DeAngelo Hall was clearly frustrated following the 18-16 loss to Dallas on Monday Night Football and expressed his disappointment in the team’s play-calling and the referees.

Hall was defending Cowboy’s wide receiver Dez Bryant on a 3rd and 21 and defensive coordinator Jim Haslett dialed up a house blitz leaving the cornerbacks in single coverage.

“Sooner or later, somebody’s going [expletive] to figure it out,” Hall said, referring to the team’s familiar blitz look.  “You don’t have to be a [expletive] rocket scientist to figure it out,” he added.

The Skins pro bowl corner was also flagged for a 15 yard facemask on the play which led to the Cowboy’s sixth field goal.

“It was a terrible call, I told the ref he was gonna [expletive] lose his job. I told the ref after that call, that might have been his worst call of the game.  He’s going to get demerit points for that call. Because that wasn’t no facemask,”  Hall said during his post game rant.

As for any criticism about the incident, Hall, well, brushed it off, one could say. “They can say whatever the [expletive] they want to say, I could care less.”

UPDATE: Hall owns up, and takes responsibility for the big play.

Listen to the full DeAngelo Hall locker room tirade below: