On Thursday, the NFL brought themselves one step closer to ending this long and drawn out player lockout. The owners signed the new CBA agreement and are now waiting on the players to sign in order to get free agency and, eventually, the NFL season under way.

Today on the Mike Wise Show with Holden Kushner, the guys were just getting into a debate on which side they are on, owners or players when Brian Mitchell called in to give his thoughts on the labor issue.

Mitchell said , “Ultimately the players have a lot of control, which people don’t understand, because the owners can’t do a damn thing without this collective bargaining agreement and all its tax breaks in place.”

The audio is available here:

The conversation got heated when Mike told Brian he was being biased in his opinions and that he was obviously on the side of the players because he played the NFL.

Here the interaction below

The full interview is available here:


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