Redskins tight end Chris Cooley joined LaVar and Dukes for “The Cooley Zone” yesterday and was shared some of his feelings towards former teammate Albert Haynesworth.

Dukes asked Cooley, “What about that fat turd Albert Haynesworth that went to Tampa Bay, and said that’s where he should have been to begin with?…How do you not let that bother you?

“The thing that I would think about Albert, the way his last three years have played out, is that he hates football,” Cooley said. “I’m not criticizing his character or his work or anything. My only assumption in this, and it’s just an opinion, is that he does not like football, by what I’ve seen over the last three years. If he loved the game of football, he’d show up and love it.”

Haynesworth signed a $100 million deal in 2009, but never lived up to the expectations that came along with the contract. He rarely made an impact on the field, and constantly butted heads with management and coaches. He was traded to New England before this season started. The Patriots keep him around for ten weeks before releasing him. Tampa Bay picked him up two weeks ago.

Listen To Cooley Talk About Haynesworth:

Listen To The Full Segment Here:

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