When Leila Shennib, estranged girlfriend of Jose Canseco, answered her phone last Friday evening, she never expected to get bombarded with harassing phone calls from thousands of his fans who follow his Twitter account. Canseco, who, for whatever reason was enraged by his actor/model ex-girlfriend, posted a series of menacing tweets directed at her, to his almost 400,000 followers, soliciting for people to cal her (even going as far as to post her phone number) and, “bring pot her favorite”.

Leila joined 106.7’s “C and O Show” exclusively this afternoon to explain the torment she’s been through since these tweets were posted, which have since been removed. (To view the original article with the tweets, click here.)

Shennib discussed everything from the night of the social media-throttled invasion of privacy, “My phone is ringing every two seconds…I have people harassing me,” to how the effects of long-term steroid abuse has effected Canseco, “I didn’t realize what it can cause someone to be like until now.” Listen to how the former Major League baseball player has seemingly turned psychotic stalker, and even threatened Shennib’s mother below. His former publicist, Vanessa Florez, even chimed in to explain why she had to drop him as a client, and how Jose threatened Leila through her.

Jose Canseco’s Cyber Bullying

Leila’s Publicist Chimes In

Dealing with the Backlash

Effects of Steroids on Canseco

Click below for the full interview with Leila Shennib


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