On today’s show, the big news wasn’t the Redskins loss to the Jets at home, 34-19 while they blew at three-point lead with five minutes left in the fourth quarter.  It was tight end Fred Davis and tackle Trent Williams being suspended for the remainder of the year after testing positive for the third time for marijuana.

The suspensions seem brutal for the team since it looks to these two players to be the future and backbone for the franchise as it moves forward in rebuilding.

“Tells you they have zero leadership skills.  Like, if you’re looking for team leaders.  You don’t look towards Fred Davis and Trent Williams,”  Cakes said.

Erick Bickel shared the same sentiments.

“They’re immature, spoiled kids, and it just tells you where this team is as a whole when you have two of your leaders, two of your leaders testing positive,”  EB said.

The question comes what do you do with these players since Davis is in his contract year and both Davis and Williams have failed three drug tests.

Listen to the Junks’ reaction and callers about where the organization should go from here:

  1. Greg Bowman says:

    Maybe they should have been suspended after testing positive the first time. They got away with it a few times and were not punished. No harm – no foul. They act like kids because league owners treated them like kids. If these were the hand picked leaders of a team- it says more about the people who picked them to lead as it does the players themselves.

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