Dan Snyder talks with LaVar, Dukes and Mike Wise about the Redskins.

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  1. dackattack says:

    LaVarr ruins yet another interview. Surprised?

    1. LaVar Really Punked Out says:

      LaVar is a member of the media. That was 100% SELFISH of him. He’s talked a big talk in the past. And he didn’t back it up AT ALL. Completely hypocritical of him.

    2. Robert De Niro says:


    3. Lisa Alford says:

      I appreciate the professionalism displayed by LaVar, Chad, and Mike Wise during this important interview with Dan Snyder. I think that they maintained their integrity as radio hosts while asking difficult questions of this often criticized owner. Snyder does have a perception problem and has made bad decisions, including this lawsuit. Ultimately, he should be credited for appearing on the show and by being respectful, these hosts have hopefully opened and important door to Snyder’s future appearances.

      I understand LaVar showing his gratitude toward this owner/organization that created his career – what do people expect of him – but it would have been nice if he had allowed Wise to continue his question.

      Ultimately, Snyder is trying to “get it”, but hasn’t accomplished that yet. He obviously needs to hire more PR advisors to guide him as he attempts to rebuild his image. This lawsuit appears petty and frivolous which further damages Snyder’s image.

      Great job, guys! Next time, Lavar can thank Snyder and mend fences after the interview and let him answer more tough questions that the fans want answers to.


    4. NOT LAVAR'S FAULT says:

      Let’s face it, this is not Lavar’s fault, CBS should have never hired him. He is a horrible radio talent. Lavar was just not meant to be a public speaker. Hell of a nice guy, but not a media personality. Sorry Lavar

    5. Red Pierce says:

      OMG lavar sold out!!! Mike Wise also and I liked both of their shows.

  2. freshpage72 says:

    this was awful.
    can they stop drooling over each other and do an interview?

  3. joeblow says:

    Dukes needs to do these interviews by himself. Lavar is so bad.

  4. Joel says:

    Lavar sucks up to Snyder. Shocking. I wonder if Snyder ever gets sick of people kissing his A$$. Had a chance to make gold. …but didnt.

    I wonder how K&R would’ve handled this.

  5. MRBENNY says:


    1. JOE DIRT says:

      I wonder myself you know he’s the poison in the skins along with the shannahans and if La Var LOVES this TEAM as he says why is he so affraid to tell snyder the truth and get him to give up the real truth about his intentions with this team IT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY NOT THE TEAM

  6. Mark says:

    I respect LaVarr for being man enough to talk it out. And Chad is the man for asking the toough questions !!

  7. Kwani says:

    I do think Dan Snyder should be out in the public more. Sounds like a cool cat.

  8. Totally Disgusted says:

    LaVar is the biggest pansie butt kisser. I have lost all respect after hearing him in the past slam Synder and now he gets on here and act like he is his best bud? Is he trying to get back on Syder’s payroll. Let Chad ask the questions he was too much of a punk to ask!

  9. Nacho says:

    Snyder pays. Everyone else complains. Players and coaches need to step up. Dukes is the best!

  10. ANDYMANN says:

    Link to original Washington City Paper Article. Read it for yourself. No mention that Snyder is Jewish. No mention of Snyder’s wife’s medical condition. No calling Snyder a criminal.

    Many Many references to Snyder’s slimy behavior, strongarm tactics and epic incompetence


  11. siggy says:

    ANDYMANN — the artist and editor for that paper are both Jewish — it’s no wonder he wouldn’t touch that questions.

  12. Josh, Oakton says:

    The show, especially LaVar, has suddenly become much less credible.

