WASHINGTON (CBS Washington/AP) — A third former employee considered filing a workplace complaint against Herman Cain over what she considered aggressive and unwanted behavior when she and Cain, now a Republican presidential candidate, worked together during the late 1990s, the woman told The Associated Press on Wednesday. She said the behavior including a private invitation to his corporate apartment.

The woman said he made sexually suggestive remarks or gestures about the same time that two co-workers had settled separate harassment complaints against Cain, who was then the head of the National Restaurant Association.

She did not file a formal complaint because she began having fewer interactions with Cain, she said. Afterward, she learned that a co-worker — one of the two women whose accusations have rocked Cain’s campaign this week — had already done so. She said she would have had to file if they hadn’t.

The woman spoke only on condition of anonymity, saying she feared retaliation. She was located and approached by the AP as part of its investigation into harassment complaints against Cain that were disclosed in recent days and have thrown his presidential campaign into turmoil. She said she was reluctant to describe the encounters she had with Cain when they worked together at the Washington-based restaurant trade group.

The employee described in conversations with the AP over several days situations in which she said Cain told her that he had confided to colleagues how attractive she was and invited her to his corporate apartment outside work.

His actions “were inappropriate, and it made me feel uncomfortable,” she said.

Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, replied, “No comment,” when he was asked Wednesday about the new allegations.

The AP confirmed that the employee worked at the restaurant association with Cain during the period in question, that she has no party affiliation in her voter registration in the past decade and is not identified as a donor in federal campaigns or local political campaigns. Records show she was registered as a Democrat at one point previously.

Though trying to project an image of campaign business as usual, Cain appeared frazzled at times Wednesday and couldn’t escape the questions that have dogged him since a published report Sunday night that at least two women had complained about his behavior while at the restaurant association and had been given financial settlements. The controversy has arisen two months before the leadoff Iowa caucuses and as the latest CBS News/New York Times poll shows Cain at the head of the GOP field, with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a close second.

As the day began, Cain said, “There are factions that are trying to destroy me personally, as well as this campaign.” He didn’t say to whom he was referring, but he said “the voice of the people” is stronger.

Cain was supposed to take questions after a speech to health care professionals, but he ultimately refused and left the hotel through a back door.

“I’m here to visit with these doctors, and that’s what I’m going to talk about, so don’t even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about, OK? Don’t even bother,” a testy Cain told a throng of reporters.

When pressed about the week’s previous allegations, Cain raised his voice and said “What did I say? Excuse me. Excuse me!” as hotel security led him through a hallway jammed with journalists in a Washington suburb. “What part of ‘no’ don’t people understand?”

Meanwhile, another of Cain’s accusers appeared increasingly reluctant to speak publicly, though her lawyer took the first steps for her to do so. Attorney Joel P. Bennett contacted the association on Wednesday and asked it to release his client from the confidentiality arrangement she had agreed to so that she could talk openly about her allegations and respond to Cain’s assertion that her complaints were “totally baseless and totally false.”

Bennett told CBS News Tuesday that the restaurant association “ought to waive the confidentiality and non-disparagement provisions and let the two women, if they choose to do so, come forward and tell their stories so that it can get a complete public airing.”

Cain has declined to say whether he will ask his former employer to terminate confidentiality restrictions on the two women who accused him of sexual harassment in the 1990s while he was head of the trade group. Block said the campaign would address that question “when it’s appropriate.”

Sue Hensley, a restaurant association spokeswoman, confirmed that Bennett contacted the trade group and was told to contact its outside counsel. Hensley said Bennett expected to meet with his client and make the request on Thursday.

Confidentiality agreements that commit both sides to silence are common in financial settlements of an employee’s sexual harassment claims, lawyers for management and employees said. Violating such an agreement can lead to a complaint in court and an order to pay damages, or at least the other side’s attorney’s fees, said Sarah Pierce Wimberly, a partner in the Atlanta office of the Ford and Harrison law firm.

But when the silence is broken, it’s often hard to find the source of the leak, said Robert Kelner, a partner in the Covington and Burling firm’s Washington office. He said, “The truth is, when parties enter into these confidentiality agreements around a settlement, they usually understand that there is less than 100 percent certainty that the information is truly going to remain confidential.”

It’s not clear if Cain himself was part of the settlement or whether it just involved the association and the woman. But he almost certainly would be bound by it, as the association’s former president.

Over the past two days, Cain has acknowledged he knew of one agreement between the restaurant association and a woman who accused him of sexual harassment. He has said the woman initially asked for a large financial settlement but ultimately received two to three months’ pay as part of a separation agreement. Cain also acknowledged remembering one of the woman’s accusations against him, saying he stepped close to her to make a reference to her height and told her she was the same height as his wife.

He has said he is not aware of agreements or settlements with any other women, though Politico — which first disclosed the allegations — reported that the trade group had given settlements to at least two female employees who accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior.

In media interviews since the story broke Sunday, Cain has offered conflicting accounts of what happened during his tenure at the trade group in Washington. He later acknowledged knowing about one settlement but said he did not know how much was paid. The New York Times reported Tuesday that one payout was $35,000, equivalent to one year’s salary for one of the women.

The pressure on Cain only increased when a pillar of the GOP establishment suggested that the Georgia businessman should ask the association to waive the confidentiality agreements so that the woman can talk openly about her allegations.

“What are the facts?” asked Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on MSNBC. “If you have a confidentiality agreement that keeps the public from finding out something that the public is interested in knowing the facts, you ought to go on and get the facts out.”

“Herman Cain’s interest is getting this behind him,” added Barbour, a former Republican National Committee chairman.

A former talk show host, Cain is a self-styled political outsider who has attracted tea party support and, up until now, has weathered a series of stumbles that have many GOP luminaries questioning his ability to run a viable campaign much less win the party’s nomination. Conversely, Romney is running his second national campaign and has spent the past few weeks shoring up support among the GOP establishment for a nomination fight many Republican insiders think is his to lose.

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  1. taosnow says:

    Wow …who knew Anita Hill ever worked at the NRA. No confidentiality but big bucks I’m sure.

    1. Uptight Feminists says:

      And women wonder why they’re alone on Saturday night. Maybe his marriage had hit a dry spell and he was simply looking for female companionship. He made a pass, she said no, end of story. Another woman might have said yes.

      1. Diogenes says:

        Actually, a gentleman who was present with a group during one incident of Cain’s sexual harassment has come forward (not sure which of the three women now accusing Cain was involved, or whether it was yet another incident). He said the harassment was so bad that others present told Cain to stop.

