ESPN’s Legal Analyst Lester Munson joins the Junkies and offers his expertise on what went wrong in the Roger Clemens preliminary trial.

Prosecutors submitted a video of the pitcher’s teammate confessing that Clemens’ admitted to using performance enhancing drugs.  The video had been ruled out.

“It was that simple and it was on video tape. These prosecutors have total digital mastery.  They could have done it with click, click, click and it would have been gone and they simply did not do it. The video was there in front of the jury, in front of all of us, for all of us to watch and that was the mistake. As soon as that was played, the case was over.”

The mistake was something a first-year law student wouldn’t even make, according to the judge.

US District Judge Reggie Walton will hold a hearing Sept. 2 to figure out if there will be a new trial.  The video submitted could taint any new trial’s fairness.

Listen to Lester below.


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