  13. Thomas says:

    Lavar really punked out. You cry for over a year and say how shady Dan is and all this BS and he shows up and you lay down. I am not fan of Dukes but at least he acted professional and didnt give him lip service. That was a complete waste of 15mins. The name of the station is 106.7 THE FAN. Ask questions that the FANS want answer to and reserve the kiss and make up session for after the interview! Lavar ruined the interview, as did Mike Wise by standing on his soap box for a Skins name change. Next time, Let Dukes do the interviews and Lavar and Mike can watch a professional work (like I said, I am no fan of Dukes)

  14. WHAT THE says:

    “I’m hurt” (Chad Dukes voice). Im a lavar fan. The streets is talking that Snyder pat lavar on the head and he wagged his tail. Snyder may not have approached the show with malicious intent but he was prepared for anything. Lavar had all that mouth for the lawyers but hugged and kiss Snyder. New respect for Chad, No respect for lavar. Snyder dictated to them what to attack and when to attack it (win-praise/ lose-boo). What???

    1. Thomas says:

      Exactly. You talk all this trash and do nothing! I bet if that was a phone interview it would have gone different. Synder was infront of him and he punked out!

      1. WHAT THE says:

        Who is lavar kidding? Snyder is not coming back on the show. He did what he wanted to do, address any issue that 106.7 had with him.

  15. disappointed says:

    How disappointing.

    Kissin’ the mans Ass that made him rich. I will never listen to this show again.

  16. RLB says:

    Dan, It is necessary to be personal and viscous. You ruined a great sports franchise! I can not believe that you guys sucked up to this guy!

  17. you sick wjfk says:

    LaVar pussed out. yet again he proved that he is not truly a member of the media. He is proving it right now by trying to justify it. He was overrated as a player and overrated as a talk show host.

  18. A total Disgrace says:


    You lost your spine today.

    Just sad. You should be ashamed.

  19. WHAT THE says:

    What happened to “Don’t say anything behind a mans back that you can’t say to his face”? I was prepared to go to battle for Lavar but he started wrapping Snyder a Valentines gift. Is his favorite movie 300 or 3’s company?

  20. Wimpy LaVar! says:

    LaVar, I always thought of you as one of the toughest guys in the NFL, you sure wimped out in this interview!!

  21. Alice Fladung says:

    In the interview Arrington came across as the incredibly weak sister, and finally giving me THE explanation I needed to explain his departure from the skins. His babbling after the interview about his relationship with Mr. Snyder was more sickening than the interview. Arrington has had many opportunities to take care of that issue –let us have a love fest today on MY show for my appreciation of DS — if that was ever important to him, so why now? He didn’t need this airtime to do it when obvious and timely issues were at hand. Weak sister explains all. May be he is looking for a job with DS.

  22. Fire $nyder says:

    Too bad B Mitch wasn’t interviewing $nyder.. LaVar starts out the interview kissing $nyder’s butt lmao

  23. Paul D says:

    New respect for Mike Wise, thought he was annoying but now like the fire! Wish Laverna let you go off, if you took over the show you would have saved Lavar his radio job, and helped them retain the number one ranked show. dukes on the other hand just got his own show, congested!

    One thing to note, Mr Snyder was the first person to cut off Lavar during his ridiculous rants….finally!!!

  24. Alex says:

    I didnt listen to the interview but would not expect anything more from Ms Lavar “LA (licks a$$)” Arrington. Chad handled himself like a true pro against the idiotic DSanders the other day and should stop bowing down to lavar. Hopefully, GP will take LA’s place in the near future.

  25. doug says:

    I think everyone needs to stop killing lavar he had a personal relationship with snyder and his family for a long time. Maybe he’s really trying to work things out with him.A lot of people are leaving comments sitting at home that they wouldn’t have the balls to say in person . Give Lavar a break

    1. WHAT THE says:

      I think Lavar put to much merit into being a barrier at the funeral. Maybe Dan had him there because it was a good look to have his star player there. To Lavar, they were friends; Dan see Lavar as just another player. That’s apparent in lavar’s departure

  26. DCSportsFan says:

    @Doug, if you were trying to have a relationship with someone, would you talk a big game behind their back, then kiss their rear in person? He is paid to ask real questions and he proved he should be coaching high school football, not working in the media. That interview lost at least one listener to their mediocre show.

  27. ML100 says:


    LaVar can work out his personal relationships sitting at home, making a phone call, sending an email , without airtime. Thoujght this was sports

  28. squiddz says:

    these guys had the chance to do what we all wish we could do… rip snyderand reveal what a deush bag pitiful child he is… they completely sissied out of the interview with the PR guys yesterday too… unreal…

    if chad and lavar were smart they would get snyder to pay them for the PR miracle they just pulled for snyder… i mean, what else could snyder ask for?

    i can just picture danny boy walking away counting the PR dollars lavar saved him and how they just helped him further push his agenda in controlling the media in DC.
    i cant even tell you how disappointed i am in how these guys cowered in the corner when they had the chance to stand up to this greedy pathetic man.

    this is exactly why snyder can pull stunts like charging $25 for parking at fan appreciation day… because he controls what the people hear about him through the media… he owns radio stations, tv shows, larry micheal etc. and its for this exact reason why hes going after the city paper. Proof of this is found in all of the greedy stunts he has been pulling his entire career.

    open your eyes DC area, Dan Snyder is attempting to control our perceptions through media monopoly and then capitalize on our blind loyalty by ripping us all off.

    I for one have packed up all of my redskins memorabilia long ago. I will never buy another ticket, parking pass, or jersey until Snyder is gone.

    This is not Snyders team, this is OUR team, and it is time we take it back. Join me in boycotting the games and all memorabilia. I will never stop watching the games or rooting for the redskins. I just refuse to further this tyrants cause.

    Hail to the Redskins.

    1. Lavar Loves Danny says:


      1. Lavar Loves Danny says:

        Freedom!!!!!!!!!! with an m. Everything you said is correct.

  29. ANDYMANN says:

    Washington City Paper announces legal defense fund — help fight Dan Snyder’s lawsuit: http://bit.ly/dMQYd4

  30. WHAT THE says:

    I guess I’m so disappointed because I am a fan of Lavar. I defend his career as a college player, pro player, businessman, blog writer, etc. What happen to “get em”? The Lavar situation is part of the reason why I can’t stand Snyder. If deep down lavar really wanted a relationship with snyder, he should have let Chad and his fans know the truth

    1. WHAT THE says:

      He should have let Chad know before the interview. Give Chad the opportunity to say “we didn’t come all this way for your pretty lil girlfriend”(Troy).

  31. Andre Gordon says:

    Chad should team up with B Mitch for a better sports talk show. That is 15 minutes I will never get back!

  32. IrishAU says:

    Lavar, who is signing your paycheck Synder or CBS? Ask the questions? If this wasn’t shtick than I feel sorry for Chad and Mike. This was bad radio, and an opportunity wasted.

  33. poo poo says:

    All i have to say is give chad dukes his own show.

  34. jeff says:

    Give lavar a break…he clearly has a very personal and deeply complicated relationship with snyder. No matter how weird it is that he caved he wanted to make amends so be it.

    Maybe snyder will open up to the public this year like he said…

  35. Broken_EarDrums says:

    I missed the live airing my mins. I listen to the first 2 mins on the web and it’s Lavar going down on Snyder. Did anyone have a video camera rolling to catch the action?

  36. Dre says:

    Yeah , so who is realy surprised ? , lavar is gonna eat some humble pie as he should for having spoken out of both sides of his mouth but that has always been the case . He has a good heart , but he has allowed his complicated relationship with Danny to be aired in public, we’ve all been there and if you haven’t been then you are better for it. but there is no need to be so impulsive in judging LA , I thought impulsive reactionary behaviour is exactly what us skins fans have been complaining about per our teams management.

  37. Matt W says:

    thanks Chad, u kept it real, all that needs to be said.