  2. TDW says:

    An anonymous woman makes claims with nothing to back it up and you post it as news? I guess journalistic integrity doesn’t apply.

    1. Jedediah says:

      cainbots out in force

      1. Jenna says:

        seriously? How about this… Jebediah just raped me… everybody should condemn him and definitely not vote for him. Who am i? don’t worry about it. Why would I make this up?

      2. HALLOWEEN @ OCCUPY 1600 says:


      3. Joe Magoo says:

        Have there been reports that Jedediah fooled around with some young boys a few years back? Thank you Jenna for giving us a heads-up on Jedediah!

      4. BARRY'S CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425 says:

        Google “OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY”

        Another 6 letter word for Felony… BARACK!

      5. Robert says:

        A warrant has been issued for Jedediah. Blogger rape is not going to be tolerated and an example will be made.

      6. P.F. Undit says:

        Jebediah owes the public an explanation for his actions. It’s up to Jebediah to explain the details of the allegations made against him. It’s not up to the accuser or the reporter to divulge details. We just can’t go into it.

      7. jasperddbgghost says:

        …better than being an Obama Pole Smoker.

      8. Frazzled says:

        I’m coming out now that others have… Jedediah made unwanted advances against me when I was a minor – only 14. OH THE HUMANITY.

        Why did you do this Jedediah? Why? I”ve been in counseling ever since. You should be ashamed.

      9. da_man says:

        What if Jebediah was a black conservative rapist, that would get things going.

      10. neil says:

        To P.F. Undit:

        You sir – make absolutely no sense. However I will spend enough time on your irrationality to light someones path.

        Here is what you posted: ‘It’s up to Jebediah to explain the details of the allegations made against him. It’s not up to the accuser or the reporter to divulge details. We just can’t go into it.’

        So answer me this – How can you possibly expect someone to know what lies someone else has said about them? How can anyone possibly “explain the details of the allegations made against” them? When the allegations are completely fabricated?

        Lets have an example: P.F. Undit – YOU FORCED ME TO DO SEXUAL ACTS UPON YOU WHEN I WAS 17!! 6 years ago. I am filing my complaint right here and right now. I had contact with you – alone – in the course of business. This is undisputed. Then you ‘forced me to do very nasty things and told me you would make sure I got fired if I ever told anyone. Due to a contract that I signed in exchange for money – I cant actually tell anyone what you did to me.

        NOW – it is your responsibility to defend yourself and EXPLAIN MY ALLEGATIONS AGAINST YOU!!!

        LOL. I’m sure that most non-libs get my point.

    2. Steve Adams says:

      William Dean Singleton (AP’s CEO) told rude jokes and asked inappropriate sexual questions of me. Then he started to hit on me. I don’t want to share my name as I fear he will retaliate against me and because of the agreement I signed not to talk about it which I am now breaking so the important truth will come out. You can contact me and my two witnesses on a separate trac phone for more details. 202-456-6213 This is news too – will you publish this???

    3. borntobepolitical says:

      I have a signed affidavit to that affect, unfortunately I can’t say for sure because I threw the file away twelve years ago.

      But I have complete faith in the accusers credibility, really

    4. sueinmi says:

      Just wondering if the Larry Sinclair story will resurface and if we’ll hear of his ‘claims’ of trysts with the prez.

    5. Joy says:

      TWD Thank you! What–it is trashy news and sounds like you agree! How much are these people getting paid to say all lies?
      From Joy

      1. Diogenes says:

        Actually, we’re up to FIVE NOW, three direct victims and two corroborating witnesses.

        One paid settlement, you wonder. Two paid settlements, you get curious. Then you add:

        – a third woman who says if the first two hadn’t filed complaints against Cain, she would have. She was fortunate that her interactions with him dropped off.

        – a man has come forward to say he witnessed Cain so blatantly sexually harass a woman that the others in the group told Cain to stop.

        – an Iowa broadcaster says Cain made inappropriate comments that made station staff members uncomfortable earlier this year.

        Where there’s smoke …

    1. Steve says:

      Actually, thatts thre anonymous women, two of which are required to remain anonymous by the terms of the setlement of their sexual harassment claims.

      1. Elbert says:

        How convenient for them.

    2. Steve says:

      Up your meds, nutjob.

      1. Steve says:

        Just to be clear, that comment was directed at the “911 trooother” above, not you. To your comment, I would add, “and for him, too.”

  3. Segeny says:

    Anonymous claims have absolutely no validity to a fair-minded person. And any “news” source should be pilloried for engaging in these smear tactics. So, cbslocal.com, SHAME ON YOU!

  4. Lee says:

    Credible allegations of sexual ASSAULT come out on Bill Clinton and the media attack the victims. B.S. claims on a conservative Black candidate and the media play it 24/7. One need only look to the leftist media to find the surging racism still rampant in the Democratic Party — the same party that fought to keep slavery from being abolished.

  5. getreal says:

    Oh My God, he hit on a woman. She apparently said no, and she didn’t get fired. This is headline news.

    1. Nowknowbetter says:

      Don;t know if theres truth to these claims against Mr. Cain. I do however, have first-hand knowledge of being on the receiving end of such an accusation. I mistakenly shared the fact that I would soon leave my employer, with a co-worker. That co-worker shared my conversation..with the boss.
      The next week, I was called in and dismissed..for no reason. That was legal, (right to work state,) I filed for unemployment, and the company challenged my claim. On a 3-way phone interview with the boss, myself, and state unemployment, my boss claimed I had sexually harrassed another employee! I was shocked, but kept my cool. I asked him to repeat what he had said. The boss repeated that I had repeatedly pressured a co-worker about dating, and she felt “uncomfortable.” I admitted that I had indeed asked the lady to join me for lunch, (once,) .but NEVER asked her for a date. She never declined, and I was too busy to ask again. That was over a year previous!
      I told that boss that if he repeated that sexual harassment story once more, that he would be forced to explain it in civil court! He dropped the unemployment challenge. I later received a call from the young lady in question, who apologized and stated that she told the boss that I had once asked her to lunch. She was embarrassed that he would stoop to falsely saying she was harassed.
      Point being…This can happen to you over the smallest of normal work interactions. The charge alone dregs up memories of President Clinton. (Harasser in Chief) This whole thing with Mr. Cain smells of rotten, “high tech lynching”.

      1. Amy Sterling says:

        I was forced to investigate and defend the company I worked for after a male employee made false, on-the-face absurd sexual harassment allegations against a female supervisor. This case lasted three years, with the end result that the accuser had to pay back tens of thousands of dollars of benefits he fraudulently received and narrowly avoiding prosecution. The false claims and constant lies almost killed the poor lady who had the misfortune of being his boss and trying to get him to do his job.

