DeAngelo Hall was clearly frustrated following the 18-16 loss to Dallas on Monday Night Football and expressed his disappointment in the team’s play-calling and the referees.

Hall was defending Cowboy’s wide receiver Dez Bryant on a 3rd and 21 and defensive coordinator Jim Haslett dialed up a house blitz leaving the cornerbacks in single coverage.

“Sooner or later, somebody’s going [expletive] to figure it out,” Hall said, referring to the team’s familiar blitz look.  “You don’t have to be a [expletive] rocket scientist to figure it out,” he added.

The Skins pro bowl corner was also flagged for a 15 yard facemask on the play which led to the Cowboy’s sixth field goal.

“It was a terrible call, I told the ref he was gonna [expletive] lose his job. I told the ref after that call, that might have been his worst call of the game.  He’s going to get demerit points for that call. Because that wasn’t no facemask,”  Hall said during his post game rant.

As for any criticism about the incident, Hall, well, brushed it off, one could say. “They can say whatever the [expletive] they want to say, I could care less.”

UPDATE: Hall owns up, and takes responsibility for the big play.

Listen to the full DeAngelo Hall locker room tirade below:


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  1. dave says:

    not a facemask? are you kidding me?. They showed the replay and your hand was clearly on his mask.. Face the fact Hall you got burned several times in that game.your a good player and i’m a diehard skins fan thru and thru, but if your going to talk the talk then you gotta walk the walk

    1. Butta says:

      There isn’t a 5 yard facemask anymore so it has to be a legitimate facemask genius for it to be a 15 yard facemask and he never grabbed his facemask just incidently touched it.

  2. Giants Rule says:

    Hall talks a good game, but that’s about it. Every team attacks weak corners, so be be ready D Hall.

    You suck

    1. Another Dave says:

      He beat your team

  3. tom says:

    The guy has to learn how to tackle. He always grabs up high – I remember pee wee football, they tought us to tackle low.

  4. Herbert says:

    Trade Hall and Beck, for rookie Christian Ponder of the Vikings ?

  5. JimP says:

    dave, the word is you’re which is short for you are. Your shows possession ad in your team lost

    1. Another Dave says:

      If you’re going to correct someone’s English you might want to make sure you’re English is correct. Not sure what you’re saying in the second sentance.

    2. Buck Rogers says:

      ad in? or as in? if you’re going to correct someone, be correct

      BTW…sentence, not sentance…

      1. Real Writer says:

        If you’re going to correct someone, be correct. Capitalize and use a period. My first grader knows that. Are we all done being ridiculously arrogant now?

  6. Chris says:

    Ah… as a Falcon fan this brings back memories!

  7. Hugh Briggs says:

    DHall needs to shut up . You want to get paid like the #1 Corner, but when the team needs you to make a play you choke.

    Man up homeboy.

  8. Gary says:

    Hall did not grasp the facemask so there was not a penalty on the play. His hand was on it but he did not wrap his fingers in it. BS call by the refs!

  9. The Motivator says:

    Don’t say it was a facemask. The ‘Skins deserved to lose, but that was no facemask. It would have been a 5 yarder under the old rules and under the new rules it SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CALLED. You can talk about the playcalling and lack of ball protection by Grossman or overall bad play, but don’t justify a horrible call that changed the game just to make a point. That was NO facemask by the new rules.

    1. Biff Johnson says:

      It WAS a facemask…so there.

    2. Brad Kort says:

      Made your little show at midfield on the star look pretty pointless and stupid didn’t it:-) Then when you boys were tackling Ware to keep him off Grossman he did have some words for the refs and media. Here is the difference: His complaints were valid and 1) You were beat on the play and 2) You facemasked the receiver! I know you watch film every week…get a replay of that one…lol. Oh, and better luck next time. Thanks for the extra yards and the win!