  38. Kim H says:

    Lavar is such a phone – he talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk…
    Chad should do the show by himself as he’s the only talent between the two…

    1. Kim H says:

      Sorry – Lavar is a phony…

  39. Lavar Loves Danny says:

    Did Snyder buy 106.7? What am I listening to? This sounds like a Larry Michael interview brought to you by subway. What happened to all that big talk from Lavar? Lost what respect I had for Lavar after this. Chad’s still cool, I think he could get angrier though. Lets see Snyder go on Riggins show. That’s a real man who stands by his convictions who Lavar could learn something from.

  40. Lavar Loves Danny says:

    Oh man it gets even worse at the end. Chad was just getting going and Lavar says oh isa so sorry mr snyder i lovesa you so much. Go do NY Giants radio. I can’t belive you sold out like this. Chad did what he could I guess but I wanted more. Mike Wise is a rambling moron as usual, but he was at least trying to ask some decent questions I guess. He brought up the passage but didn’t tell Danny that there is NO MENTION OF HIS WIFE”S CANCER!!! Danny just keeps lying through his teeth about it like we don’t have access to this article. You’ve got to call him out for these and so many other things. Shame on you guys for this wasted opportunity. I want a show with Chad and Riggo, those are two of the only Skins reporters I trust at this point.

  41. Fred Schlub says:

    Sad. Chad is the only one with any integrity, period. Lavar even protected Snyder at the end.

    And now Snyder is trying to be “Family Danny Snyder”.

  42. Kerry says:

    REALLY bummed that Snyder didn’t get to react to the blackskins comment…

    “You are calling a drawing of you as the devil anti-semetic but you own a team called the Redskins.” ZING

  43. Steve says:

    First of all, I am / was a fan of the LA & CD’s show. I most likely will still listen, but not as often. Lavar lost a lot of credibility in that interview. It started off BAD and Ended BAD. Chad and Mike tried, but Lavar was utterly embarrassing and needs to come out and apologize for that shameful bet of journalism. That was basically a Dan Snyder infomercial. I bet DS is at home laughing right now. Shame on you Lavar; after all you big talk earlier in the week, you had him right in front of you! UFB!

  44. Gary Donnelly says:

    Very dissapointed in the so called Snyder interview. I think LaVar let his personal feelings ruin what was about to become something meaningful. It seems like LaVar melted in the face of Dan Snyder. Don’t know if it was idol worship or celebrety infatuation, but I think LaVar will look back on yesterday’s interview as a real missed opportunity. If not for him, then for us, the fans of the program and the Redskins. Let us hope that it was a learning opportunity as well. LaVar, you need to spend more time with Mike Wise.

  45. WHAT THE says:

    Lavar has ruined the shows credibility. Now the city is not interested in lavar’s feelings about Portis and Hanesworth. This cities #1 bad guy approached them man to man on their forum with their fans listening and The Lavar Arrington show blew it. Snyder told them “if we win you cheer, if we lose then you may be critical”. Lavar said yes sir with tail wagging.

  46. Jack says:

    This was a joke. Lavar Arrington backed down. Chad Dukes, thank you for having some integrity. Thank you for asking questions.

  47. Corey Ball says:

    I think that they owed it to each other to have this conversation. Lavar and Dan it was great to hear you guys talk it out and move on.

    1. Steve says:

      WHAT? That was neither the time or place for LA and DS to have a love-fest! If they wanted to talk out their problems do it in private, not on the radio. Which BTW did not happen. DS was allegedly there to talk about his attack on free speech! Which BTW he said the media takes up for each other and Mike took exception to. Chad and Mike tried to challenge DS, but LA was having none of it. Why I do not know, but LA’s credibility is on the line! He can not criticize anyone on the radio anymore. His opinions are in jeopardy! He needs to answer these questions ASAP.

  48. thewayitis says:

    Lavar is a wuss….he showed his true colors…lost all my respect

  49. Tjack says:

    Way to bow down to Massa Synder Lavar.

  50. Zack says:

    This was a terrible interview….why were NONE OF THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ASKED. This could have been a fantastic interview, yet it was a brown nose session. This show just wussied out. Where’s all the talk you guys have? Yay Chad. I’ve lost faith in this show..

  51. WHAT THE says:

    Who cares if tough questions would have made Snyder leave? Who cares if he would have gave bs answers? What did the fans gain by him staying? The point of the questions wouldve at least let Snyder know how fans of 106.7 feel about him and the state of the team. Lavars ultimate plan is for 106.7 to gain future access to Redskins park. If that happens fans of this show can cancel it. Once they are given that access, they will do everything to keep it. So honest criticism of this team will be of the past.

  52. Gmag says:


    Nothing professional about this…Chad tried, Mike tried to press an old issue, and no one got to ask the really tough questions that needed to be asked and answered about the City Paper. How about some questions about the meltdown of this team over the past 10 years? How about anything they have been harping on the show for the past two seasons? Zorn? Just some LaVar feel good moments…not about you, it is about your listeners and what they want…shame.

  53. Shawn says:


    I wonder if Lavar is laying the ground work for a new gig with Snyder’s station if his contract with 106.7 isn’t renewed? What a sellout. Thanks Chad for the only real question of the entire interview.

  54. dre says:

    1) Lavar majorly dropped the Ball
    2) Snyder benefits when he gets in-front of the story he should do more PR. Taking and answering real questions will only strengthen him and the team.

  55. JERRY says:





    1067 THE FAN 1.8 SHARE

    ESPN 980 3.0 SHARE.



  56. Be Reasonable says:

    Those of you who put down Lavar and praise Dukes N Wise should check themselves with a bit of reality. With all do respect, Wise is an ok replacement writer for Tony K. and a so so radio host at best. And get it straight, its the Lavar show WITH Dukes, not The Lavar AND Dukes show. Not an equal partner from the get go.
    With the stations whole focus as the only true voice of the Fans, this interview and angry fan reaction from it only shows me that these so call Fans don’t want real answers or to even ask truelly tough questions, they want to be told what to feel and what to think by people with a forum to do so. I don’t blame people for being upset but do it for the right reasons. Be mad at the Organization as a whole and not just the owner. I know it starts with him but it doesn’t end with him either. Players are the ones who play. Coaches coach them up. Give everyone their fair share in the blame game.
    People hate Snyder because he has sucked as an owner, no one can question that. But the team sucked and made horrible decisions for 8 years prior to him taking ownership. They had a Real GM in Casserly for that time span and an owner or ownership group that wasn’t meddlesome and still got it wrong.
    Snyder’s bigget mistake all along has been his ideal that the Skins are one player away from being a consistent winner. He should of blown this thing up long ago and started fresh instead of chasing high price and high prize free agents that might make a difference but usually did not.
    This brings me to his 2nd biggest mistake he keeps repeating, his constant attempts to give the fans what they want. Rebuilding takes too much effort and patience, which he nor the fans have. They tried to rebuild long ago, before he took over, and failed Big Time. Anyone remember H. Shuler and M. Westbrook? Set franchise back years. He saw this and said i’ll do it the quick and easy way, free agents. Hasn’t worked out that well either.
    All of this because he wants people to like him and compare him to J. Jones and R. Craft, successful owners. As most NFL personel will tell you, fans and the mass alike are idiiots when it comes to knowing what it takes to build and maintain a trully successful franchise. People who do it for 30 years don’t have all the answers so you think a couch potato watching a couple a games a week knows how?
    I am not trying to defend Snyder or Lavar, even though it may seem like it. I am only trying to put things in perspective. It is Lavar’s show to run it how he deems it should be run. If he wants to be human and get caught up in the moment with someone who once was very special to him on live radio, let him. Its his show, his choice, just as it is your’s to stop listening if you choose to do so too.
    There is not one question or 100 questions you could of asked Snyder that he may of answered that would of made me feel any different about the situation the Skins are in now. My perspective of him and the Redskins are what it is, period. No one quenstion and answer would change that.
    The only thing I would respond to is an act, more specifically, an act that would get this team to be a winner again. That is all that should matter. How can the Skins become winners again. Everything else is just filler in between.
    Lavar, keep repairing a troubled relationship, on air. That was Great Radio. This entire week of SuperBowl coverage and interviews is dreadfull because its not about my team, the Skins. Your interview was a breath of fresh air if anything. That is really when you shine most anyways, when your speaking about Your personal relationships and experiences from the NFL that the average Joe never will go through or know about. You may never become a great Radio Guy, but you can become a great personality on radio. That is what I want to hear, you being you, not you being another Dukes, no offence Dukes.