      2. WasabiNinja says:

        I met my wife when we were working together. Good thing she said yes to the date or I would have been labeled a sexual deviant pervert for asking her out for drinks.

  6. Multipurpose Glue says:

    How many more woman will come forward? Seems like he struck out a lot.

  7. ttt says:

    Get over yourselves women!!! No one cares. At least he is not a member of Man’s Country like Obama.

    1. Melissa Powell says:

      In mom jeans and with as much estrogen as anyone else on the View panel, no less…

  8. Mike says:

    The work of Mitt Romney

    1. Steve says:

      Unlikely. Probably Rick Perry or Karl Rove. One thing’s for sure. It sure the heck isn’t the Democrats. They would love to have old Herm in the race for as long as possible.

    2. MIke says:

      Wow, just now even a less factual accusation appears.

  9. sbenard says:

    Let me guess! Her name is Anita Hill!

  10. Greg B. says:

    Cain’s real problem is that he carries waters for the banksters. By this time next year, that will be poison (amazing it’s not poison already).
    Example: Cain both said and wrote that the idea of auditing the Fed is stupid. The first partial audit turned up $16 trillion the Fed had loaned to banks all over the world.

  11. Lou Ann Watson says:

    “A third former employee says she considered filing a workplace complaint”…ok, now i know the media is bottom fishing, but the fish aren’t really biting. mike tyson, ben roethlesberger…need i say more? besides, it’s just about sex, right, mr clinton? nothing to see here, move along.

  12. skeagle says:

    I am so tired of the politics of personal destruction that only seems to take a toll on conservatives or Republicans.
    I hope Mr. Cain will stand strong and get through these ridiculous accusations. Found it interesting that one paper didn’t want to violate the privacy of one of the so called victims, but has no problem violating mr. Cain’s privacy.
    If Bill Clinton can survive rape accusations and dallying in the White House, not to mention Ted Kennedy’s infamous personal life, then I urge Mr Cain to STAND TALL and weather this storm. These allegations are from over 15 years ago. Some women think it is sexual harassment if a gentleman opens a door for her. .

    1. Can't Vote For a Liar says:

      I now care less about the accusations themselves. I would like to hear from the women themselves so we can determine their credibility.

      What really concerns me are Cain’s lies in response to the issue and how, as on some of his positions on campaign issues, he keeps changing his story. He was notified two weeks before Politico made the charges public, yet he didn’t spend any of that time getting his story straight or refreshing his recollection despite repeated contact from Politico asking him to respond. .

      1. NoMarxist says:

        Cain is not a professional politician, therefore, he is not a professional LIAR. We have a professional liar in the White House.. How’s that working out for you?

      2. neil says:

        How do you recollect a fabrication? Especially one that you didn’t fabricate yourself?

        How can someone ‘prepare’ to defend against untruths?


  13. Ivy Gates says:

    He needs to ask Bill to be his consultant.

  14. Bruce says:

    At around that same time I was seduced by Mr Cain while walking home from a playground near the NRA. It has affected me very badly ever since and I now see how wrong it was of him to do all those things to such an innocent little boy as I was back then. In order to pay for all the therapy I now need I’d be willing to sell my story. Please contact me through MediaMatters at any time. Ask for Bruce.

  15. murf says:

    This is from CBS News who gave us RatherGate.

  16. Jil Chastain-Clowers says:

    I guarantee that when this is all out in the open, that this will be a politically motivated stunt and that Cain will be cleared of all these so-called “allegations”. By political stunt, I mean the revealing of the charges which were dropped for lack of substance. I am a woman who has been in a male-dominated workplace for over 30 years and there is a lot of room in the sexual harassment laws to file absolutely unwarranted suits against men. I hate to say this about my on sex, but I’ve seen it happen all too often – almost like women are looking for something – anything that can be construed as sexual harassment so they can file. This is not to say that sexual harassment in the workplace does not happen, but “going after the big fish” is the most lucrative and, therefore, common practice.

  17. John says:

    THIS is why people complain about the liberal media. They will print anything against a conservative……no problem. But they have to be given proof positive to do the same for a democrat. Fear not…..they are pushing voters and dollars to Cain with every report they run. They are making him bulletproof.

  18. fred says:

    No pics, audios or proof, then shut up!

  19. uisignorant says:

    Sounds like he was hitting on her, not harassing her.

    1. Jil Chastain-Clowers says:

      I don’t know if you were talking to me or not, but “hitting on” is considered harrassing. If you see two people kissing at work (on a regualr basis) and it makes you uncomfortable and the front office knows about it and does nothing, you can sue the company for sexual harrassment. The harrassment does not even have to be againt you.

      1. Elbee says:

        Dear Mizz Hyphenated Surname,
        You point out how ridiculous the law has become. The intention was tp prevent decisions on hiring, promotions, pay raises, job assignmnets, firing and etc.from being based on sexual “favors” or unwanted sexual advances.
        Chronic complainers such as yourself have gotten ambulance chasers and their weenie friends in black robes to expand the law by judicial fiat to cover one merely feeling “uncomfortable” at some action, even if that person is not even involved in that action.
        “Uncomfortable” indeed. Bill Clinton had sex with an employee in OUR oval office
        but that was “persona’ between him and Hillary” we were told. I see Romney, Perry and the RNC (“Country club, check-pants Republicans). A GOP pollster for Perry indeed. No conflict there, eh? By the way the politicians who wrote the law are immune to prosecution. Again. grow up.

  20. pup says:

    I heard Tiger Woods even turned him down.

  21. Rick Boudreau says:

    Yep, I think it’s now day six and we are still waiting for the facts. I’m really impressed with the media’s ability to keep this alive. I refuse to believe these overpaid journalists and news organizations. They need to report some real news stories. As for myself, I won’t believe anything until I read it in the Enquirer. These people get paid much less, but still find the facts when it counts.

  22. Leslie says:

    Handsome, tall, has a job…looking pretty good!
    This is total nonsense and I hope he rises above it

  23. Thomas says:

    The left is PARANOID of Cain. Their shrill pitch is in direct proportion to their fear of him. Nice…

    1. Steve says:

      You think THE LEFT leaked all this? Grow up. This is Rick Perry or more likely a Karl Rove type who wants the field cleared for Romney. Why in the name of the Lord would Democrats want Herman Cain out. He’s the best thing to happen to them and the longer he is in, the better they like it.

      1. redhog says:

        We don’t know who leaked and neither do you mr. lib…..got it???

      2. Steve says:

        Got it? Well, Mr. Redhog, your Mom always told me I had it. Made me blush, actually.

