Today on “The Sports Junkies,” the only thing the guys could agree on was that tonight’s game in Dallas on Monday Night Football was going to be the Redskins’ first real test of the season.

The room was divided on if the Skins were ready to pass such test.  EB took the Skins, Jason and Cakes had the Cowboys winning and JP couldn’t stop flip-flopping on his pick.

Each of the guys gave their take on what the keys will be tonight as the Skins aim for a 2-0 start in the NFC East.

“I think the key is DeMarcus Ware.  If they can contain him, keep him off Rex Grossman…I think they can have a big game in the air,” JP said.  He also adds that he think Dallas is the more talented team from top to bottom, but in this situation, with Miles Austin out and Felix Jones and Tony Romo banged up, they are ripe for the upset.

EB adds that if Kerrigan and Orakpo are able to put pressure on Romo, it will make DeAngelo Hall and the rest of the secondary’s job easier.

Listen to “The Sports Junkies” keys to tonight’s Redskins vs. Cowboys matchup in Dallas on Monday Night Football below: