Welcome to our first edition of Fantasy Focus here at 1067thefandc.com. Each week, Cakes and Danny Rouhier will answer your questions and give you their opinions on what your moves should be. If you have any questions you’d like them to tackle, click here.

Should I drop Peyton Manning? I need another QB for an upcoming bye-week. – Patrick, Team- Flacc Daniels

Cakes: I would dump Peyton Manning at this point. I can’t stash a guy that potentially won’t produce for my roster, or will only be available for the last 2-3 games of the fantasy football regular season. I would much rather use that roster spot on a sleeper RB or WR that could pay dividends throughout the season, than a quarterback with a serious neck injury. Wouldn’t you rather have Roy Helu or Denarius Moore on your squad to provide depth, than Manning? I know I would. Dump Manning, and scour your waiver wire for some guys who are breaking out, and could help you win a close game or two this season.

This week, I have the option to start Beanie Wells against Seattle or Michael Turner against Tampa. Turner is a usually a solid start every week, but Beanie has been playing great. Who do I start? – Michael, Team- Monsters of the Beltway.

Danny: Both are good plays this week and it means you’re pretty stacked at RB. I wonder if someone else should get benched instead of these 2? Anyway, slight edge to Turner here. Very quietly because they had a good season last year, Tampa Bay gives up a lot of rushing yards. They were 28th in the league last year vs the run to the tune of over 131 yards per game and through 2 games this year, have given up 156 yards on the ground per contest. You know what Atlanta wants to do: get a lead and feed Turner the ball. Wells is a solid play as well but I think Arizona wants to throw the ball resulting in fewer touches for Wells. Go Turner.

Cakes, need 2. Fred Jackson, Thomas Jones, or Mike Tolbert? – Vince, Team- FameBreakers

Cakes: I suck for being in 4 fantasy football leagues and not having Fred Jackson on any of my rosters. That guy is unbenchable, as far as I’m concerned. Jackson already has two 100-yard rushing games this season, is averaging 6.5 yards per carry, and hasn’t even gotten fully involved in the passing game yet. He will catch 40-45 passes this season, and if you have him in a PPR (points per reception) league, he’s a goldmine. Couple that with the fact that he’s the top back in a suddenly explosive Buffalo offense, and you’re looking at a guy who will post top 15 RB numbers by season’s end. So, now it comes down to Tolbert or Thomas Jones…if you’re in a PPR league, Tolbert is the easy call; he already has 17 receptions through 2 games. His yards per carry are putrid, but he’s the goal-line hammer and pass-catching back in San Diego. Thomas Jones is still a question mark, with the Jamaal Charles injury thrusting him into the workhorse back role at the age of 33, in a Chiefs offense that has scored all of ten points through 2 games. The more I ponder it, the easier the decision becomes…start Jackson and Tolbert, and see how Jones fares as the feature back.

Should I drop Owen Daniels for Fred Davis? Not sure if it’s too early to go all in on Davis. – Tyson, Team- 4thNGoal

Danny: I say pull the trigger. I owned Daniels in several leagues last year and kept waiting for the breakout that everyone predicted… it never came. Fantasy football is about calculated risk. To me, the downside of having Fred Davis fall back to earth is no where near as severe a blow to your squad as having someone else claim him and enjoying the ride of his current pace. I think Davis is for real and that the Skins will continue to utilize him even after Cooley returns to form. Go get Davis. If it doesn’t work out, there will be someone on the wire for you plug and play. TE is a deep position.

Got a trade offer. He’s offering Jay Cutler for Cam Newton. Newton can’t keep
this up right? – Chris, Team- Hail2DaSkins

Cakes: Hard to believe what Cam Newton has done so far in his first two NFL starts, right? Back to back 400+ yard passing performances are not what was widely expected from the rookie QB, the first quarterback in league history to accomplish that feat. Of course he can’t keep up this pace, but I don’t think you do this deal for Cutler. The Bears offensive line is horrendous, and Cutler is on pace to be sacked 88 times this season. No way he appears in even a dozen games this season if that sort of punishment continues. I would stick with Newton, for a few reasons..1) .he won’t take nearly as many hits as Cutler, due to a superior offensive line and his escapability 2) his weapons in Carolina are better; he obviously has developed a rapport with Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell is a young wideout with lots of upside, and he’s got a potent rushing attack with the combo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Hit the “reject” button on this trade proposal, and keep Cam Newton on your roster.

Ryan Fitzpatrick at New England or Josh Freeman vs Atlanta? Marcus, Team- RunNShoot

Danny: Again, calculated risk here. What does New England under Belichik do? They take away a team’s favorite option. Just ask Antonio Gates owners who got a 0.0 this past week. So what does that mean for Buffalo? Well, Fred Jackson has been pretty good the first 2 weeks but so has Fitzy throwing the ball to guys like Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler. My bet is that the Pats try and take away Stevie Johnson this week (I say that because I’m a pessimist and have him in 4 leagues) so it’ll be a great test for Fitzpatrick and the rest of the Bills to see if they can keep up this pace vs an adult defense. I’m betting on a shootout and I bet Fitzy delivers. On the other side, TB and ATL are mirror images of each other. Smart QBs who take care of the ball, don’t turn it over, and want to control the ball with the running game. Basically: boring football. I see this game as a running game contest without much to write home about from the QBs. Freeman will be solid because he’s always solid but I think Fitzpatrick has more upside this week. Are you going to win your week with a 186 and 1 TD week from Freeman? Take the risk and play Fitzpatrick.


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