  24. srj900 says:

    BRB I have to go make a contribution to Cain 2012 ! I think the man is human. As long as he doesn’t have sexual relations with a 20 something intern, in the White House, he is OK with me. You see, when a Democratic President actually does something sexual outside his marriage, it is considered a Private Affair and none of our business. When a Republican candidate 15 years ago is only accused of saying something inappropriate, then it is a first class felony that we have to have more answers about. Talk about double standards !

    I predict this will backfire on the Left Leaning Liberal media. We are on to their smear tactics, trying to decide for us who the Republican Candidate will be. Sorry, this ain’t 2008. We learned alot from that. And we are on to this media’s games.

    1. fahq says:

      You see, when a Democratic President actually does something sexual outside his marriage, it is considered a Private Affair and none of our business.

      Seems to me its actually a resume builder.

      1. DKnight says:

        A resume builder – as it apparently is for a black republican who wants to use Tea Party white guilt to inoculate himself from having to tell the truth and be transparent about his life OR his policies.

  25. Gunny G says:

    An anonymous liberal wh0re willing to perjury herself for her messiah.


    The Anti LIberal Zone on blogspot

  26. OldCon says:

    These allegations bring up a lot of questions. If Cain told her he was telling colleagues how attractive she was, was it to embarrass her, or to let his colleagues know she was bright, competent and attrractive, therefore good for the association as an employee and maybe even promotable?

    Did he invite her to the corporate apartment to talk busines, or to hit on her. She does not say, which in itself is odd. And she adds that she’s afraid of retaliation if she identifies herself, so she will not do so. That reeks.

    This kind of inuendo is good story telling, but has no merit as news. It’s supposed to add fuel to the fire from the other charges, but without more information, comes across as nonsense.

  27. VP says:

    Cain is finished. NEXT ! )))

    1. godblesstheirish says:

      dont count him out yet..

    2. Indy Anna says:

      None of these people have merit. AND, one of the men who says he was there where some women felt uncomfortable……is for Rick Perry. These stories aren’t necessarily coming from the left only……look to Perry and/or Romney also. This is the most disgusting displays of evil I have seen in years. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. I am a women and sometimes other women make me feel very uncomfortabel, like now. Shame on you, you know better you homely old bats.

  28. Gunny G says:

    Sent Cain ANOTHER $100.00 yesterday in DEFIANCE of the Liberal Lapdog Media and I ask others to send whatever they can!


    THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE on blogspot

  29. fahq says:

    she only turned him down when she realized she didn’t need the sex because the government f*@ks her everyday.

  30. Yoshinkan says:

    Well at least he wasn’t coming on to a guy like Bwany Fwank!

    1. Steve says:

      Oh, I get it, because he’s gay, right? Hilarious. What a wit you are. Gay! Vry clever.

  31. JOe Dutra says:

    Occupy Wall Street claims that Herman Cain sexually assaulted them in a circus tent during the 1990s. It sounds believable to me.

  32. Keith says:

    Are you kidding me, no one will touch Mr. Larry Sinclair, Obama’s boyfriend…the media skipped past Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Barack (I never had a girlfriend) Obama…to attack Herman Cain…great he likes girls…move one people nothing to see here. He wasn’t my candidate before BUT NOW, I support him out of spite!!!!

  33. Bob says:

    Wait until the nominee is announced. The it will be fun to watch the Left Media attack.

  34. Darrell Chapman says:

    Is there a dress with the DNA sample? Maybe someone has a smelly cigar for proof? I’m more interested in the consistancy of Hermains side of the story.

  35. godblesstheirish says:

    bill Clinton RAPED a woman and these guys could care less.
    WHO paid for OBAMA’s College? Why did he BOW to the KING OF the SAUDS?
    Clinton committed PERJURY and destroyed an 18 year old girl.
    Edwards had a LOVE CHILD.
    Jesse JAckson Hdad a LOVE CHILD.
    Obama HATES Israeil.
    but…Herman likes the ladies..so death by a thousand cuts..oh and he is conservative.
    Wonder what jokes David letterman will try out on his INTERNS on his interviewing COUCH before he shares them with us….

    1. FedUp Florida says:

      You spell like an uneducated piece of trash and therefore have zero credibility.

  36. godhelpallofus says:

    Can’t wait for them to tear into Mitt… all those virgins he tagged in the secret rooms of the Temple.. :-O

  37. Tj C says:

    Yoshinkan: Barney Frank’s boyfriend once ran a gay call service out of Frank’s own apartment, but that just being chic and cool I guess.

    Where do I send a contribution to the Cain campaign?

  38. cntrlfrk says:

    Why is it that people are getting raped and molested all over these OWS Bowel Movements and the media ignores it, but when a Competent Black Man smiles at a woman it’s all over the news???

    Naw, no leftist bias there….


  39. Ma Ho says:

    Thanks Perry. People are still going to ignore you regardless of that Chris Wilson guy you hired to corroborate. Clarence Thomas, Nikki Haley, and then this – when will you folks realize that attempting to destroy a man’s life through false accusations is EVIL?

  40. Orock Bobama says:


    They FEAR him and it’s Absolutely Obvious. Pack your bags Michelle.

  41. Dona says:

    how many more will the progressives bring out of the dark? this is all BS – they are just trying to destroy the competition. I don’t believe a word of it.

  42. Gibbs Bentley says:

    There’s probably many more and this clown is no better than the current clown. Former head of the Federal Reserve, KC branch, he’s an insider that’s just another distraction. In a few months people will be saying … Herman who?


  43. Len says:

    This is George Bush’s fault. Sincerely, B.O.

  44. tayloralexander says:

    Hell give me several hundred thousand dollars and I’m sure I can think of an unsubstantiated sexual act that never happened. Ever notice with most conservatives it is alleged and with liberals the alligations are true but dismissed?

  45. Jack Ryan says:

    You know…just because you “thought of filing a complaint” doesn’t make it so or you right. This smacks of DNC/Soros involvement with big money changing hands.

    1. Steve says:

      Sure there Jack. Herman Cain is the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats. If you think this hit job was done by Democrats, you have very little understanding of the way campaigns work. This is Rick Perry or Karl Rove, the latter who desperately wants a clear field for Romney. Democrats would be very happy to have the Herminator in the field shooting from the lip all the way until the end. He’s priceless. Why Republicans fail to see that THE ONLY way Obama wins is if Republicans nominate a nutjob like this guy (or anyone but Romeny or Huntsmen or maybe MAYBE Perry) , I don’t know. Not too sophisticiated the Old Tea Party, is it?