  10. George C. says:

    We let our best cover guy go, because he didn’t have good hands. Carlos may have droopred a lot of balls, but he didn’t get beat all the time. Chris horton is another DB/S we let go of for a disgrace at their position. Hall gets beat on the reular, and all you need is a decent QB to show up. Reed Doughty doesn’t make the ‘Pop Warner’ girls team in my book. He’s a true bum. Landry looked good, but I’d like to see him pay more attention to coverage, than lowering the boom on some one. As for Rex, for real he’s still Gross… Never more than a journey man. Think given the chance, Beck will could better QB than gross has ever been. Also, I’m still not sold on 3-4. I like tradition, and 4-3 is tradition baby-boy……let’s go back to it. You can create a lot from there.

    1. Revengel says:

      Hold on…

      Carlos Rodgers was the walking completion. He would tackle, but he got beat *constantly* by the #3 WR on the opposing team.

      1. George C. says:

        you must don’t see the whole field….Carlos was the best cover we had last year, and probably two years before that. his problem was that he could not hold on to a sure handed interception, even if it was put right in the ‘bread-basket’ for him.

  11. Rob F. says:

    Was this because he couldn’t get his helmet anywhere near Tony Romo???? WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Poor Baby!!!!!! He needs a juice box and some fruit snacks!! LOL

    1. jspangler says:

      Fruit bax? Sounds like your world is wrapped around 2nd grade. It’s ok little buddy, recess is comin’

      1. Rob F. says:

        Get your eyes checked Spangler – my spelling is correct. Sav Rocca may not be able to see a snap coming but I know he can read that.

    2. lester newsome says:

      denagelo neeeds to get a pacifier and you know you had your hand onit ,now you got to face it you didnt do what you thought you were going to do and quit crying!!!

  12. JEFF says:


    1. George C. says:

      Horton should have never been cut, although Horton is a safety. reed doughty should have never ever made any team after pop warner…….total bum

  13. bart biddle says:

    Now who’s cryin’? Have a mice week. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Larry says:

    Fitting and poetic justice. How many people get tired of average athletes blowing their big mouths off to get their name in the paper. You can bet there are a lot less DeAngelo Hall fans today than yesterday. Tony Romo made him a personal whipping boy despite playing with a broken rib. Tony just loaded the team on his shoulders for a long journey.

  15. Rolandbry says:

    Yeah just like them Deadskins!!! crying like babies!! that was a facemask on Dez Bryant because he knew if he did’nt grab his facmask Dez was going break away from his sorry a** and score a touchdown on his sorry a**!!!!!!!! HOW BOUT THEM COWBOY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just as I predicted before the game started that the Cowboy Doomsday Defense would help the Cowboy’s win the game!!!!! HA! HA!!

  16. txtdocc says:

    Great fforumm! Thanx guys!

  17. Guy says:

    It wasnt a facemask by the new rules, it was a 5-yard face mask infraction by the old rules…if you’re going to comment, know what the hell you’re talking about or shut the hell up…

  18. Reaper says:

    Redskin fan for life. D Hall could not cover me and I am in a wheelchair! Jim Hasslett’s ass has got to go!!!! That was the dumbest, most ignorant defensive calls, at the end of the game, I have ever witnessed…EVER!!!! They are paying that idiot, how much, to run the defense? The whole team is so soft, Fletcher and Orakpo are players and hitters ON EVERY SNAP but Orakpo gets hurt to easily!!!! Another year shot to hell….8 and 8…we can only hope!!!!

  19. mike says:

    it was obviously illegal hands to the face…….bad play call too. why blitz on 3rd and 21

  20. Bobby says:

    There was a Redskin named Hall
    Who thought he was fast to the ball
    He wasn’t that fast. got handed his ass
    And now he’s upset with it all.

    1. George C. says:

      like that …you poet who didn’t know it……..

  21. Kyle says:

    “I could care less” means you care! Duh!

  22. pick says:

    It wasn’t a facemask, it was a flagrant facemask.

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