  57. JIm Law says:

    Thanks Lavarr ‘Be Reasonable” Arrington. Way to put your personal relationship with Snyder front and center instead of using the forum to do your job and ask the tough questions. He used you when you played for him and he just used you again.

  58. Rob says:

    Dukes – You did your best to get a few relevant and riveting questions in, it was tough. Lavar – You should seek some advice on how great interviews are conducted. Just like if Dukes was trying to play football he could get advice from yourself cause you were a great player, you should ask some long time radio people (within your station and outside of your station) because that was a classic pick 6, ball picked off by the corner and taken to the house.

  59. jeery says:


    your small listening audiance have thrown

    you under the bus.

    to bad.

  60. Dre says:

    LAVAR, HOW DARE YOU KISSING UP TO DAN SNYDER! OH, I’M SORRY THAT’S MR. SNYDER. Mike and Dukes I know you both tried to ask REAL question to Mr. Snyder, but Lavar kept cutting you guys off. Not to mention towards the end the segment when you guys were talking about the naming issue “Redskins” to Mr. Snyder. YOU SUCK LAVAR!!!

  61. thewayitis says:

    Its funny how Lavar and Dukes harassed some of the callers for calling Dan “Mr Snyder”…well now we know who are the real puss….

  62. Willie says:

    Unbelievable! Lavar runs his mouth behind the mic all day, beating up on callers who cannot hold their ground. Then when 106.7 has the chance of a life time, he shows that he is what we thought he was. Thanks Lavar for getting in the way of good reporting. Next time (if there is one) just move aside and let a real professional take over. Remember there is a difference between being “a professional” and having professionalism. We need a professional!

  63. Wershington Heights says:

    Is anyone really surprised this was blown? These guys are on a sports station because they know a lot about sports, which is why I listen to them. BUT do you really think any of them know how to ask real questions? And IF they did, would they have the balls? To the owner of their hometown sports team? Dollars to donuts, they were given guidelines for the interview and told was off limits. I could have called this A$$ kissing fest a mile away.

  64. RFjr says:

    This was reminicent of Jerry Maguire

    D.S.- “Hi Lavar. Alumni, Alumni, Alumni”

    L.A.- “You had me at hello”

  65. Gm Housley says:

    I really love the show guys but this was the worst thing you have ever done.
    Another sucking off of D. Snyder.

  66. Etienne says:

    Why has The Fan purged — or perhaps never posted — the Holden Kushner/LaVar Arrington discussion from Monay’s Mike Wise show following the disastrous Dan Snyder interview?

    If there was a heated back and forth about how the Snyder interview played out, I would really have liked to have heard it. It would be reassuring to know that there was real critical debate within the station as to how this interview was handled.

    The Mike Wise Show from 2/7 isn’t even available on iTunes — although prior and subsequent shows are.

    What gives?

  67. Ron Walker says:

    This interview confirmed everything I’ve heard from Chad and LaVar on the air. I’m a big fan of the show, but LaVar completely blew this interview, shattered whatever credibility he may have had with the fans, and showed his true (lack of) character.

    Chad is an intelligent, articulate and passionate fan who consistently delivers great insight, asks the tough questions when appropriate, gives the fans a chance to speak (listening with an open mind), and will be a star in sports broadcasting. He tried to ask the tough questions, respectfully, and showed (as he so often does) tremendous self-control when LaVar made the show all about him (as he so often does).

    LaVar, face it. You ounked out.

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