      1. LibwithIQ says:

        Only nutjob running in the next election is the one in the White House bucko. If you think the DNC wants to run against a qualified black man then you might be as crazy as Obama.

      2. Steve says:

        Bucko? What are you, 70 years old? Step away frm the keyboard gramps. Isn’t Matlock on TNT or something you could be watching?

  46. Dan Scheper says:

    If this is all they have on Herman he will definitely be our next President!

    So what is so wrong with a man acting like a man and hitting on an attractive woman? NO MORE PC, we are Americans, we are not European robots, we are Individuals not afraid to speck or minds!

    Support Herman Cain>>>> http://www.hermancain.com/h

    1. Steve says:

      Dan, I’m not sure which is more bizarre: The fact that you seem to legitimately think Herman Cain is actually going to be president or your using the phrase “European robots.” Help me out here, bug guy.

  47. JapesMacFarland says:

    The public humiliation of Clarence Thomas was a definitive point for me, and when I became a conservative. The feelings of rage at these leftist animals is coming back to me, just like it did than. I wish the thousands of people that he’s helped and that respect him, who have worked for him, could all get together for a massive press conference….or something. ?

  48. Maggie Fanelli says:

    Lack of specifics scream one thing to me, that Mr. Cain was making some colorful jokes amongst whom he thought were friends, and some women decided to cash in on it. No one is 100% professional at work 100% of the time, and we’ve all (those of us with some humor) made jokes that an uptight prig could have turned us in over, but, lucky for us, we’re never running for office.

  49. ODIrony says:

    This smacks of politically motivated slander.

    1. Steve says:

      Well, its certainly politically motivated. Slander? Time will tell.

  50. Robbie Jackson says:

    Mr. Cain must be making the Dems really nervous if they are resorting to unsubstantiated rumor and unverifiable innuendo to get rid of him. GO Brother Herman!!!

  51. katheen says:

    Do you suppose Obama has quit hitting his wife? iTS ABOUT THE SAME THING.

  52. Regulas says:

    So we have three liberal hacks/tools for the Socialists/Democrats.
    Cain – Gingrich 2012

  53. Richard says:

    Yah, that “You’re about the same height as my wife” pick up line works for me every time.

  54. Yzrace says:

    Show them we are not stupid by donating to the Cain campaign.

  55. John Clark says:

    Clinton actually does it and it’s ok. Cain is rumored to have done it and he’s guilty and must go. Hypocrisy anyone?

  56. Jason says:

    Hmmm… A successful black conservative man… running for president… DOES NOT COMPUTE!!! ERROR!!! ERROR!!! ERROR!!!

    Attention all Leftist/Communist/Socialist/Kooks: Initiate operation “GET HIM”!!!

  57. Speaknup says:

    The trouble with running against Democrats is that they don’t have any trouble paying people to defame their opponents. They don’t ever have to actually PROVE anything…merely accuse–that’s usually enough to destroy someone’s character and put them out of the race.

    (Doesn’t anyone remember the Clinton administration? When that was going on, sexual scandal was no big deal–and there was plenty of proof in that case. Nevertheless the whole affair(s) was deemed not relevant. Perfectly presidential. Certainly nothing of an impeachable nature.)

    The liberal left are terrified of Cain. If he makes it to the White House, he will dismantle, one by one, all or a good many of their socialistic programs and undue in four years what it took decades to achieve. This is why the attack is brutal and why every media outlet has jumped on the bandwagon. Cain is gaining too much popularity too fast. This will be a systematic and complete character assassination — and if Cain survives, it will take a miracle. If you support Cain, you’d better start praying!

  58. noName-so-obama-goons-dont-get-me says:

    Obama grabbed my wifes crotch not once, not twice but on three occasions when we were visiting Chicago some years ago. We considered going to the authorities but didn’t. We don’t particularly donate to either party so have no grievance other than that with him.

    No, we don’t have verifiable proof but nor can we even prove we were in the same place at the same time but its got to be true because we say it is.

    Aren’t baseless accusations easy 🙂 Who’s to say it didn’t happen?
    Now why isn’t OUR story on CBS? (for those morons out there I just made this up….just like these accusers)

    Its all total BS folks, if you are truly abused/mistreated you don’t settle for low monetary compensation and you don’t “almost” file. Anita Hill School of Dirty Tricks is in session.

  59. John Q Public says:

    This is the best part: “Records show she was registered as a Democrat”… HA HA

  60. Mesha MeMe says:

    Oh, I cannot wait to overlook this! You know, just like Obama supporters overlook everything from Rezko’a shady land deal to starting a war w/out Congressional approval to Anita Dunn and her ‘non-confidential’ purported audio tape allegedly exonerating Obama from pervasive, hostile work environment sexual harassment reports…

    Like there is any depth a politician could sink to, to out-do Obama… Please. Bring it on.

  61. Richard_Iowa says:

    He probably stated that marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman.

  62. Damian says:

    I too was a woman for a brief period of time, 1996 thru 1999, exactly when Bill and Hill were in the WH. And I too was molested by Herman Cain, and I kept the blue dress but he made me take it to the cleaners, after signing an agreement. What a coincidence, wasn’t that period of time where all of these cases true and false popped up? Man, this Herman Cain is an animal. He did in three years what Bill did in three decades, seems like. Oh, well, there goes my comment straight to the White House/Homeland Security list.

    1. fedupandvoting says:

      Come on Bro’s get behind Cain!! You know what it is to be falsely accused!! They are lynching your brother..help him!! Cut him down So we can get a real black man in the WH!!!

  63. PrdTxn says:

    But it is ok for a sitting President to have an affair with an intern, lie about it and be labeled one of the greatest Presidents of the 20th century by the liberals.

  64. John gault says:

    Democrats will say anything to destroy a conservative African-American. Keep them in public housing and relying on white liberals in government for their food and shelter.

  65. John Alexander says:

    Does the name Mary Joe Kopekne ring a bell with the Democrats ? That was Ted Kennedy’s girlfriend, that he left to drown , so he wouldn’t be caught cheating.
    Hypocrites !!

  66. Pistol Pete says:

    Look at all you righties defending Cain without even knowing the facts…you all look like a bunch of programmed robots.

    How do you explain a settlement with two women? Is it so hard to believe there would be a third?

    1. b.woody says:

      you men like your lefties did when Clinton cheated on his wife while actually in the oval office? Cain should be defended until proven guilty of something.

