Maryland released its depth chart for the Virginia game on Saturday.  A few changes were made, and there was a plea for attendance from Athletic Director Kevin Anderson.

The few changes:

Quarterback: It’s not a change, but both Danny O’Brien and C.J. Brown are listed as co-starters again.  You’ll recall Brown started, but did not finish the game against Boston College this weekend.

Wide Receiver: Wholesale changes at the receiver position this week.  The team welcomes Kevin Dorsey back from injury and is back atop the depth chart.  Quinton McCree is still the starter opposite him.  Kerry Boykins seems to have regained his role, as he is listed as the backup to Dorsey.  Ronnie Tyler is back as well, backing up McCree.  That means Marcus Leak has been dropped down the pecking order, and Tony Logan will miss another game, likely.  After the breakout game from Adrian Coxson, it’s a little strange not to see his name on the two-deep.

Left Tackle: Max Garcia is still listed atop the depth chart, despite ceding playing time to Nick Klemm last week.  Garcia was injured two weeks ago.

Left Guard: Justin Gilbert seems to be back for good, as he is again listed as a backup to Pete White.  He didn’t see any playing time last week.  Gilbert has been out since spring ball when he injured his knee.

Defensive End:  Despite getting the start last week, Marcus Whitfield is not atop the depth chart this week.  David Mackall is still ahead of him.

Defensive Tackle: Maurice Hampton has taken the starting spot opposite Joe Vellano back from A.J. Francis.  Although, Andre Monroe was the starter opposite Vellano on Saturday, and is listed as Vellano’s backup.

Star Linebacker: Darin Drakeford has been moved over from the Will linebacker spot to take over for Mario Rowson, who is listed as a backup to Drakeford.

Mike Linebacker: Demetrius Hartsfield is back as the starter, forcing Lorne Goree to the bench. Hartsfield was missing due to injury, but I’d assume Goree’s play will allow him to still see the field this Saturday.

Will Linebacker: With Drakeford moving to the Star position, Alex Twine moves into the starting spot.  Twine filled in admirably while Drakeford was injured.  Well enough that it moved Drakeford to another spot to get him on the field.

Returner: With Tony Logan out, WR Ronnie Tyler takes over his spot on the kick return team and as the team’s primary punt returner.

Finally, onto the plea from AD Kevin Anderson for your money to watch a 2-6 Maryland Terrapin football team take on their arch-rival Virginia Cavaliers.

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