WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS Washington) – Maybe they can also get the swearing to stop on Capitol Hill.

The D.C. Council passed its “No Profanity Day Recognition Resolution of 2011.” The bill hopes to encourage kids from using profanity while expressing themselves. 

This bill, which was introduced by Michael A. Brown (I-At Large), is very similar to one started by two rappers, Kurtis Blow and KRS-One, in August 2009.

Brown hopes the message gets through to the young people of D.C.

“It shouldn’t just be a day, it should be forever,” he said.

The bill not only urges residents against using profanity, but also wants to stop the use of violent images and segregation of women.

The “No Profanity Day” is planned to coincide with a three-hour concert at Constitution Hall on October 13, featuring Blow and Kane.  All artists performing will not use any profanity, nor will they speak of murder and hate. 

The Parents Television Council, in partnership with the Enough is Enough Campaign, released a shocking new  survey showing children who watched BET’s “Rap City” and “106 & Park” and MTV’s “Sucker Free” were bombarded with adult content – sexual, violent, profane or obscene – once every 38 seconds.

The Enough is Enough Campaign mission statement is to challenge all of America live one day with no crime, no violence, no hate, no murders, no sin and no profanity.

“Let us have one day of love, peace, unity, kindness, goodness, gentleness and fun with a series of events throughout the course of a day,” Blow said.


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