  67. Yankeeboop says:

    Slick Willie raped a women, lured Monica into the Oval Office – had sex with her – Sexual Harrassement was never even mentioned – Uncle Teddy leaves a woman to die underwater in his car while he roams around trying to figure out how ti save his political career, John Edwards has an affair and child out of wedlock while running for President and the Press hides it for over 1 year until the Enquirer exposes him, Anthony Weiner is a pervert and the press doesn’t touch the story until they must, then there’s Barney Frank, Elliot Spitzer, etc. etc. Herman is accused, never proven and the press is ready for the lynching and Clinton is still revered. Sickening.

    1. Rod Anders says:

      Yea. Would almost make me sad to be an American … except that I don’t consider all the others you mentioned to be Americans.

  68. Damian says:

    Ooops!!, sorry, forgot… Don’t worry, this perhaps is like what Obama said about Tom Daschle when he was trying to put him as head of the EPA, but he didn’t pay $120,000.00 in back taxes….. “This will not interfere with carrying out his job at the EPA”. That from the “Transparent-or in Chief”.

  69. ClearyJ says:

    For the record, I don’t care if a thousand women claim that Herman Cain “sexually harassed” them – unless they come forward with EVIDENCE. I want evidence. We have seen so many women (remember the Duke Lacrosse accuser?) make false accusations, and in the case of sexual harassment, the definition is so vague that it means NOTHING to anyone with more than two neurons firing. I once held a door open for a woman who demanded to know if I would have done that for a man. I told her to go to hell and she called it sexual harassment. Idiot. I despise women like that. I despise men who use women like that to achieve any political end. This and all forms of political correctness are home-grown abominations in our culture. If I were President, I’d be doing everything in my power to find ways to put an end to it. I’m blasted if I’m going to think less of anyone who is the victim of it.

  70. D Schwarz says:

    Another $100.00 for Cain. Anybody but Obama; then Anybody but Romney; then please pick a true conservative for the Republican nomination. No more RINO’s.

  71. Jeff_in_Plano says:

    Yeah, good luck with filing a complaint for an incident which allegedly happened in the 1990s. Further, having studied employment law and sexual harassment cases in law school, if the EEOC won’t pursue the matter then there is no merit to the compaint. Paying to settle a nuisance claim is usually cheaper than paying to defend against it, particularly when those attorneys who specialize in these case are very expensive. I have had clients’ insurance carriers settle frivolous personal injury cases simply because it was deemed cheaper than risking a bad ruling from a judge or jury and then having to pay for an appeal.

    1. Steve says:

      A year’s pay is a lot to settle a “nuisance claim.” Three grand to make a suspect claim go away? OK. I believe it happens. 35 grand!? That’s a different story. Mr. Cain has some explaining to do.

  72. Barack Mugabe says:

    This ought to enhance his image among Democrats, who not only gave president “One Free Grope” a pass regarding allegations of rape, but claimed they’d don knee pads if he held the proper political position on abortion.

  73. Rod Anders says:

    I’m going to give Herman $999 more. If he can be doing all this “womanizin” while holding down a full time job … he’s got my vote! Plus, he might be willing to give me some hot tips. Go Herman !!!

    ~ A non-Clintonista white guy

  74. Matilda says:

    Even if were to be true, I would have to see the allegations in order to judge how serious it is towards his character. When Anita Hill mentioned that thingy about “A Pubic Hair on my Coke” all of the liberals in the room just gasped like it was the worst thing they could have heard. Let us here it and judge it for ourselves. Just because someone says that it is inappropriate certainly doesn’t make it so.

  75. Jeff_in_Plano says:

    Oh, and as a Texan very familiar with his tactics, I have NO doubt that the real culprit behind this story coming out is none other than Governor Hairdo himself. Perry is a consumate politician who would sell his mother, his grandmother, your grandmother, Herman Cain’s grandmother and anyone else he could think of to repair his tanking campaign.

  76. Kathy Carlson says:

    A) this is all old news from 15 years ago, B) it’s all unnamed sources with no details, and C) Clinton was in an active extramarital relationship with a 21 year old White House intern and libs told us to mind our own business. These “revelations” don’t mean much if anything.

  77. b.woody says:

    Why is this even a issue? the American people already clearly stated that sex in the work place is not an issue as Clinton is still beloved by a good number of Americans. So if anything this should make him fair better with the left,

  78. fedupandvoting says:

    They couldn’t get the woman to fess…now they hate cain so much…they are doing the witch hunt…with stuff 20 years ago. for those with bad memories…They all need lie detector tests..CAIN FOR PRES!!! Staute of limitations…they have no claim…Cain be strong…u can weather this!!!

  79. Cain is DA MAN! says:

    It’s perfectly ok to slide your cuban into a 21yr old intern, but a “vague gesture” constitutes “sexual harassment” ? What’s wrong with you people? DONATE NOW! SUPPORT CAIN or we are finished as a country. http://www.999meansjobs.com! I sent mine in.

  80. caporomo says:

    Sexual Harassment and overused term by very dillusional women who only wish someone had made a pass at them!

    1. Rod Anders says:

      Or someone ELSE had made a pass at them.

  81. tony says:

    I have a simple solution for Mr. Cain. Just switch parties. As El Rushbo astutely points out, these types of allegations are resume enhancers if you’re a democrat running for office.

  82. Rod Anders says:

    Sexual harassment and Clinton-rape are two different things. What Herman might have done and sexual harassment are probably two different things. Funny, it’s never been heard about till now.

  83. Em Jones says:

    Judge Thomas’ senate judiciary hearings illustrated that it is the awfulness of the charge; and NOT whether the charge is TRUE or FALSE that is the important thing. The media will throw that slop at a conservative black man until a doubt is planted in the public. Cain therefore is “guilty” and must be punished as an example to other uppity black men who desire to escape the liberal plantation!

  84. Marvin says:

    ——I thought he was a cut above , but a negro, will be a negro forever !

  85. Gary says:

    Anonymous claim submitted by an anonymous ghost writer. Wow. Real guts there.

  86. Jimbo says:

    The lewd comment was, “Would you like some pepperoni on your pizza?”

  87. Norton Burgess says:

    Years ago, a co-worker of mine said something I found offensive and suggestive. She said married men were an easy target and then she looked at me. You know, the “look”. I’ve been traumatized by this incident ever since.

  88. O'Really says:

    The ONLY thing that would force me to vote for Obama would be Cain as the GOP nominee. I didn’t vote for Obama, and disliked him way before 2008 but at least I have an idea of the stupidity Obama is capable of. Who knows how much damage this Cain idiot could do, with this 9-9-9 insanity I’m already worried.

    To see how Cain handled his influence and power in his private sector job should have any thinking person questioning how he might abuse such greater power.

