Mike Florio from Profootballtalk.com joined “The Sports Junkies” and explained why he ranked the Redskins 31st on his first NFL power rankings on his Web site.

Florio says that somebody’s got to be at number 31 and no matter who it is, they’re going to be pissed about the selection.

“Right now at this time of year, it’s beautiful.  Everybody is 0-0 and everybody is thinking of all the different ways it can all fall together and this year can be the year and that’s why the NFL is so popular, because in any given year it can fall together, and all you got to do is be the best of four teams through the sixteen regular season games.”

With this in mind, Florio realizes that fans of teams at the bottom of the list are going to be angrier and more upset about an expert’s opinion about them.

Listen to the full Mike Florio interview below:


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