather, but now we wear them as a fashion statement. In D.C., the trick to wearing rain boots as a fashionista is finding the boots that fit your personal style.

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Patterned tights
In the nation’s capital it was apparent every woman got the memo: patterned tights were a must have. This year we saw a variety of patterned and colored tights that, when worn with a basic black dress, created instant spice. Funky tights in a bright color or cool texture worn with a tunic also equated to stylish comfort this year.

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Trench Coats
Trench coats are a must-have piece that is perfect for any season. Mysterious and stylish, a trench coat is a classic wardrobe staple, and D.C. residents weren’t afraid to try different colors and cuts. Ranging from rustic orange and mustard yellow, it was good to see anything besides the standard khaki trench.

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Colored Jeans
Some were a bit leery about this style choice, but others took it all in stride. Red skinny jeans paired with a crisp button down shirt and polished off with a pair of grey suede pumps was a style that hit the ground running. Those who embraced this style rocked colored jeans shades ranging from red to green and cuts that came in everything from short lengths to boot cut.

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Leopard Prints

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Washingtonians pulled out the best leopard prints they had to offer this year. As every fashionista knows, each season brings a new trend that can turn heads. Leopard print accessories and clothing, when coordinated correctly, can become a year-round, chic addition to any wardrobe. The print could be found on everything this year, from peep-toe pumps to tote bags. No matter what part of the city residents found themselves in this year, animal instinct was always close by.

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Monica Byrd is a fashion blogger and style maven living in Washington, D.C. Her work can be found on


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