    Seriously Cain fans – what if this guy treated your wives, daughters, sisters were treated like this? And you want to give him the White House?!?!? Insanity

    1. Terry Allen says:

      Oh Look !!! Your tacyics are showing little lib.

  89. concerned says:

    What ever happened to feminist Gloria Steinem’s ‘one free grope’ principle? Uptight women!

  90. Kent says:

    I have asked women to come up to my room. Usually they were climbing all over me making lots of suggestive remarks. Guess I better never run for president.

  91. John Huettner says:

    She CONSIDERED filing a complaint against him! Wow. So, in other words, there’s no evidence that anything ever happened.

    Why is it, that when lefties and Democrats are accused of these things, the MSM goes after the accusers; but when conservatives or Republicans are involved, the MSM demands that the accused “respond to the accusations”?

    My guess is, Herman Cain is going to come out on top of this. At worst, it appears that Cain is a generation older than the first PC generation. I’ve been a lawyer for 24 years, and have often heard older men say things to female co-workers that made me uncomfortable; but that’s a generational thing, not harassment. Calling girls “chicks” or referring to a paralegal as a “pairalegs” may be insensitive; but in my opinion, it’s not even actionable as sexual harassment except according to the raving lunatic fringe.

    Funny, how the most overt sexual comments I’ve heard over the years have been made to me by women in the workplace — probably because they knew I would never say anything for fear the EEOC would be breathing down my neck.

    Talk about sexual harassment, what about a married female associate walking into my office one evening and wondering what it would be like to have sex on my couch? What about my boss’s engaged secretary asking me out to lunch three or four times and then doing her best to get me canned once it became obvious I wasn’t going for it? What about female law clerks grabbing my rear end in the lunch room when nobody else was around?

    Time to end this charade and limit this discussion to real cases of harassment and intimidation.

  92. concerned says:

    “Yah, that “You’re about the same height as my wife” pick up line works for me every time.”

    Especially if she is about 3 feet tall:)

    1. John Huettner says:

      Well, at the risk of being insensitive, at least you can set a beer on her head.

  93. concerned says:

    “Seriously Cain fans – what if this guy treated your wives, daughters, sisters were treated like this? And you want to give him the White House?!?!?”

    You surely would…if he was a Democrat, Mr. or Ms. Clinton voter.

  94. redpill says:

    I was walking down a street looking for a certain restaurant one night in Chicago,in2OO2, I made a wrong turn and wound up in an alley. Then suddenly I was knocked to the ground..I looked up an saw what I thought was a gorilla(come to find out later that it was attackers wife) and a skinny halfbreed. l was raped and sodomized for hours .I got a good look at their faces.. I didn’t report it cause I didn’t want anyone to know. I never went back to Chicago and tried to forger it. Then in 2OO7 on my tv there were my attackers.,now that gay,rapist is the President of the USA. I “swear” this happened.I feel better now that I let the world now.


  95. Jil Chastain-Clowers says:

    Elbee, I think you missed my first post and therefore, miscontrued the meaning of my followup post. I totally agree WITH YOU!! The “sexual discrimination law” has gotten way out of hand. If you will back up to one of the first posts, you will see that I believe Mr. Cain will be vindicated IF all the truth is brought out and that this will prove to be a politically motivated HIT.

  96. Tim says:

    “The employee described in conversations with the AP over several days” – Several implies more than two. Politico releases the story Sunday and AP digs this woman up that day or Monday and immediately begins conversations that last from Monday to today. Either the story is poorly written or AP have the best investigative journalists in the world. How about researching the links between Freddie/Fannie and the housing crisis? Maybe AP should spend more time investigating something a bit more relevant than 1990’s sexual harassment charges. Even if the charges are true, who cares? I thought this sort of thing didn’t affect a President’s job performance. Maybe AP can research to find out how many stories on that they printed in the 1990’s. I’ll bet it was more than one.

  97. C.Tucker says:

    Does this mean he’ll now have to run as a Democrat?

  98. concerned says:

    Cain should claim “I never traded suggestive comments with that woman!”

  99. Ananomous says:

    Barack Obama propositioned me in the 1990’s. I am aware of dozens of such other anonamous allegations. I wish to remain ananomous.I would have filed had I known ths clown

  100. Carlos Lorenzo says:

    There will be as many anonymous accusers as there are dead voters voting the Dem ticket in 2012. As many as needed so these slanderous Alinsky types can get their way.

  101. concerned says:

    C’mon, CBS, since you’re going in the wayback machine to dig up sexual dirt on black people, let’s hear the story about 0bama’s gay sex and crack cocaine sessions with Larry Sinclair – you know you racist bigots wanna do it.

  102. Lying Tramp Liberals says:

    Put these little liberal tramps under oath, and if they lie put them in prison. Lynch the conservative black man, Bill Clinton and Bumbling Barry Obama get a pass.

  103. concerned says:

    Barack 0bama made a lewd and suggestive proposal to insult my intelligence in the 2004 Illinois Senate Election and another one in the 2008 presidential election. I thought about filing complaints each time, but decided not to.

  104. concerned says:

    Why can’t Democrats nominate a presidential candidate who grew up with his father?

  105. concerned says:

    Democrats were preaching about how BJ Clinton’s predatory sexual crimes were his private business and none of ours.

    Hypocrisy written large.

  106. concerned says:

    “How do you explain a settlement with two women? Is it so hard to believe there would be a third?”

    I know of no ‘settlement’ related to this. The women quit their jobs for some probably unrelated reason is all you do know.

    How do you explain that you voted for BJ Clinton twice knowing that he was a serial rapist?


    1. Steve says:

      There were two settlements at NRA. One for $35,000, a year’s salary. The fact that you wirte “I know of no settlement” doesn’t change the fact that they occured and have been widely repored. I suspect, that the sentence “I know of no” could be filled in with a world of stuff where you are concerned .. evolution, basic social graces, current event, etc. etc.

  107. BarbT says:

    This story smells. I suspect these 2 “tragic victims” were disgruntled over failure to receive a job promotion or reprimands due to poor job performance. What better way to get back at the boss than to accuse him of harassment when he merely smiles at you?

    These women and their helpers are going to regret the day they decided to smear a good man like Herman Cain. I hope the conservative media will have the guts to go after them and turn their lives inside out for all to see.

  108. Alice Polarbear says:

    All this reminds me of the way the Liberals tried to Bork Clarence Willliams’ nomination to the Supreme Court, using that lying ho, Anita Hill. THis is how “progressives” treat black conservatives.

    I wonder how many of these women were “Womens’ Studies” majors in college.

