An earthquake shook the studios at 106.7 The Fan in Fairfax, Virginia just outside Washington, DC as well as neighborhoods, cities and towns throughout the DC metro. According to various reports, the quake could also be felt up & down the East coast.

Mike Wise, of the Mike Wise Show with Holden Kushner, was in the final half hour of his radio show on The Fan when the quake struck. He debated whether to leave the studio. Wise said he didn’t want to leave the listeners, but after he saw Holden and producer Chris run out, he thought that it was best to go.

During the broadcast, you hear Mike say: “Whoa, we’re undergoing an earthquake I think right now. Hold on. [Runs out, returns after a moment] Holy Toledo, there was just an earthquake in the studio!”

After they made it out outside, Chris said he thought it was safe, and they rushed back in to talk to the listeners.

How did you react when the quake hit?

Listen to the Earthquake as it Happened

According to the U.S. Geological Survey website, the epicenter was 3.7 miles deep and 83 miles South West of DC, just outside of Richmond, Virginia.

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