  109. pompey says:

    ……….ask Bill Clinton what Cain should do……..now there is a man with a wealth of experience in this matter .Brahahahaha!

  110. Nik says:

    It is pretty clear to me this all made up at this point, yes the allegations happened, yes investigations were done and found Cain did nothing. The fact this is still being talked about shows how scared the left and the establishment is that a guy like Cain could be the next President. This only makes me support him all the more.

    1. Jen says:

      and if Cain had just admitted it from the get go this would be gone and already forgotten. The problems is Cain lied and lied and lied again before he finally remembered. But you still support him…… what does that say about you sonny?

      1. Nik says:

        Oh please, Romney is a habitual liar, Perry lies left and right, Obama can’t speak a sentence without having 15 lies within it, if the worst you can throw again Cain is he was evasive not knowing how to handle the situation then I am proud to support him.

      2. Jack Kennedy says:

        jen……….and you support obamaliar…………what does that say about YOU

  111. Jen says:

    Cain’s foreign policy – China might be builidng nuiclar weapons so be scared!!! IDIOT! China has had nuclar weapons since the 1960’s.

  112. FLOYD IN FLORIDA says:


    Let that woman come forward?

  113. Veritas Curat says:

    “I would have had to say something if she didn’t”. In what universe does that make sense? Would not the logic be, “hey, I’m not the only one, I should speak up to so it doesn’t happen again”????? Words without actions are lies.
    I’ve never given money to a candidate, but the first claims guaranteed that Cain will get a donation from me, this one will double that donation.

  114. Todd Clemmer says:

    What about Obama, Donald Young and Larry Sinclair?

  115. Rick Simm says:

    What will the mainstream media report next week?
    1. Romney gambles at the local casino.
    2. Bachmann fly’s from Chicago to New Mexico nude.
    3. Perry gets drunk and starts a fight with some illegal aliens.
    4. Gingrich borrows $500 billion from Chase Bank
    5. Palin slaps a nun for fun
    6. The Republican Party deals drugs to support their candidates.

    Maybe you can pick the flavor of the week for the media.

    1. Troops Support Paul says:

      And then there was Ron Paul. The man with a real plan to restore our country.

  116. Rick Simm says:

    The main stream media reporters were all tea bagged in their youth.

  117. Eric Karich says:

    Cain ought to get all of the details out in the open ASAP. Most people will just NOT CARE about the foolish claims brought against him.

  118. Drew says:

    George Soros can afford to pay several thousand women who “considered” a sexual harassment complaint 20 years ago. zzzzzzzzzzzz

  119. Anonymous 4 says:

    Wow another credible anonymous source. How about the woman when Clinton was running, Brodderick and Flowers. They had proof of rape and NO ONE cared. Now these people named anonymous have lots of power. LOL. Yea and Cain made advances on me.

  120. graham quacker says:

    Harry Belafonte is the Politico source.

  121. Tizawiza says:

    All of these accusations just seem like tiddlywinks compared to BO’s accusations against them, and that never were settled.


  122. Fonzie says:

    None of us know anything – but do you think that’s really enough for a relationship?

  123. ME says:


  124. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    If there is any truth to these three accusers’ stories, then there is bad news for Herman Cain. If true, these antics will disqualify him as a Republican.

    But, there is also good news for Cain. If true, these actions uniquely qualify him to run a successful campaign as the Democrat candidate for POTUS.

  125. melissatx says:

    spoke only on condition of anonymity,…tells you all you need to know

  126. Reality Check says:

    Great we have a smear without event describing what he is being smeared about.

    It is also a smear by anonymous sources.

    Worse yet the anonymous sources are not sure if it was a comment or a gesture they are talking about.

    The anonymous sources are, if you believe the reporter, suggesting only that they felt uncomfortable about something.

    Based on that weak gruel the Main Stream medias is trying to re-elect Obama.

    Obama has been accelerating the rate at which American jobs are being shipped to China and India.

    Who in their right mind would want, let alone work toward, re-electing Obama ?

  127. Sara Bellum says:

    Should someone accuse 0bama of sexual harassment, they wouldn’t be able to find out anything about it. All we know about the Zero is that he has a fake CT social security number.

    1. Steve says:

      Coo-coo. Coo-coo. Coo-coo. Did anyone hear the clock going off?

  128. Reality Check says:

    Bill Clinton, as President, hit on anyone, and everyone, of the opposite sex.

    Even when his advances were not wanted.

    The only Problem the Main Stream Media would have with a Democrat doing that is that he is discriminating against gays.

  129. seagull1106 says:

    Oh. the righteous indignation from the media! Where was that indignation when John Edwards changed his stories numerous times,and actually lied when he had his child and mistress right there to keep his memory fresh? Where was the main stream media’s outrage when our president was found guilty of lying to a Grand Jury and had his license to practice law suspended for five years?

    Here’s some of Politico’s indignation::

    Wasn’t Edwards an elected Senator? Apparently Mr. Cain doesn’t have that “Wow” factor that will let him slide…

    They hold our ELECTED OFFICIALS to no standards and write, what 9 pages on someone who isn’t even a nominee?

    If this were such a scandal I can’t understand why NO ONE in the world brought it up until now. Wouldn’t someone on Mr. Cain’s team mention this before now? If Mr. Cain were such a cad why has it taken over 9 months for Medusa head’s to appear? What are exploratory committee’s for?

    Hey, if they can throw their full support behind a man who admittedly smoked cocaine and pot, told an audience in Selma he was conceived during the March on Selma, despite being born four years later, can’t produce one college transcript, condones his illegal relatives living here on our tax dollars and, in the uncle’s case, having a SS card for almost 20 years and getting arrested for DUI, hung with the likes of Rezko and Ayers and, to top it all off is really deaf as evidenced by sitting in a church every Sunday for 20 years and never hearing a work his reverend said –

    What’s the big deal????

    With all the digging I’m sure that’s been done into Mr. Cain’s past comparatively speaking, Mr. Cain should be ready for sainthood!

  130. Patricia says:

    I wrote this somewhere else.
    But to me it sounds like these particular women do not normally get hit on because truly attractive women have dealt with men hitting on them and know from EXPERIENCE how to Thwart all attempts or suggestions.

    If every attractive women sued for every instance of being approached by a co-worker or other they would be rich and those guys would be in the streets or.. if they were worth it the” boards” would consider a payoff worth the man and benefit neutral.

    I say they were playing the man for the opportunity for ADVANCEMENT.. payoff.

    Because otherwise you go to court you want a deviant known not protected..
    So the idea they could be so easily bought shows they had NO CASE!

  131. ThynccetTrertbrf says:

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